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Found 10 results

  1. Hi! Please help me! I want to do my Math IA on something involving Korea and/or K-pop!!!!! I have no idea if I am allowed though to use as I'm not even sure where to find info for!
  2. Hey everybody, Well, I'm currently working on my History IA and I decided that I need to change my question for the 3rd time So right now I'm thinking of doing my IA by exploring the following question: In the controversy surrounding the causes of the Great Depression, a clash among heterodox theories still remains ambiguous. What was the US’s strategy towards dealing with social and economic aspects of the Great Depression? What do you think about this Research Question? Narrow? Broad? Cliché?... Any comments/suggestions will be greatly appreciated. And also I'm struggling with finding the related sources. I searched and found some, yet I think I need to find different ones. Can you please help me to find some sources, which will help me to answer this question? Thank you in advance.
  3. I now know that the historical investigation has been changed from last years (or a couple years back). Instead of sections A - F, it is now only 3 sections. A - C. A) Identification and evaluation of source (6 marks) B) Investigation (15 marks) C) Reflection (4 marks) Can anyone who scored in the 7 (or 6) range help me out with how I should appropriate the word count? I obviously know that the investigation should have the vast majority, but since it has been shortened from sections A - F to A - C, should I look at last year's HI syllabus and bundle some of the earlier sections together to form A, some of the middle sections together to form B, and some of the later sections together to form C? Any help would be appreciated, and if you could be thorough in detail it would also help as well. Thanks!
  4. I am having trouble in deciding which documents to use for the next research question: should company X change their method of payment to improve workers efficiency?
  5. Hello, I am taking my IB this Nov 2014. I take Chemistry and Biology HLs. And my school is submitting the IAs this week. BUT the IA scores are not very good. I have a few 5s and most are 4s and some 3s. There was a rumour that if you don't do well in the IA section, you will lose your 7. Is it true?
  6. Hello guys, I am trying to find a topic for my internal assessment and since i want to study computer science I was thinking of doing something relevant to CS. One thing that i have in mind is boolean algebra but I am not sure whether this is suitable for a math HL IA topic. Also, except from finding the topic I need to find what exactly i will be investigating and that's the hard part since i need to find something which can be covered in the limited number of pages I can write for my IA. If you can give me your opinion or guide me on how to find a specific topic it would be more than helpful !I have a 7 in Math so I guess I can handle slightly more difficult topics. Thank you !!
  7. Hi guys, Can you help me pick a topic for my Maths Exploration? It has to be somehow related to Art, or else I won't do it... Things I've in mind are: Escher's Art Maths in Photography I have no idea how the Exploration is supposed be, so if you have the time can someone please explain it to me? Thanks,
  8. Joey Lackman

    Math IA

    I'm starting off writing my Math IA, and I don't completely understand exactly what the point of it is. I'm pretty sure I want to write it about basketball- possibly the correlation between field goal percentage and where on the court the basketball is shot. I don't understand how I'm supposed to develop this into a full fledged essay though? Any help would be much appreciated..Thanks!
  9. Hi, I'm fairly new here and new to the IB. A term has passed and my Biology class has received the term to do our IA. Is the assessment rubric different to chemistry. I have a really good guide for chemistry, since they are both a group 4 subject I assume they are marked on the same rubric and are structured the same. If not please tell me. Also if any one has any tips with Group 4 IAs please tell me, I would love to know. Thank you in advance
  10. I am really lost, my teacher didn't explained well on what the Math IA was about. I don't know how to make up a question, I don't know were to start. Can anyone give me some ideas of some research questions? Thank you!
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