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Found 14 results

  1. Hi im doing Does teenage drinking affect grades? what kind of calculations do you recommend?
  2. Hi, I'm writing my IA for Business & Management SL (yeah, I know - late) My topic is about relocation of airline headquarters. I've done SWOT analysis and I'm not sure what to do next, in order to analyze it, especially in terms of calculations. What would you recommend? Will current ratios be good? What's more? Help, I'm really desperate and I don't have much time
  3. HELP! I have a lab due tomorrow and I don't really understand how to do an error propagation. If someone could help me that would be fantastic. I have to do a propagation on how much CaCO3 is in eggshells.
  4. Hey I am really stuck for my Chem IA. I am doing vitamin c content in lemon juice and how it is affected by temperature and the thing is I have no idea how to calculate what the vitamin C content is in the juice. I have done the experiment whereby I titrated it all with an iodine solution and starch indicator and so on, I just don't know how to get the number which tells me what the vitamin c content is so I can compare between the heated samples. Right now all I have is some numbers saying how much iodine solution was needed to titrate it until a blue colour appeared, which does not really help. So if anyone knows please tell me!!!
  5. Version 1.0


    IB Physics SL Year 1 This lab focuses less on procedure and more on data presentation and calculations. Efficiency for a toy car was calculated based on the work done to pull back the car and how this work done caused energy to be transferred from elastic potential energy to kinetic energy to gravitational potential energy.
  6. For a chemistry lab, we need to find the number of moles with this given information: Mass of the Lighter (before) = 13.088 ± 0.001 g Mass of the lighter (after) = 11.323 ± 0.001 g Temperature of the water = 22ºC + 273 = 295 K Volume of the gas = 93.9 ± 0.05 mL = 0.0939 ± 5.0 x 10^-4 L Room air pressure = 1015.8 hPA ÷ 10 = 101.58 kPa ± 0.005 kPa And after finding the moles, we need to find the mass of the gas. The problem that I'm having is that I don't have the molar mass, so how am I supposed to find the mass with just moles?
  7. Hey! I was wondering whether for the Math IA we have to redo calculations for each section or if we can just do sample calculations? Thanks!
  8. I would REALLY appreciate some full explanation for this question. The thermal decomposition of sodium hydrogen carbonate, NaHCo3, results in a 73.8% yield of sodium carbonate, Na2Co3. 2NaHCo3=Na2Co3+H2O+Co2 If a 1.68 g sample of sodium hydrogen carbonate is heated, calculate the mass, in g, of sodium carbonate produced.
  9. I would REALLY appreciate some full explanation for this question. The thermal decomposition of sodium hydrogen carbonate, NaHCo3, results in a 73.8% yield of sodium carbonate, Na2Co3. 2NaHCo3=Na2Co3+H2O+Co2 If a 1.68 g sample of sodium hydrogen carbonate is heated, calculate the mass, in g, of sodium carbonate produced.
  10. Hi, I would really appreciate some clarification on whether or not I executed the correct process for the following question: Ethyne, C2H2, reacts with oxygen according to 2C2H2+5O2=4CO2+2H2O. What volume of oxygen, in dm3, reacts with 0.40 dm3 of C2H2? Initially, I recognized the ratio of ethyne to oxygen to be 2:5. Then, I cross multiplied 2/5=0.40/x. I received the answer as 1 dm3. Is this correct?
  11. Hi everyone, I am trying to revise for my test Monday and I am in need of a little help. Could one please explain the full process of receiving the answer to the following question? It would be GREATLY appreciated
  12. I have searched the whole internet for weeks, read IB Physics books, and looked everywhere for clues on how to calculate uncertainties in physics, but nothing helps. So lets say this is my data: h, m t1, s t2, s t3, 2 ±0.05 ±0.05 ±0.05 ±0.05 1 0.10 1.35 1.31 1.35 2 0.15 1.72 1.70 1.71 3 0.20 1.99 1.95 2.05 Then when I look for t(ave) I find the averages go like this: 1) 1.34 2) 1.71 3) 2.00 So now when i come to calculating uncertainties what do I do. Since the measurement uncertainty stays the same when you calculate the average of a value I would assume the uncertainties are ±0.05. However, no, that is not what IB wants, basically they want to calculate the uncertainties in the following way: (max.value - min.value)/2. When I do this, I get: 1) 0.02 2) 0.01 3)0.05 The first and second uncertainties are lower than the measurment uncertainity. What do I do now which uncertainty do I use??? t^2 1)1.80 2)2.92 3)4.00 Continuing with other calculations…. We now have to calculate the uncertainties for t^2 and we do it in the following way or so Pearson says: 1) [(t+0.02)^2 - (t-0.02)^2] /2= [(1.34+0.02)^2 - (1.34-0.02)^2] /2= 0.05 2) 0.03 3) 0.20 Using t^2 and h we find g. I know that when you divide or multiply that you convert all uncertainties to percentage uncertainties and add them up. But, my teacher showed us that for g we calculate the uncertainty by finding the residual. The residuals are calculate in the following way: 1) g(ave)-g1= 1.11 2)0.32 3)0.79 The largest residual is the error. g residual 1 g1 19.02 1.11 2 g2 17.59 0.32 3 g3 17.12 0.79 g(ave) 17.91 1.11 (I know the results are far off but that is because the data is fake) At this point I don't know what is happening anymore or what the error is and then I have to find the line with the max gradient by adding the residual to the average result and the line with min gradient by subtracting the residual from the average result. I mean I don't know what the IB expects from us just to miraculously know what they are asking for. I am extremely upset because of this and I hope someone can explain in great detail how to calculate uncertainties properly. I am not submitting my labs untill I figure this out. Thanks in advance
  13. Hey, guys. So, I've been actually stuck with this for the past few days and the teacher is no help. Would it be possible for anyone to help me out with plugging in the following calculations in constructing a correlation coefficient formula for r? Thank you! Calculations' Table #1: sum of x 8194 sum of y 367 sum of xy 60371 sum of x2 1346470 sum of y2 2791 sum of x - average of x 3676 sum of y - average of y 97.22 average of x 163 average of y 7.34 x - average of x 44 y - average of y 0.66 Calculations' Table #2: sum of x 5363 sum of y 309 sum of xy 55701 sum of x2 961539 sum of y2 335 sum of x - average x 2815 sum of y - average y 141.41 average of x 179 average of y 10.3 x - average of x 1 y - average of y -2.1
  14. Hey, I'm not really sure how to go about my IA. I suck at math. But anyways my topic is...How does height and weight affect the performance of NFL players. Could someone suggest what calculations I could do? Or how this topic could be better? Should I use more than one team? I figured I could do pearsons correlation...and regression line..? lol any help is appreciated
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