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Found 14 results

  1. Hi, I need to write a written assignment for the external assessment which is the 1500 word literary essay on a work studied in part1. I'm writing my essay on Death and the Maiden by Ariel Dorfman. My guiding question for the essay is "How does Dorfman create conflict between Paulina & Gerardo through the use of dramatic dialogue and how is it resolved?" I plan to constrain it to act 1 scene 1 while linking it to other parts of the play. Do you think that this is an appropriate topic? And I'm not sure about the structure of the essay. What do I start writing with? Please help ASAP!! Thanks
  2. Hello everyone, I'm struggling to write my English Literature Written Assignment, so any help at all will be very appreciated. My title is "How does Dorfman use the relationship between the gun and light to examine the theme of empowerment in "Death and the Maiden"?" I need help on structuring my essay like what should my three points be? Thank you so so much.
  3. Hi IB Survivors! I would like to do my Written Assignment in a form of diary leaded by Holden or Phoebe ( his young sister, ?maybe when she grow up?). How can I carry it on? Is it appropirate form and creative writing? Need opinion. Any ideas, which I can make use of would be nice and helpful Best Regards
  4. Current521


    So, since my school doesn't really care about the pre-IB class, we have a lot of pretty bad, non-IB teachers, among them our history teacher. We've gotten an assignment said to be written "in the style of the EE", but he hasn't given us any explanation on it whatsoever, and speaks around the subject when I ask. Can anyone give a short summary on how to do research, how to analyze sources, how to structure an essay like that? It's not supposed to be particularly long (700-1200 words), and it doesn't have to be amazing, as I'm not taking IB history, but I have to pass. Thanks!
  5. Hello IB Survivors! I'm writing my Written Assignment, and I want to know what you think about my Topic “Who was Holden Caulfield behaving as more: an adult or adolescent?†it is based on "Catcher In the Rye" by J.D Sallinger. I wrote 540 words is it enough ? Looking for the feedback Take Care
  6. Hey folks, Just a quick question here. Do they send everyone's IAs to the IB or is it only a select few from the class??
  7. hello, i need help in my English A Sl written assignment on a work in translation called "the thief and the dogs" its a nobel prize wining novel written during the Egyptian revolution. summary: http://www.enotes.com/topics/thief-dogs http://www.neabigread.org/books/thethiefandthedogs/readers-guide/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Thief_and_the_Dogs im asked to submit my draft on saturday, i wrote a draft as im talking about womens roles in the novel, but my draft is only 700 words. the minimum is 1200. i need help in making it longer and better as the first few paragraphs arent that good. i also need someone to fix the grammar please, as english isnt my first language but im doing really good at it so far (on exams and stuff and i got 7/7 on my oral commentary) who is willing to edit and help?
  8. Hi! I am asked to design a protocol diagram which shows the used protocols - most likely in a flow chart? Can someone tell what a protocol is? And in what sense?
  9. What connections do you see between the ib learner profiles,CAS and the kinda of knowledge. how do we go upon this question?
  10. Version .ppt


    This breaks down what each type of texto escrito requires you to do. This was created by my teacher, an IB grader with a Masters in Spanish.
  11. My teacher is giving us ten days to write the draft of our Written Assignment for English HL!! I'm completely lost as to what it is. I have read the course syllabus but its very confusing for me to understand. Please explain to me (IN SIMPLEST TERMS), of what the Written Assignment is. What are the goals of it? What is the reflection? And also please explain any further very important details. I have already picked my book and have done the supervised in class assignment as well as the Interactive Oral for The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka. PLEASE HELP ME!!
  12. Basically what the poll asks and why? I'm curious (and bored atm). I personally always prefer to work alone and hate working in groups. It's generally because I feel I could get the task done much faster (and better) on my own (which is rarely true). but my work is my own and I hate having to answer someone else and be responsive to them, when I know I can get my sh!t done. Furthermore, I find it incredibly awkward expecting others to keep updating me/the rest of the group, or worse yet, when they're a useless member of the group...it frickin' gets on my nerves like you wouldn't believe. What about you?
  13. So, it's the night before my Written Assignment is due and I'm making final revisions to my paper. Is it graded on the 1-7 scale or by letter grade? If 1-7, what is the minimum score needed to achieve a 4?
  14. Guest

    ESS Food Resources Assignment

    Version PDF


    IB SL Environmental Systems & Societies Food Resources Assignment - Janita
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