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Found 21 results

  1. Hey future ib colleagues, I’m the next victim of IB! Its that time in my life where I actually have to think about what I want to be in life. I HAVE NO IDEA. Teachers are commanding (I’m over exaggerating a bit) subject choices for IB. I chose subjects that interested me other than actually dying and trying to figure out what career I want. Here it is: Higher level: Chemistry Arabic Psychology Standard level: Math English Physics can people who took these topics give me advice? Also what career can I get out of these choices??? Help!!!!
  2. Hey guys I have already finished my grade 11 and till now I have no idea about what I want to do in my future or about my career choices. I really want to get into a university in either new Zealand or Australia. I'm really interested in music and literature but i'm thinking i might not make a career out of these cause i'm just and average singer and i don't think i will make it. Also i'm not extremely good in writing so that brings it down to 0. Now I'm extremely worried and don't know what I should do. My subjects are: Eng HL - 5 Psych HL - 6 B&M HL - 5 Math studies SL - 5 ESS SL - 6 Spanish ab initio - 4
  3. Hi Im considering taking Chemistry as a subject in IB because I am yet to start school but I am not too sure about it as I did not take Chemistry as a subject for my IGCSE/GCSE. I wonder what you guys think about this and it would be really helpful if i could have a general comparison of chemistry as a subject in IB and IGCSE Thanks a lot
  4. Hi! I'm currently in 10th grade and I will be doing IB diploma for the next 2 years. I am not really sure of my decisions on the courses for IB. These are the courses that I have in mind. - Math HL - Chemistry HL - Biology HL - ESS SL - Korean SL - English Lang/Lit SL I believe that this is kind of rigorous and I am not so confident in chemistry but I want to do medicine. Should I really take Chemistry as HL or can I take it as SL and do English B HL instead? What career prospects do I have for this? Like This: - Math HL - English B HL - Biology HL - ESS SL - Korean SL - Chemistry SL Also, I'm planning to take study hall but do you think I should or nah? What other course do you think would be better instead of study hall? Please Help. I don't have much time left :/
  5. Hello everyone, So I chose these subjects for IB: SL native language and economics HL English (compulsory in our school), Maths, chemistry and biology. What do you guys think about it? What career prospects do I have? I'm thinking of studying something related to chemistry or maths+economics. Is my set of subjects OK for it? Also I have 4 HLs, which is a bit worrying. Maybe I should/could switch something, and if so, what? EDIT: Our coordinator forced me to change one of my HLs to SL. What would you suggest? I am thinking of dropping HL biology to SL or maybe changing it for physics SL. What do you guys think? Isn't it kind of useless to have a science SL since universities pretty much don't care about it? Thanks in advance!
  6. Guest

    Need some advice.

    Hi. I'm having some serious doubts about my course selection for the IB. I'm currently in Grade 10 and in my last year of MYP and will be starting the IB program this fall. I've chosen: English Lit HL Biology HL Chemistry HL Psychology HL German ab Initio SL Math SL This course combination suggests that I am leaning towards the medicine track. Although, the thing is, I'm not sure if I want to be a doctor. My parents really want me to go down this path because of the stability it provides (financial) They are also in the medical field so they know the field and they know this path very well. I've talked with them a couple times about my doubts and it usually ends in a fight. In their mind, I can only become 1 of 3 things: a doctor, a lawyer, or an engineer. *Engineering is pretty much out of the question because I suck at mathematics and I've taken two 'engineering style' courses (Intro to Computer Science and Design Technology) and I had to drop DT because I was failing the class. I am not doing too well in Computer Science either. *I'm not sure about being a lawyer too. I think I have the right skills for this career. And no, not the cliche 'I like to argue' one. I have a real passion and natural aptitude for the humanities. I have always gotten good grades in subjects such as English and History and I enjoy learning about these subjects. Unfortunately, careers in the humanities (except for being a lawyer - and even some lawyers share their experiences about how they are struggling to find work) don't pay well and I am afraid of taking a risk and changing all my IB courses to fit this pathway and I am unemployed, full of regret, and hate my life. *I'm also afraid that if I stick with my courses, I won't do well in them and I'll ruin my university chances and can kiss all my dream schools goodbye. Honestly, what top university would accept a student who had 5's for their HL sciences? Or less than that? Right now, I'm not doing badly in science. My grades range from an 88-92 but I have to try really hard to get this grade or even higher than this. In chemistry, my grades weren't bad I actually enjoyed it. Biology is okay up until you move past cell structure and you start learning about plants and anatomy and I find that really boring because of all the details & memorization. So, I would really appreciate some input on what course of action I should take. Should I listen to my parents, keep my course combo, and become a doctor despite the fact that I'm not sure if I want to be one? Or should I change my course combination?
  7. Hello guys, This is my first year of IBDP (DP1) and the subjects I choose are English A SL Spanish B SL Mathematics Studies SL Biology HL Psychology HL Computer Science HL I would like to be a Psychologist in the future and my problem is that I'm worried that if I change my mind after I did the first year I will be very screwed since I can basically take ONLY Psychology or Management, but I have a real passion for being a Programer or a software/hardware engineer, and I can not study it at the university since math SL is the minimum requirement, I already spoke with our school's DP coordinator but he thinks that I will not manage Math Standart. My father is a math teacher at a university I asked him to send an email to our DP coordinator and tell him personally that he assures that he will work with me every day and teach me everything that he has to, but the coordinator still disagrees. I really don't know what to do at this point. Kind regards, Arad
  8. Are these courses good for someone who wants to be a psychologist? SL: English Lang lit Ab Spanish HL: Psychology HL: Biology Math studies HL: Theatre I was also thinking if I'd be better to take French as an A language so I have a bilingual diploma. What are the benefits of a bilingual diploma? Which course would be more beneficial?
  9. My name's anthony and i desire to become a commercial pilot when i grow up. I'm currently studying in grade 10 and have to make up my subject selections by next week. Out of mathematics, physics, chemistry and economics, i have to choose 2sl and 2hl. I'm planning to choose math/economics as hl and physics/chemistry as sl Though i'm worrying if i should choose 2 science subjects as sl and also if i should choose physics as sl since my desire is to become a pilot please help by giving me suggestions for the subject selection thanks
  10. I'm interested in studying Computer Science, or something to do with computers. (Like coding sites or designing software etc...) The only problem is that I have Math Studies. When I was in my old school, I never really put effort into school because I went though a tough period in my life, and wasn't motivated to study at all. As a result, my grades dropped, and I didn't understand much of the maths at the end of last year. (I had the higher math of two levels). I never thought about what I was going to study in the future, and didn't look into any universities. When I moved to this country, and before I started school, I had to choose the subjects that I'm studying now. I didn't really think much about my future when I chose, and as a result just chose the subjects that I found most interesting without really thinking (and having close to no knowledge) about what universities needed me to study. I've started the new school and I'm in a better place in my life and I'm happier. I feel I put more effort into school and study hard. I've also started looking into universities and career paths seriously. It turns out that most universities that I'm interested in require Maths SL or HL for the courses that I checked. (I looked at computer science related courses.) I'm really worried that I'm not going to be accepted into an university because I don't exactly have the most fancy scientific and mathematical subjects. The classes that I have are: (I have 4 HL at the moment, but I'm going to switch one later, though I don't know which one yet) Computer Science HL English A HL Psychology HL Film HL Math Studies SL Norwegian Self Taught SL
  11. So basically my question is which social science/humanities career is the most recognized and respected and has most career scope in US/Europe?
  12. Hello, I really enjoy History, Maths and Economics and I am taking them at higher level and with current grades (6, 6, 7). Can anyone help me find a good uni course please? Because everyone is suggesting me to do Economics in uni, but I want to consider all the options available. Thanks
  13. Hi everyone, So i just started DP this year, I take English A SL/Chinese B HL/Math SL/Design Tech SL/Geo HL and V-art HL. But im really worried that the fact i didn't chosse physics might hurt my chances....so yeah.....need help I know its pretty late for second throught but if it hurts my chances are there any extra curriculum activities that i can join to help increase my chances? (its my first time posting on IB survival so im hoping for some great advices thx!)
  14. Hey everyone, I've just begun my IBDP last month (april) from India and I wanted to know what career options I could have with my current combination: English History and Economics at Higher Level, and Math SL, French Ab Initio and ESS SL. I could work with any of my three Higher Levels at University/College level, but I would prefer History and English to Economics.
  15. Yeah, so I was wondering...I am dead sure about getting into genetics for my undergraduate and also post graduate education... however, i still do not know the career prospects of this field of study besides research... What other jobs lie under this degree of study?
  16. I have Physics at SL along with Biology and Chemistry at HL. I currently have seven subjects because I have all three sciences. Do I really need to take physics or can I drop it and concentrate on the other six?
  17. Hi, I will be starting my first year of IB next year. I'm interested in pursuing a career in business out of university. Firstly which subject (economics or business management) would be best for a career in business? Secondly I've heard that some universities view BM as a 'soft' subject. Is this true? Would BM hinder my chances of getting into a good uni/course? I'd really appreciate any experience/suggestions you have from doing these courses. Thank you
  18. Hi guys this is my first question on this Site. I have physics,chemistry and math HL and business and management, and others at SL. I wanted to pursue engineering since beginning. However, now I am interested in the theoretical part of physics and chemistry more. Which degree should I pursue? Engineering or Bachelor in subject degree. As an IB student, which career in science will benefit me more?
  19. 109 downloads

    A guide by Sevenoaks school in the UK on how to pick your IB subjects.
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