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Found 18 results

  1. I want to do Biology EE on comparing the Chinese diet and the Mediterranean diet, but I don't know how to make an proper research question for that. Can anyone help me? Thanks
  2. Does anyone have a full and detailed list of how to format an Extended Essay for Biology? Also, I heard it was hard to get an A on a Biology EE, is this true, and why?
  3. So my topic I was looking at was the effect of temperature (I may change this factor) on the growth of bacteria (at least 3 different types of bacteria) and comparing these temperatures by using a spectrophotometer to determine optical density so that I am able to construct a growth curve for the varying bacteria at different temps. I was wondering whether this topic was extensive enough for the EE and if anyone had done anything similar in that is this the most efficient and accurate way of monitoring the growth of bacteria with quantitative values. Thank you so much, any advice is appreciated
  4. Hey guys! I hope you can help me out. (If you dont wanna read the back-story, just go to the ***) So our first draft for the EE is due tomorrow, and I'm done with it! YAY However, the word count is WAAAY beyond 4000! I did an EE in biology which was generally about caffeine and its effects on reflexes; for that I did an experiment, got data, analyzed it and discussed the results... like you would do in any other science research paper. Once done, I looked at my word count...... it was 8,314 So I read the IB guideline about what is included and what is not included in the EE (I attached a screenshot of it to this message). And now, I'm trying to gain the most out of this information. Basically, IB says that the abstract, contents page, footnotes, charts, diagrams, tables, equations, formulas, calculations, citations, bibliography, and appendices are not counted into the word count. So I removed these from my word count and got 5,789 words. I still have to remove 1,789 words. ***So I got a few questions: What counts as a table exactly? Because I wrote out my variables in table form, which was worth 750 words. So would this still count into the word count? Do titles and subtitles count into the word count? Cuz I keep hearing from people and forums that the titles, headings and subheading do not count. But the IB guide doesn't mention anything about it? Would the explanations (in words, not numbers) to the calculations/formulas used count into the word count? For example, what I wrote for calculating the average: (Formula for average will be put here) I used this calculation to find an average of the 5 repeats . This calculation made it easier for me to generalize the results for each group. Example for results from group 1 (refer to raw data from appendix 5) (The table of data will be put here) The average of the 5 repeats was calculated as such: (calculation will be put here) I know that I will obviously have to remove a lot of words... but if I dont have to, it will be great! Thanks guys!
  5. Research question: To what extent are natural Chinese herbal remedies (antibiotics) effective in reducing the growth of bacterial organisms [e.g. Escherichia Coli]? I'm looking for a method i could use for my experiment? I was initially thinking about using agar jelly or something, I literally don't know what to do. PLEASE HELP
  6. Hello all, (Sorry if I'm doing something wrong here. I'm kinda new.) I'm doing my extended essay in Biology. It involves changes to the hamsters' sleep-wake cycle as an independent variable. However, I'm not sure of the extent to which I can disturb the sleep patterns of hamsters without going against the animal experimentation policy/seeing a fall in my EE grade. Obviously I'm not going to keep the hamster awake for 24 hours. But is a little sleep deprivation (say, 1 or 2 hours) passable? How about just a mere shift in their sleep cycle (say, they sleep and wake up 1-2 hours later than they're used to)? I know that one of the sample Bio EEs circulating the internet has done something similar, involving 1-hour light pulses. Is it okay if I use that procedure? Thanks in advance.
  7. I have to come up with a biology EE, but I am stuck with what topic research questions to choose from. I was going to do my topic on the effects of sleep deprivation on cognitive skills and reaction time on humans over the interval of a day, but there are so many things to take into consideration including the activities that they have done or their diet. So if anyone has any ideas for a topic regarding plants, or even something about humans(it must be easy to control the variables), then it would be much appreciated.
  8. Hello, I have to submit my topic and design for my biology extended essay by this Friday (tomorrow! ), and I have a topic and rough idea of what I would like to do, though I was wondering if I can get some advice and guidance for which way to take my experimenting. (an answer asap would be much appreciated ! ) So my topic is within the plant sciences and my research question is How does exposure to vibration and sound affect the growth rate of Raphanus sativus L.? *(Should I measure the growth rate, or the germination rate? would either be fine? and if they are, what would be the best way to carry out each?) So my plan so far is to place equal amount of seeds in 5 petri dishes and grow them in a controlled environment for five days for each trial. Each petri dish would have their own source of vibration (most likely from a cell phone, unless anyone has another idea ) placed at least 15.24 cm (6 inches away; all distances would be the same as it is a control) from the petri dish, and I would expose each petri dish (except for the control dish) to vibration for different lengths of time (ex: dish one- 2 hrs, dish two- 4 hrs etc) for five days. The same method would apply to the test with sound, only with a new set of seeds. The sound is a single pitch played continuously from the same distance, and is also played from a cell phone. How does that sound? Any suggestions or improvements? Any ideas for the aspect of analysis and things I should mention? Thank you in advanced !
  9. Hi everyone. I'm in year 2 of the IB diploma and have been freaking out about my extended essay. I'm doing my EE in biology and every time i seem to get closer to starting my experiment, I realized that my topic isn't good enough (has already been done, won't lead me anywhere..etc). Until very recently, my topic was on the effect of different sugars (glucose, fructose, sucrose) on the rate of fermentation in yeast. Today, however, I realized (through some extensive research) that about everything that has to do with yeast has been previously tested and done. Now my problem is that I've got no topic, no research question, no experiment, no first draft and it's all technically due in 2 days. PLEASE HELP ME FIND SOMETHING! anything. Your help would be much appreciated.
  10. Hello there, I am struggling to come up possible EE topics for Biology. I really want to refrain from using plants because everyone is using them. (Unless it is something really creative and original). Simple words of advice or even a potential topic/experiment will be helpful. Also, perhaps a link, or book that will help me out would be greatly appreciated. I would really like to get an A on this essay; want to get the first biology A in the school. Thanks a bunch!
  11. I'm frantically trying to search for a human biology based RQ and my teacher said that the IB does not want us to use Bodily Fluids (I was going to do something with a urine-based experiment), can anyone help me out by letting me know how certain this is and what are the specific restrictions. Are we allowed to use blood? I need to know all the banned topics/experiments in Biology that are not included in the IB guide so that I can find a valid RQ.
  12. Hello! I have question about my biology EE (prev. topic here, i didn't want to add these question there also as it's old + this question is about what to do with my data) and at the moment I don’t know what to do with my data now: what graph should I use. So briefly I have measured how the cows heart rate changes when grooming (first I measured the rate, then groomed, then measured again, groomed again, and measured again). In my experiment I have two subgroups; heifers and cows, and in one subgroup is five animals. I repeated this experiment five times for one animal. Now I have justcalculated the mean value from all the repetitions for each animal. My question then is: Which one would be better to graph: to just graph heart rate as the function of time OR to graph the change of heart rate in percentages as the function of time? If I will do the first one, could I use the Standard deviation as error bars in the graph? I couldn’t find anywhere on the internet if I could or couldn’t so I’m not sure. The other way I was thinking would be that I subtract from the max value the min and then divide this value by two. The only reason why I would to SD is that it was mentioned in the biology EE guide that it should be used… And i don't know any other options. Plus in my opinion, as there is only going to be three datapoints, this graph would look somehow stupid.., as it doesnt' tell the heart rate all the time. But if I do the second one, I don’t know would it better to calculate the heart rate change for the respect of the first one (before grooming) OR to respect the previously one? How much the heart rate changes in the third measurement to respect to the second measurement OR how much the heart rate changes in the third measurument to respect to the first, original, measurement. And can i assume that all the heart rates at the beginning are ''0''-> so they are in the same line...? Sry if you don't understand, but it's really hard to explain what I mean! I would prefer the second one, as the heart rate-values change inside the subgroups, so e.g. some cow may have the heart rate of 80, and the second one 70. (but the amount how much the heart rate decreases is app. the same). And as I would like to calculate the mean from the subgroup (from the five cows/heifers) and then compare this mean to the other subgroup. BUUUT: is this even scientifically correct? To graph any of my options as I won’t get any solution e.g. from the slope…..? I would prefer to not do any graphs, but again, in the EE guide it was said that graph has to be done. Or do you have any other suggestions? I’m really stuck with my ee, as I just want to write it . And there isn’t any point asking anything from my supervisor (plus there isn’t any other bio IB teacher in our school), as she doesn’t know anything and if she does the information is usually wrong. Thanks already ps. ask if you can't understand something, so i can try to explain it better
  13. Hello everyone! I'm doing my EE on biology, and it's going to be animal experiment. My topic is ''effect of grooming on cows'' and basically my plan is to groom cow and measure the heart rate before and after the grooming --> does it change and how. I've couple of questions considering my topic + I've some other questions, and I would really be happy if someone who knows more than me could answer for me:) 1. First of all, I have read all the animal ethical infos, but I still want to make sure that is this topic acceptable? It doesn't cause any stress on cows, as I know that they like grooming. 2. Because I'm doing on animal experiments, I'm going to have small amount of data. My plan is to repeat my experiment three times to five different cows, but is that way too little? (So because of the low amount of data I won't even get D... because I already know that I won't get high marks from my EE). 3. What is the necessary amount of resources when doing experimental EE on biology? And can all of them be internet or magazines? As I haven't found any books on online shops or in library. (I didn't find answer to this question in the biology EE guide) And I've asked all of these questions from my supervisor (we have only one biology IB teacher in our school), but she just doesn't know anything . But she really likes my idea, and she hasn't said any bad word about, only that I should have more data.
  14. I have decided that I wanted to do my extended essay on biology because it is the subject that interests me the most. I do have a mentor that has agreed to work with me if I can come up with a topic on my own. I have come up with two topics: The first one involves growing bacteria and im not sure if i could do it because my school does not have a centrifuge and I'm just wondering if it would still be possible to test the effect of things on the effect of bacteria if I dont have a centrifuge to count the number of cells. The second idea I have has something to do with the sugar level of seniors in my area but I am not completely sure if that counts as biology because I feel that it kinda touches into world issues. Could someone clarify for me what this would fall into? Thanks in advance!
  15. Hello, my name is Jasmine Gomez, and I live in Alabama and go to an IB high school, obviously... Anyway, I want to become a vet and because of this, I chose HL Bio and SL Chem., instead of the other way around. In addition, I want to do a Bio. EE, which I know is a touch more difficult than, say, a history or english EE. Now, I am a vegan, and am interested by the fact that animal proteins supply a thriving environment for cancer and other diseases to flourish in the body, versus plant proteins. Therefore, I would like to do something concerning (vaguely/in general) this subject matter; however, I realize some would consider this more college level research. This is why I am posting this question... : if you feel you are able to help me simplify something having to do with this subject matter specifically, that isn't so advanced, I would greatly appreciate it. Here I'm going to list a few general ideas myself and a couple friends have chatted about, in addition to the foreseen problems with the said topics: - The effects of animal protein vs. plant proteins on the body; investigating the proteins, effects, and differences between the two (Problem: how would I test this really?) - Difference in chicken and fish proteins/casein levels/carcinogen levels, as most people consider fish and white meats to be better for you than red (cow) meat, and multiple studies prove the risks involved with red meat---this would cover the risks in white and fish meats (Problem: again, how would I test this? Could I just test local places or stores meats? I live in a small town in the south on the gulf coast, so the fish area shouldn't be too difficult, and there are many farms here; however, going out of my way to take a life would go against my morals, so would the store be better?) - Blood analysis test on an array of popularly consumed animals, both organic and non-organicly raised; the difference in their hormone levels, as well as casein/carcinogen levels, if that can even be tested through blood, in addition to anything else related to dietary effects that I could test in the blood (Problem: how would I obtain said blood, since Im not allowed to harm animals according to IBO? Does drawing blood count as harm?) I appreciate any time anyone puts in to replying to this, and I would love some feedback and help! -Thanks, Jasmine
  16. Hi, Just wondering if anyone knows about markers preference to case studies and experiments in science EEs? I am doing mine in biology and I came up with the idea of 'The effect of polyphasic and biphasic sleeping patterns on concentration'. When I presented this to my supervisor I was told that this is a good idea, but would only be limited to a case study due to time limitations [and other limitations] of trials. Other people in my year believe that case studies will score a B grade and less but never an A grade. Is this true?
  17. Hello, I am trying to find a suitable and easy topic and experiment for Biology EE. I have come up with this - Testing the effect of stretching on aerobic and anaerobic exercises using heart rates - maybe between males and females - of different age groups ? My concern is that this topic maybe has already been explored or similar ones to this exist already ?? Please help !
  18. That's what I'm thinking to myself. I have to propose a research question Tuesday for my EE. But here's the thing, I need two different subjects. Now I'm all set on one, just need a second topic. Now I'm really into the whole bacteria thing or even DNA..being realistic though, I'll stick with bacteria. Now I've done a practice IA on bacteria growth within my school, but I would love to expand that further do something pretty cool. Any ideas? Help me, please. ):
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