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Found 84 results

  1. I have a really bad business management teacher, can someone please suggest some good YouTubers/ free websites to take notes and to learn from
  2. Hi, could your rate my subject selection? I'm thinking of taking: Business and Management HL Psychology HL English B HL Polish Lang Lit SL Biology SL Mathematics SL Is my subject choice open to careers, please let me know.
  3. Hi all, i am just finishing off my business and management EE, and I was wondering if it was appropriate to add images into the EE rather than going into depth explaining a physical description of products, so I have more words to analyse. Any advice welcome!
  4. Hi guys, I need some help. I had to switch from Physics to Business for my extended essay and I didn't have time to read the whole Guide before deciding on a subject. I settled on the question of To what extent is Football Boot (soccer cleat) Marketing Ethical? My teacher thought it would be good and I have found many sources and written a lot so far. However, I'm starting to become unsettled by some of the descriptions in the Business section of the 2018 Extended essay guide. They state that: 1) "The EE title must be stated in the form of a question that promotes the application of the higher order skills of analysis, evaluation and synthesis, rather than encouraging a descriptive essay." I feel I am analysing, however at times it's hard to use business devices to do so... 2) "Students should remember that a business management essay must be written in an objective style without personal bias. Conclusions should be derived from the evidence and not based on any preconceptions of the student." I am using different examples of unethical marketing being sanctions to argue that football boot marketing should be punished, however, at the end of the day, it's a personal opinion or bias as to whether or not it's ethical or not... My teacher is a very experienced IB Business Teacher, so I trust her and her judgment, but I do wanna be extra careful as this is a very important part of the IB. All help appreciated. Many thanks!!
  5. Hey guys! I'm starting IBDP soon and am thinking about taking the following subjects English A (Language and Literature) HL Spanish SL Math SL (Math HL is not an option for me) Business and Management HL Economics HL Biology SL I am 99% sure that I want to pursue a business degree after high school and am currently looking at applying to Canada (UBC, UofT, YorkU). I was wondering if taking both BnM and Econ is a bad decision. Do universities really prefer that you take only one of the two? Even if you want to do your undergrad in business? Thank you all.
  6. I’m thinking of writing my extended essay about E-commerce and internet security and how many hackers have taken advantage of the poor SSL encryption many big companies have. I got inspired seeing the many cyber-attacks that have happened over the last years. What would be a good question for this kind of topic? Advice, help and recommendations are really appreciated!
  7. Hey! Alright so I'm thinking of doing my EE in Business (I'm in between B&M and English B) because it's one of my favorite subjects and I've become really interested specially in the HR and Marketing Departments. I wanted know; -Why do people say it's hard to get an A in a B&M EE, or why do people advise against choosing that suject? -While I was brainstorming, I came up with an idea that i could write about either the organizational culture or the recruitment methods (I'd have to be a little more specific but I'm being general right now) of the hospital where I live. My mom works there, which would allow for me to have easier access to information and I could interview the staff, but I'm not sure if it's a good topic. Help?
  8. Hello everyone! I have decided to write my Extended essay about Business and Managment. I want to do something with hospitality as this is my future degree. Do I need to have primary and secondary data? (I'm HL). I have a few ideas about my EE about hospitality, but I would like to hear Your ideas! My ideas: 1) how a certain motivational theory improved the capital of a company X. 2) how a certain technological advances improved the capital of a company X. Problems: It will be very hard to find precise information about companies X. (X=hotel, like how am I supposed to find motivational theories, their duration and the improvement of capital specifically due to the changes in motivataional theory?) Any type of help will be appreciated! Thank you in advance!
  9. Hi there. This is my first time using IB Survival, and I need some help with my extended essay. I have never taken an IB Business and Management class, but the extended essay I am writing is something I am very passionate about. My RQ is: To what extent has the Institute for Healthcare Improvement's "Triple Aim" framework improved the performance of urban health systems? From what I have deduced, this falls under operations management and business strategy, so if anyone has any pointers for me, that would be awesome!
  10. Hi Everyone, Recently I have had trouble finding a good Extended Essay question. I'm very interested in the subject, but I have been looking at examples and most of them are formatted in a way similar to: "Should company x do Y or Z". After working on my Business IA with this type of question, I am very tired of it. Does anyone have any suggestions for good topics I could thoroughly develop without it being based on a specific company's decision making?
  11. My question is: What external factors influence the strategic choices in terms of marketing of Starbucks- Do you think it's narrow enough?- How can I make it more narrow?- Do you think it's appropriate for EE? Thanks in advance
  12. Hi guys, this is my first post and I would really appreciate if you guys could help me out with this problem. Here goes, so as you can tell by the title I'm doing my extended essay in business and management and I need help focusing my research question, my current question goes something like this : 'To what extent and how can red bull maintain its position in the market and combat the growing threat of competition?' , alternatively I've framed another question : 'To what extent can Red Bulls effective marketing strategies be attributed to its success in the market ?' , this one I made as a contingency, however the I don't understand the tools or theories I should use to analyze these questions. Thanks in advance, all suggestions are welcomed.
  13. hey i need a research question i already have one but i need some help with it, what can i improve on it? we have a business and we just started its a cosmetics centre my question is How could company x increase their annual profit as a new business in a competitive market? i wanna go in that direction as i see it as an opportunity since they just started to write about it, what do i need to do to refine the question? or is it good already thanks a lot!
  14. Can anyone PLEASE give me some good tips for how to study(revise) Business and management? I really regret that I chose to do B&M but semester 1 has already passed and there's no way I can change my subject at this stage. So I know that though B&M is not my type, I really have to get into it and try really hard to get at least 5 or 6 at the end (To raise my overall grade as high as I can). The problem is that the textbook is so huge and I have no idea where to start and how I should revise since I couldn't actually concentrate during class time. Whenever I open the book trying to revise, my brain just goes totally blank by the amount of text and facts laid in front of me. B&M is so much stress for me right now. My overall grade for semester 1 has gone so much down because of this subject. Also I have spent almost entire 3 weeks holiday with this B&M textbook trying to catch up, but now I feel like I haven't gained anything like I still have the same knowledge as I did before the holidays started (I have only 4 days left till school now). This is REALLY driving me crazy. I really need to get back on track before it gets too late. I'm really desperate. I really long for some good tips and advice. I'm also thinking of buying revision book so please recommend me some good revision books. It would be great to find out some useful websites to revise as well. So please feel free to give me some tips such as how you guys revised B&M or how you guys received good results for B&M. Just ANYTHING useful about B&M would be appreciated. Will be waiting for some good answers!! THANK YOU!! (I take SL) -I found out that B&M revision notes uploaded by other users, are only open to VIP members of this website , which I think is very unfair since I thought this 'IB SURVIVAL' website was for all the students who need help with their study regardless of how much they have been using this website.
  15. Hi, I'm just about to start my IB DP and I was wondering if unis would consider ESS for Business as a ''soft'' subject? Also, is taking an ab initio language bad? I would take both of them at SL (+ Maths SL) and English A, Econ and Psychology at HL.
  16. Hey guys, how are you preparing for Business and Management Paper 1? What are you focusing on most?
  17. Guest

    Todos os Mercados

    Hey guys~ For the pre seen case study, what do you think are the most important points? Let's discuss it here so that everyone can benefit (synergy)!
  18. My teacher told us that the IB made this new rule that Business and Management higher level can't use a formulae in the exams. Is this true?? Because other schools in my city are going to use the formulae
  19. My teacher told us that the IB made this new rule that Business and Management higher level can't use a formulae in the exams. Is this true?? Because other schools in my city are going to use the formulae
  20. Hello! So, I have chosen Business and Management as my EE subject as I'm planning to do open my own business in the future, however I don't have a clear idea on how to go about it. My teacher had said that its much better and most probably necessary to pick a firm (to research) next to your place for getting lots of primary research (primary research over secondary). However, I've read few samples where people have chosen Apple, Samsung, Starwood Hotels and other such firms... Can anyone guide me through this process?? Thank you
  21. Hey everyone! I'm doing my EE on Business and Management and I really need advise on my research question.I'm concentrating on Starbucks's ethical issues.So my research question is "Can Starbucks's be seen as an ethical company,when its drinks contain high calorie and sugar content?" Please give me advise how to improve it.
  22. Hello, I have read many posts in IB survival but found no absolute answer as concrete evidence (such as documents or hyperlinks) were provided. I do read EE guidelines but maybe I missed this key point. Even my EE coordinator said it is included. Though I a being skeptical to his answer. Is it really true? Me EE is going to become 4079 words if including in-text citation. Without, its going to be 3957. This is my very-very final edit, so I don't think I can cut on words anymore. I am thinking of going for the option of writing the word count as 4000/399x words even though if including in-text citation, it is going to exceed (though might not be ethical) as examiners have the option of counting the words. For you people to get a much clearer view of what I'm talking. Eg: shfdjhshf (Miller, 2013). This is in text citation. Does Miller, 2013 count as word count?? And please do not suggest me to use footnotes because this is FINAL.. Someone please give me answers with concrete evidence. (provide links/documents if necessary)
  23. In my school we have three topics (subjects) that we choose to do our EE on and my first two choices are Business and Management and Math (I take both at HL level). I was curious about which one to do an EE on. Which subject is it easier to get an A (so to speak)? I like both so I don't mind doing either and for both I have pretty good supervisors.
  24. Hello, I am currently undergoing the IB Diploma (2nd year) in Bangkok, Thailand. My subjects are: Business and Management (HL) English Language and Literature (HL) Geography (HL) Ab Initio French Biology (SL) Maths Studies From what i have heard and read, to get into a good business school in Canada you need at least SL Math. It is too late for me to switch to SL Math now. My question is; is it still possible to get into a top 10 business school in Canada with Maths Studies? Will they allow me to do a foundation year in which i take the required math courses? Thanks to anyone who takes their time to reply
  25. Hey guys. I was wondering whether primary research is required for a business IA and EE. I'm in business SL, if that makes any difference. I'm asking because people are not willing to share details about their business with me. Also, even if its not required, will it bring my grade down? Thanks!
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