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Found 304 results

  1. I find Richard Thronley videos extremely helpful in understanding chemistry concepts (, anyone have any good youtube channels but for Physics HL?
  2. I'm starting my extended essay and I want to do something about chemistry (but not biochem, since I don't take biology) or physics For chem, I came up with 2 possible topics: Determining acidity levels of different fruits (or same fruits produced in different places) Verifying “real fruit” statements on juices by analyzing both the juice and the fruit they’re claiming to use For physics, I came up with 3 topics: How does the injection of HHO in the mechanical engine improve its efficiency? Hydrostatic pressure in different heights from the ground Concentration vs refraction Are these doable? I'm in first year for both courses and will take HL next year, but I don't feel like I've learned much so far. I'm leaning more towards chem (more for a teacher-hunting purpose), but I'll have to do physics if those topics are undoable. Thank you
  3. Hello! I'm a tenth-grade student planning on doing the IBDP for my junior and senior year. As we are beginning our second semester soon, we are required to pick out our subjects for IB. I had a couple of concerns as when I told people about the subjects I'm intending to take, they said I would face a hard time. I'm hoping to study engineering at university, hopefully, either chemical and biomolecular engineering. I'm also hoping to get into a top university as it would help me so much! The subjects I'm planning on doing are; -Physics HL -Math HL -Chemistry HL -Economics HL -English A Lit SL -Arabic B SL As you can see I really don't want to spend time on languages and I clearly want to focus on sciences and maths. If you have any concerns or advice I could use, it'd be greatly appreciated! Thank you
  4. Hi guys, I want to do my chem ia on vitamin c concentration in orange juice or vitamin c tablets but my chem teacher said it needs to involve a chemical reaction and Idk what independent variable to examine. If you guys have any ideas lemme know , even if it is a better topic
  5. Hey all, I've recently made an Android app that can balance chemical equations (useful if you are struggling). If you can check it out, it would be of great help! App Name: ChemBalancer Link:
  6. Im doing an IA for Chem on a comparison of different transitional metals acting as catalysts in redox reactions but have some questions... 1. Should I do multiple redox reactions or just see the effects on 1? 2. Which redox reaction would best suit this idea, and how would I measure the rate of reaction, as in what would be an indication of the end of the reaction? Thanks guys..your feedback is much appreciated...
  7. Hello, I'm doing my chemistry IA on paper chromatography of different colours of leaves. I really would appreciate a sample IA about chromatography that I can get the structure from. can you please share with me anything that might help? Thank you very much.
  8. Can anyone help me? I am supposed to choose a topic for my chemistry IA and i really want to do something that involves the environment. Does anyone have any ideas? Please let me know as soon as possible because I need to have my topic in a few days.
  9. Hi, all! At my school, we're having IB course selections and I would really appreciate some input. English Literature HL (I’m really good at English and really enjoy it!) Psychology HL (I’ve always been interested in psychology) Biology HL - Chemistry HL German ab Initio SL (Excited for this course) Math SL (I’ve always been horrible at math. I don’t want to do math studies.) If not, what can I change? Let me know what you think!
  10. I can't come up with any Chemistry IA ideas because I'm not passionate about the subject. How can I come up with Chemistry IA ideas if I don't care about the subject?
  11. ok so like on the IB SL chem exam if i get a 7 on paper 1 and like a 1 on paper 2 and like i do ok on my IA, what will my final mark out of 7 be??? my school is doing a mock ib exam to help us prepare and we just did paper 1 today and I think I did well on it so like im just trying to see how hard I need to study for paper 2 pLEASE HELP ASAP!!!!!!! thank u
  12. For my Chem IA, would it be a good idea to calculate calories in different cooking oils to find which is the "healthiest" option? I am doing HL, so need some HL part of the course. I thought this idea had personal engagement and would be pretty interesting to calculate.
  13. I was trying to solve a Hess's Law problem, but I can't seem to "get rid of" one of the compounds. The compound is water. There is no H2O in the final equation (the equation I'm trying to determine the enthalpy for) but I really can't figure out a way to cancel it out. Is water negligible in this case? Here is the question if anyone is interested: Calculate the standard enthalpy change when one mole of methane is formed from its elements in their standard states. The standard enthalpies of combustion, ΔHθ c , of carbon, hydrogen and methane are −393, −286 and −890 kJmol-1 respectively. C (s ) + 2H2 (g) → CH4 ΔH1 = ? C (s) + O2 (g) → CO2(g) ΔH2 =−393 kJmol-1 H2 (g) + 1/2 O2 (g) → H2O (l) ΔH3 = −286 kJmol-1 CH4 (g) + 2O2 (g) → CO2 (g) + H2O (l) ΔH4 = −890 kJmol-1
  14. Hey Guys, im currently in grade 10 and currently selecting my courses for dp. In the future, I want to study majors like computer science, software, computer or electronic engineering(Possibly). So I am currently planning to take math physics and chemistry for my HL courses. However personally im just not into chem and doesn't really have much passion to study chem in depth. I just wonder if chemistry is HL really required for my desired uni majors? And is taking both physics and chem hl really hard and exhausting? Would switching the chem hl to economics hl put me into disadvantages when applying for those listed university majors? Much appreciated!!!!! ps: Im currently planning to go to uni in possibly UK, US or Canada.
  15. Just to get you interested, for every reply I will send a bad chemsitry pun to that person...and will try to make it original... For my chem IA am going to investigate anti-oxidants in health foods. I thought this was a good idea after hearing about all these "free radicals" in the human body and how they are linked to diseases blah blah blah, but antioxidants can remove them. I want to investigate something in this area whether it be looking at antioxidants in food at different temperatures, or comparing them, but I am unsure which path to go down. If you have any ideas how I can progress this idea further please reply (you will get a good pun) OR if you think this topic is terrible, or think you have a better idea, let me know,
  16. Hi I asked my chemistry teacher if I could investigate voltage change of galvanic/voltaic cell by changing the size/surface area of the electrodes and he said yes. So i conducted the experiment and found a bit increase in voltage as the size increased, BUT my problem is that I havent found any source that supports it becasue all the sources state that voltage has nothing to do with size of electrode, but resistance has. According to my teacher, I should stick to the topic because other students have done it before me and gotten a good grade , but I cant find anything that supports my experiment. Does anyone have an idea or have done similar experiment? I am in a desperate need of help so any kind of answer would be so much appreciated thanks,
  17. Hey guys so long story short I decided to hold off my IA until the final week, and I need to complete my experiment basically in the next 3 days or so. My teacher gave me a pH metre, so I'm thinking about doing experiments that involve measuring the pH. My initial idea was testing how the temperature of a solution affected its pH, but my teacher said it was too simple as temperature simply changed the kA. Basically what I'm asking is does anyone have any easy topics for a chem sl IA that involve a pH metre, as well as simple household chemicals(not sulfuric acid or anything lol) Thanks so much
  18. Hi, I was just wondering if I could get some input (or mere approval from current/former IB students) about my chemistry IA research question. Is this a common lab idea? I haven't really seen it anywhere so I'm not sure but I would like to make mine unique. Is it a realistic experiment to conduct within 10 hours? "How does cooking time affect the vitamin C content in various vegetables?"
  19. For my IA, I am trying to determine the conductance (ion flow) in different drinks such as distilled water, Gatorade, Powerade, coconut water, orange juice, Pedialyte, and a solution containing sodium chloride. I was planning on doing this by using a digital multimeter and measuring the resistance of the substance and then taking the inverse of it to get the conductance. I would determine whichever substance had the highest conductance and by doing so, would be able to find the substance with the most electrolytes. Growing up playing sports, I have always been told the importance of staying hydrated as well as replenishing electrolytes after vigorous exercise, and I was interested to see if sports drinks like Gatorade and Powerade were really the best substances for athletes to drink as these companies have claimed. I am worried that my "experiment" is too simplistic since I don't really have any variables. I was wondering if this was enough to do for the IA or if not, I was wondering if there is a way I could alter the experiment a little bit so that it would be more challenging. One idea I had was to take the ingredients of the different substances and "rebuild" the electrolytes found in them. For example, Gatorade contains 230 mg of sodium in 500 mL and 65 mg of potassium, and I was planning on creating a solution with the same concentration of sodium and another with the same concentration of potassium. Then I would add up the conductance of both substances and compare it to the original Gatorade. I have no idea if this would work or even if it makes sense. Thanks in advance, Jerry
  20. Hi! I'm a Chemistry student currently undergoing corrections for my IA draft. I just really really REALLY need help on what the points to IB grades are. For example, how many points do I need to score from the overall rubric in order to barely reach a 7? How about 6? and so on and so forth. Thanks!
  21. Hi everyone, I was curious if you guys could give me some advice on how to maximize my points for the IA that I have. It's due in one day and I'm retouching it but I have a few concerns. I have a pretty edgy topic that ended up not going too much in my favor for reasons out of my control (but I didn't want to switch topics because it was too late). It is a database IA, so no procedures or such. It is on the effect of electronegativity gap between atoms in diatomic covalent and ionic compounds on the melting point of those compounds. I talk a lot in my background about intermolecular forces, lattice energy, etc. What I ended up discovering was that there really was no noticeable trend due only to electronegativity gap increases which created stronger dipoles. I read into this and it appears that it had to do with the atomic radius and ultimately the distance between the atoms in the compound itself. Thus, since electronegativity and radius are both fundamental properties of elements, it's sort of impossible to isolate either of the variables due to the fact that they are both present in Coulomb's law. My question is that since my hypothesis was that there would be a trend due to the electronegativity gap, is it ok that I'm wrong if I explore the reason for my error? I decided that I could choose three or so compounds with similar distance between the atoms to keep that more or less constant and then see the effect of electronegativity increase on the melting points. Is that a suitable path? Also, since I am wrong in my hypothesis, what would I put for error since really it's kind of the entire thing? I don't expect to get full marks simply because of the topic's inadequacy, but I'd like to maximize my score and get at least a B (6). Thanks!
  22. Hi there, I'll be starting the IB pretty soon and would like a little heads up on my subject combination. So far, I have decided on: Chemistry HL Mathematics HL Economics HL Lang and Lit SL Chinese B SL History SL I would like to take computer science as a degree in a uni but am relatively unsure in swapping out chemistry for computer science because it's something I haven't really done before and chemistry is pretty much of a core science. After some thorough searching, most courses I'm going after in university level don't really require chemistry but it might still be a bonus? I dunno. And would History SL be ok or should I swap it out for Physics SL? I think physics would be much more related to my preferred course of study but I do love history (that's why I put it in). I heard from someone that mugging for history SL is pretty much the same as mugging for history HL. Is that true? Thanks for reading through all these!
  23. Hi so for my IA I am doing the effect of temperature on the vitamin C content of pineapple juice. However, I am having some trouble writing my procedure, I was wondering if anyone has done this experiment and if they could please share it with me so that I know I am on the right track! Thank you so much (and yes i know this lab is so mainstream lol) -abi
  24. Hello all, I would really appreciate any help with this issue. For my CHEM ia I'm really interested in diabetes/ sugar levels and what factors could decrease its presence. I don't know exactly what to do for it, can someone advice me with things that could be related back to ib chemistry?
  25. Hey guys. So I've finished my EE, my IAs.. everything except my chemistry IA which is proving to be a real pain. My topic was the percentage by mass of ammonium in different fertilizers, and using back titration, I found the percentage by mass. The experimentation was easy enough, and that is all done, and my readings are more or less what I expected. However, I am having trouble with actually writing my IA. For my results analysis, all I can write is which fertilizer is the best out of the three. Is there anything else I can write in my analysis or any possible graphs I can include? Please help, this is the only thing I have left to finish, and its due in less than 3 days. Thanks in advance, you guys!