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Found 34 results

  1. so my teacher have disapproved my chemistry IA atleast twice so i need some guidance about my IA ideas related to fertilizers thanks.
  2. My Chemistry IA topic is focused on determining the calcium in milk by using the edta method (actual research question: How does the concentration of the calcium ion content relate to the temperature of the cow milk by using the EDTA titration method?) and I want to express my interest for my personal engagement. I am already doing research about the Calcium and EDTA things and the importance of Calcium and Milk in diet.
  3. Hey, My topic for my Chemistry SL IA is the quantitative analysis of vitamin c in raw tomatoes compared to cooked tomatoes. I thought about making 5 repetitions because of the certainty. I will get 5 results overall. Is that enough? Or do I need more repetitions? Is this topic even useful? If not, what do you request? I'm open for ideas! PS: I have no time left, deadline by tomorrow. Thank you
  4. I'm about to do my chemistry IA experiment on "The effect of temperature on the electrical conductivity of electrolyte drink(Gatorade)". However, my concern is as an HL chemistry student, I feel like the experiment is too simple and not much chemistry concepts are included. I heard that the marking criteria are same for SL and HL, but still, I'm just worried
  5. Hi, For my Chemistry IA, I want to compare the activation energy of the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide catalayzed by potassium iodide (KI) versus the activation energy of the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide catalyzed by a solution of catalase enzyme, to determine which one is the more efficient catalyst (i.e. the one that yields a lower activation energy for the reaction). For both catalyzed reactions, I'm going to measure the volume of oxygen gas evolved per second using a gas syringe, at 5 different temperatures (30°C, 35°C, 40°C, 45°C and 50°C). Then, I'm going to create an Arrhenius plot for each catalyzed reaction, and determine the activation energy from the plot. There are a few things that I'm confused about: 1. How do I determine the appropriate concentrations and volumes for each chemical? 2. How do I calculate the rate constant based on the data I collect? (In order to create the Arrhenius plot, I would need to plot ln(rate constant) on the y-axis and 1/Temperature on the x-axis). Alternatively, I found an article that says that I can simply plot ln(initial rate) over 1/Temperature. (https://eic.rsc.org/feature/investigating-activation-energies/2020172.article) This article says the following: The variation of reaction rate with temperature is given by the Arrhenius equation, which in its integrated form is: k = Ae-Ea /RT where A is a constant, the frequency factor, Ea is the activation energy, R is the universal gas constant (8.314 J mol-1K-1), and T is the absolute temperature. Since initial rate = ck, the initial rate can be found by: initial rate = cAe-Ea /RT Taking logarithms: ln (initial rate) = lncA - Ea/RT or log (initial rate) = logcA - Ea/2.303RT Thus, we can plot log (initial rate) against 1/T to obtain a straight line. The slope is multiplied by -2.303R to get Ea. The rates can be expressed in volume of oxygen per second or in arbitrary units because the slope of the straight line will not be affected. Would this work as well? I figure it would be easier to plot ln(initial rate), because then I wouldn't need to calculate the values for the rate constant at each temperature.
  6. Is there anyone here who is good at doing ANOVA? If so please PM me because I really dont know if ive done it right in my biology and chemistry ia's! General feedback on my ia's would also be nice
  7. Hello all, I take chemistry HL and I need a topic for my chemistry IA new syllabus. I have suggested two ideas for my supervisor but he said they are not good. He said that the expire meant should deal with a broad topic and have qualitative data( the one with calculations) he emphasized on the point of the experiment having calculations. And he said it should relate in someway to daily life, it's good to do about food, water , cosmetics, detergins.... Any suggestions for topics???? The two topics he refused and said we're not good are: 1. The effect of temperature on the acidity of lemons 2. Something dealing with zinc half life
  8. So I have to do a theoretical IA in chemistry since I kind of screwed up with my practical one... I am in chemistry SL and this is a kind of hard situation for me as I don't really have any idea what I want to write about and the full draft is due 27 August 2017. My teacher gave me some sources in the form of databases but to be true I am not that good in chemistry. I take chemistry SL which may save me. Anyway if anyone did a theoretical IA in chemistry I would be very grateful for any tips.
  9. Hi, I am thinking about which IA topic I should choose for Chemistry IA. Our teacher gives an emphasis on doing something very original, but I just cannot find a unique topic. Is originality really of such importance, or is it important to do a complex topic and make an excellent report out of it, without inventing some new approaches, procedures, using unique materials, etc. Thank you!!!
  10. G'day tigers. I've run into a bit of a massive pickle basically. For my Chemistry IA, I reckon I've bitten of significantly more than I'm able to comfortably or even uncomfortably chew. The only thing I knew going into the Chem IA was that if I did a titration based prac I was probably going to commit seppuku, or hold my face over a bunsen burner, and so with that in mind I decided to investigate "The effect percentage composition of tin has on the electrical conductivity of lead based solder' which sounds nice and pretentious for the bigwigs. The problem that I've run into dearest fellow IB masochists, is that, after melting down and casting a whole bunch of different %Tin and Lead alloys , I've now discovered that given that I've casted them into small 5g round ingots, their electrical resistance is negligible when I try and test them with a multimeter, even just the straight lead and straight tin test the same. The only possible solution I can think of is maybe drawing them into some kind of wire? But I've got both no idea or means to do that, or concrete knowledge of if it would even help As such, I'm left with about 7 different samples of different percentage tin and lead alloys, and no independent variable. Is there anyway you genius friends can think of salvaging this train-wreck of an IA? Or possibly a different more sensitive tool to test their conductivity that I've missed (besides 3 digit multimeter)? I'm incredibly sorry if I've come across flippant, I assure you it's just a sign of panic.
  11. hey, so I recently started brainstorming on what I can do for my chemistry IA. I am doing HL chemistry and I am going into the final year of IB. I have somewhat of a basis on what I want to do. I want to do titration, having the acid be hydrochloric acid and using various basic solutions. For the basic solutions, I want to create solutions from some antacids and compare how each antacid works by seeing how much of each is needed for the pH of the acid to reach and maintain a neutral pH. I'm not sure if this is going to work because this idea is still in the works. Any ideas or tips on how I can improve??
  12. Guest

    Chemistry IA Topic

    Hey i need a chem ia topic suggestion or sample which will help me in deciding a topic... thank you in advance
  13. hii so i need to finalize my sl chem topic asap. i was thinking of looking into the saponification values of various fats however, i was unsure as for what i could do with that information once i found it. for instance, what would the saponification values indicate?? thank youu!!
  14. Hi, I need help with writing a chemistry IA that is a simulation. How do I write up the lab report (errors, variables, etc) when it is just a simulation and I didn't actually do the experiment? Help needed urgently and if an example IA could be found (I couldn't find one) it would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Just to get you interested, for every reply I will send a bad chemsitry pun to that person...and will try to make it original... For my chem IA am going to investigate anti-oxidants in health foods. I thought this was a good idea after hearing about all these "free radicals" in the human body and how they are linked to diseases blah blah blah, but antioxidants can remove them. I want to investigate something in this area whether it be looking at antioxidants in food at different temperatures, or comparing them, but I am unsure which path to go down. If you have any ideas how I can progress this idea further please reply (you will get a good pun) OR if you think this topic is terrible, or think you have a better idea, let me know,
  16. Hi, I was just wondering if I could get some input (or mere approval from current/former IB students) about my chemistry IA research question. Is this a common lab idea? I haven't really seen it anywhere so I'm not sure but I would like to make mine unique. Is it a realistic experiment to conduct within 10 hours? "How does cooking time affect the vitamin C content in various vegetables?"
  17. Greetings my fellow IB DPs, I am inexperienced at Chemistry and have a 4 in general Chemistry SL, as well as being new to this website I would love some seasoned knowledge from y'all IBees. I need help to find research on how to calculate the exact nitrogen levels in soil. If you may post any pdf documents you know or any personal insights and knowledge I will be very lucky and extremely grateful to you.
  18. ok im in my final year (nov exams 2016) and i have to find a topic for my HL chem ia. i didnt do experimental which means i am now doing theoretical and i need some ideas. i like organic chem the most, but am willing to do some of the harder topics if it means ill have to revise. i am currently on a 3, but am aiming for at least a 4/5 so i want the ia to boost my mark so not too simple but not too hard. id appreciate any help
  19. Hey science experts out there. So Chemistry really isn't my strong suit, but I do know that generally you do not EVER use personal pronouns in any sort of scientific or academic paper. However, I'm a little confused as to how we otherwise should go in depth with the personal engagement. In the assessment criteria my teacher gave me, it says "the justification given for choosing the research question and/or the topic under investigation demonstrates personal significance, interest or curiosity". What did you guys get, and did your teacher say anything specific for this? Also, I'm a little nervous. My experiment is on electrolysis as a means of removing tarnish from silver, and because this is not a very "scientific" topic, I don't have any accepted values or general data processing to relate to, as the balance my school had access to was not sensitive enough to detect the mass difference on the silver objects before and after electrolysis, so the only actual calculations I have is the uncertainty calculations and my calculations for making standard salt solutions for the electrolysis. Would this be a problem? Granted, I do mention the lack of sensitivity on the balance and that my intention was to measure the mass change, so I guess that could re-deem me a little in the examinator's eyes. Do you think this could drag me down a lot, or is it fine as long as I mention that I had a plan that was limited due to a lack of equipment?
  20. Version 1.0.0


    Top 15 tips to get your Chemistry IA to Level 7 Mr. Chem’s Top 15 tips to get your Chemistry IA to level 7 - IBS.pdf
  21. Hei guys. So today, my chem teacher announced that we need to pass in 3 IA proposals by Friday. I'm so stumped. I suck at chemistry. Its interesting, but so complex for my wee-little brain. I need ideas or at least a guide. I don't want anything too difficult (obviously). I did pretty good on the Acid & Bases unit, and also RedOx unit. Others were pretty sucky. Or, do you know any websites that may have a list of topics? Thanks!
  22. Hello guys- can someone please educate me on the teacher's responsibility with our IA's? Is he or she responsible of guiding us away from a research question that is setting us from failure or is the guidance never provided with the IA's. Thanks
  23. Hey guys! My chem IA is coming up, and to say the least, I'm kind of lost. I would like to do something about caffeine as a drug, but I don't know which experiment could be done on this - or if it's maybe too simple. Another possibility could be to do something on rate of reaction, as that is my strongest topic, but yet again I find it difficult to come up with a suitable experiment. Does anyone have a suggestion, which can maybe help my process a bit? Thanks in advance!
  24. asarj

    HELP !

    Hey I am now in my last year of IB taking my exams in May ^^ but I transferred from a school in Palestine to Denmark, and so I got a little confused regarding the different methods used in those places, plus my classmates studied things last year that I hadn't taken, and so it was quite messy for a while. I did my Chemistry IA about Wastewater treatment. But I have absolutely no idea how to put in my qualitative data, I have no clue how to portray anything, I tried looking online for some guides, but I just can't seem to figure out how to process the data. And my classmates were done with their IA's last year, so my Chemistry teacher says that it is my responsibility! thank you in advance for any help you can offer
  25. Hello there, I just wanted to ask if my IA idea is ok and if I'm good to do the experiment. My teacher doesn't know the approval process and doesnt know what to approve and what to decline. My topic is: Measuring the Amount of Acid in Vinegar by Titration with an Indicator Solution. And any other information you think would be helpful is also appreciated Thank you in advance
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