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Found 12 results

  1. IBlearner73

    Chemistry HL IA

    Hi guys, I have performed an experiment on enthalpy change of neutralization, and I'm wondering which uncertainties do I have to calculate and how, because I'm so confused and our teacher did not give us guidelines. Can anyone please help? Thanks in advance.
  2. ABKor752

    Chem IA: Redo Experiment?

    Hello all! So, I have a slight issue with my Chemistry IA. My topic is on the enthalpy change of solutions of instant heating and cooling packs. The research question is "How do 5.000 grams of different chloride salts (magnesium, calcium, strontium, iron (III), zinc) affect the total enthalpy change of solution of an instant heating or cooling pack when dissolved in 50.0 mL of water?" Basically, that is the complicated way of saying that I dissolved salts in water and tracked the temperature of the solution over time. I completed my experiment and wrote a good chunk of my IA before first year of IB ended. The issue, however, is that my experiment went... wrong, in different ways. First, comparing my data with accepted values, I had like a 65% error in my data, making it really difficult to come to an accurate conclusion on. Furthermore, my supplies were slightly faulty as the temperature sensor shut off randomly during one trial and the automatic stirrer I was using "malfunctioned" in the middle of two trials. Additionally, I am pretty sure that I used sodium chloride instead of magnesium chloride for my experiment, because my measured value ended up being +3.5 kJ/mol when the accpeted value was -155 kJ/mol. Clearly, then, I cannot come up with a basic conclusion on faulty data like this. And given that a lot of my data is already inaccurate (with the 65% error mentioned earlier), I realized that I should change my material settings to help track more heat while the trials are running. And finally, and probably the most important issue, any conclusion that I make out of this will be very difficult. My goal is to see any trends in enthalpy change of solution when going down the periodic table (magnesium, calcium, strontium) and going across (calcium, iron (III), zinc). I have not been able to find much research on this, so it seems like any conclusion I come up with will be theoretical (i.e. the data may have resulted because of this one factor, but I'm not sure). Anyway, that is a lot of information. The final draft is not due at our school until November, so I am not stressing out about it too much. I just want to make sure I know what to do, and ultimately whether I should redo any part or all of my experiment. Thanks for your help!
  3. Guest

    Chemistry IA Topic

    Hey i need a chem ia topic suggestion or sample which will help me in deciding a topic... thank you in advance
  4. Silvia Teow

    Chemistry IA HELP!

    I have 2 different ideas for my Chemistry IA experiment and am not sure which one is better. Both of them are on ocean acidification of coral reefs. As coral reefs are 95% calcium carbonate and so are seashells, I'm using seashells in my experiment. 1) My first experiment is on investigating effects of varying levels of concentration of carbon dioxide in water on seashells So I will be investigating different levels of carbon dioxide in the water (varying concentrations of carbonic acid) on seashells in distilled water so I'll be carrying out titration to find the neutralising point and apply that to ocean acidification. 2) My second experiment is investigating different methods of alkaline of reducing ocean acidification in a lab setting So I was thinking of using an antacid tablet and a sodium bicarbonate solution to test on the seashell and measure the mass. The seashell with the larger mass difference is the method with the more ineffective method for ocean acidification reduction. I hope this makes sense! Please feel free to ask any questions. Really appreciate the help.
  5. goobeh

    Chemistry Theoretical IA

    ok im in my final year (nov exams 2016) and i have to find a topic for my HL chem ia. i didnt do experimental which means i am now doing theoretical and i need some ideas. i like organic chem the most, but am willing to do some of the harder topics if it means ill have to revise. i am currently on a 3, but am aiming for at least a 4/5 so i want the ia to boost my mark so not too simple but not too hard. id appreciate any help
  6. Just wondering if the synthesis of anything is an IA or a regular lab activity.
  7. Guest

    Chem IA not good enough?!

    Hei. My chemistry teacher hasn't approved of any of my proposals for my IA, and now I'm falling behind. The one that really caught my eye was the "effect of HCl on medicinal tablets, specifically Tylenol". However, he explained to me that there isn't really a result for this except that pH decreases. I understand his reasoning. I need a way to refine this. I've no clue how. I thought of reaction rate, but this topic was solely based on what happens in the stomach. There is gastric acid or HCl in the stomach that digest whatever enter the stomach. I can't react NaOH with HCl to determine the effect on the tablet. I understand that that's a titration lab, but I'm not interested in that, and that doesn't happen in the stomach. I then did further research on tylenol and looked at what are its ingredients (inactive and active) and tried to find a correlation with HCl. But they all had fancy names, researched all of them and got no where. I don't know what to do. I also looked at Aspirin, but it did no good. I know that Tylenol contains different functional groups than Aspirin, but can I do my IA based on that? Like bonding?
  8. Prince

    Chemistry IA 2016

    Hey i need help on my Chem IA My research question is: What effect does the amount of ethylene, have on the time taken of climacteric fruit ripening? I am doing a database based IA. I am also doing a really dumbed down experiment to support the data that I can find online. Can someone tell me how to start this. By database can I just find articles online and then cite them? Or find other websites that explain what is happening and what affect ethylene has on fruits? I don't understand how to do a database based IA. Any good databases? Anyone?
  9. These websites are very useful if your ia is researched based and so you are using results from a past study to investigate a new topic. It is also useful if you have not come up with an approved topic yet because they show all types of different possible experiments in chemistry. It also helps if you need outside research for your topic. Membership for most of these websites is free or your school may be a member. However, not every journal is free. I don't think any study released this year is free. In spite of this, these websites can save your grade if you can't come up with an approvable or doable topic. Royal Society of Chemistry ACS Publications Wiley Online Library Gale Databases
  10. I began the first part of my chemistry IA. I planned to do an experiment by replicating artificial photosynthesis on a small scale like researchers at Stanford have done. However, I would have to make the catalysts for water splitting myself. I don't have the means to do this. My teacher approved my idea, but he said it would be better if I did a research based experiment. My issue is that I cannot gain access to any studies or lab reports on artificial photosynthesis without paying around $30 for them. I'm not sure what to do about my IA and I think it's too late to change my topic. Is there anybody who could lend any advice?
  11. LBrown

    IA Structure

    I recently conducted my IA lab over rate of reaction. It was a simple lab where I measured the rate of an antacid tablet in HCl at different temperatures and different surface areas. My teacher is unfortunately not very helpful in the organizational aspect, and I was wondering if someone could provide a simple outline for how the final IA should be set up. Thanks a million!
  12. emmapatregnani

    chemistry IA guide

    A guide to writing perfect lab reports. Really helpful!

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