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Found 316 results

  1. Okay hi everyone! I'm new to the site and this is my first post so be nice.. My CAS coordinator suggested that i should set up a website for the IB community in our school because I'm quite good with technology and computers so I accepted. Now the problem is, I want it to look as professional as i can make it look. By that I mean it should be at least up to the standard as an amateur forum. I just wanted to ask how i could set up a page like this one, what software i need to use, any code needed? Thank you in advance!
  2. Hey guys, I had a quick question -- I have recently heard that students cannot have any gaps in their CAS timeline. In other words, I heard that we are expected to have at least one ongoing CAS experience throughout all of Grade 11 and 12. Is this true?
  3. Hey everyone! Me and a group of friends have started a student-run newspaper for IB students all around the world, posting articles on general news as well as IB focused academics, resources and CAS. We would love if you guys could go check it out and give it some love at www.ibnewspaper.com 🥰 On the home/front page of the website, there's also a form for people to sign up if they want to help us write articles! We'd love to have some new journalists from IB schools all over the world to help with the international aspect of the newspaper and also to meet some new friends 😁 It would, of course, totally count for CAS creativity and/or service as well! Thanks so much for helping bring this project to life guys, we would really love all the support and attention we can get!! - Marie
  4. If I did laboratory work for a project outside school, does that count as action? It lasted 10 hours each weekend for 6 weeks, though I know that CAS is about learning outcomes and not hours anymore. For context, some other people in my school have gotten away with things like food donation drives as action
  5. Any CAS project ideas that are good but not too time-consuming???
  6. Hey So wondering what else I could do in order to do some creativity this year, i thought of creating a blog in which i review at least one book or film per week. Do you think this is a good idea? What kind of things would you be interested in reading in this sort of blog? Please comment, it would be really helpful to see what you guys would want to read in order to create a successful blog.
  7. Hi! I am a fairly new IB student. I finished Pre-IB last year, and am in second month of Grade 11 IB. We just got Managebac accounts and have been encouraged to start logging CAS, but I'm not sure how. I can find the section that needs to be filled out for different activities, but I don't know how to tag things. I volunteer twice a week, and instead of having to log each session individually --annoying my supervisor constantly with repeated notifications-- I was wondering if there was a way to log something as an ongoing activity instead...? There's probably a really simple solution, but I appreciate any help you can offer. Thanks!
  8. So for my CAS project, my friend and I are creating a Pen Pal program with our Diploma and Middle Years Program (we are mainly focusing on DP). We originally had a school in Italy lined up to work with us, but they ended up flaking last minute. If anyone is interested in being a Pen Pal, or if you know kids at your school who may be interested please respond. The only requirement is that your school is outside of the US and Canada. Thanks a bunch
  9. Hi everyone! I’m starting IBY1 next year and I’ve started thinking of some CAS ideas. Does anyone know if playing an instrument (as a self-taught, I’m not going to attend any extra classes) can count for CAS? Thank you for the answers :)
  10. Hey does anyone want to do a pen pal experience for CAS?
  11. Hey, for my CAS project, I am doing a Pen Pal project with some DP and MYP kids at my school. If you are interested in participating in this project, the only requirements are: you are currently either a DP or MYP student and you go to school outside of the US and Canada. Email me at [email protected]
  12. Hey, for my CAS project, I am doing a Pen Pal project with some DP and MYP kids at my school. If you are interested in participating in this project, the only requirements are: you are currently either a DP or MYP student and you go to school outside of the US and Canada. Email me at [email protected]
  13. Hello, I am about to begin my IB next week and I Just wanted to know. I make art youtube videos, which means my face is not in the video. I know that Youtube videos counts as cas and I make the art videos, to teach people how I do my arts. But will it count as cas even though gave around 5 views only? And will they accept it even though I don't put my face in it? The type of video my make:
  14. Hi everyone! I have been focusing a lot on my CAS experiences to try to get them out of the way from the second year apart for two/three that I normally do. I have done tons of creativity, service and activity. According to Mange Bac, I have 100% of my CAS done and I have not uploaded some of my reflections on the site yet. The experiences I plan to keep are only Service and Activity, there would be no creativity. I did a service trip with my school and there we did so much stuff about creativity I think it would be more than enough. So I was wondering if I had to keep doing creativity until the second year, or if I can do only Activity and Service as my CAS for the rest of my second year? Thank you!
  15. Hi guys for my cas project I’m making a small book with a bunch of creative writing pieces and photography so if any of you have anything you’d like be willing to share/send pls send it to this email: [email protected] it can be anything from poetry to a story you write for class... or a photography project or just pictures you enjoyed taking... it can really be anything! Thanks :)
  16. I was hoping to start a blog in order to add up to my creativity section of CAS but I'm not sure if I can do it since it will not have any supervisor. Can I make my CAS coordinator sign it or do i even need a supervisor for such CAS? Thanks for the help!
  17. Would composing a few songs as well as playing covers of other songs for a charity concert be a good Creativity + Service CAS Project?
  18. My school requires CAS projects to at least have two of the CAS qualities (ex: creative and service, action and service, etc) for your CAS project, and I'm not sure how flexible the "action" category is. I was planning to do creative writing or some type of journaling as my project, but to me, that seems like it only qualifies as creative. Does typing or writing with your hand count as an "action?" My CAS coordinator at school only mentioned action examples as like running a marathon, and that seems way more strenuous than writing.
  19. Hey guys! I'm new to this whole concept of CAS. What does it mean by the learning outcomes (global engagement, commitment, and teamwork? How do you achieve them? Could you guys give me some activities that are CAS experiences? Thanks! Ada
  20. When I look at my ManageBac I feel like I've nearly fulfilled all CAS requirements, but I kinda want to double-check. (I won't give the names of exactly what I'm doing tho) So I have: 1 Creativity for a little more than 2 months (Already done reflections, marked complete) 1 Activity for 6 months (In progress, reflections submitted) 1 Activity+Service for a little over 2 weeks (Already done reflections, yet to get it marked complete by supervisor) 1 Activity for 6 months (In progress, reflections submitted) 1 Creativity for more than 8 months (In progress, reflections submitted) 1 CAS project (Creativity+Service) for more than 6 months (In progress, reflections not yet submitted) 1 Creativity for 6 weeks (Already done reflections, marked complete) 1 Activity for 9 weeks (In progress, reflections not yet submitted) 1 Creativity for 8 months (Already done reflections, marked complete) 1 Service for half a month (Already done reflections, marked complete) 1 Service for a day (Already done reflections, marked complete) 1 Creativity+Service for a day (Already done reflections, marked complete) 1 Creativity for 9 months (In progress, reflections submitted) {I actually have a question about this which I will talk about at the very end**} 1 Creativity+Service for 9 months (In progress, reflections submitted) So have I fulfilled all CAS requirements so far? Do I have to include any more experiences or should I just finish these off and end my CAS? **So basically that Creativity is Model United Nations. I entered it as Creativity because at first I was a regular member, but now I've been promoted to the leadership team. I know that the leadership members are allowed to make MUN a Service aspect for their CAS- so should I change the MUN experience to Creativity+Service now or should I do it next year? (Because I'll be doing MUN next year- obviously, you become twice as motivated to do something like that when you're promoted!)
  21. Hi everyone, I'm a DP student and I'd like to help the MYP students revise, by providing notes for all their units. I've done most of physics, chemistry, Maths and Humanities, however I'm struggling with Biology as I don't take it. By the way, if you don't know MYP stands for Middle years programme and is the course before DP, offered by 1400 IB schools. The course content is pretty similar to IB DP. So, i'm wondering if there's some people here who take Biology and would be willing to write up some short notes, on the MYP Biology units. My friends did half of the units already so there's not many left. I'll list the units i'm still missing below and put links to the page where I'm going to put the notes. You can edit these pages directly if you want, but you'll need to sign up first. If a few of the people on this group write a unit it would be a huge help to me and all the MYP students who will eventually use the notes to revise. Also you can probably use this as a CAS experience, since you're doing service! Units: Chemical reactions of life (E.g photosynthesis) https://ibrecap.com/page/Chemical%20reactions%20of%20Life Problems that larger organisms face due to their size (E.g surface area, transport systems) https://ibrecap.com/page/Problem%20of%20size How organisms have adapted to their environment https://ibrecap.com/page/Adaptation How organisms have evolved. https://ibrecap.com/page/Evolution How genetics works https://ibrecap.com/page/Genetics
  22. Alekhya


    Hey guys, I have no idea what to do for CAS. I feel like I have my creativity portion covered, but I have nothing to do for Activity or Social Service. I don't want to do something small and generic, but I also don't want to spend too much time on it. Please help!
  23. "To what extent was the cold war responsible for the separation between North Korea and South Korea?" is this too broad? please someone help how i should phrase my research question. I really do have interest and a lot of knowledge in this area (the Korean War) & (The Cold War)
  24. My CAS coordinator informed us that we need to write 500 words per reflection but I took an insight to some reflections suggested by the IB and they only had a few sentences. So my question is, do I really need to have 500 words? Also, does CAS require efficient planning and acting upon that plan (such as holding a formal dinner for the school) or can it be something I learn in a day?
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