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Found 4 results

  1. Probably the most ironic thing to have happened to me was getting redpilled (referring to the new right or the alt-right) while attending the IB, mostly because it's against most of what the IB stands for. Being skeptical of globalism, political correctness, multi-culturalism and simply being nationalistic is something that would nearly destroy the purpose of the IB. Just a note, you will not understand any of this if you didn't follow politics in 2016 on at least a moderate level. My question is, how many of you in the IB share a similar story? Perhaps nobody on this Forum? That's still fine, but if there is someone, just so they know they're not the only ones. It's been the first time in forever that young people have primarily occupied right wing politics, and moreover care about their own countries, people, and culture. From this point on, we're going to play a bigger role in politics, especially since most of our concerns are being tackled right now. Marine Le Pen, Trump, and many other politicians, while only populist, are essentially fighting a similar battle. If anyone wants to have a discussion about immigration, racial relations, identity politics, racialism, gender, and much more, I am open to discussion. The new right and the reactosphere is not just another dumb, bigoted movement. It's a movement that uses facts and therefore attracts more intellectual-minded individuals. I am not saying I'm an intellectual by any means, but I have seen the movement catching these minds. We see and realize that there is no competition for ideas in our culture, education or politics when it comes to very crucial moral issues, and therefore we react and fight against that. Post-modernism is a big problem as well. However, just writing something as short as this is impossible to be able to describe everything, so it's more meant for those who identify with the new right. A clip from Jordan Peterson, a professor of Psychology at the University of Toronto talking about post-modernism: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YkmXwByGmjc
  2. Hey people, Just out of curiosity, what do you think about Syrian refugees and Europe? On one hand, Europeans claim that they give taxes for living a better and safer life, not for those uneducated Muslims to come our country and destroy it. On the other hand, those refugees (excluding the terrorists among them, which are very few compared to the innocent ones) did not choose to be a refugee. They've been obligated to leave their country. At the end of the day, they are victims of this conflict. I was wondering where do you stand in this debate? And why?
  3. Hey Guys, I am planning on studying Law in London. I have received my conditional and unconditional offers via UCAS meaning that I will head off to London in September of this year to start University (please note that I did not apply for an International Law course). However recent articles about Britain leaving the EU have been concerning me for the past weeks. I am aware that we still have to wait until the 23th of June until there is any kind of certainty about what will actually happen however it never harms to think about the potential outcomes already. My second option after London would be to study Law in Switzerland. I am now wondering what your thoughts are on this situation ? Do you think the BREXIT scenario will decrease the value of studying Law in London and decrease the Job prospects for me if I am planning on working outside Britain after my studies are completed ? Also do you expect Universities to immediately respond to the exit in regards to Fees and Program structure for a Law Course?. Clearly this is all very theoretical but I am really wondering what your thoughts are on this situation and what you would do in my Position go for London or Switzerland ? I hope all of you get your Points and make it into your Universities
  4. Hello, I am in my first year of the IB course. I have taken HL Biology, Chemistry and Psychology with SL English Literature/Language, Chinese B and Mathematics. I am an international student from SEA. I have been hearing things about how it may be harder to get a job after finishing a degree in the UK so I would like some clear information on what exactly is the problem for international students with trying to get jobs after a degree in the UK. I am trying to go into the field of medicine.

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