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Found 29 results

  1. Hey everyone, This is my first post on this website but I would really appreciate the help because I am going to be starting the IB next year and our teacher wants us to write a personal statement. Although, he hasn't given us clear steps to write it so I would like to know how to start with my statement. I have 2 weeks to submit it. What do i start with? 'My name is Asma'u and and ...... years old..... I come from.... or does it have to be more professional? I could really use some help.
  2. H E L P ! It’s September and I want to change my subject from group 5. My subjects now are: English A (HL) Spanish B (SL) History (HL) Math (SL) Physics (SL) Visual Arts (HL) Physics SL was in case I wanted to go for architecture in the future, but after 2 weeks of lessons I regret choosing it. My other options for Group 5 are now Biology and Computer Science, I love Biology but I don’t think it will be useful for me in the future as a Designer and I am not an expert with computers. What should I do? PLEASE HELP
  3. Geometrical designs used by architects in different places of the world. Math is a tool through which beauty can be calculated using ratios and therefore architects use geometry and many other mathematical concepts to build buildings. Some concepts to explore are geometric proofs, constructions, the Golden Ratio, and the Fibonacci Series.
  4. I am a year 1 student and just covered 4 chapters in the book, but my teacher told us to do our IA already without telling us how to do it. So I just did my presentation before winter break about the Fibonacci Sequence and the teacher told me to change it since it's overdone. However, since we haven't covered much I was worried about my current level and what I can do for IA. Is there any Math IA topics to avoid other than the Golden Ratio? I was thinking of investigating the math in Islamic art because I am interested in photography and art. The other topic I'm contemplating is math in bridge building. Thank you!
  5. I am interested in architecture and economics careers. My HL's : Art and Economics SL's: Hindi A and Math I am confused if i should take physics hl or english hl? In addition, i don't want to spend too much time on physics hl it's going to be of no use. Any suggestions? It's kinda urgent!
  6. Hey everyone! I'm a pre-IB student where I am going to determine what to study in the next 2 years. I want to be an architect.( I also think of Law and Psychology but not that serious so my first choice is architecture) My final choices: ENG HL TURKISH HL ??? HL MATH SL VISUAL ARTS SL TITC SL (Turkey in the 20th century) I have to take one more sl and hl but I can't decide. I can't take VA HL since my art teacher said you're not that good at it and also I have no courage to take Physics HL If I take Bio HL or Chemistry HL would it be a problem for me to be an architect? I've talked with my teachers and some said take the classes that you'd enjoy and some said take the classes that would be helpful for your carrier. I'm so confused. What should I choose?
  7. Hey guys, I am very confused about 2 topics for my IB options, I intend to become an architecture and I dont know if I should take Design Technology or Visual Art, Knowing that if I do DT I will be creating an externall art portfolio. I am taking already: Maths HL Physics HL Bussiness managment HL English language and literature SL Spanish B SL
  8. Hi, I've been trying to formulate a question around this, however, I can't seem to come up with anything. I'm planning on redesigning an empty space with CAD or re-modelling an already existing house into a different house but with the extension of empty lands. So you can take it as expanding a house. Thanks guys!
  9. Hi guys, I'm doing my EE in visual art. I want to look at architecture history. But I'm not sure if IB counts architecture as visual art. Does anyone know if I can do my EE in architecture? Thanks!!!!
  10. Hi everyone, I need a math IA topic pretty soon and I've been struggling to find something that I both like and can find an appropriate application of math to. I want to go into architecture so I was thinking something about that, but the issue is, most of it is just geometry which I think is too simple for SL Math. The other idea I had was too complicated and there was no research question I could come up for it. It was exploring ideas of parametric architecture like Zaha Hadid uses. Here's a link to some basic 3d parametric modeling I looked at, but again, it seem too complex and I dont know where I would go with it. Any suggestions? Thank You! 3d parametrics
  11. Hello, My teacher suggested to pick a topic that we are really interested in for our Math SL IA. I wrote out list of things I liked, and I felt that architecture was the only one where I could actually get a lot of personal engagement in the IA. I wanted to have a "theoretical" simple building, where I would use optimization to find the best dimensions for a set amount of materials. Then I would use trig to find form a roof, and add the additional costs there. I am completely lost if this is what I am supposed to do or not, because all the examples he showed had students finding a formula, or an answer that served a purpose. Does my IA have to find an answer or formula that can be used by others? And if so, is there another way to use my topic of architecture and find something useful to the world, or other people? As well, my back-up idea is to use probability to find all the different combinations of hairstyles, eye shapes, and skin colours of a popular video game because I heard someone say that all the players in the game look unoriginal, and all the same. I wanted to see all the different combinations, and look at the player count to see theoretically, how many players would look the same as me. Do you think this would be a better idea? I feel like with this one, I can actually find an answer in my IA. Thanks
  12. Hey guys, I was wondering about the application process for architecture in certain unis. I know that Cambridge only does an interview + writing and drawing assessment, but what about UCL, Sheffield, Cardiff and Bath? I heard Sheffield wanted you to do an task showing your street, but I haven't found anything else on the other unis. Thanks
  13. Hi there, I was just wondering what would be the best courses to take for architecture, since I'm starting DP next year. These are the courses I have chosen as of now, but I was wondering if I should change them: HL History HL English Literature (Mandatory at my school) HL Visual Arts SL Physics SL Math SL French Many of my friends have been telling me to take chemistry, however it is not mandatory nor recommended for any of the uni courses I have researched so far. I cannot take two sciences as well as a group 6 at the same time, so i was considering taking chemistry in summer school, but I just wanted to make sure that it is absolutely necessary. Thanks
  14. Hello Everyone, Currently i'm in my first year of Ib Grade 11 ( year 12) and would like to seek some help with my EE Question. My topic i am going for is architecture and i'm stuck with the research question. I know what i'm doing it on, but having difficulty wording it. Currently my research question is on the lines of: To what extent is art history from the 1900’s to present influential upon modern design in the UK? To What extent has the key concepts of structural design changed through the 1900’s in the UK? How have the key concepts of architecture changed in the UK? What factors affected modern architecture? Basically my extended essay will talk about influential architects and movements that changed architecture around 1900-2000s. All i need is help rewording the research question. Thanks!
  15. Hey guys, Hope you are all doing fine. I needed some assistance from anyone, if possible. I'm beginning to do my Mathematics HL IA, and I'm kind of confused on what to do. I want to do something on how the Golden Ratio (and/or Fibonacci Numbers) is used in Architecture, but I'm not sure whether its HL enough. Please help me, it will be appreciated a lot. Thanks in advance.
  16. Hi Everyone, So for my EE topic I want to do the topic of Environmental Studies and specifically about Sustainable Architecture. My RQ is "What is the difference between sustainable architecture's and regular architecture's effect on the environment?" Do y'all think this is a good Research Question? Is it narrow enough and do you think I will be able to get enough information from it? Is there any specific things I should expand on within the research question? Thank you!!!
  17. bloorawr

    Math IA Topic?

    Hello All! So basically I'm kind of stuck for my Math IA topic.. I know I want to do something related to Architecture though. I had some ideas but they were pretty unfeasible since it would be hard to collect data... I was thinking of either doing geometry (like tessellations, maybe?) or modelling data, but I can't seem to either come up with a potential exploration question for geometry, or I can't find data to model for modelling. Any ideas on potential explorations? Thanks!
  18. Hi, I want to major in Architecture in university. I'm currently reconsidering the subjects I've chosen: VA HL, Economics HL, Biology SL. Should I change Biology to Physics or Design Technology since it has nothing to do with Architecture? If yes, which one would be a wiser option? I'm not taking either of them in MYP5 so I will have to take either at SL.
  19. I will be starting IB1 next year and am reconsidering the subjects for IBDP. Recently I've decided to study Architecture in university but realize the choices I made when I was submitting the forms to my school were not all suitable/related to architecture. The three elective subjects I have currently chosen: VA HL Economics HL Biology SL I found out that Physics is also important in Architecture but in the beginning of the year (MYP5) I dropped Physics and picked Biology because I found it hard to understand and the teacher didn't teach well. As far as I'm concerned, I want to know if Physics is a MUST for majoring in Architecture in university (especially Ivy League). Besides, I know that undergraduates only start majoring in specific subjects in the third year in any 4-year universities in the US. Do universities even consider the subjects you take in high school, regardless the advantages they bring to the understanding of a specific major?
  20. Hello:) Im planning on studying architecture in UK, specifically, UCL. However, my maths is basically crap. Is maths SL needed for architecture in University? Will maths studies do? Thanks
  21. Hi everyone, So i just started DP this year, I take English A SL/Chinese B HL/Math SL/Design Tech SL/Geo HL and V-art HL. But im really worried that the fact i didn't chosse physics might hurt my chances....so yeah.....need help I know its pretty late for second throught but if it hurts my chances are there any extra curriculum activities that i can join to help increase my chances? (its my first time posting on IB survival so im hoping for some great advices thx!)
  22. I am on pre-IB right now and I'm going to have to choose my IB subjects in January. I'm interested in architecture and I want to study it when I'm finished with IB DP. Here are the subjects that I'm planning on taking: Group 1: Finnish: literature HL, English: language and literature HL Group 3: History SL Group 4: Physics HL Group 5: Mathematics SL For group 6, we have to choose one more subject from any group. I'm planning on taking psychology SL. The problem is that universities require at least art SL from IB students but my school doesn't offer it. I draw (mostly realistic portraits) a lot during my free time and I'm going to be taking some art courses from the national side for CAS but I've heard that many universities don't care. What should I do? Do I have any chance of getting into a good school to study architecture? Also, what do you guys think of my subject choises? Would you change anything? I'm kind of worried about English HL. English is my second language and it still is a lot weaker than my first language (Finnish). Do you think I will survive?
  23. Hi sorry I'm new to this, I want to know if HL Physics is compulsory for Architecture in Uni? I'm worried that my lack of HL in Math and Physics will stop me from studying Architecture. Also, is there any other courses I could take? I'm also quite interested in Psychology(except for the lac of jobs in Singapore) My combination is this: HL Literature in EnglishSL Language B: ChineseHL EconomicsSL PhysicsSL MathematicsHL Visual Arts
  24. Hi! I've been planning to write my extended essay about a topic I'm very interested in which is the evolution of architecture in Dubai. So far my research question is "how has architecture evolved in Dubai in the past 10 years?". I don't feel very confident about my research question, I'm not sure whether it's because the research question should be narrowed down or if it's because my EE subject is Art. What should I change about my research question? Also is it too narrative of an EE?
  25. I'm currently a junior (still doing my first month of ib) and I plan on studying architecture in uni, i can still switch my subjects though! so what subjects should i take if i want to study architecture in uni? Is this a good combination? English A sl Arabic B hl Math SL (no way im switching to hl lol) Visual arts HL Design Technology HL Economics SL Should I take physics instead of Visual arts? Help pleasee!
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