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Found 22 results

  1. Hey! I've just started IBY1 and until the end of September, I can make changes to my subjects. So I'm wondering if I should take English B HL instead of English A HL (which I'm taking now). I've always been quite good at English however it's not my native language and that's why I'm afraid if I can handle English A HL. I'm most stressed about the interpretations and analyses of the texts during the final exams. I'm quite good at writing but I'm not sure about analyzing. I'm also already taking 3 other HL subjects (Biology, Chemistry and Geography) and I want to make it easier for me and have the best results possible and since I'm not planning on studying anything especially English- or even humanities-related (such as English literature, law etc.), I think I won't really use the knowledge I gained in English A classes, will only have to struggle with it during the 2 years and never use it again. Thanks in advance for any pieces of advice!!
  2. Hi, For my EE, I am writing on Economics, and I have already completed my first formal reflection session on RPPF. Then, I heard that my Economics teacher, who is my supervisor, will leave school next year when I am in Grade 12 and told me he won't be able to supervise me until the completion of the EE. This means that I have to change the supervisor next year when my economics teacher for Grade 12 is confirmed. But what I am worried about is this: 1) Are we allowed to change our supervisor during the middle of our EE process? 2) Because I have already completed the first reflection form and my original supervisor signed it, does it mean that when I have the new supervisor, I should have him to sign the first reflection using his name instead of my original supervisor or should I leave it just as it is? I am super worried about this, and I really don't know what I should do. I can't make him be my supervisor throughout Grade 12 because he said he can't, even with emails. So, would someone please answer the two questions above that I am really CONCERNED about? Thanksxx
  3. For the 2020 exams, group 2 changed. My teachers haven't really explained what the changes were, nor how and what we have to learn for the exams. Since there are no past papers (or at least that I know of), I am kind of lost. For our lang B class, we are talking about sharing the planet. It feels a bit odd, because I haven't found the connection with learning a language yet. Does anyone know anything more specific about the changes in the curriculum or how we are going to be assessed? Thanks
  4. So I'm doing my EE in Biology and my research question is "To what extent does constant cold acclimation at the temperatures 18˚, 5˚, and 0˚ degrees centigrade affect the seed germination rate and subsequent total biomass yield produced in Phleum pratense L. (Timothy grass)?". The experiment was supposed to investigate the effects of seeds germinated under cold temperatures and the effect on the biomass produced in seeds after germination among different temperatures. I even had some data with around an 80% germination rate for the seeds at 10˚C. But 10 days in, and 100% of the seeds at 18˚ (my control group!) germinated and 0% of the seeds germinated in both the 5˚ & 0˚ groups. I have no ideas for any other topics in Biology. What do I do? Continue writing the EE with my failed experiment and try to come up with reasons why it failed, and even attempt to state that this could be beneficial to the scientific community? Try to switch research questions within Biology? Or do I all out switch subjects to English and just "type away"? I need answers quick, because I have 9 weeks left until I have to present an EE without a conclusion. Future message to those who reply: Thank you for taking your time to read and answer!
  5. Hey I was just interested in how can your grades change from first to last term of first year? What's the highest that you can change? For example, is it possible to have a 7 in the end if you had 5 in the first term?
  6. Hey guys! So I have a an issue because I started IB this year and I want to change courses I started doing psychology HL and I liked it but I ended up changing to history HL. I'm not sure if I made the right choice, because maybe I would have liked psychology better. I was indecisive at the moment so I ended up changing... but now I don't know if I regret it! Should I change back to psych? The history teacher is better but I don't know if I should go back to psych! Do you guys like HL psych or HL history better? Or do you take both? I don't know what to do and I don't know if they'll let me change after taking the semester exams! Thank you!!!
  7. I want to move HL french to SL because my class are all fluent and I am definitely not! Should I move English Lit or History up to replace it? Along with Physics HL (maths up to higher isnt an option for me). Thank you !!
  8. So I chose to do an extended essay in English last year (junior year; it was more preparation stuff, I haven't officially started yet), but I don't really like English that much. I think it can be interesting and my WIT paper got me a 97 on the first draft so I know I CAN do it. It's just a matter of motivation for it. I had a great advisor for my EE, but she's moving to Turkey (or at least that's what she said) and I'll have to find a new advisor. Would it be better to just switch to something I find more interesting, like history or biology? I have a great history teacher, but she already has 4 students she's working with. The IB coordinator also teaches history and I like him too. I also like my biology teacher, but I know it can be a lot easier to research and write 4000 words on history than on biology.
  9. Hi, My school has selected medicinal chemistry for the options topic, however, I'm currently struggling with it due to it containing excessive amounts of biology and organic chemistry. I'm doing HL physics and think I would do a lot better at the energy option. Is it possible for me to answer the energy option in paper 3 instead? For maths HL we are only given questions on our option topic and for English we have to refer to the texts selected by our school. However, for sciences I know that the paper 3 contains all topic questions. Would the examiners still mark the questions I've competed even if other students answer on a different topic? Any advice would be very helpful right now! Thanks
  10. Hey guys, I'm going to be starting the IB after this summer, and I've filled out the form for choosing subjects. I currently have chosen: HL: -Maths -Physics -Computer science SL: -Economics -French B -English lang&lit My planned course of study would be to study a computer science-related degree at university. It is for that reason that I signed myself up for computer science in the IB, because why wouldn't an aspiring computer scientist study computer science, right? My question is if this is the right decision, though, because other people at my school are not taking computer science, even though they plan to study it at uni. Maybe it's unnecessary to study it now, as the uni course will probably start from scratch? Any advice at all would be much appreciated! Thanks
  11. hello all, i currently take psychology SL and i have a 7/7 in it (99/100) without scale i also take chemistry HL and i have 5/6 in it (70/100) im a diploma arts student so chemistry is the only science i take. i do really good on all of my subjects except chemistry. i was thinking of switching from psychology SL to HL and lowering the chemistry to SL should i? its mid year now but i read the psychology syllabus and it doesnt seem as hard as chemistry HL at least to me, but the thing is that my school is not experienced in psychology HL id be the first student to take it :/ what do you advise me? thanks
  12. hello all, i currently take psychology SL and i have a 7/7 in it (99/100) without scale i also take chemistry HL and i have 5/6 in it (70/100) im a diploma arts student so chemistry is the only science i take. i do really good on all of my subjects except chemistry. i was thinking of switching from psychology SL to HL and lowering the chemistry to SL should i? its mid year now but i read the psychology syllabus and it doesnt seem as hard as chemistry HL at least to me, but the thing is that my school is not experienced in psychology HL id be the first student to take it :/ what do you advise me? thanks
  13. Hello, I have started by IB this year and there may be a slight chance of me having to change school. Do you guys think changing school during the IB (going to another IB school) would be a problem? And also, if one of my subjects is not offered, is it very difficult to completely change subject after a few months? Has anyone had this experience? Any suggestions? Thanks.
  14. Hello all , I am a student who is in IB2 and who has recently decided to take up HL Maths due to the fact that I believe I made a very wrong decision by taking SL Maths due to the fact that HL Maths is more or less required everywhere in the UK for engineering. The reason for this very bad decision was mainly due to the fact that I was encouraged to get as much points as possible not focus less on requirements for courses. I have now been told by the HL Mathematics teacher that I will have to sit a test on the 13th of October for Complex and Imaginary numbers and I will be able to join the HL class only and only if I attain something above a 4. May I please have some tips? I do feel sad that I have made this decision soo late into my life and it is quite overwhelming however I am trying to keep my mind on track. Aside from studying the content in the book and doing past papers are there any other tips you wonderful mathematicians may advise me ? PS: I have my mind up so please do not sway me from my decision for I have had to try and ignore enough of this already Thank you very much guy.
  15. I'm going to be taking the exams in May 2015. My biology teacher is pretty new to the IB system and she overheard some other teachers talking about that there will be changes in the biology curriculum next year. Will that affect the class of 2015 or not? Because if yes then we'll have to buy new books and I'm really worried that we won't have time to go through every topic. Thanks
  16. Just one quick question... Does anyone know if (and if yes, how many) changes have been made to the Math HL Syllabus since 2005? I know that there was one in 2011 or so. Was that the only one? Because I honestly cant imagine that the IBO constantly changes the syllabus. Thanks
  17. Hi fellow IB students So I have started the first year of IB two months ago and I've been taking Mathematical Studies. However, I like maths and I've started wondering recently whether I couldn't switch to SL (although I don't need for the university courses I have chosen). I would like to know which grades I could possibly get at Math SL (with some effort but without spending much more time on Math than on other subjects), considering that right now I get about 75 to 80% on Math Studies without studying at all and 90% to 100% with some effort (about one or two hours of preparations before a test) and quite bad teacher. Is there anybody who have moved from SL to Studies or the other way round and can tell the difference in grades and time spent on studying Math? Oh, and in the Polish version of GSCE in 2012 (which is quite easy, though, I have put a link to it below, so you could maybe compare it with your GSCE) I got 93% without preparing. I have also done pre-IB where I got about 65% in tests. The material we did in pre-IB was considered to be SL material but without harder parts of it. However, when I compare this year SL material with material from pre-IB, I can see some differendes so I can't really say if it's the same level of difficulty. And I also had a bit worse work ethic in pre-IB, I was often unprepared, so my grades may be better at SL this year, as I am willing to work harder (although I'm still not very good at maths - I only like it and that's why I suffer on Studies). To sum up, considering this, I would like to ask how well I could do at SL. I don't want to move without being sure that even with Math at SL I have chances to get at least 32 points (but rather about 35) that I need for my univesity course, especially that I don't need to chooce SL after all. I would also appreciate some examples of your grades changing when you have moved to another level. Thanks in advance and sorry for all the mistakes. I'm still not that good at English, although I have been learning it at school for past ten years. http://pliki.echodnia.eu/pdf/egzaminGimnazjalny2012matematyka.pdf - this Polish GSCE sample in Math, you probably can't understand much of it, but it's easy to see its difficulty, it's not even Studies... however, I did well on it and some people complained, so maybe I still have some chances at Math SL?
  18. I changed my Biology EE topic last minute, and I was wondering if this one looks like it will work out well. I'd really appreciate your commentary and advice on how I may improve on it! I know there are rules set by the IBO where you can't get direct assistance in acquiring a topic, I'm quite sure this is ok but please do let me know if I'm breaking any rules, I'll take down the file asap, thank you! New Biology Extended Essay Topic.docx
  19. Hi I am looking for some help with my TOK essay The question is the following: “…Our knowledge is only a collection of scraps and fragments that we put together into a pleasing design, and often the discovery of one new fragment would cause us to alter utterly the whole design.” (Maurice Bishop)” To what extent is this true in History and one other Area of Knowledge? The second area of knowledge I guess can be almost anything... as i like physics, i'm probably going to explore how einstein's theories changed the acceptance of all newtonian mechanics and universal gravitation laws. However, I can't seem to get far with history... I mean, throughout history, there have been many discoveries that changed our view of the world, but a specific one that changed how we percieve history itself? I was thinking of exploring how the blame was put on germany right after world war one, shifted to all european powers in the 30s and laid back on germany after world war two due to our perception of germany as "evil" due to the nazi regime... what do you think? any suggestions? Thanks
  20. I am currently nearing the end of my first year in IB (last term) and I am having difficulty with maths. For my first test I got a 28% which I was of course not happy about. I wanted to change to Maths Studies after that but decided to stay in SL. My grades did go up to 58% in the first semester exams (still not that great, I know). We recently got a new teacher and I just had another topic test, and my score dropped to 22%. Now I am deciding -again- whether or not it would be a better idea to drop to Maths Studies as I struggle with maths a great deal. I know it would be better for me, however I do not fully know yet what I want to do in uni. What I am currently thinking of doing is a double degree in Arts and Science. The science one would be marine science. I want to study in Australia, preferably Melbourne (Monash or University of Melbourne) and I do not know if Studies will be enough. My other option is Germany, but I'm pretty sure that they do not accept maths studies (still need to check up on that). My other subjects are: Biology HL Art HL Geography HL English SL Spanish Ab nitio Do you think I should change or stay in SL?
  21. So i heard there was something changed regarding the World Lit into something called the reflective statements or something I'm not really sure.. Can someone please help me out?
  22. Are you happy with it? Is it too restrictive? Too deep? What are your views on IB's TOK?
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