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Found 49 results

  1. Hey I would like some advice on whether choosing SL or HL for IB biology.
  2. Hi! I'm in Grade 11 and I'm having a little bit of a crisis about my HL subjects. I'm highly interested in both biomedical engineering and medicine as future career options, but I don't know which combination of science HLs I should take in order to increase my chance of success in these fields. Currently, I'm taking Biology and Chemistry in HL, but I'm wondering if I should switch my Biology to Physics HL while the missed workload from Physics is still manageable, even though the thought of dropping Biology pains me. I've been deeply passionate about science all my life and scored consistent 7s and 8s throughout the MYP (though I'm well aware DP is incomparably more rigorous than the MYP). In terms of ability, I'd say I'm better at biology than physics, though I'm equally passionate about both. I'm lucky to have a fairly good memory and enjoy memorising, but I also like being able to practically apply knowledge and genuinely adored physics when we learned it in previous grades. Math definitely isn't a talent or particular interest of mine (I ended with a final score of 6/7), but I'm willing to work hard, both to improve skill and to learn to love math. With the new math curriculum, I'm in Math Analysis and Approaches SL. Would biology HL or physics HL be a better subject given my passions, career interests, and abilities? Is it possible for me to get accepted into Biomedical Engineering degrees if I stick with Bio over Physics? It's extremely difficult for me to make the choice because it seems like Bio is better if I end up choosing medicine or biology-centred fields, while physics might be the safer option to open up more engineering paths. I'm going to consult with my counsellor early next week, but I'd love extra advice or input!
  3. Hi. So currently I need a study buddy. I will be graduating in 2020, therefore I am looking for someone who is graduating the same year. In my History HL course I have studied move to Global war (Japan, Italy and Germany), authoritarian leaders (Mao, Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini) and cold war. And I will be studying Castro +more next year (still unsure because we are changing teachers). Ideally I wish for a study buddy who have both subjects but it is okey either way. Ps;I would also happly join a study group who study one of the subjects or both.
  4. Can someone suggest a good HL IA topic since each topic I suggest for my teacher she tells me that it is taken. Pleaaassee helpp!!
  5. Hello everyone, I just started IB year one and in the future I want to pursue neuroscience or biotechnology or something in that field. My subjects right now are : english a language and lit HL psych HL biology HL chem SL math SL arabic SL i want to go to universities in the U.K. or Canada. Now as I was looking at requirements for scholarship in my country I found out that I need chemistry HL and biology HL with a score of at least 5. Now my option is to take chemistry + bio + psych HL . I’m scared of the workload being too much and I end up getting lower score or something goes wrong. What should I do? If you are taking this combination please tell me your experience with it and how you cope with it.
  6. Hello everyone! I'm going into the 10th grade this year, and am planning on doing the IB program 11th-12th grade. In the future I am hoping to be a pediatrician, so I was looking online for what IB classes you should take in order for medical school. Most sites said Biology and Chemistry HL. I like chemistry a lot and am hoping to HL in that, but I'm not so sure about biology. So, first of all, would HL biology be necessary for medical school? Also, if I did do HL bio, would it be important to take biology this year too? (Pre-IB) I'm currently signed up to do physics, and I did biology in 8th grade, but I've heard that HL bio is really difficult so I'm wondering if I should take up biology this year to be prepared for when I do IB. Also, considering I want to be a pediatrician, I'm unsure whether physics is actually important or if I should just do biology instead. Thank you!
  7. Version 1.0.0


    This is a handy checklist to use while writing your Bio HL IA. It has all those small detail that you may easily gain marks from putting in your IA.
  8. Hi, guys. I am currently having a bit of trouble figuring out how to control oxygen concentration for the yeast and measure rate of respiration (based on carbon dioxide gas production) at the same time. If you have any ideas, please suggest how I could do this? I have never worked with oxygen before or tried adding a gas while measuring another. My biology teacher has told me that physically it may be difficult... But I feel like this is 10000x better than doing sucrose concentration. I have a few ideas such as isolating the yeast in a container with a specific oxygen concentration and having an aspirator/vacuum pump come out of it somehow for the carbon dioxide to be captured but I'm not sure how practical this is. In addition to that, how do I go about finding 'the best' oxygen concentrations for yeast? Do I just find the minimum oxygen concentration needed and then use values significantly higher/lower than that? I've researched that there's a point where that respiration will stop occurring in yeast if the oxygen concentration is too high. I was just wondering how I could go about finding this range/value. In addition to the above point, if this seems too difficult/impractical should I change my dependent variable? Should I measure the rate of respiration by the presence of another variable? Thanks, imperialbee
  9. Hi everyone, I was wondering how much it costs to drop/unregister an IB subject? I have already been registered for bio and I am considering dropping it..Does anyone know how much it would cost? I went on the IB fees and payment site but nothing..I'd like to know before I talk to my Ib Coordinator. Thanks
  10. Dear everyone on IB Survival, I have already chosen by subject choices for the IB but I'm reconsidering them before I start IBDP1 in August. These are my IB Subject Choices = Higher Level = Biology, Chemistry, History and Italian B Standard Level = Math and English Lang and Lit My dilemma is that I want to keep career options open because I am not sure what I will want to do in the future. Medicine is highly probable ( the reason for Biology and Chemistry Higher Level) and so is economics, which of course requires Math HL. If I had Biology, Chemistry and Math all to HL then would it be too much work to handle? I appreciate any help and experience from people who have had similar situations or classes.
  11. (Still in construction; last edit: 30 April 2017) Hello there! What inspires me to write this long post is because of numerous questions I got in my inbox are mostly about "How to revise for Biology?" or "How do I get a 7 in my Biology HL/SL?" So here we go. Why should you trust me for this post? I have studied Chemistry HL & Biology HL, which I am a stressful little double-science student potato. The most insane thing I did was to get my Biology from 4 from the beginning of Grade 12 (IBDP1) into a 6 in my IB finals in Grade 13 (IBDP2). I would like to share how I really revise for Biology, a continuation from my post back in April 2016 for all you stressed out IB students. The study method in this post is suitable for: IB Final Exam for Biology SL and HL Students, normal in-school exams for Biology SL and HL Students Beware: this is how I REVISE for my Biology exam, it may not be applicable to you because everyone has a unique way of revising. Q1: Why is Biology such a hard subject to students? It has a huge topic range Requires memorization Requires different methods of revision Q2: How do we revise for Biology? What is the best method to do so? The best way to revise for Biology is to have a great habit of taking notes. Taking your own notes or highlighting key points in your book are the best ways to get things into your head. Biology has a huge and nearly impossible amount of knowledge that requires memorization, so a full understanding of the topics is the ultimate key to a high score in Biology. For IB Finals, I would highly recommend read your Biology materials no matter it is a book, or notes from your teacher, or even notes by yourself (if you have sufficient time), or else I will definitely recommend past papers. Past paper gives you an insight of how is it like in the real exam, the amount of time you need to finish one question, and also most importantly, reflect on your mistakes and weakness in particular topics. Let me give you heads up on what methods or strategies that you can use or might find this useful, don't be really stressed seeing all those names down there.(Each topic has different ways to combat) Flashcard methods will be useful in these topics: DNA Transcription, Replication, Translation enzymes involved in all different reactions(HL) Ecology (Domains, Kingdoms, Phylums, Classes for Chordata [HL only], Phylums for plants ) ** To memorise all those classifications, print out some pictures of animals, plants to have a fun game with Mitosis vs Meiosis (diagrams especially independent assortment and crossing over) Flashcard method will enable you to know the complete difference in the two similar processes that are very different somehow Drawing method will be useful for: Cell Biology Ultrastructure of cells Membrane structure Membrane Transport Molecular Biology Structures of amino acid, fatty acid, ribose, glucose Genetics and Evolution & Genetics and Evolution in AHL Chromosome (Also I will suggest finding some online practices to look at the genetic diagram, then doing Punnett square) Ecology Carbon Cycling Climate Change (release of greenhouse gases from different sources) Evolution and Biodiversity Cladogram Human Physiology (huge topic for drawing - so I may miss a lot on this topic due to my short-term memory) Whole digestive system Structure of villi Gas Exchange (details of the lungs - trachea, bronchi, then aveoli in bronchioles) Neurons and Synapses Nucleic Acid (Transcription, Replication and Translation) label all the enzymes (e.g: Helicase) in each process double helix structure - where are the hydrogen, covalent bonds Metabolism, Cell Respiration and Photosynthesis Respiration (Kreb Cycle) Photosynthesis (Calvin Cycle) Plant Biology (Identifying Stem) Xylem and Phloem differences Animal Physiology (e.g: Movement from AHL) and Option D in Human Physiology Notes will be useful for: All topics It has been a year since my IB Biology Exam, so I may forget to mention for certain topics or subtopics. Moreover, if you have any suggestions on how to expand this thread, please leave a comment below so I can improve this into a better post for May 2017 students who will have their exams very soon, also for future IB students. Good luck in your Biology Exam. Have fun!
  12. Hey all, I desperately need help for my Biology IA. So I'm measuring the content of sugar in bananas with the use of Benedict's test. However, I have problems with the quantitative data because I can only get an approximate value for the results because it's more qualitative and can be obtained by observation rather than calculations. Can a good IA be produces with not much quantitative data? What do you think? I'm aiming for a 6 so that's why I really want to do my IA good. Thank you in advance
  13. Im hoping to reapply to med school in UK in 2017. I finished my IB course in 2016. I had a predicted 41/45 but due to medical conditions such as a surgery which cost me 2 months of classes and a few unfortunate circumstances I wasn't able to perform to my best and only secured a 35/45. I had A in my Psychology EE and a B in TOK. I somehow (no clue how- kind of blanked out on the day of the chem exam as i missed a lot of classes) only got a 4/7 in chem and I got a 5 in Bio missing a 6 by 1 point. I had an offer which i missed and so will have to reapply this year. I am resitting Bio and Chem HL in November and hoping to get a 7/7 in both as I was predicted earlier but since applications to med schools are to be done by Oct 15th I am not sure how I can address my issue to the universities as most of them apparently do not accept resits. I will also be taking my UKCAT this year and am preparing hard for it. I hope someone can help me regarding my applications and what I should do to be a worthy applicant to med schools in UK as I was already devastated once after missing a chance. I also have perfect grades till grade 10 and have trinity guitar certificates along with volunteering work, clinical internships and experience at animal shelters. I was also the school Head boy/ captain in grade 10. I am worried these resits and the score i submit will greatly decide a lot. Thank you.
  14. Hello guys. I was wondering, how do you cope with combining SL and HL material? i find it annoying while making notes that SL part is in the front of the book, but for the HL material I have to look at the back of the book. I am asking about biology, but actually it may concern any subject.
  15. Hey all, So next year I'm entering the DP. These are my subjects: HL Chemistry, HL Biology, HL Language and Literature, SL Math, SL French, SL Business Management. Many people say that doing HL Bio and Chem together is going to be really hard, but I'm up for the challenge. Has anyone here done the two HL sciences together? Is there any way I can prepare (other than great time-management skills)? Is it possible to score high overall? And just curious to know: how much free time do you all have with this combination, just so I can predict how much I can do with my non-academic life !
  16. My class did the Biology HL Specimen Paper this past week. The only thing that surprised us was that there was nothing to draw. My teacher told us there we typically draw something on the exam. The Specimen Paper is supposed to be an representation of what the IB Exam would be like. Was anyone else confused by this?
  17. Hi, I'm an pre-IB student and I'm considering taking Maths HL. Other subjects I'm taking are: Polish SL, English B HL, Chemistry HL, Psychology SL and Biology, but I'm not sure yet wether on SL or HL, it'll depend on my maths choice. I'm a good student at maths, I get only A's, I took part in many competitions and did quite well in few of them. My teachers say that I will probably manage to finish Maths HL but I personally think I do not have a chance for anything better than a 5, which will not be enough for my university entrance requirements (i'm thinking about something like engineering). The other option is that I will take Biology HL and go for medicine. I like Maths more than I like biology, but I'm honestly not sure how Maths HL would work out for me. What do you think? What would you do being in my position? Thanks a lot
  18. Q: Describe the adaptations of plants in deserts to conserve water. A: Desert plants have adapted to the extreme of heat and aridity by using physical and behavioral mechanisms. Plants have adapted by altering their physical structure - xerophytes (cacti). Phreatophytes are plants that have adapted to arid environments by growing extremely long roots to acquire water further underground. I feel like this is not a full answer, the question is worth 4 points so I feel like there's more to it. What am I missing?
  19. I'm planning to resit my HL biology exams and was wondering what changes there were to the syllabus since the new syllabus has been introduced for the exams in 2016.
  20. Hi! I'm planning on submitting my proposals for my biology IA soon but I'm not sure my ideas will work! I wanted to do something with enzymes, but unfortunately couldn't come up with any good ideas that weren't already done in class. I was thinking about doing the effect of heat on Vitamin C concentration (however, this seems a little too much chem-ish?) or the concentration of Vitamin C on different stages of ripening fruit? I also thought about doing a database lab, but I'm not sure where to get data. I thought about doing the effect of birth control pills on estrogen levels, but again, I'm not sure where to get data, or if it's a good topic at all. Not sure if they work at all, so I'd appreciate any feedback!
  21. I took my official test in 2015 november, and I am thinking of trying for EA retake in May... I've decided to do Biology HL, Econ SL and MATH SL For biology, you have extra chapters to study for paper 3, and I remember it was decided by the school. For retake, how do I know which one to study?
  22. I have to make a decision on my IB subjects next month. I'm thinking of taking the following subjects, but I'm not sure if they're too hard. Chemistry HL Biology HL English Lit HL History SL Maths SL Spanish B SL I definitely need to take Chemistry and Biology in HL, because I'm considering medicine in the UK, but I'm not sure if these subjects are difficult 6/7s or if they're too time consuming. Spanish B in my school last year every single person got a 7, but all the other subjects are more challenging. Do you think this is reasonable?
  23. Hi, I'll be starting IB beginning of the this fall and I'll be taking bio and chem higher. I was wondering how I can prepare myself, because I've heard from former students that Chemistry higher is very demanding and Biology higher has a lot of memorization. Thank you Happy holidays
  24. Hey guys. So my half yearlies are coming up and i feel I'm well prepared for most my subjects. However, i do not have enough material to assess myself i.e. topic specific IB question banks. (for Eco HL, Chem HL and Bio HL) Past papers are an option, but segregating the questions which are in my syllabus from those papers is tedious. Please suggest an alternative to this, any website preferably. Thanks!! Good luck (you need it cuz its IB)
  25. Hi guys! So I've heard that extended essays on science typically don't turn out well, especially the research (non-experimental ones) but I'm really passionate about my subject and since I have 3500 words already, there's no going back now. My Research question: Does the structure of the brain alter with different neural circuitry disorders that affect nervous system function? What do you guys think? Any tips/criticisms/ideas/etc? Let me know! Obviously I can't change the topic, but I could tweak the question.
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