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Found 1 result

  1. So yes Hello. I take History SL, and I am writing my extended essay in the fall of Al Andalus (the Islamic empire in Spain), but more specifically the fall of Granada. I've already written a 5000 word rough draft. So I have a pretty good idea where I want to go with this, and how I'll cut down the word count. But I've got a few concerns i would like help with. I've already emailed my supervisor more than a week ago and he hasn't gotten back to me and I'm starting to worry. First my concern was that the fall of Granada happens over a period of 200 years. So I feel like, to the examiners this might seem like too proud an exploration. But the point of my essay is to explore why it lasted 200 years even though the rest of Al Andalus fell before it. What allowed Granada to survive as the only Muslim state in Spain for two centuries, but most importantly what caused it to fall after holding strong. The period I'm studying is from around 1250-1500. My research question is: To what extent were internal factors, rather than the external ones, the main causes to the fall of Granada I will be focusing on the factors of failure more than why it survived, although I will touch on these as well. more specifically the point I am trying t prove is that Granada fell because of internal factors of failure like: Betrayal, lack of Leadership, power hungry ruler, disunity, lack of tolerance, etc. Rather than internal factors like: the Christian conquest Because I find it quite interesting how throughout history huge empires tend to be the cause of their own destruction, and the story of the fall of Al Andalus portrays that very well. So would it stills seem like a broad topic? or am I going in the right direction? Also what is a good range of sources for me to have? I've got 5 web sources. 2 media sources (documentaries, and a lecture -kind of), and 3 book sources (as well as two more books that I'm still trying to get hold of). My biggest problem is I have no primary sources. Only around three quotes from people of that time, either kings or scholars, which I got from web sources and not the primary source itself (like a letter or a written record or speech). I've been looking for primary sources everywhere and haven't found anything of use to me. I did find important sources, but they all fall under different periods of time,or area's of studies like culture and art and literature, which I only mention briefly to describe how Granada was like, and am not focusing on. So it would be really great if someone can help recommend to me some primary source, or at least where and how to look? My last concern is about analyzing the sources. Should I take the: origin, purpose value, limitation, approach? and should it be integrated in to my research itself or can it be a brief footnote. Because I feel like talking about the source while trying to build on my argument would disrupt the flow. what is more recommended? and do you have tips to how I should go about it? does source analysis have to go in depth? Thank you p.s. I'm not sure if this is relevant, but I live in the middle east, Bahrain to be specific. Just in case people would want to recommend to me look for sources in certain libraries in the US or UK, which I obviously have no access to.

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