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Found 5 results

  1. Hey everyone, I live in Berlin and maybe some of you have heard of the new airport which is being built (BER airport) and what huge disaster it has been. Therefore I have decided to write my extended essay about this project. My RQ is: To what extent was the construction of the BER airport economically justified? I already started writing and was thinking about structuring the essay into 1)financial effect 2) Environmental effect 3) effect on unemployment 4) air passenger capacities in Berlin. I have already conducted an interview with construction manager that worked on the airport for about 1 year. I just want to ask what you think about my topic/RQ and if you have any suggestions on my structure and on what else I should write about in my essay. Furthermore I wanted to ask if I should do more Primary Research, and if yes what would you suggest. Thanks a lot!! Noeli99
  2. Hey Everyone, Did anyone by any chance do a History IA on something to do with the Cold War, WWII or something involving the holocaust? All tips welcome. Research question ideas are welcome as well. I was thinking something along the lines "To what extent were social exclusion and economic persecution of Jewish people between 1941-1945, contributing factors to the rise/establishment of Israel as a Jewish state?" Thankss
  3. Hi guys! I'm working on my Extended Essay and the first draft is in about a week. My subject is German B, and I have chosen to investigate the effects of the Treuhandanstalt on the German society. So far I have written about the effects on unemployment rates, amount of citizens moving from the east to the west, suicide rates and birth rates. Obviously I have written about the Treuhandanstalt as well. However, I am running out of ideas regarding possible effects on the society. Does anyone have any experience or ideas relevant to my topic? I am open to any ideas and/or sources in German or English.
  4. Hi IBSurvival, I've decided to write my extended essay on the hotel market in Berlin. I will be vaguely writing about the market as a whole, as I will be mainly focusing on two hotels that lie directly opposite each other, one being a 4 star Hotel, the other a 5 star hotel. I have data for the revenue of the hotels for 2012-2014, but I'm not quite sure what to use it for. I have contacted both of the directors, and they will be filling out an interview for me, which is great. Some questions probably ask for too much competitive information, but they said they will answer everything they can (I'll attach a copy of the interview). Basically, I wish to write about why the consumer choses one hotel over the other (please tell me if there is a term for this). However, I am not quite sure what theorie I should use, and if I will need to use diagrams and so on, which is why I came here to ask for help. Cheers for reading. EE Interview.pdf
  5. Hi everyone! I'm a senior and currently I'm rewriting my historical investigation. I'm trying to write about Ernst Reuter's (mayor of Berlin) role in the Berlin airlift. Our teacher is not very helpful and I don't know if my question is focused our even appropriate at all. This is my current question: In what ways did Ernst Reuter contribute to the success of the Berlin airlift? -> He was really important in convincing the allies to set up the airlift and to rally the West-Berlin citizens during the airlift. Some call him the 'voice of Berlin' I just thought of another question (probably needs a little rewording): How did Ernst Reuter prevent West-Berlin from falling into communist hands, during the second Berlin crisis? It would really help me if you could give me some feedback on my research question! Thanks Carl
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