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Found 7 results

  1. I'm doing history HL nd I am interested in doing my History IA about the effect of the Suez crisis on ending the British Empire. Is this a good topic? Is it overdone? Thanks in Advance
  2. Hi, everyone! I am interested in studying law in the future, however, I do not know if it is better to study Law as an undergraduate program, which is possible in the UK, or to choose some other course (I want to study in Canada then) and after it, study law. What should I do? And what should I study before the law? Thank you so much for your answers!
  3. Hey Guys, I am planning on studying Law in London. I have received my conditional and unconditional offers via UCAS meaning that I will head off to London in September of this year to start University (please note that I did not apply for an International Law course). However recent articles about Britain leaving the EU have been concerning me for the past weeks. I am aware that we still have to wait until the 23th of June until there is any kind of certainty about what will actually happen however it never harms to think about the potential outcomes already. My second option after London would be to study Law in Switzerland. I am now wondering what your thoughts are on this situation ? Do you think the BREXIT scenario will decrease the value of studying Law in London and decrease the Job prospects for me if I am planning on working outside Britain after my studies are completed ? Also do you expect Universities to immediately respond to the exit in regards to Fees and Program structure for a Law Course?. Clearly this is all very theoretical but I am really wondering what your thoughts are on this situation and what you would do in my Position go for London or Switzerland ? I hope all of you get your Points and make it into your Universities
  4. Hey guys, So my topic is about British policy in mandate Palestine and how that resulted in the establishment of the State of Israel. Currently I'm not sure as to what my main arguments would be because I'm not sure if I have to take a side (for/against) or if I'm meant to show both sides. So I was wondering if you guys could help me figure that part out. And in addition to that would I be talking about any of the following; - 1917 Balfour Declaration - Britain's migration policy to Palestine (if there was one) - White papers that may have been written as a method of solving the issue - UN partition plan/vote As you can tell my knowledge on the matter is where I just understand what the issue is and what the outcome was but as for researching the depths of the topic I don't know where I could start looking for the British policy in mandate Palestine. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hey all, I'm having one of those IB-panic moments that come to me so frequently now-a-days! I'd appreciate your help in averting a meltdown haha! I left school for the summer very confident about writing an EE on Cleopatra, but as I delved further into my research for the essay, I found a distinct lack of primary sources, but, more troubling, a lack of evidence for my second POV (an integral part of my RQ). So, now, after much painful deliberation, I have decided to choose a new topic. In the middle of June. Smart of me, I know! I've always been interested in WWII, and though it's a bit over-done for EEs, I think I've found a more unique topic: cryptography. I want to assess the role of cryptologic intelligence in determining the outcome of the war. But there's just sooo much to talk about, I was hoping that you wonderful folks out there could help me find a way to narrow my topic. These are some key points I am considering for my essay: -The Allied cryptanalysis effort at Bletchley Park/ the decryption of ENIGMA -The Nazi cryptanalysis effort and success in decrypting the Allies' BAMS code, Naval Cyper No. 3, etc. -The American effort in decryption in the Pacific, including Japanese codes Red and Purple -The different methods of encryption, form Germany's ENIGMA to the Red and Purple codes out of Japan, and the United States' use of Native American speakers to encode voice messages -There is also less, but some viable information about the efforts of Italy and the USSR in cryptanalysis So you see, I have such a great volume of stuff to work with! I was considering perhaps comparing the effectiveness of cryptanalysis by the Allies vs. the Axis, but I feel that may be too broad. Perhaps I could focus on a few countries in particular? Also, if there are any history buffs out there, what terms of measurement can I use to gauge 'effectiveness?' Volume of crytpic information intercepted/decrypted? Amount of information intercepted in time to act? Contribution to mobilizing actual military offensives/counteroffensives? I know that's a lot to ask of you guys, but any help is greatly appreciated!!!
  6. 3 downloads

    Some notes on the causes of discontent which led to the creation of the Mau Mau and the ensuing results of the Mau Mau revolt.
  7. 4 downloads

    Notes for Nyerere Rise to Power and a few in power. Also notes on how Tanganyika gained Independence.
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