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Found 309 results

  1. Hi, I'd like an opinion on two ideas I have for a Chemistry Extended Essay: "How does the Kc of a hibiscus indicator change with temperature?" and "At what pH values do red, yellow and white hibiscus indicators change colours? What kind of titrations can they be used for?" I'd like to know which of these topics would be simpler (I need to do a lot of reading and learning either way) and which one sounds original. I personally prefer the second one as I think its results will be more useful for real-world applications but I think I feel like its already been done. Thanks in advance!
  2. So I ended up getting a really bad mark on my chemistry design lab that brought my mark down by almost 20% (from an 84 to a 65). However, I feel like I didn't do as bad as my teacher graded it. I got a 7/24, but I had done the graphs and the research properly. I have all the components asked in the rubric. The question is, would my IA mark affect my overall IB mark? If so, can I have my lab being regraded by another teacher?
  3. Hello, I'm doing my chemistry IA on paper chromatography of different colours of leaves. I really would appreciate a sample IA about chromatography that I can get the structure from. can you please share with me anything that might help? Thank you very much.
  4. Hey guys! I want to do my Chemistry IA on water purification and which is the most effective tablet, what could my independent variable be??
  5. How was chem paper 1 and 2 for you guys... i think paper 1 was really easy. And paper 2 was a bit tricky.
  6. 11 downloads

    Chemistry IA 2016 Analysis criteria
  7. Hi guys, So the first chem exam is next week and i started preparing like 5 weeks ago, however i am really not doing well. I'm frustrated because i've literally studied everything over and over and have done practice questions yet i just can't grasp the chem theory. I score particularly badly in paper 1s for SL chem and i am at a loss as to what to do. I know that i know the general information but am stunted by questions that should be quite simple. Can anyone share a tip for practicing or understanding that could help me? I really need the help right now even though it's too late. My struggle is paper 1, i really need your help. Thanks a lot P.S. Please don't chastise me, i'm not a lazy student nor have i left anything last minute. I just seem to be severely lacking in my understanding and application of the theories.
  8. Hi, all! At my school, we're having IB course selections and I would really appreciate some input. English Literature HL (I’m really good at English and really enjoy it!) Psychology HL (I’ve always been interested in psychology) Biology HL - Chemistry HL German ab Initio SL (Excited for this course) Math SL (I’ve always been horrible at math. I don’t want to do math studies.) If not, what can I change? Let me know what you think!
  9. I have a chem blog called Chem Is Try. It's both on the ChemNet of the RSC and Blogger (well, I should have put it on WordPress.) The blogger address is (Feel free to visit it if you like!) The first blog post about the chemistry set was actually recommended by the RSC (I think via ChemNet newsletter last year). The question is...I have not written one entry in the last 4 months. For each of the entry, I would like to think topics that are really compelling, interesting, and informative to write. The brainstorm part takes quite a long time. I have been busy with other chemistry/design/interdisciplinary activities and my academics in the 4 months and haven't written one new post. Now I have 6 entries and some followers on ChemNet. So what to do with my blog? I would like to work more on it after my SATs and maybe promote it to a wider audience. Now I just left the blog on the two websites without promoting them...
  10. Hello Chemistry Students, I just made a comprehensive app for IB Chemistry post 2017-2018 Syllabus. The app is completely free and it has a lot of useful stuffs. 1. The app is only 3MB so you won't be losing a lot of space. 2.The app has most of the Syllabus content and plus detailed videos for every chapter and every topic. 3. Key terms and all definitions specific for every chapter. 4 If you feel confident enough, you can test yourself with PastPapers, Quizzes, and Tests right inside the app. And if any of you are having problems, you can contact me through the app at any time. The Link to my app: I put a lot of effort on this app so any support will make me happiest person ever. !!!!! Regarding the iOS app: Unfortunately, I will not be releasing an iOS version of the app because Apple charges an annual minimum fee of $99 for its developers (which is remarkably high considering that my app is free and non-profit) while Google only charges a one time fee of $25. If you don't have an Android device, you can install BlueStacks to simulate an android device on your Windows PC or Macintosh computer here.
  11. As the 2017 IB exam is coming up in like 2 weeks I would like to ask can I write answers in point form for short and long questions in Chemistry or Physics Higher Level Papers 2 and 3? I know it does save a lot of time but my Chemistry teacher advised me to write complete sentences which definitely would take me at least 5-10 minutes more than writing point-form answers. Any specific guidance would help a lot #antiprocrastinationAlert
  12. Hello fellow survivors, in our school we're at the present doing the Group 4 Project and our topic is myths. Now, our group is having a hard time to find a myth to essentially debunk and which involves physics, biology and chemistry! We are in dire need of some help here, so if anyone is kind enough to give us some ideas or advice it will be greatly appreciated. To give an idea of what I am talking about, I will explain a myth that I thought we could debunk but which we were forced to ditch as it would be too complicated. So my idea was that we were going to debunk that microwaving food can destroy the nutrients (carrot's beta-carotene increases, but vitamin-c actually decreases in certain foods). Physics - Looking at the microwave and how they cook the food etc. Biology - The nutrients, the food etc. Chemistry - What happens inside the food. Thanks, Concerned IB Student
  13. Hi everyone I really need help on this question!!!! I have a tok question on Chemistry. "to what extent is chemistry a separate language? what are the main differences between the language of chemistry and your mother tongue?" what's your opinion on this??? Thanksss!!:)
  14. Hi there! The first draft of my chemistry IA is due at the end of next week and I have been searching for topics for the past 3 weeks. I trialled 2 experiments; paper chromatography with henna leaves and investigating the effectiveness of antacids through pH meter titration and they both didn't turn out as planned... I don't particularly like titrations and I'm not very good with experiments so I did consider doing a database IA, but I'm struggling to find something to investigate. I am really struggling to find either a) an investigation that doesn't involve titration, b) materials can be accessible in NZ schools, c) a topic that someone in my class isn't already doing and d) not something too generic like testing vitamin c content in foods etc. Please help! Thanks in advance
  15. I'm really confused as to what exactly should be the purpose, or aim, of my chemistry extended essay, and how to structure it. My supervisor says that it should be something that's "almost new", i.e. something that hasn't really been done before by a lot of people (or something like that), which makes sense to me, as the EE guide does say something similar. He also says that it should focus on the learning process, and that it shouldn't really be structured like an IA, with the aim, hypothesis, data analysis and whatnot, and instead be structured like a sort of mini-paper. However, the exemplar EE I have is structured quite similarly to an IA, with a lot of graphs, data analysis, and discussion. It's the first time that anybody at my school has done a science EE, and the last time someone tried an EE in a new subject (math) it didn't really go that well, so I'm kind of worried. Can anyone just give me some advice on how exactly to structure my EE? Is it really that different from an IA, or should I structure it similarly? Should I be attempting to come to a significant conclusion, in that I shouldn't just blame everything on bad equipment and say that results are inconclusive? Also, I did do quite a bit of testing before conducting my actual experiment, and I'm wondering if I should mention this.
  16. hello guys so basically all my classmates have their experiments done already and are starting with their lab reports and then there is me. I am literally freaking out. I was originally doing my experiment on effect on NaCO3 on the foaming capacity pf soap, but i felt like it was too simple to be an IA. I have presented my teacher with many ideas but he would always come up with something wrong about it. My previous chemistry teacher advised me to do something on enthalpies but i dont know how to relate it to a personal engagement. Can anyone please suggest some strong HL topics im very desperate.
  17. Hi guys, I did an experimental ee based on a research done by previous scientists, and I explained important parts of the research that are related to my research question in the introduction. So, will the examiners still check again that research? Or they'll just depend on my explanation in the introduction? Curious about this, thanks!!
  18. Hi there, I am thinking about doing my chemistry IA on paper chromatography of black and red henna dye. However, would this be too simple for Higher Level?
  19. Hi, so I'm not sure about my research question. I've been told that I need to be extremely specific and that the reader should know everything about my experiment after reading my research question. When I tried framing it, I saw that it was too long, but my teacher said it was okay. I'm really confused, because I've never seen such a long research question before. It is: What is the effect of different sugar concentrations (0.8M, 0.9M, 1.0M, 1.1M, 1.2M, 1.3M, 1.4M of 1:1 glucose/fructose solution) on the percent of sugar fermented by measuring the amount of ethanol when 1.00 ± 0.01g of yeast is added to 10.0 ± 0.1ml of sugar solution, by back titration with potassium dichromate, potassium iodide and sodium thiosulfate? Please advise me on how I can improve it. Thanks
  20. Hi. I'm having some serious doubts about my course selection for the IB. I'm currently in Grade 10 and in my last year of MYP and will be starting the IB program this fall. I've chosen: English Lit HL Biology HL Chemistry HL Psychology HL German ab Initio SL Math SL This course combination suggests that I am leaning towards the medicine track. Although, the thing is, I'm not sure if I want to be a doctor. My parents really want me to go down this path because of the stability it provides (financial) They are also in the medical field so they know the field and they know this path very well. I've talked with them a couple times about my doubts and it usually ends in a fight. In their mind, I can only become 1 of 3 things: a doctor, a lawyer, or an engineer. *Engineering is pretty much out of the question because I suck at mathematics and I've taken two 'engineering style' courses (Intro to Computer Science and Design Technology) and I had to drop DT because I was failing the class. I am not doing too well in Computer Science either. *I'm not sure about being a lawyer too. I think I have the right skills for this career. And no, not the cliche 'I like to argue' one. I have a real passion and natural aptitude for the humanities. I have always gotten good grades in subjects such as English and History and I enjoy learning about these subjects. Unfortunately, careers in the humanities (except for being a lawyer - and even some lawyers share their experiences about how they are struggling to find work) don't pay well and I am afraid of taking a risk and changing all my IB courses to fit this pathway and I am unemployed, full of regret, and hate my life. *I'm also afraid that if I stick with my courses, I won't do well in them and I'll ruin my university chances and can kiss all my dream schools goodbye. Honestly, what top university would accept a student who had 5's for their HL sciences? Or less than that? Right now, I'm not doing badly in science. My grades range from an 88-92 but I have to try really hard to get this grade or even higher than this. In chemistry, my grades weren't bad I actually enjoyed it. Biology is okay up until you move past cell structure and you start learning about plants and anatomy and I find that really boring because of all the details & memorization. So, I would really appreciate some input on what course of action I should take. Should I listen to my parents, keep my course combo, and become a doctor despite the fact that I'm not sure if I want to be one? Or should I change my course combination?
  21. Hi, I've been thinking about my Chemistry EE and came up with an idea, but need some opinions or suggestions on it: "How does the Kc of an indicator made from hibiscus (called Kind) change with temperature?" Another idea I had was "For what type of titration are hibiscus indicators the most effective: strong acid-strong base, weak acid-weak base, strong acid-weak base or weak acid-strong-base?". I'd like some thoughts on the above ideas. Thanks in advance!
  22. Sn1 vs Sn2 reactions comparison (not mine) View File Just a really good summary sheet I found online comparing the SN1 and SN2 reactions. Link to place is below: Submitter SC2Player Submitted 03/25/2017 Category Notes  
  23. 4 downloads

    Just a really good summary sheet I found online comparing the SN1 and SN2 reactions. Link to place is below:
  24. please help- I'm panicking! I'm taking Hl Chemistry, French B, and English lang&lit - SL Math, ESS, Turkish literature I want to study in Canada (Toronto Especially) , and I recently decided to study (or at least consider) Dentistry, but I don't take biology as an IB course. Is it possible in any way for me to study dentistry?- Can I get accepted to any university with only 9-10th grade biology?
  25. Hello. I'm an IB student in the first year. I chose Chem for my EE and I got accepted.. though I changed my topic now and it's not very solid yet. My research question is (not yet very solid) basically "How does temperature affect the rate of water softening by water softening resin beads?" It's basically the water softening resin beads are polymer beads that have negative charges. On top of them, there are Na+ ions attracted. When positive Ca ions meet the beads, the Na+ ions get displaced by the Ca ions. This way, the water is softened. I'm doing this topic in order to prevent limescales (calcium carbonates) forming, done by removing Ca+ ions in the water. And.. I'm not too sure about the 'variable' here. I chose Temperature, but it seems bit off to me.. like whether temperature increases/decreases the Ca+ ions getting displaced. It doesn't seem very chemistry-like. (My teacher also recommended using different Surface Area as a variable) Any opinion about this? My teacher told me to conduct an trial experiment first if Temp affects the rate of Ca+ ions getting displaced at all, but I don't even know where to get the beads and how to use them lol. If I actually do this topic, will this at least get me a D? Thanks.. I look forward to any opinions.