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Found 13 results

  1. So I'm considering dropping Chem HL down to either Chem SL, Art SL, or Film SL (Online). I'm thinking of studying computer science but I found out that I don't actually need Chem for the universities I'm planning on applying too. I would say that I'm more creative than technical (Math and etc) but I love technology (interested in VR and design aspect of tech). I'm starting to struggle in Chem HL because my teacher isn't good but I have tried self studying but I don't think I can maintain good grades if I continue. (Also my math and physics teacher isn't good as well so I have to study for that). Because of this I'm considering switching up my courses but I can't decide what to choose, either way I'll end up having English HL as my new HL. Here are the current statuses of the classes: [If I stay] Chem HL: Fav Science, Bad Teacher, A lot of content to catch up on Chem SL: I'm ahead of them in terms of content but I don't know how good the class's teacher is, apparently they are doing a lab rn Art SL: The art class has already done 8-10 experiments, made 3 art slides, and starting their artist research Film SL: Online class, Extra 1000$ fee per year, I like how it's independent coz I can schedule myself and I work better on my own (easier to focus), I also have prior experience in editing and making videos So what do you guys think I should do?
  2. Hey! What do the CalTech Admissions people look for in a candidate? How do I maximise my chances of getting in? Any CalTech Alumni here, I would love your advice.
  3. So. I've really been struggling with chemistry, I think I can understand the concepts well enough, but when it comes to actually answering questions, I'm screwed. I can never tell what exactly the questions are asking for and how I can get marks. I've spoken to my teacher numerous times about this, but all she seems to suggest is to do past papers. The only past papers I can find are really old ones and I don't even know if they're applicable to the current syllabus. She doesn't give us IB questions to practice in class either, it's just random chemistry questions from god knows where. I'm really stressing out at this point since this is my final year and I really want to get my chemistry grade up. So, does anyone know where I can find these resources? Preferably tests for the specific units, so like unit tests and the mark scheme? Any advice would be appreciated as well ;-;
  4. im doing an extended essay in chemistry, and i plan to determine the effect of storage temperature on L-ascorbic acid using iodometric titration and the briggs rauscher reaction, i need help with adding content to my introduction, please help.
  5. I have 2 different ideas for my Chemistry IA experiment and am not sure which one is better. Both of them are on ocean acidification of coral reefs. As coral reefs are 95% calcium carbonate and so are seashells, I'm using seashells in my experiment. 1) My first experiment is on investigating effects of varying levels of concentration of carbon dioxide in water on seashells So I will be investigating different levels of carbon dioxide in the water (varying concentrations of carbonic acid) on seashells in distilled water so I'll be carrying out titration to find the neutralising point and apply that to ocean acidification. 2) My second experiment is investigating different methods of alkaline of reducing ocean acidification in a lab setting So I was thinking of using an antacid tablet and a sodium bicarbonate solution to test on the seashell and measure the mass. The seashell with the larger mass difference is the method with the more ineffective method for ocean acidification reduction. I hope this makes sense! Please feel free to ask any questions. Really appreciate the help.
  6. Hey Guys I'm halfway through my IBDP, i will be writing my summative exams for Grade 11 in May. I'm currently in math HL, but i'm scoring quite bad. I am considering shifting to Math SL, but i will have to push another subject to HL. I considered Econ for HL, but too much is already done. My best route, now is to take English HL. Should i make the move? In what way will it affect my college application, if i'm going to take engineering? My current subjects are (Math, Physics, Chemistry: as HL); (Economics, Spanish Ab, English as SL). I am extremely confused, as i'm able to score pretty well in the actual IB papers, but well, it may be because of the high expectations of the school in math HL, that i'm not able to score in the school tests. And in English, I scored a 5 in test 4, but i did pretty well in the mock IOC (23/30), considering that mine was the highest marked. What do you guys suggest? Should i stay in math HL, or should i drop?
  7. Hi everyone, So I'm doing a lab on the mass relationships between the reaction: 2AL(s) + 3CuCl2 * 2H2O (aq) ---> 3Cu(s) + 2AlCl3(aq) + 2H2O(g) Basically, I found my raw data, which is the mass of beakers with the CuCl2 * 2H2O solution, as well as the beaker mass, and the beaker mass with the solid Copper inside after the reaction has taken place. Now the aim of the lab is to pretty much find the percentage yield however, in my IB Chem HL Guidelines that my school provides, I'm told to create a graph of the processed data. No idea what to show though. I've converted all my masses to moles, so I've got that, but what can I really show on a graph with regards to percentage yield? I can't just copy-paste my data into the graph because I'll have to refer to it in my conclusion so I have to actually come up with something. I've searched all over the internet and I've yet to find anything remotely helpful so I'd really appreciate it if someone did. Cheers.
  8. BACKGROUND INFO: I am entering my second half of my first year of IB DP and i am starting to feel the impact of the work of all my classes. I used to be really good with doing my homework, studying etc. But now im getting to the point where procrastination is settling in, and especially for my work in chem. I find that it is really hard to grasp the content and my teacher is not very kind when it comes to help so id prefer to not go to her for help, as she doesnt help but instead make you feel bad and then just tell you the answer..... Anyways off of my Chem rant, im finding it hard to focus when it comes down to studying and i end up procrastinating now because of it and now i am super stressed and overloaded.... SO BASICALLY any tips on how to avoid procrastination, deal with stress and anxiety, and get help for HL Chem (w/o going directly to the teacher)
  9. Hi guys, I know this will be unlikely. But does anyone have copies of the new syllabuses for 2016 in Physics and Chemistry, As you all know, the syllabus is going to be changed. The syllabuses were released to teachers in december of 2016, but I want to have a look at their content for some personal reasons. So if anyone has a copy of the syllabuses, please send them to me! You can attach them as files in your replies or send an email to n_______ Thanks.
  10. Background: IGCSE Double Science (A*A*) CIE Maths (A*) Chi First Lang (A) ESL (A) Eng Lang (B) Eng Lit (B) Resistant Materials (A) History (A*) Current Subjects: HL - Chi B, Physics, Chem, Econ* SL - Maths, Eng Lit A *everyone got moved to HL in my school since the syllabus and the exam is so similar 1) How much does Maths SL affect my chances of getting into engineering/computer science/physics related course in a decent university (Canada/HK), even if I took Physics and Chem HL? 2) Should I drop one of my HL subjects, so I can spend more time on other subjects? Or should I keep the Chem/Physics to compensate for the Maths SL? (Don't think I can cope with Maths HL)
  11. Guest

    November 2013 Exams

    Hi guys, I just wanted to ask about the general difficulty of the November 2013 Physics HL exams. In particular I am asking about paper 2. How was the difficulty of this exam? Be specific though in terms of the types of questions that were hard etc. thanks Neeraj
  12. 69 downloads

    A guide to writing perfect lab reports. Really helpful!
  13. j-mims

    First Chem IA

    The other day we were given our first IA for chem and our teacher hasn't given us a layout or anything like that. I'm a bit stuck because I have done all the information but I don't know if my layout is right... Is there a certain way that we are supposed to lay it out, or do we just throw all the information together? Its due this week and I am beginning to get worried. Thanks.
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