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Found 27 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    Hello, This is the Case Study for Computer Science HL 2020 Exams in May and November. Regards, AADARSHA G
  2. Hi guys, I'm so lost and stressed about the Paper 1 case study. We don't understand almost anything and I feel I've been the B&M teacher this year. Please, if you understand something about that confusing chart from the last part, I would thank a lot any help!
  3. Version 1.0.0


    A case study made for personal use. Data included there may be useful on the essay regarding urban environment option and sustainable city topic.
  4. Curitiba Case Study - Urban Environments View File A case study made for personal use. Data included there may be useful on the essay regarding urban environment option and sustainable city topic. Submitter teaplease Submitted 09/15/2016 Category Geography  
  5. Guest

    Todos os Mercados

    Hey guys~ For the pre seen case study, what do you think are the most important points? Let's discuss it here so that everyone can benefit (synergy)!
  6. Case Study, Germany View File Compare and difference, in Germany, the pyramids, and the historical background for the change in Germany history. Submitter Stephanie Guarachi Ayala Submitted 04/24/2016 Category Geography
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Compare and difference, in Germany, the pyramids, and the historical background for the change in Germany history.
  8. Hi. Anyone have a case study that I can use for NFL? The outcomes are: Explain the hierarchy of a league and the location of its teams. Examine the relationship between team location and the residence of its supporters. I just couldn't find a source that had the information I needed. If no notes, any particular websites? Thanks a lot!
  9. So the Computer Science case study is out and it is on electronic banking. Personally I feel like this topic is super boring but you gotta go what you gotta do right? Anyways even though our exams are not till May my teacher wants to finish our whole syllabus by December, which is why I have started the case study prep. I'm a little unfamiliar with how to tackle this but this is my rough plan: - read the case study - look up all additional terminology - read all the external links provided - research, research research So far I have done 1 and 2 and i've linked my definitions as well as the actual case study below. Let's share resources!!!! case study definitions .docx Case_Study_2015.pdf
  10. So with the IB tests closing in starting to prepare for subjects like ITGS include the case study and I have few questions concerning it: 1- Are we allowed to have the case study with us in the exam? 2- What I'm I supposed to look for and analyse in the case study besides what is stated in the papers 3- What is the style of the questions, is the same as the other papers? 4- I have seen that the 2012 and 2013 case studies had their own threads, can't we have one for this year? I'm I or anyone else allowed to start such a thread to discuss the case study of this year?
  11. Do any of you guys know what are the experiments / case studies in psychology that can be used in two or three of the cores of level of analysis? (Biological, Cognitive, Sociocultural) As I know that this could help us to memorize fewer studies / experiments. Thank you and good luck to all of you who are going to be taking the exams next week!
  12. Hello everyone The case study is out. We could have possible discussions here, whilst sharing our thoughts and ideas.
  13. Hey guys! We have a new syllabus (as I'm sure all of you know ) for 2014 and I was wondering whether we could all band together and think of a few possible questions they may pose us! If we manage to think of a lot (especially for question 4) we would be much better prepared for this paper, which in my opinion is kinda hard to prepare for. Here's how they structured the specimen paper: 1. Defining terms 2. Applying the knowledge from the case study 3. Extending that knowledge a bit more 4. An essay using knowledge that you researched; for this one you have to have researched and done much more than just reading the case study and learning the terms, if you just did that you wouldn't score too much on the essay. Here is the specimen case study: http://xmltwo.ibo.org/publications/DP/Group4/d_4_comsc_tsm_1201_1/pdf/spec4comschp3engtz0xxcs.pdf Question sheet: http://xmltwo.ibo.org/publications/DP/Group4/d_4_comsc_tsm_1201_1/pdf/spec4comschp3engtz0xx.pdf Mark scheme: http://xmltwo.ibo.org/publications/DP/Group4/d_4_comsc_tsm_1201_1/pdf/spec4comschp3engtz0xxm.pdf The above links seem to have gone broke... here's another link (that includes papers 1 and 2! huzzah!): Click me! Here are the questions people suggested may be asked: 1.-Not needed, its a definition so we'll assume this one will be like that as well- 2.-Applied knowledge, so not really needed- 3.-Extending knowledge, questions here would help!- How sophisticated would the network security of a school have to be? Why? 4.-Research, extremely useful if you think of a few. Some possible essay questions requiring research are needed!- How would you be able to prevent DoS attacks? What shortcomings and benefits do these have? (just a prompt, researching this would undoubtedly help for the essay though) (by David Kroell) What software, hardware, and other resources do man-in-the-middle attacks use? How are these implemented by hackers? For the research question, as we can't be certain, reading up a lot on net security and so on might help, here are a few articles and web pages I've managed to scrounge up. Would be nice if you could provide some as well. Possibly useful news articles and other information: Thank you theilsanne for your mock paper 3 and revision doc! Attached as well. Here's a glossary I had for the case study terms, not fool proof but should be good enough. I've let you guys edit it, feel free to edit a definition or add an article! (no longer editable in advance, so that people don't vandalize it while I'm not here!) Hopefully we can think of a few useful ones Cheers! XeoKnight P.S.: Mods, could this be stickied instead of the thread for the case study for 2010? Thanks. Case Study Computer Science.pdf mockP3-2013caseStudy.docx Case Study Condensed.docx
  14. Hey guys! I was going to start preparing for paper 1 but unfortunately there aren't many resources online So I thought this may be a good platform to share notes/ideas/tips for the May 2014 case study For example, the case study focuses on the conflicting leadership style of Susan and Martin quite a lot. That is a possible question, as is the comparison of the three options. Any other ideas? Most of us are not too familiar with this paper, so its best to get all the help that we can!
  15. I'm not sure if this topic is allowed, but since the Case Studies have been out for a year now, I think it should be fitting right in. The Case Study mentions that they should be first hand interview accounts etc, and discussions, so I think it would now be an appropriate time to discuss this. This years case study for ITGS Relates to the Cobb Publishing House. which is facing the dilemma of their clientele wanting a shift from print based media to digital media. There are a lot of privacy and security issues involved and the costs involved + the increased market competition in the digital space means that they might not be able to recover their entire investment. Plus they might have to share their profit with other companies which they have partnered with. On the otherhand, this means that they will be able to cater to a wider variety of audience and thus have a better involvement in the local and the state wide market. Let's Discuss and Share Information! Thanks, Dax
  16. Hey Guys, As you know, the case study for 2014 has been released! I looked around the forum and didn't find any discussions on this subject, hence I decided to create a new post. So feel free to discuss the questions and possible concepts that you think might appear on the Paper 1. I have also attached the case study for your referral. SO LET'S HELP EACH OTHER AND ACE THIS! Cheers. PS I found tutor2u.com quite helpful, so you might want to check that out!? 2014 Case Study - PAPER 1.pdf
  17. 19 downloads

    Case study for the May 2014 session.
  18. 25 downloads

    The Case Study (titled The Imperial) that will be used for paper 1 exams, both SL and HL, in May and November of 2014.
  19. Does anyone know a study that shows that zeitgebers (such as light, temperature, etc) affects the circadian rhythm? Maybe one about shift works? Thanks!
  20. We just received our case study for the may 2013 paper 1 exam (about ball bearings). What do you guys think they might ask us?
  21. "In light of the expansion of the ball bearing industry, describe the changes that are taking place in RDB’s product portfolio. 
Using an appropriate tool (such as the Boston Consulting Group matrix), 
indicate RDB’s product portfolio in the 21st century." I was going through all the possible questions that may be asked for Paper 1 B&M examination and I got stuck in this q. Pleaseeeeeee help!! Thank in advance
  22. Version 1


    A teacher-written guide on how to successfully write a Business and Management Internal Assessment. Contains information on preparation, research, the writing process and finally, the marking criteria.
  23. Hi, Just wondering if anyone knows about markers preference to case studies and experiments in science EEs? I am doing mine in biology and I came up with the idea of 'The effect of polyphasic and biphasic sleeping patterns on concentration'. When I presented this to my supervisor I was told that this is a good idea, but would only be limited to a case study due to time limitations [and other limitations] of trials. Other people in my year believe that case studies will score a B grade and less but never an A grade. Is this true?
  24. I created this topic so we can share any useful published resources for the case study. For example, I was wondering if anyone has a PDF of this: "Business and Management Case Study Pack 2012" by Paul Hoang and Darrell Zawada This 134 page resource is designed to help students prepare for the 2012 Case Study Component (Paper 1) of the Diploma Course (SL & HL). The Pack includes: Definitions of key terms in the case study. A time line. A personnel profile. An organizational chart. A Ratio analysis. A stakeholder diagram. Identification of all the problems. SWOT analysis. PEST analysis. B&M tools, concepts and theories. A reading list. Comprehension quiz questions. Course mapping (spider-diagrams). Exam-style questions. Paper 1 mock exam for HL and SL, with accompanying mark schemes. This resource is a full colour PDF photocopy master and is priced as such. Purchase entitles you to make unlimited copies for use within your institution. You will receive a copy of a pdf by email within 24 hours after your payment is processed. http://www.ibid.com.au/cat/business%20and%20management It seems to contains some pretty useful resources, and I would appreciate if someone who had it could send it to me. Anyone else with any ideas of other resources we can share?
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