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Found 40 results

  1. Hi guys, I would like to have some suggestion/feedback on my BM SL IA. My focus is on franchise and my research question is: Should Starbucks cancel its franchise with Maxim’s due to the unfavourable conditions faced by the franchisor in Hong Kong? Currently, I did a SWOT analysis, a liquidity ratio and profitability ratio about Maxim’s. But, the arguments seem doesn't balance, I have too much positive content about Maxim’s (implying that Starbucks should not cancel the franchise). Anyone can tell me what can I write more about (implying that Starbucks should cancel the franchise). Many thanks! Cheers!
  2. Hello, what subject choices would be more acceptable for a business major in a competitive/elite university in the US(Ivy's) or the UK My current subjects: HL: English Literature, Business Management, Biology SL: Math Standard, Language Acquisition B Indonesian, Economics Should I change it to: HL: English Literature, Business Management, Math SL: Environmental Societies and Systems (ESS), Language Acquisition B Indonesian, Economics *my school doesn't offer economics HL, and math HL isn't really mandatory for business, but biology HL isn't either, and both are rigorous subjects. Should I stay in biology even though I don't need it (does it make me more competitive?) or take up Math HL and ESS?
  3. This is my first community post so... Hello to all you beautiful IB lads/ladies. As the title suggests the clock for my business management HL IA is already ticking and, therefore, I should be getting done with my primary resources quite soon. However, there is one problem... Most of you have probably heard about Angry Birds and the company which produced them: Rovio. My research focuses on Rovio's decision about producing the sequel to the relatively well-known "The Angry Birds Movie". While I managed to get the first primary source from Rovio themselves, getting the second one which is supposed to originate from targeted audience turned out to be much harder. You see, these movies (or cartoons) are targeted on a relatively young audience. And getting responses from kids in a kind of country I live in (Finland) can lead to some... Very unfavorable accusations from their parents and people overall. That's why I'm appealing for help on this forum. If you happen to have a younger brother/sister or a friend who could answer this survey please ask them to do so, if it doesn't cause you too much problem. And even if not: please still answer this survey yourself since any piece of primary data matters to me :). Huge thanks in advance to anyone who answers this survey, and double-huge thanks to anyone who gets a younger person to answer it). The survey link: https://goo.gl/forms/gv3I8HQCfxj72tWi2 P.S. This problem lead to a funny story on one of my bm lessons. When I was discussing the primary data gathering with my proactive BM teacher, she basically conducted the survey in front of the entire class and then went on to suggest that I should just go and start surveying kids at the HopLops (Finnish kids' playground area) face-to-face. The class lost it and kept laughing for another 5 minutes. ¯_(ツ)_/¯
  4. Hey guys, can someone please let me know the format of the front page and the other content pages of Business Management HL IA? If possible, please show me an example of the BM IA format. Thank you!
  5. I am on the verge of choosing my IB subjects: Math HL Economics HL Computers SL/HL Spanish ab initio English Language + Literature SL Should I choose Business Management, as according to popular belief, Business Management is considered a soft subject and my application may not meet the requirements? And if not, which subject should I choose?
  6. Hi do you guys know if we can use survey as a qualitative tool for BM HL IA?
  7. I am planning to do a Business IA on ecology of commerce . I am struggling with how to go forward . My IA is based on Walmart and was wondering about how to proceed with this ?
  8. Heyy I'm a BM HL student and currently got assigned to do a concept essay on Amazon's culture. However, my teacher would not give us good exemplars to know how the essay is supposed to be written out... So is it possible if any of you are willing to show or found an example that can benefit future BM essay? Thanks a lot!
  9. I am currently doing Psychology HL and I guess I'm struggling quite a bit, not getting the marks I would want to be getting. I assume it's because psychology is a subject that requires a lot of writing and I'm not that good at it. Recently a friend of mine said business & management is an easy subject to get a 7 as long as you try hard. This intrigued me heavily as I am also interested in business as well. I have talked to the business teacher and he said I could easily catch up the things I missed out on since I only missed a term and a bit of content. Which subject should I go with? Everyone around me is telling me to go with what interests me more, but i am interested in both. So I came to the conclusion that the easier subject to get a 7 will be what I will go for. Any helpful suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!:) (HL: Biology, Maths, Business or Psychology SL: Chemistry, English, Japanese ab inito) Oh an p.s. if i continue with psychology I am considering moving down to SL and bumping English up to HL. Any help regarding this would be great as well.
  10. A couple of my friends last year had written their Business IA's based on a business venture one of their family members own. Will it be possible for me to do the same on my own business - which is legally registered and is a profitable organization with scope for betterment? Or is that some sort of an IB-evil?
  11. Does anyone have any tips and tricks to look out for when taking a test? I heard the words in the in the question themselves are very important. Also does anyone have any sites for practice tests?
  12. hey everyone .. plz fill this survey ,, it would be really helpful as it ia a part of my BM research work MUCH LOVE
  13. Hi, So after a long search I've finally found a business willing to participate in my IA. However, the business is a very local one and don't have proper documentations eg. business plan nor digital records of past sales and such. They've only just established a computerised system 2 weeks ago. I was wondering if I could still do my IA on them despite the lack of official docs and insight on past trends. Also there are no secondary research that I would be able to collect on them ( which is a section in the research proposal structure i was given by my teacher) as they do not have anything online at all, no website or page. Thanks
  14. I want to use a book as a supporting document for my business internal assesment. I know I can't include a whole book in the supporting document section of my word document, can I stil use it? do I have to paste the parts I use? Thanks!
  15. hey guys so i'm choosing my dad's company for my ia. do y'all feel that the ib may not accept it? my BM teacher says its fine but i don't wanna lose marks due to this.
  16. Hi I would want to start preparing for my exams (also unit tests). I usually study by finding notes online and reviewing notes written by others but I couldn't find good IB Business & Management notes. Could anyone help me with BM notes?? Currently in IB Junior. Especially need Units 1 and 2 urgently.
  17. Hi there, I need help for my EE. I'm starting my EE now and my research question is about corporate culture and its relation with the business' success. It's kind of hard but when it comes to corporate culture. Is there any analytical tool that is suitable for it? Oh, and... is it okay for us to use analytical tools that is not in the syllabus? Thank you :") rhapsodysisca xx.
  18. Hey, so I am finally getting around to writing my EE... I chose to write about Business and Management. My RQ is still under construction but I have: To what extent did the Initial Public Offering (IPO) affect the branding and customer base of Apple Inc.? I can't really find guidelines for the EE... Are there any? I have most of my research done, I think. I don't want to start writing until I know for sure whats going to go into it. Thanks!
  19. Hi there, I´m having problems to choose my topic for my EE, i thought about a question that interests me but i don't know if it might be to broad. How effective have the marketing strategies from Abercrombie & Fitch? is a too broad question?
  20. Hello ! I have taken business management HL. To be honest , I really suck at the subject. But it is highly important for my career. Therefore I want to improve myself in that subject. What can I do to improve grades in the subject ? Any advices please !
  21. hey guys ! can you please provide me an explanation of analytical tools for Business Management IA. it's urgent ! explanation can be in one sentence too . please guys ! help me ~
  22. hey people, I'm doing my bm IA on a car parts manufacturing company which distributes parts to Toyota , Nissan, Tata, Hyundai. The problem they are currently facing is, "the competitors they have". the reason they are lagging behind is because their competitors produce more innovative parts than them and their prices are really low comparing to this company. So i need suggestion on what tools to use for my IA and how to go about it. PEACE,!
  23. Hello everyone The case study is out. We could have possible discussions here, whilst sharing our thoughts and ideas.
  24. I'm really confused in choosing a firm for my business management IA. I wanted to know on what basis should the firm be chosen. And I also thought this post will help others too. Thank You
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