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Found 6 results

  1. Hi! I am currently designing my Biology IA experiment to hopefully conduct this week. I am sure that I want to investigate the affect temperature has on blood pressure because I have my own electric blood pressure cuff. My dilemma is that there are many different ways I could study this relationship and all of my methodology ideas so far have been shot down by my teacher. I would really like to see some decent ideas that can help me better develop the ideas I already have. I know there are many risks I have to be aware of because I am using human subjects and that I also need to control the group of people I choose (gender, weight, etc.) These are what I have already asked my teacher about: -Having my friends over at my house for a few hours and I could change the temperature of my house slightly then test their blood pressures (just a time and control of subjects) -I could put the subjects in my car one at a time and change the A/C and heat of my car then record the temperature of the interior using a probe thermometer (my teacher had a concern of carbon monoxide poisoning even though I was going to do this outside anyway) I know there are so many factors that I would have to control like: what they ate that day, their exercise level, etc. It would be great if I could get eliminate the human subjects factor all together but with my topic that would be impossible. Any and all feedback on my ideas so far or possibly new ones would be greatly appreciated
  2. Guest

    IB Preperation

    Hi~ So I'm in year two right now, and I will be giving my exams in May 2018. At the moment my predictive isn't looking very good. These are my predictives- Physics HL- 5 Chemistry HL-5 Business Management HL-6 English A Language and Literature- 5 French Ab initio- 5 Math SL-6 Extended Essay- Chemistry I really want to study medicine in the UK, but that clearly won't be possible, because my teachers aren't very helpful(also because I haven't been studying properly-I've got personal issues at home). At the moment I've decided to apply to UK universities that are not medicine and to other countries as well. However, if anyone could give me a few tips on how to score a 40+ I would be really grateful. I am willing to put in the effort in getting those points(mainly because I want to prove my teachers wrong). I have also finished all my Internal Assessments except Business Mangement and Physics(I'm in the process of completing them), and I'm also in the process of doing my Extended Essay. As I said earlier, I am really willing to put in the effort in getting a 7 in all my subjects. I know that I haven't been studying these past two years(Like I said, personal issues) but, I do know that I can get a 7. So, if anyone could help me, I would be really grateful.
  3. i need to do something like a draft of my biology IA... my teacher wants me to find a topic, hypothesis and do a procedure which im going to follow. I do not have to do the lab where you get your results and do your conclusion. Like I said its just a draft so she can guide me better in what I have to do next year
  4. Hey all! I am currently done with my film for my IB production portfolio. I am worried about the blood levels in my film. The guide says that blood cannot dwell, but depends on to what extent they mean by 'dwell'. Will they actually disqualify my IB diploma if there were scenes with a lot of blood? Please help ASAP so I could at least re-shoot.
  5. Hello I'm in the midst of constructing a design lab for my HL class however, I'm sort of unsure on how to go about writing it. The topic is factors affecting heart rate or factors affecting blood pressure. If I find a good factor for one of them, then I'd make my decision if I want to do heart rate or blood pressure. So far I have only considered factors affecting heart rate right now. I think I want to do a lab that addresses the factor of diet or exercise. However, what aspect would I specifically test? This is the part that gives me confusion. I sort of unsure on how to design a lab that refers to one of these and don't know what variables that I would say to test on, etc... I'm kind of panicking right now. :/ Any help is appreciated!!
  6. Ok, im planning to do my Math HL IA on bloodstain pattern analysis. I have two options: Test the effectiveness of the concepts and formulae of BPA for fluids other than blood. Spatter blood and investigate it (must use my own blood) Will i have any problems from the IB if i use my blood during this experiment? Is it ethical?
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