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Found 51 results

  1. I'm going to apply for English-based programs in Japanese colleges and besides IB, I've also taken the SAT test. Therefore, I'm wondering since that I would not receive any extra credits being an IB student, can I not send the predicted score and apply for college using SAT score, but still take the Diploma test in May?
  2. Hi, I have started the first year of the IB Diploma Programme. I am taking Language A at SL, Language B at HL, philosophy at SL (I have no other choice, but so far all my grades were around 7), Turkey in the Twentieth Century (this is an SL only course only for Turkish students), Physics HL and Maths HL. I think physics HL and maths HL are quite a lot when taken together (It's not like I am bad at them, my score is generally better than most of my classmates, but I do not know how I would fare in an actual, IB style exam, since ,n my school we try to learn both the IB curriculum and the national curriculum.), but they seem to be unnecessary for someone who wants to go into philosophy in the future. I wanted to drop physics HL and take Turkish A HL instead, but I learnt that ability in physics and maths is a strong predictor of philosophical analysis skills. With that in mind, do you think I should switch? I will contact admissions offices of Yale, Stanford, Princeton, Brown, Amherst etc. as well.
  3. Hi everyone, I am currently studying in Year 12 (Grade 11) and I'm wondering when do I apply. I visited many different Canadian unis website but all I can see is dates and deadline. Do I apply during my senior year or after my graduation? Because I see IB general requirement for a score to be eligible to apply, but wouldn't that be finalized after my graduation? Another concern that I have is that if I have to use my predicted score to apply this post-2019, I wouldn't get accepted since I'm going to be honest, my first term score is horrible: Mathematics SL 3, Computer Science HL 4, English A SL 4, Business Management HL 6, French AB 4, Music HL 5, Overall 26. But I believe that I can get my grades up since my first term grades have been a reminder of how much I have to work for IB and my grades have improved after term 2's mock exams. But is it too late now? My desired university is McMaster and some other Ontario unis such as Brock and Guelph. And I want to major in Computer Science. Also, this next question goes to everyone who major or majored in computer science in Canada. I have seen the IB general requirement for McMaster and it includes "Two of Sciences: Biology, Chemistry or Physics". But since I have decided a long time ago that I want to study computer science, I chose CS for group 4(Experimental and sciences). Does this mean I will not be eligible to apply? I am kind of in a dark and don't know how Canadian universities admission works since I would be the first (hopefully) to go study abroad in my gigantic family tree. I'm in a British international school that has quite a low reputation for alumni who went to a decent Canadian university. So literally I have no one to consult. Thank you very much 😊
  4. On Studielink, I have added both my own phone number as "Telephone number" and my father's phone number (just in case) as "Telephone number 2". However, several universities are including the second phone number as my main one, and I can only change my contact details on Studielink. I have deleting the second phone number from Studielink and also making the "Telephone number 2" field the same as "Telephone number", but nothing has worked. I keep saving the changes, but nothing actually changes. Does anyone know how to solve this issue?
  5. Hi all! I was just wondering whether someone knows how getting into a Dutch university (especially University of Amsterdam) works. I have obtained a predicted GPA of 38 points and I have applied to a few uni's in Holland with that average. I have applied for political science programs. There seem to be no additional requirements other than passing your exams and having excellent English. I've researched this like hell and searched the depths of the internet and have come to wonder; Do they make me an offer based on these predicted grades (motivational letter, CV etc. in some cases) and then I will not get in only if I do not pass my exams? Meaning that I do not need to get 38 points to get in. This is what I understand from all that I have read. Especially in the case of this program and University of Amsterdam. I was wondering whether someone here from IB has been admitted to a Dutch uni? Please give me your knowledge!
  6. Is there anyone who is studying at Lomonosov Moscow State University? Because their page with a lot of new updates are on Russian and the English one is kinda poor in that way..
  7. I am applying to three different regions, all of which have a different letter format (Netherlands, UK, Canada). This means I need to write various letters with different contents, addressing different things. Most deadlines for applications are in January and I am having trouble finding a way to write all of these letters because they are all so similar yet so different. Each university is asking a different question about different subjects and it's a continuous struggle to write things about myself repeatedly. I don't know when to get a letter in finished and feel like it needs to be very soon.
  8. Hey, so I didnt manage to get my diploma and therefore plan on doing retakes. I might not be able to make it to apply to November retakes by the deadline, but I was wondering if I do the May retakes, can I use my predicted grades to apply to any University around the world?
  9. Hi, I would like to ask if there is anyone who has experience with applying in Russia as a international student. Are there any entrance exams,if so what are they about, and I think there is a interview.. I saw that there aren't needed TOEFL or any other exams. So I don't really know what will the selection be based on.. Btw if anyone has experience studying there, I would be glad to hear how does it look like. Also the universities I am the most interested about are the Moscow State Uni, Saint petersburg university I want to study Psychology, but it isn't offered in English, so maybe I would take one year studying the language, or just just study Biology, which is offered in English
  10. hi if I got internal suspension will that affect university accepting me ? and does it goes on record ?
  11. Hi! i would like to ask you if the application of a student is approved from a university in February, how important is to achieve good grades in May exams?
  12. Hey guys, I am finishing IB this May and was wondering what are the initial procedures needed to apply though UAC, e.g my year 12 number etc? I've never heard of this and my uni counsellor is useless as she told me that I have to do it alone once I graduate from school as we are no longer their 'responsibility"... Please any help will be much appreciated.. Thank you !
  13. Hi I took the November 2016 exam and received 43 for my IB score I expected a grade around 38, hence made a very limited application prior to the score release. Now I have a far better score, I wish to apply to many other prestigious universities like oxford, yale, etc, but unfortunately nearly all of the universities' application deadline has ended except for some universities in Singapore. If I want to apply to those universities I would need to wait until this year's October~December in order to apply. Is it possible to do that? I am really afraid that 1. there might be disadvantages regarding admission by doing this 2. there is a set limit for how long the IB score stays valid for applying and I may go pass that limit. Please help!
  14. I was wondering about applications for medicine in Australia, the deadlines are kind of vague to me and are not updated for 2017 applications (sending apps. in 2017), can anyone help me to clarify whether or not these dates stand for 2017? Below is a deadline list from Flinders University (all dates are 2016). February 15 - Applications open April 19 - Decision Point 1 May - Interviews June 30 - Decision Point 2 August 1 - Decision Point 3 July-August - Interviews November 14 - Decision Point 4 December - Interviews Thanks,
  15. Hi guys, I'm in IB year 2 and I'm applying to some universities in Hong Kong for early action. And um... they require my predicted score so I requested my teachers for that last week and I don't think I can get a decent scores.. I'm guessing somewhere around 29~30...maybe 31 if possible. :/ Anyways, I'm really interested in PolyU Hong Kong and I'll apply to business marketing and it's my first choice as well. I heard that PolyU doesn't really require high predicted scores (except for hotel management) and they usually accept almost everyone who takes IB diploma (I'm not sure about this btw haha).. Umm so anyone who's attending this school or got accepted before, can u guys tell me about this uni and predicted score range..? P.S. Oh and my first language is not english so I took TOEFL and got 81, and I'll submit this score as well. And also, do they require college essay? Cuz as I mentioned on the top, my scores aren't good so if I write an excellent college essay, does it help for increasing the possibility of acceptance..? Thank you so much!!!
  16. Hi all, I am currently applying to the US (fall 2017) and noticed that most of the regular decision application deadlines are in the first week of january, does this refer to the last day to start an application or the last day to send in documents/grades (because our mock grades are released at the end of january/beginning of February as well as the SAT results). Will they still accept my mock grades and end of year report in jan/feb or do i have to be completely finished with the application before the january deadline on their website. Thanks.
  17. Any advice / information on applying to - Middle Eastern technical University in Ankara for civil engineering?
  18. Hi everyone, PGs are coming up on October and I've done pretty mediocre in the recent tests due to me slacking off during summer holidays. There's going to be another set of PGs coming on December and I am sure I'll be able to improve my grades by then. I want to ask what the advantages and disadvantages there would be between early applications (with october PGs) and applications (december PGs)
  19. I am an IB student in Denmark and I am currently planning on applying to universities in Scotland and Ireland I want to know if Math studies is generally looked down upon, even if you are applying to the humanities/social sciences I am planning to apply to either English lit. or History courses at Edinburgh uni, St. Andrews uni, University of Glasgow, University of Dundee, Aberdeen uni and Trinity college Dublin Will universities prefer Math SL students even if they have a lower grade?? (it's likely that I will achieve a 7 in Math Studies) Thanks
  20. Currently, I am a sophomore playing high school soccer, as well as club soccer. I plan on doing full IB, but I am unsure of whether or not to continue to play soccer. At my school, the soccer program is very competitive and is one of the best in California. I want to continue to play soccer so that I can say that I have done an extra-curricular for four years on my college application, however I do not want soccer to affect my GPA. High school and club soccer requires much practice (as does any sport) and I feel that I won't receive the best GPA possible as if I was not playing soccer. When applying to colleges, is it better to have a higher GPA and not play soccer, or is it better to continue playing soccer and have a lower GPA. I am aiming for colleges, such as UCLA, Berkeley, UPenn, etc. Thanks for all your help!
  21. Hi, I recently started a blog (its about IB) and I was wondering if I should include it for my extracurriculars. I know a blog can be included, but I'm not sure if its a good idea to include mine as it might decrease my chances of getting in. Can you go through my blog and see of its good enough to tell the universities about it? Thanks!
  22. I've tried to research but yenno, better to have all inputs. But how is Oxford? Specifically their science program? I'm not sure if I want to apply to Oxford because I'm pretty sure you have to be (basically) a 100% student to receive admission into Oxford.
  23. I have a new HL Biology teacher who has never taught IB before and isn't quite helpful. I'm trying to find a good topic to create a research question from and I originally came up with: What is the affect of different sugars in solutions of the same concentration on the diffusion of water? but my teacher says I need to find an application to the real world or something like a purpose of sorts. I haven't been able to find one. Any ideas? I'm most likely going to abandon this question if I can't find an application soon because the rough draft is due in two weeks. As I have been trying to find other topics to create an experiment from, I find that I don't know what makes a good research question for an IA. A lot of students in my class are having the same problem. Does it need to include a purpose applicable to a real world situation? Are there other requirements? What are the do's and don'ts? Also we are pressed for time so what topics wouldn't take long to complete an experiment? A lot wanted to do plants but not with this time frame. Any ideas? Overall, any help would be greatly appreciated because I'm very lost in trying to find a good research question and so are my peers. Thanks
  24. I'm not completely sure on how to fill out the education section on the UCAS application. I attend an American high school, which goes from grades 9-12. But for 11th grade, I started the IB Diploma Programme. I'm currently in my second year of IB (grade 12). Do I need to fill out all my high school grades or do I mention only IB And If I need to fill out all my american grades(9-10th grade), which qualification is that?? Thanks.
  25. Hi guys, I got my predicted scores and was wondering whether i have a good chance at Georgia Tech for engineering (not yet sure as to what specific field... assume mechanical) (I am a US citizen) Math SL- 7 English SL - 5 French B SL - 6 Psychology HL - 6 Chemistry HL - 7 Physics HL - 7 I took the ACT and got a 33. 34 in math 35 in science 33 in writing 31 in Critical reading 7 in essay (pretty bad essay right?) i also took subject SATs for Math 2 and physics Math i got 800 Physics i got 740 but I'm taking it again, hopefully a 780+ this time. Thoughts guys? Thanks for your time
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