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Found 9 results

  1. I'm writing my first IA draft and I realise that I am very wordy, or maybe I'm putting too many details in but I've only done my introduction and social factors for my STEEPLE and I am now up to 1034 words..? I'm thinking of just doing a PEST analysis instead, but I still want to do my SWOT analysis. So my questions are: 1. Do words count if they are in a table? 2. Do I need to define what a PEST/SWOT analysis is before getting to the details like we're supposed to in exams? 3. Is it bad to be citing information and statistics from a lot of other places other than the supporting documents that you're including in the appendix? Is it bad to be having so many supporting stats in the first place? It feels like most of my 'commentary' is mostly describing what the market environment is like, accounting for why it's like how it is, with a tiny bit of "so what" at the end. Again, just based on my social factors. I kind of want to paste that para here to ask but that'll prob bite me back later...could I pm somebody? 4. "Will the implementation of localisation strategies be enough to allow Airbnb to circumvent the threats that the Chinese market poses?" Does this sound like a rhetorical question? My friend says it sounds like a rhetorical question T.T How would I make my RQ sound less like a rhetorical question? 5. Could I just exceed the word limit for the 1st draft cuz I get super attached to my words (this is semi-rhetorical hah =l ) Thank you! (pandas are soo cute <3)
  2. Hey guys! I'm starting IBDP soon and am thinking about taking the following subjects English A (Language and Literature) HL Spanish SL Math SL (Math HL is not an option for me) Business and Management HL Economics HL Biology SL I am 99% sure that I want to pursue a business degree after high school and am currently looking at applying to Canada (UBC, UofT, YorkU). I was wondering if taking both BnM and Econ is a bad decision. Do universities really prefer that you take only one of the two? Even if you want to do your undergrad in business? Thank you all.
  3. Hello, I have read many posts in IB survival but found no absolute answer as concrete evidence (such as documents or hyperlinks) were provided. I do read EE guidelines but maybe I missed this key point. Even my EE coordinator said it is included. Though I a being skeptical to his answer. Is it really true? Me EE is going to become 4079 words if including in-text citation. Without, its going to be 3957. This is my very-very final edit, so I don't think I can cut on words anymore. I am thinking of going for the option of writing the word count as 4000/399x words even though if including in-text citation, it is going to exceed (though might not be ethical) as examiners have the option of counting the words. For you people to get a much clearer view of what I'm talking. Eg: shfdjhshf (Miller, 2013). This is in text citation. Does Miller, 2013 count as word count?? And please do not suggest me to use footnotes because this is FINAL.. Someone please give me answers with concrete evidence. (provide links/documents if necessary)
  4. Is this narrow enough or should I focus on one specific factor? Should Company X set up its new manufacturing plant in City A or City B?
  5. Hey guys ! What can kind of analytical tool i can use for marketing and human resource management ? for secondary research.. for also please mention some examples
  6. Hi there! So, I've come to the analysis part of my business research project and I feel like the company should decide against launching this new project. I can sustain it with reasons such as the company's inconsistent financial performance and the project's projections. But the problem is, I haven't read a single sample that said a certain decision the company's contemplating shouldn't be implemented. Is it a necessity to always say the decision is a good one and proved that it should be went ahead with? Thank you so much in advance!
  7. Hey guys, One of my friends is yet to finalize his EE Topic. This post is to help him. Should the EE title be Forward thinking or backward Thinking? Help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  8. Hey! (: "To what extent has the acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook affected the em HRM." Is this a good topic for Extended Essay. Help is appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  9. How is Samsung's Sales affected by the release of Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+? Is this a good/correct topic for the SL Business and Management IA Commentary?? Need your views?? Thanks in advance!
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