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Found 37 results

  1. Will someone who lets say gets 24 points be eligible to go to university?
  2. Hi everyone, Because we are writing our mock exams in about two weeks I've been wondering whether they are essential for applying to university in Canada or not. I have been studying for approx. two weeks now and I am simply scared because I don't feel like I am ready for it and I'm scared my life depends on it. Any explanations on that matter would help me a lot! Kind regards, Amekara PS: Of course I'm talking about the predicted grades while referring to the mock exam.
  3. Hello everyone, Hope you are having a good day Well...I'm going to get straight to the point, I'm scared about whether or not I'll be going to Uni next fall. Basically I'm a full diploma student in a foreign country, my family moves around quite a lot due to my dad's job. I'll be going to 12 Grade next week, so far I'm surviving IB and meeting deadline in terms of EE, CAS, IA's or TOK.. I had terrible to decent marks in 9th & 10th grade, I got mostly 3's,4's,5's and a few 6's (I did the MYP). I switched schools after 10th grade and moved to a new country and honestly It was pretty horrible in the beginning I hated it but I eventually got over it as I realized I'm almost done with school. So much **** happened in 11th grade my first semester was better than my second and I was really motivated at the beginning of the second semester but some stuff happened and i stopped caring, I accept responsibility and I realized how much I've screwed up my life I barely passed my end of year exams but I've worked on myself this past summer, I read ahead, I went over my textbooks and I'm going to be more serious this coming year and make it count! I'm scared no university or college will accept me, my ECA's are varied I have done, vball, tennis, art club, debate team, MUN, and I did an intern ship this summer and I plan to possibly do more this coming semester, my community service works are good too. I'm seriously worried for myself, I can't let my parents down! Especially after they have spent thousands and thousands of dollars on my education and some of my cousins aren't even able to afford school fees. I was really dissapointed in myself and I was actually considering suicide if I don't get admission. Community college is not an option for me. (not that there is any thing wrong with community college). I've been looking at schools in the US and Canada. for Canada I'm looking at: University Manitoba, York University, Western University, Mcmaster, TRU, Ryerson University, Brock University . (I really want to go to UBC or Mcgill but I know it's probably a stretch) for USA : NYU, The New School, Elon, Highpoint, Northeastern, Temple University, Rollins College, Penn State, Arizona State, Washington State, DePaul university and many more. I really want to go to college, I now know myself as a person and I have so much potential, all my teachers say it. I didn't put in the effort back then but I am now. Please, please chance me! please be thoroughly honest. I'm also going to be taking the SAT in October, I took SAT prep classes during the summer and got a 1100 which I've been trying to improve.
  4. I heard that the acceptance rates of IB students into institutions are higher compared to the total population acceptance rates? I wanted to know if this is actually true or not because I also heard that its not...If this is true, does it apply to USA and Canada universities ?
  5. Hello, I'm an international student currently living abroad doing the IB program. I'm in Grade 11 and I have a few concerns about university. I'm fluent in French but English is my first language. I have plans to study either international relations or psychology in university. I'm very worried that I won't even get admitted into any college or Uni... I messed up in MYP (grades 9 & 10) honestly I didn't think the first two years of high school would be that important. After grade 10 I moved schools, I started out the first semester pretty well I was trying harder but then all of a sudden my grades fell and I don't think I did too well on my end of year exams. I am doing the full IB diploma so I have started my IA's and my EE is going pretty well I haven't missed any deadlines.. I want to know if there is still hope for me to get into a decent university with my lowish grades.. this summer I plan to do nothing but work, I'm getting a tutor for my weaker subjects such as math and bio. Next year I know I can improve but I don't know if it will change anything considering I have already messed up grades 9-11..I'm usually a 4/5 grade student with the occasional 6 or 3. I know I can do so much better though and I'll try my hardest. On the other hand I have good extra curriculars, also this summer I plan on taking SAT classes I'm aiming for at least 1200! I have done MUN I'm on the tennis team Volleyball team Track team Yearbook Debate team I took part in a Global youth summit for international schools (in 2016 and in 2017) And I also have good Community service record due to CAS. I have also volunteered at an animal shelter and an orphanage several times My uni choices so far are: USA: UCLA NYU The New School (NY) Lynn University Loyola Marymount university Roosevelt University DePaul University Wake Forest University Elon University Florida International University Colgate University Northeastern University American University Canada: UBC Uni Manitoba Uni of Toronto Western University Uni of Waterloo York University Queens university Do you think that there is still a chance I can get into these schools if I do better next year? I know next year is senior year and that colleges usually look at junior year the most but please please please give me your inputs. Please note that I'm not applying to all of these schools.. I'm trying to narrow down my list. My Subjects are HL: Literature Biology History SL: Spanish Ab ESS Math studies
  6. My School is so f**ked up that form half term of grade 11 it changed the board to IB from a really easy one, so the transaction wasn't smooth and I had to pick some rough subjects as HL: Maths, Computer science, B&M SL; English,Second language(Hindi),Physics So now I am worried for my PG and I don't think so that I will get more than 30 points so can anyone suggest some Canadian universities which accept less than 30 pointers. THANK YOU ADVANCE
  7. Are there any universities in Canada offer 50%+ scholarship for tuition fee (particularly on business management related course)? If there are, what are they and what are the min requirements to apply for one Thanks in advance
  8. I've noticed a lot of people are asking about how many point they need to get into some Canadian universities or if their points are good enough. Many of us now people who have been accepted in with certain scores, so let's share? Below is a quick format you should use--just to keep posts easy to read. You can include how many people you know who received a certain score and got in--to add more credibility. You may also include what reps have told you--if specific. University: Program: IB points achieved Concordia University: Bsc. Science - Biochemistry 27 Points mimumum--unknown source McGill University: Biological, Biomedical, and Life Sciences: 42 points (2010) 43 points, 41 points (2011) 42 points (2012, 1 person) 35 points (2012, 1 person) Physical, Math, Earth, and Computer Sciences: 37 points (2012, 1 person) Bsc. Science: 34 Points (1 person) Management (commerce): 37, 37, 38 (3 people in 2011) McMaster University: Health Science: 43 Points (2010) Life Sciences: 37 Subject Points + 1 Bonus (1 person) University of Alberta: Bsc. Neuroscience: 38 (1 person in 2011) University of British Columbia: Biomedical Science: 32 points (1 person) Commerce: 32 points (1 person) Low-30s for "competitive app" (according to UBC International rep) University of Calgary Bsc. Neuroscience 37 Subject Points + 1 Bonus points(1 person)--Final Admission Psychology 33 Points (1 person) University of Manitoba: Faculty of Science: 40 points (1 person) University of Toronto: Business: Low 30-s for "competitive app" (according to U of T International rep) Life sciences: Low to Mid 30s for "competitive app" (according to U of T International rep) Co-Op Neuroscience (Scarborough Campus): 37 Subject Points + 1 Bonus (1 person) Co-Op Management (Scaborough Campus): 35 Subject Points + 2 Bonus (1 person) University of Waterloo: Biology: 40 Points (1 person) Mathematics: 35 Points (1 person) Mathematics & Business: 39 Points (1 person) University of Western Ontario Biomedical Sciences: 40 Points (1 Person) Science: 38 points (1 person)--applied for Medical Sciences Yr 1, got alternative offer for Yr 2 faculty of science. University of Wilfrid Laurier Bachelor of Business Administration And Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Double Major (Laurier campus only) (Co-Op) 36 points (including 2 bonus points) THIS POST WILL BE UPDATED AS MORE INFORMATION IS POSTED IN THE THREAD
  9. Hi Everyone, So I'm a Canadian student and my goal is to get into the Life Science program at Mac. I initially really wanted to do Health Sciences but it seems very competitive. Are there any Canadian IB students here who are doing the Life Science program? Has IB helped you with admission or just generally throughout Uni? I want to become a neurosurgeon and I guess this would be my starting point, not sure if the Health Science program would be more ideal for this occupation as well? Any advice and tips would be appreciated!
  10. canada

    Hi, I'm currently a G11 student and I'm planning to study sociology and/or philosophy in collage, just want to ask how much score should I get so that I have a high chance getting in UT? My Maths is Maths studies, does that affect my application?
  11. I recently got accepted into 2 IB schools in my region, one in the regular school board and one in the catholic school board. This year, our board announced that there would be 4 new schools to the 1 (I am in the York Region District School Board) already in place. Is it ok to go to a school which is starting it's IB program next year and is still training teachers? I can't say it is a too stellar school outside of the IB program. I would love to go to the school in the Catholic School board, but it is too far for my parents to drive and is a 1 hr and 15 min bus ride.
  12. I have applied to Canadian universities with the university of Toronto as my ideal choice. My predicted grades match the requirements on the website but I am predicted a conditional passing grade for the core subjects (B in ToK, E in EE and total predicted of above 28). How bad is my situation?
  13. Hi! This is for the new 2017 syllabus IA (just a heads-up, though I'm pretty sure it doesn't change the RQ format). I've already done part 1/3 of the IA (the source identification and evaluation part), so while I'd appreciate phrasing and diction help, I'm sticking with this topic. I had already changed from 1870s US reconstruction policies to WWI US neutrality, and then from that to this. I have a penchant for Canadian history, which we study as much as US history in our Americas HL topic, so here it is: How was Prime Minister Borden’s leadership responsible for deepening the rift between French-Canadian and Anglo-Canadian national identity from 1911 to 1920? Please let me know if you think I should change anything -- like narrow down the time period, for instance. I chose 1911 to 1920 because the years span Borden's two terms and include the French-Canadian disdain for the early Naval Aid Bill, the Manitoba/Ontario bilingualism affair in trying to eradicate instruction in the French language, and the 1917-1918 Conscription crisis. Thanks!
  14. Hi My name is Elijah and I am conducting a survey of IB students as part of my data management project. If you could take them time to fill out and share this survey it would be much appreciated. The survey can be found at this link: Thank you for time and good luck with your future good luck with your future endeavors.
  15. Hi guys, Are any of you taking IB music and applying to a Canadian university? I heard that canadian universities don't really accept IB music unless you're going into a music only focused career. By that I mean doing stuff like playing in an orchestra, being a conductor or a music teacher. NOT stuff like doing stuff like music technology, or working in a studio/theatre/stage doing sound mixing and stuff. What I am trying to get at is, i'm interested in doing something like that (working in a theatre or studio doing sound backstage) and so I want to apply to music technology in a Canadian Uni. However, I am not so keen on taking two sciences because I am not all that good at science. I am okay at physics but not at chemistry and I don't think biology will be useful. If I took higher music and standard physics, do you think Unis in Canada wouldn't consider me?
  16. Hi, everyone! I am interested in studying law in the future, however, I do not know if it is better to study Law as an undergraduate program, which is possible in the UK, or to choose some other course (I want to study in Canada then) and after it, study law. What should I do? And what should I study before the law? Thank you so much for your answers!
  17. canada

    Hey all, I have just got my predicted grades and I am looking at about 34 points. I want to apply to UBC badly and I'm not sure if they are likely to accept 34. Did anyone get in with anything lower or the same points ? Appreciate all your helps guys !
  18. Hi all, I am currently applying to the US (fall 2017) and noticed that most of the regular decision application deadlines are in the first week of january, does this refer to the last day to start an application or the last day to send in documents/grades (because our mock grades are released at the end of january/beginning of February as well as the SAT results). Will they still accept my mock grades and end of year report in jan/feb or do i have to be completely finished with the application before the january deadline on their website. Thanks.
  19. I'm studying in an International School in SE Asia and I'm doing the IB diploma. I did the SAT with a score of 1280/1600 although I'm doing it again soon so it might increase. I am predicted to likely get the following IB grades: HL Math - 5 HL Physics - high 6 HL Computer Science - high 6 (possible chance to get a 7) In total, about 36-38 IB points. My CGPA is around 3.87 on 4.33 scale. With these grades, is it possible to get into the University of Waterloo's David R. Cheriton School of Computer Science as an International student? Thanks!
  20. Hi guys, I'm in Grade 11 and I just dropped to partial IB because I was failing IB chemistry. I was just wondering if my horrible chemistry mark will affect my chances of getting into a good university like UBC, McGill, UofT. I will be taking normal Chemistry 11 and 12 but will my IB Chemistry 11 mark affect my acceptance. I am still in full IB as I have to finish this school year and next year I will be switching to partial. I hope to go into sciences in post-secondary and I was wondering on what IB HL courses I should take as our school only gives us the option of taking HL courses. I am getting 82% in IB English 11, 89% in IB Biology, 90% in IB Geography, 50% in IB Chemistry, and 87% in IB Math SL. Hope you guys can give me good advice. Thank you so much.
  21. Hi guys, So like, I got accepted to SFU Bachelor of Arts (major in Linguistics) starting September 2016 and now, I'm super nervous about university and just thought, hey, it would be nice if there are other IB students in SFU that I can get to know before uni starts ^^ Comment if any of you guys are going to SFU! It would be great to know you!
  22. Hi everyone. So im in my final year of IB and will sit my exams in may 2016. I'm currently living in Australia but want to study engineering or business at uni in Canada. So far I've been rejected by UBC,McGill and Polytechnique Montreal. I am starting to get scared I will not be able to get into uni as my grades have been bad but do not reflect my real potential as I thought only the final grade counted. The thing is they won't change until the final exams but will it be too late at that point? I am not very familiar with how uni systems work in Canada but is there a way to apply to uni's after I get my final IB score? Also if anyone has any suggestions on any good unis for engineering or business in Canada I would appreciate it. I've also applied to University of Ottawa but haven't heard from them yet. Also I believe I believe i am able to achieve a grade between 35-37 in my final if that is of any help. Thanks for any help provided.
  23. Hello, i have recently been very interested in studying event management/ hotel management for my undergraduate years in university, though I am not sure where to look, or where would accept me. For our schools internal first exams which were held in Novemeber this year, I achieved a total score of 30 IB points for both term grade and exam grade. And below is my subject combinations. Please give me any suggestions you may have got in terms of where i can go, as I need to give my university counsellor a list of general places I am considering. English HL Swahili B HL Geography HL Psychology SL ESS SL Math Studies SL thank you in advance
  24. I am currently taking the IB Certificate Program. I was wondering if taking the IB Certificate program can get me into Universities in Canada? Would you be able to help me answer this question?
  25. Hii, I've applied for computer science to waterloo, mcmaster and carleton. I don't know which one to choose. I already got into carleton and I have to reply soon. The thing is I haven't heard anything from the other two universities. I expect to hear from them in may as I read that that's when they make most of the offers. If I go to carleton, I get a scholarship. I also like the campus and how its near the rideau river. I've heard mcmaster is good too, but I'm not applicable for any scholarship. Waterloo is where I want to go, but I'm doubtful whether I'll get in. Should I accept carleton offer or decline and wait for the other two?