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Found 7 results

  1. Hey, so I didnt manage to get my diploma and therefore plan on doing retakes. I might not be able to make it to apply to November retakes by the deadline, but I was wondering if I do the May retakes, can I use my predicted grades to apply to any University around the world?
  2. Hey everyone, I was wondering if someone could please explain to me what happens when you get a lower score than your anticipated grade. I am solicitous about this. Let's say I am applying to the University of Edinburgh and have the anticipated grade of 41/45. If I get 37-38 at the end, how will that affect my application? I know that in the UK you get a conditional offer but still I am confused about this grading system. Thank you in advance.
  3. Hey, Did you guys apply for any University? If so, can you please specify the University and the faculty? Because of I did not apply to any, I don't really know the procedure very well. Also, did you take or planning to take SAT 1 test? I'm planning to take it on December 3rd, 2016. Do you think that it will benefit me at all?
  4. Hi everyone, i was just wondering when you're applying to university in the States for example, do you have to include a GPA even if you took IB? If so, how does work? What do you need to achieve in IB to get a 4.0 GPA for example? Thanks
  5. Hello. I am having some trouble knowing exactly where I should apply given my grades, etc. And don't want to apply to like 20+ colleges hoping for somebody to accept me. First of all, I am in IB with IB Math HL IB Physics HL IB Chemistry HL IB Economics HL IB English SL Lang and Lit IB Spanish SL Lang & Lit my GPA weighted is usually around a 4.6. straight A's and B's (more B's than A's, Usually 3-4 A's the rest B's) and In my SAT I got 1990. Not sure if culture has a lot to do, but I was born in the UAE and have background from Panama/Holland (family/lived in) I want to apply for computer engineering. I already applied to Georgia Tech, but I am not sure if I should aim for colleges at around the same level than that or better. I am definitely applying to Virginia Tech, Illinois and Michigan. My Question here is: Should I aim bigger or same or lower than that? With bigger I mean like Carnegie Mellon, Tufts, Johns Hopkins, or any of the other big ones. (Would I stand a chance?) Also, where could you suggest Universities I should apply with these scores? I just don't want to go to a University knowing I could have done better. Thanks a lot for any answers .
  6. Hey all! I'm an IB2 senior. I want to apply to medical schools in the UK in my UCAS application. I know that I have to do the UKcat test to apply to a medical school in the UK. I also know that the deadline for med students to submit their UCAS applications is Oct 15, 2013. Most of the medical schools release their required classes and grades, but in our school we do not get our predicted scores until after the mock exams so how can I apply if I do not have any kind of IB grade? Do I have to apply with my school's regular american diploma? I will also apply to some US universities during October/November, but not for medicine. I will study Biochemistry or Sports Science if I go to the US to study. How can I apply for those too without having any official predicted IB grades? Do I have to use my american diploma? Thanks in advance My classes: Math Studies SL Chemistry HL Biology HL English Lit. HL Arabic B SL ITGS SL
  7. I'm wondering whether I'll need to fork out some cash and do the SATS. Or if Canadian Universities accept just IB grades?
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