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Found 15 results

  1. Guest

    Failed IB experiment

    Long story short, I did a bio extended essay, messed up the experiment, instead of isolated colonies I got a single weird blob. No data collected. Failed the experiment. Am I allowed to use external data to support my arguments?
  2. I'm looking for real data on bacterial growth that I can use to create a model (i.e. population density or population count vs time). Are there any reliable databases, websites, books, or papers where I can find such a set of data? Thanks!
  3. Wolfie

    Medical Math IA

    Hey guys! I'm looking for a math IA topic along the lines of medicine! I feel like the topic of the spread of infectious diseases is extremely overused and that maybe there could be a spin on it I could look at? Maybe somehow using statistics to find the most or least susceptible countries after findng the spread of infectious diseases? Also is there any calculations that could be done for some sort of bacteria immunization and how anti-biotics work to find out estimations of when antibiotics stop working for that bacteria? I would love to a medical math ia and any help is appreciated!
  4. So I decided that for my extended essay, I was gonna culture bacteria (e.coli) and check the effect of the pH and the correlation between the pH level and the growth of the bacteria. However, instead of using the quadrant method to spread the bacteria over the plate I just made a continuous pattern as seen in the pic. Can somebody help me count the colonies to check how the pH affected the growth? Thanks, plenty.
  5. I would like to ask you guys about my extended essay topic, and honestly, tell me if it's fine. Can we successfully genetically engineer E.coli bacteria to fix nitrogen?. As the title suggests, I would chemically engineer e.coli bacteria to go through the process of natural nitrogen fixation. Concerning tools, I got in contact with a university nearby and they agreed to help. Am sorry if this sounds like it was written in a hurry because... well.. it was.
  6. Hi everyone! Recently I have had all of my wisdom teeth removed and given to me, and I was wondering if you would have any ideas as to how I could incorporate them in an IA. Could I do something with bacterial growth? Thanks!
  7. Hey guys so I'm freaking out with all my IAs and EE! I need to find a topic for my EE as soon as possible before summer ends so that I can start my experiments. So far this is what I got: 1. Which brand (Ill be using 3 different brands) of an alcohol based hand sanitiser is most efficient against bacteria (I have access to a known strain of bacteria) is this grid enough and how can i expound on it cuz it looks simple! tq
  8. Hey guys So Ive kinda sorta decided on my EE topic. RQ- identifying the effect of caffeine on the growth rate of gut bacteria like lactobacillus.acidophilus and lactobacillus._____" (havent decided which species to take rn) Is this too simple for an EE? Will this take 40 hours? I know i can pull off some graphs/tables but is this too generic? And also, will it stretch out to 4000 words? Thanks
  9. Hi everyone, We're supposed to submit our E.E. research proposal in a couple of days, and even though I'm sure about the topic, I need some help with fine tuning it. I'm interested in researching active and passive immunity, my teacher suggested plants, but I'm more interested in researching bacterial immunity, especially in relation to antibiotics. My question is, are there any ethical issues regarding this topic? because I might have to infect my specimen in order to conduct an experiment. Is this considered as 'inflicting pain' on the living organism? Additionally, is it feasible for me to investigate antibiotic resistance if I studied it on bacteria growing at high temperatures? Thanks in advance!
  10. Hi, does anybody know what quantity of bacteria should I choose that will be introduced in Petri dishes. Should I measure them in grams, numbers or whatever.. ? This is part of my EE. Thanks
  11. Hi guys, does anyone have any tips on getting an A in my bio EE? I'm doing it on bacterial growth inhibition. Which graphs/data processing do you recommend i use? Can I include photos of my experiment in the essay? Do you think i should basically do an "extended" bio IA? Any advice is very appreciated ))
  12. I have decided that I wanted to do my extended essay on biology because it is the subject that interests me the most. I do have a mentor that has agreed to work with me if I can come up with a topic on my own. I have come up with two topics: The first one involves growing bacteria and im not sure if i could do it because my school does not have a centrifuge and I'm just wondering if it would still be possible to test the effect of things on the effect of bacteria if I dont have a centrifuge to count the number of cells. The second idea I have has something to do with the sugar level of seniors in my area but I am not completely sure if that counts as biology because I feel that it kinda touches into world issues. Could someone clarify for me what this would fall into? Thanks in advance!
  13. Hey! So I've decided to do my EE on Bio, and I've got a general question but I'm missing an experiment.. Any suggestions? My research question (generalized) is: The Difference In Bacterial Species Found In The Mouths of Students From Grade 1 and 12. But I haven't got an experiment! Lots of data i can analyze but I'm practically going to fail without an experiment. Help Please
  14. Hi! I'm planning on doing my EE in Biology (I take Biology HL). My proposed topic is "How do hand sanitizers affect the number, and type of bacteria on a given surface?". The 'surface' could include skin, table tops, TV remotes, basically everywhere that has bacteria. I also plan on varying the concentration of the hand sanitizer. Could anyone tell me if this is a feasible experiment or not? I do not have access to a private lab. My school does have a well equipped lab though. Also, i wanted to know different methods in which I could tell the number of bacteria in a given sample. All help is appreciated!
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