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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, I'm planning to write my EE based on my English B subject. I'm actually having quite a hard time forming a solid question, but I've thought of a couple of topics. - the book "No Longer Human" by Dazai Osamu. I could talk about how the author showcases the struggle of the main character, a social outcast, trying to fit in the society, before he decided to commit suicide. -"Animal Farm/1984" by George Orwell and how it reflects the modern society/government. Since I'm living in Thailand I'd mainly focus on the Thai politics. -How mental illness was portrayed by the show "13 reasons why," and what impact it may have on the viewers. These are the topics I've thought about so far. I really want to start my EE as soon as possible, but I'm still not confident about my research questions/topics. Please take some time to help me out. Thanks.
  2. So I have been thinking on doing my EE on Orwell's literature, more specifically a comparison of the representation and pillars of authoritarian regimes in his work (1984 and Animal Farm). I have not yet made a research question, so Id like to know if, first of all its a good idea to do my EE on this and what RQ should I use.
  3. Hey, I started my extended essay in english, comparing Animal Farm and Lord of the Flies. My topic is "To what extent do Animal Farm and Lord of the Flies provide a clear depiction of authoritarianism?", in which I compare the the farm rule under Napoleon, and the the island rule under Jack. I reached around 1,200 words, comparing both regimes to each other, and to the aspects that make an authoritarian regime, and i started to think that this topic doesn't extensively explore literature, and diverts from the purpose of the extended essay in literature. Is the topic fine, or should it be more connected to the literature aspect? Thanks
  4. Is this question good for my EE ( not too broad nor too narrow)
  5. Can I do a comparison between how governments is critiziced in Animal Farm and A brave new world, and how characters are used to represent the role people play in this.
  6. Hey! We are asked to do the commentary on Animal Farm. I have no idea how to prepare within that 20 minutes...i mean what are the important points to highlight...in what order to go? Can you please help me?Thanks in advance
  7. Hey! I have taken English SL.I am doing Animal Farm for the part 4.So we are practicing IOC with extracts from Animal Farm and I kinda get stuck. What should we actually do?Like what should be done. Lost again! How do I get out of the labyrinth of sufferring??? Any points on how to approach IOC? Thanks in advance!
  8. Halfway through the summer after the first year of the IBDP, I recently decided on the topic of my EE. I am planning to do an analysis of the novels 1984 and Animal Farm, and studying how Orwell uses satire to portray his concerns with society. The research question is: "How does Orwell use satire in 1984 and Animal Farm to portray his concerns about society?" -Is this RQ too general? -How would you recommend I narrow it down? -Also, are there any magazine articles or books that analyse 1984, like a literary critique? After searching around on the internet i cant seem to find anything except random articles about the 50th anniversary of 1984
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