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Found 60 results

  1. So I'm doing my bio ia on the effect of different concentrations of sulfuric acid on seed germination. It's been nearly 3 weeks and I only have data for the control test (spraying with distilled water), and very few seeds germinated for any of the other concentrations (0.2M, 0.5M, 1M, 2M, 5M). These few seeds that have germinated won't really have any effect when I do the means for the 5 trials of each. Is it ok if I have very little variation in my data? It would be like an average of 14 out of 20 seeds for the control test and then less than 1 for every other increment. Does this reflect badly on me in any of the criteria? Or should I try and 'manipulate' my results? I realistically don't have much longer to do the experiment as I'm running out of supplies and school is closed for the break, and my teacher wants the other half of this ia done as soon as possible. Is it worth faking my results or should I just be honest?
  2. Hey! I'm starting my IB1 year soon and I'm wondering which subjecs I should take. I absolutely suck at maths like no other and I don't particularly like sciences. With keeping this in mind, is SL bio impossible? I need to take at least one and I feel bio would be easiest for me because I have a relatively good memory and it's the least "sciencey" subject. Am I making the right choice? How hard is it?
  3. HELP! I've just started Junior year, so IB has just kicked off and we have 2 weeks to change our courses if we wish. I have always been sure that I want to do 2 Sciences, first I picked Bio and Chem (both HL), then I changed my mind so I decided to do Bio and Phy (HL) because I've always loved physics. But now I am starting to change my mind again, because I've read that Bio and Phy aren't the best combination and I feel like with those classes my college majors all of a sudden gets way more limited. Help! Should I stay in Physics or change back to Chem??
  4. hey guys! I'm going into the IB program this year, and I have 4 HLs and 2 SLs. 2 of my 4 HLs are Bio and Physics. I recognize that this is going to a particularly rigorous course selection, so does anyone have any advice? Just so you know, my other courses are HL Psych, HL English, SL Math Year 2 (took year 1 in grade 10), and SL French.
  5. Hey guys! So Year 1 is right around the corner and I'm pretty excited but have recently ran into a problem. I've chosen physics SL for my Group 4 subject, but have recently considered switching to Biology SL since I've heard that it's less difficult. Is this true? Personally, I am quite decent at math and pretty good at memorising things. I have some background in biology (only the basics) and very little in physics. None of these are required for the University program I wish to attend (Econ/Business). I also dislike the sciences in general so I'd rather just choose the easier subject lollll. But I guess physics would be SOMEWHAT helpful since it's related to math, but then again, I've heard that it's quite difficult. Which of the two would you say is easier and which one would you recommend if I'm just trying to get the highest grade possible in my Group 4 subject? Thanks!
  6. Hello, I'm in the process of choosing my IA question, I do biology standard level and was wondering if this topic fits in the syllabus for sl: What is the effect of soil moisture on the length of ribwort plantain leaves? Thank you
  7. Hi! I'm new to this site. Well, anyways... I'm doing the IB Diploma program at my American high school and have just finished my 2 years of 'pre-IB.' So next year I'll be starting official IB and I am so scared! My grades weren't that good these past 2 years and I really need to get nearly perfect grades these next 2 years to get my GPA up, and I believe with hard work it will be possible! I'm really interested in international relations and law and humanities type of subjects. These are the HLs and SLs I'm signed up for thus far: HL Economics, HL English, HL History SL Math, SL Spanish, SL ESS OR BIO?! I really can't decide between these 2 and I need to before school starts! I'm really interested in science but I'm not the best at it (not the worst either!). I'm currently signed up for ESS but I feel like it's looked down upon and not as respected. I'm really into Biology and have been considering a career in it but I'm afraid I won't get good grades and it will be much harder than ESS. Don't get me wrong, I'm fascinated by the environment as well and a huge advocate for the issue of global warming. All in all, I'm just really confused! Please help!!!
  8. Hi, so I'm choosing my HLs in a couple of weeks and I'm stuck between whether I should do French B HL or English A Lit HL ?? So far I'm doing very well in French B SL, and pretty good in English HL. If I did french B HL I would really want a 7, and English HL I would be aiming for a 7 too, but a 6 would still be great! If you have any advice from personal experience on what's easier/more doable it would be so appreciated! The other two subjects I'm probably going to end up doing HL are economics and bio, but if for some reason any of those two are a mistake please also let me know!
  9. I decided to do database for my bio IA, but I'm having quite a bit of trouble trying to find the data I want. I'm trying to find the incidence of Down Syndrome by country, as either a percentage or number of cases. All I found was data from 2004 that was actually extrapolated, so no help at all I'd really rather not search up each individual country, so I would appreciate it so much if people had some suggestions
  10. Hello, I am finding it difficult to decide which science subjects to choose and would appreciate some help and guidance. First of all, I am not entirely sure what I want to study in the future (perhaps economics, although the sciences really interest me too). That being said, I am sure about studying in the US. I have done a summer course in IB biology (also math which I am fairly well at), also had a brief look at the content that appears in IB physics. I have no prior background in chemistry however. These are my subjects in general: Economics HL English HL Science HL Math SL Ab initio SL Science SL I want to pick 2 science subjects, one at HL respectively SL. 1. How is physics HL? Is it the ‘broadest’ science in terms of future studies? Does it differ largely from SL - is SL in that case quite a bit easier? Easiest / hardest topic? 2. How is chemistry SL? I am not to keen on HL, and have heard that SL is easy. Easiest / hardest topic? How do you study for it? Is it quite mathematical? 3. Lastly, is biology HL much more difficult compared to SL? Is bio SL pretty much the same level as chem SL? In case I take bio and physics - is that a weird combination, from universities perspective? Since the subjects don’t overlap that much at all..btw, which subjects do overlap the most and would this ease study? Here are the combinations I am considering: Physics HL + Biology SL or vice versa Biology HL + Chemistry SL Thanks in advance! Also, please do share any additional insight/your experience with the subjects besides from my questions.
  11. Hey, I need a Biology IA experiment for tomorrow. It needs to be something with mesocosms and I don't know what it could be because we haven't studied mesococms yet.
  12. Hi. I'm having some serious doubts about my course selection for the IB. I'm currently in Grade 10 and in my last year of MYP and will be starting the IB program this fall. I've chosen: English Lit HL Biology HL Chemistry HL Psychology HL German ab Initio SL Math SL This course combination suggests that I am leaning towards the medicine track. Although, the thing is, I'm not sure if I want to be a doctor. My parents really want me to go down this path because of the stability it provides (financial) They are also in the medical field so they know the field and they know this path very well. I've talked with them a couple times about my doubts and it usually ends in a fight. In their mind, I can only become 1 of 3 things: a doctor, a lawyer, or an engineer. *Engineering is pretty much out of the question because I suck at mathematics and I've taken two 'engineering style' courses (Intro to Computer Science and Design Technology) and I had to drop DT because I was failing the class. I am not doing too well in Computer Science either. *I'm not sure about being a lawyer too. I think I have the right skills for this career. And no, not the cliche 'I like to argue' one. I have a real passion and natural aptitude for the humanities. I have always gotten good grades in subjects such as English and History and I enjoy learning about these subjects. Unfortunately, careers in the humanities (except for being a lawyer - and even some lawyers share their experiences about how they are struggling to find work) don't pay well and I am afraid of taking a risk and changing all my IB courses to fit this pathway and I am unemployed, full of regret, and hate my life. *I'm also afraid that if I stick with my courses, I won't do well in them and I'll ruin my university chances and can kiss all my dream schools goodbye. Honestly, what top university would accept a student who had 5's for their HL sciences? Or less than that? Right now, I'm not doing badly in science. My grades range from an 88-92 but I have to try really hard to get this grade or even higher than this. In chemistry, my grades weren't bad I actually enjoyed it. Biology is okay up until you move past cell structure and you start learning about plants and anatomy and I find that really boring because of all the details & memorization. So, I would really appreciate some input on what course of action I should take. Should I listen to my parents, keep my course combo, and become a doctor despite the fact that I'm not sure if I want to be one? Or should I change my course combination?
  13. Hey guys, registration is coming up and I've sunk into a dilemma. I'm currently a sophomore in the local gifted program, and am taking IB Bio SL, IB Precalc SL, IB Physics SL 1, IB Spanish 4, IB/AP Lang, and IB/APUSH. I'm definitely going to HL in Bio, English, and History, but don't know what to do about splitting my SL's. I have been struggling in Physics, and although I scraped an A first semester and MIGHT make it this semester, I don't think I'll do very well in SL 2 (HL is far, far beyond me). I am also having some trouble filling in my continuous art credit (that many colleges like seeing) and my CTE credit will be taken care of with my internship in senior year. I am seriously considering dropping IB Physics SL 2 and replacing it with IB Art SL. I am debating, however, over the merit these two classes bring to colleges and how important they are in the long run. I'm pretty certain that I have a higher chance at getting an A in art (which I like) than in physics (which i am famous for struggling in), but Physics could be more "important" to my future. What should I do? I'm a STEM kind of person and am not looking to go into the humanities, doing my EE in Biology and everything. My complete course schedule for next year, as reference: (omitting PE and TOK) IB Bio HL, IB Calculus HL 1, IB Physics SL2 OR IB Art SL, IB Spanish 5 (SL test), IB/AP Lit, IB/AP USGOV. Note: I will be taking AP Physics 1, AP Lang, and APUSH at the end of this year. Thank you all! -Lia
  14. hello, can someone please help to find something that would relate to reaction time? I can't do music, and doing sports,, age, cell phone use etc is a bit old. I want to do how do different air refresher scents affect reaction time but im not pretty sure it will... does anyone have any other ideas?
  15. Hello, My individual investigation for biology is due next week. My topic was quickly approved by my teacher, but I missed the optional draft due date due to the fact that I was having trouble processing my data. My lab is about exercise physiology, and more specifically, the effect of resting time during running on muscle fatigue, meausred by how long it took test subjects to run a lap around a track after resting for different amounts of times between trials. When researching my topic, I found that a lot of what I was testing was outside of the basic ATP cellular respiration taught in IB bio SL. In my lab background info, I talk about ATP creation in muscles, which has to do with creatine phosphate, etc. So after all that rambling my question is, is this okay?? I'm freaking out cause my teacher has not even seen my report and will not look at it until its handed in because I missed the optional draft due date If anyone would also be willing to look at my lab, that'd also be great Thanks!
  16. I really need to come up with a research question for my IA in a few days. SOS. I really wanted to do it on something related to fruits or vegetables.
  17. Ok so my bio ia topic is about how temperature affects whether or not a enzyme denatures and causes my jello to become solid.... what do i do for my processed data........ and my calculations and stuff... plz help idk what to do and this ia is due like tmr so plzzzz help thank u!!!!
  18. Hi, I already have started my IA, and I'm almost done with writing my introduction, but I cannot for the life of me figure out what to write for my hypothesis. My IA is on which face washes prevent bacterial growth best. I have participants use face wash, wash it off, and then I take a cotton swab and collect cells from their forehead which I then swipe onto petri dishes with nutrient agar in them. I'm using St. Ive's Apricot Scrub, Clean & Clear's Morning Burst and Deep Action cleansers, Pond's Cold Cream, and no face wash for a comparison. I can find the ingredients for all, but I'm having trouble finding what amounts are in each and how their different ingredients compare to each other. Any ideas on how to set up a hypothesis that makes sense?
  19. Can someone explain to me the statistical analysis option for the Bio IA (I'm in HL if that helps)... Our teacher gave us a really bad explanation and I don't understand. We talked about IA's in class like once and never again so our teacher didn't really give us any time or help at all with this so I figure this is the easier route -- how do you do this type of IA and what's the best way to go about it??? Plz help. Thank u fams.
  20. Hi, I'm doing my G4 project (presentation), and I have students from biology and physics with me in a group. We've got a topic ENERGY (we can't choose\change). How do we make a project out from these subjects with that topic? Combining biology and physics into energy. Any ideas would help! Sincerely, Anastazja
  21. Hi, I was just wondering if a biology IA would be marked down if it is too simple. I also do HL chemistry and our teacher encourages us to choose something we can't just google, however, my biology teacher has basically told me nothing and the examples we have been given aren't helping me. If I were to do an IA on the effects of NaCl concentration on peroxidase activity or yeast fermentation, would this be too simple, typical and straight forward? Any suggestions welcome. Thanks so much
  22. I am wondering if this would be a good subject combo: HL Economics HL Biology HL English (not sure yet if I want lang & lit or lit) SL Math SL Finnish SL Chemistry Unfortunately I have no idea where I want to study after the IB, or what I want to study. I am wondering if these seem like subject choices that wouldn't close too many doors for me. The thing that troubles me the most is if it is "useless" to take HL bio without taking HL chemistry with it. I don't enjoy chemistry that much, but then again I've always had horrible teachers which has drawn me away from the subject itself. Though in the IB I would have a new teacher. I really don't know if I should take chemistry at all or if it is important. Thank you for any replies in advance
  23. i have a topic for my Bio IA which is, the effect of sugar on seed germination. I don't know what seeds i'll be using yet, but i will place them in a container surrounded by cotton buds and will add water every day, with plain water as the constant. I not entirely sure what concentration levels of sugar to use or how to calculate molars. I'm not sure what the results would be. How many seed have germinated? the growth of the seeds? and how it could become meaningful data, e.g. tables, graphs. if anyone has done an IA or prac similar to this or has some knowledge, any input would be greatly appreciated, thank you. Chris Collins.
  24. I haven't asked my teacher yet but i was wondering if "The Control of Molds in Bread" is a good IA topic?
  25. Hello! I´ve been thinking about my Bio IA and I had an idea but now I have to change it. I´ve come up with something but to be honest I´m not sure if my topic is good enough for Bio SL, so I´d appreciate if any of you could give me your opinion. My topic: I would measure the sweat rate per hour of 3 men and 3 women practicing 3 different sports. Some studies have showed that men tend to have a bigger sweat rate than women so my experiment would try to support that hypothesis. I feel like the experiment is too easy, and apart from doing some calculations to get the sweat rate and plotting my results I don´t think I´m doing a really deep analysis. Maybe I can change it up a little bit, but I would like to know if any of you have any ideas on how to make my topic a better choice for my Bio SL IA.