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Found 6 results

  1. Hi everyone, For graphs, there are cases when they label quantity (in millions) on the X-Axis. For example, there is a tariff graph and a question asks me to calculate consumer expenditure. Would I still gain marks if I wrote the answer as "(Price value) per kg" even if the X-Axis label states quantity (in millions) kg?
  2. Hi, I would really appreciate a full explanation of the process of the following question Chlorine gas is produced by the reaction hydrochloric acid, and the oxidizing agent manganese (IV) oxide, MnO2: MnO2+ 4HCl = MnCl2 + Cl2 + 2H2O At 273.15 K and 100 Pa, 58.34 g of HCl reacts with 0.35 mol of MnO2 to produce 7.056 dm^-3 of chlorine gas. Deduce the limiting reagent, and calculate the theoretical yield of chlorine.
  3. A solution of 155 g of potassium iodide, KI is added to a solution of 175 g of nitric acid, HNO3. The acid acts as an oxidizing agent. 6KI + 8HNO3= 6KNO3+2NO+3I2+4H2O A) Deduce which reagent is in excess. B) Determine how many grams of this reactant will remain unreacted. C) Determine how many grams of nitrogen monoxide, NO will be produced.
  4. Hi everyone, if someone could please explain the following question's process to solving the answer it would be highly appreciated 1. Potassium superoxide, KO2, reacts with carbon dioxide, CO2, to produce oxygen and potassium carbonate, K2CO3. Write the balanced equation for this reaction (I already did this- 4KO2+2CO2=3O2+2K2CO3). 28.44 g of KO2 reacts with 22.00 g of CO2. Deduce the limiting reagent, calculate the mass of K2CO3 produced as well as the mass of O2 produced.
  5. Hi everyone, I would really appreciate some help in solving the following question. I did the process but I wanted to ensure that I achieved the correct answer. Thank you Two aqueous solutions, one containing 5.3 g of sodium carbonate and the other 7.0 g of calcium chloride, are mixed together. A precipitation reaction occurs: Na2CO3+CaCl2=2NaCl+CaCO3 Determine the limiting reagent and the mass, in g, of precipitate formed (theoretical yield).
  6. Okay, so i need some help... (my report is due in about 36 hours): We made an esterification reaction that took a week. We used Ethanol, Ethanoic acid and HCl (aq), producing Ethyl ethanoate and water. The task is to find the Equilibrium Constant of this reaction. Now, the issue i have with is the HCl (aq). I know that catalysts dont affect the equilibrium, but considering that HCl is (aq) meaning it has water with it which is already a product, it must be considered. I have problems finding out the amount of water (in the start, from this aq solution).. We weighed all of the liquids (but i dont need help with those, as its just n=m/M) and solutions and the mass of HCl (aq) was 5.225g. now, knowing that the concentration of HCl (aq) is 3.0mol/l and the volume of the catalyst used was 5ml, how do i find out the exact amounts of water present initially... I personally calculated the amount of HCl using the c=n/V, then finding the mass of that using n=m/M , then substracting that mass from the 5.225g which was the solution (giving me about 4,7g) which i then divided with the molar mass of water, giving me n= 0.27... However when it comes time for the equilibrium concentrations and constant, i get confused due to the amount of water thats there and i dont think its correct: Ethanol Ethanoic acid Water Ester Initial n a b (<-not important atm) 0.27mol 0 Final n a-x b-x 0.27+x 0+x and then i suppose i can turn them into concentrations by dividing them all with 10ml which was the volume of the entire mixture (alcohol 2ml+ethanoic acid 3ml+ catalyst solution 5ml) the amount of water will be around 27mol while everything else sticks around 1mol or so, so is it realistic? Considering everyone in my chemistry class (in HL) did this, and some got values like 4 for their constant but i got at least 7, (sometimes even crazy numbers that exceeded 50), i want to know what i have done wrong... But focus on the water, thats my confusing issue... >>>Update: here is what one of my classmates said she did: she divided that HCl (aq) mass 5.225g with the molar mass of HCl to get the amount of ''diluted HCl'' after which, she substracted the amount of ''pure'' HCl, being that 0.015mol, from the ''diluted HCl amount'', to get the amount of water...is this the right way.
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