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Found 35 results

  1. I want to switch from Spanish SL to chinese AB intio but its almost been a year. My ib coordinator says that I cannot switch because I am heritage of china although I cannot speak, read or write chinese??? Also she says that there needs to be 150 hours of teaching meet before the end of the year. To my knowledge I heard you can take an online course on top of the course at school to fulfil the 150 teaching hours. I don't see why I cannot take AB Initio chinese. Could someone please clarify about the heritage thing thanks.
  2. My Chinese teacher has permitted me to study a year of Chinese over the summer, and this will put me into IB Chinese B SL. The course progression of foreign languages goes like this: freshman year -- Chinese 100, sophomore year -- Chinese 200, junior year -- IB Chinese B SL (300), and senior year -- IB Chinese B SL (400), and then we take the IB Chinese B SL test in our senior year. Since I will be studying over the summer, I will be taking IB Chinese B SL a year earlier and have the chance to study IB Chinese B HL (500) if I find myself truly loving the subject and language. I learn languages fast, but I have never done it in two months before. However, I am not a native speaker of Mandarin, and therefore, I will naturally struggle with studying Chinese. Are there any studying techniques available specifically to retain what I study over the summer?
  3. I am in summer holidays approaching Year 13 now and I really want to grab the time to prepare for next year. I am at a 37 now and I really want to get a 40 or above. Does any one have tips on how to get a 7 in the following subjects that I take? Especially Film and Global Politics! I literally have no idea how in the world I am supposed to revise or get good grades in those!! - Chinese Language and Literature HL - English Literature SL - Maths SL - Design Technology SL - Global Politics HL - Film Studies HL Thanks a million!
  4. Hello, I have finished Grade 10 and will embark upon my IBDP journey starting this August. Quite a few people seemed to be concerned with the difficulty of my course selection. I have chosen the subjects below: Mathematics HL Physics HL English Language and Literature (A2) HL Chemistry SL Business and Management SL Chinese B SL I want to pursue Computer Science in university, hence is why I think Math HL is a must, and I also think that Physics HL would be useful. I am very fluent in Chinese and B SL would not be a problem. What concerns me is Math HL and Physics HL; I enjoy Math and Physics a lot, but I am not necessarily 'good' at Physics. Could anyone give advice on my choices? Help would be appreciated
  5. Hi guys, These are some very useful tools for learning a language. They provide you with all sorts of help related to translation (obv ) proof reading, grammar, examples, and usages. - www.Wordreference.com as many of you may know is a dictionary for many languages and often gives you a few example sentences and basic facts (masc. feminine, noun, etc.) - www.linguee.com is a great website if you come across a word and want to find other forms it's used in. It basically finds real-life websites/articles/etc. that use a word in 2 languages (e.g. English and French) It also has a basic dictionary and works in many languages. - www.Bonpatron.com is great for proof-reading your work, it checks your grammar, articles at the beginning of a noun, etc. However, it's only limited to French. - www.conjugation-fr.com is great for conjugating a verb in French. It provides dozens of various tenses (some of which are literary-level). It's an all tenses in 1 place. Hope it helps
  6. Hi people! My Chinese B SL exams are next week and I need some advice, especially on paper 2. Has anyone here gotten a 7? And if so do you have any tips?
  7. Hello! I'm wondering how everyone studies for Chinese B SL? I have only learnt Chinese for 3 years, from the start of 2015, and I will do it for IB next year. I have had no past experience with it, and I would really like to know how to study to be able to maximise my marks. I don't really know much about the exams, either so any knowledge about the that would help: I'm aware theres paper 1 and 2, but I'm not sure what's in those. Any tips for doing well in finals would be much appreciated. So anyways, please let me know if you have any tips, tricks or experience!! Thank you very much!
  8. i take: HL global politics HL film HL chinese language & literature SL english literature SL maths SL design technology i have both HL & SL papers for some of them. i am contemplating whether to keep SL papers when I do HL; & if I should keep my HL papers when I do SL... i know for some subjects the assessments are very similar or even same in HL & SL. sooo plz provide me your valuable opinions! thx
  9. Hello, in a few weeks I will be starting the IB and would just like to know what I am going to get myself into in terms of Mandarin. In GCSE, I have done Mandarin as a foreign language (A/A* I haven't got my grade back yet but that is my prediction) and now in IB I am planning to choose Mandarin B SL. I already understand that this will be an extremely large 'jump' from GCSE to IB, but was just wondering how big this 'jump' will be. Do you think it would be extremely hard to survive in Mandarin B SL and does anyone been in my situation? Would love to get some tips and advice. Thanks!
  10. Hi! May I ask about the requirements for studying in Taiwan? Do we still need to do a HSK/TOCFL test in addition to Chinese B? Is it recommended to take Chinese B HL to enter a university there? Thanks!
  11. If anyone's taking Chinese Mandarin SL/HL, how are you guys preparing for the exam? :3 :3 I'm trying to read as many Mandarin texts I can find, but I feel like that won't be enough. How are you guys preparing for Papers 1 and 2? (Other Language B subject students are welcome to help me out haha )
  12. Hey all. My package is: HL Math, HL Physics, HL Computer Science, SL Philosophy, SL English LangLit, SL Chinese B. So far we've had two assessments/reports and I've maintained a 41/42 across all subjects. I have achieved a 6 in SL Chinese B, which I want to maintain, but now I am practicing for our internal exams/mocks using past papers and I am just so confused. It goes like this: I find a past Chinese paper, I pick it up, I start with the first passage, and I can't understand ANYTHING. First of all, I will only know 50% of the characters. And most of the time, I can't even begin to guess what the entire passage is trying to say.... I don't even know how to answer a single question (I don't even understand the questions as they are written in full Chinese most of the time, and usually with MCQ I can't understand the answers). It's honestly guessing and matching the words. With IGCSE (the past two years), I achieved an A* because it was way easier compared to this! I just can't even begin to understand these past papers. How did I get a 6 thus far in my year 1? Well, put simply, we had tests on certain units we learned and so I memorized the vocab/idioms we learned, practiced a bunch & practiced reading on essays. I did well on writing essays, oral, and reading comprehension to get a 6. Now I'm trying IB past papers and I don't get it. There's basically no units with set vocab, just random passages on random topics. I seriously can't understand anything. I've just never had this happen to me and I'm so confused. Can anyone offer advice? I'm a native English speaker, and have been studying Chinese since grade 5. Thanks
  13. Hi. I am a selftaught student of Chinese A literature. I have a question about paper 1. For paper 1, the literature analysis, am I supposed to write an essay on each of the two question? Or just one essay to ask two questions? It would be best if someone has a sample answer (better in Chinese, English is also fine) with examiners' comments. Thanks.
  14. Hi everyone! I'm doing SL Chinese B, and I was wondering what are you meant to include in the rationale of the SL Written Assignment? This is my Chinese teacher's first IB cohort, so she doesn't seem to be 100% sure herself. Thank you!
  15. Hi. I will be taking my Chinese IOC in a couple of weeks and i would like to find out more about the Chinese IOC and about the conversation part of it. During the Chinese IOC, we are required to have a 'story' to have a conversation with the teacher. is it okay if my story is completely made up? (This is all fake information) For example, if I were to be in China studying IB, i have never studied anywhere else, and lets say if my topic was on lets say international day, where i can talk and compare about different countries. what if i made up some fake story such as 'I lived in Britain for 6 months' and gave a comparison about the two countries China and Britain to the teacher, by faking the events, how we celebrated this and so on. By doing this, does the IB have the information about me to find out that the story is fake? Or would they not care and would they just use it as more interesting story for the IOC. Thanks a lot for your reply.
  16. Hi, so I'm currently a 10th grader who studies in International School Manila and I'm planning to take IB next year. I've already made my choices for most of the IB groups however I'm having trouble choosing a subject for group 2. As I am taking A English Lit. SL, I am now trying to choose a course for my 2nd language. Being Filipino, I am fluent in the language however I have also been studying Mandarin Chinese for around 8-10 years coming from a Chinese school. Would you think taking Filipino A2 would be more beneficial for me as I would obtain a bilingual diploma or would taking Chinese B be a better choice as I have no problems speaking the language and from what I've seen, more recognized in universities around the world. Thanks!
  17. My teacher doesn't really teach very well for mandarin and so I'm looking for suggestions for textbooks to use (I already have some of the easy steps to chinese books) I was also wondering if anyone had any experience with this book: http://www.amazon.com/Mandarin-IB-Diploma-Yan-Burch/dp/147182909X and if they knew that it was good
  18. I took Spanish 1 in 7th grade, Spanish 2 in 8th, Spanish 3 in 9th, and Spanish 4 in 10th. Would it look better to colleges if I continued on to DP Spanish HL or took IB/DP ab initio Chinese? I am entering 11th grade so I am subject to only take Chinese for 2 years. I'm asking about elite, highly selective colleges. Because I've fulfilled the requirement of 4 years of a language, I question whether colleges would want trilingualism or "advanced" fluency in 2 languages.
  19. So I just finished my MYP, and I will be starting IBDP in the coming September. Right now the subjects I will be doing are: Group 1: English SLGroup 1: Chinese SLGroup 3: Math SLGroup 4: Biology HLGroup 5: Economy HLGroup 6: Visual Arts HLI want to study psychology in university, but I also want to pursue an art degree in the future, and I would really appreciate your opinion regarding the following questions: 1. What are the general difficulty rates of these subjects? 2. Is it necessary to take two Group1 subjects considering I would like to study a social science related subject in the future? (If I change Chinese from group1 to group2, I would do Group2 Mandarin HL, which means I can change one of my HL subject into SL, preferably visual arts) 3. Will biology and economy combined require a lot of memorising? I actually don't mind memorising and understanding the concepts, but I still want to know so that I know how can I prepare myself this summer I would really appreciate if I can get some insight or opinion, and I apologise ahead if some parts of this post are confusing :-)
  20. I need your opinion on whether I should learn Mandarin or French. I want to learn Mandarin more than I want to learn French, because it is way more useful, but French is way easier. The problem with Mandarin is the difficulty, especially the letters/script/characters, when I look at Chinese letters it just looks ridiculously hard, memorizing them is basically like looking into the night sky and trying to memorize specific patterns of stars, and freaking hundreds of them!?!?!? So what do you guys think? Take an easier language, and probably get a better grade, but waste two years that I could have spent learning a more useful language? Or take a harder language, probably get a worse grade, but learn something useful? And another question; do any of you have any idea if people who take chinese/japanese/hindi/korean etc. (hard languages, because of the script, among other reasons) will learn less - cover less material - than people who take easier languages? That would make sense right..? Thanks for any amswers
  21. I`m starting IB in a little over a year and I was wondering if it was a good idea to spend my free time learning a new language, and then take it ab inito. I would just pretend I have never studied the language before, and then BOOM! on the test I would get a 7, I would probably be ahead of the class for 6 months or something, at least. I just think it would be a good idea to lighten the heavy workload of IB a little bit. Would this even work?
  22. Hello! I figured I'd start this topic, since no one really talks about IB Chinese A online fsr. I took IBSL CHinese A Language & Literature, but HL people can also contribute their thoughts on the exam here. So, what did you guys think? I thought that both Paper 1 and Paper 2 were okay...though I kind of ran out of time for P2 My analysis was also not as thorough as it could have been since I over-analyzed one work.
  23. I have a question guys, I am currently taking Chinese A: Literature SL in Canada but I'm not sure for the oral exam if i can use Cantonese or mandarin? My mother tongue is Cantonese so if i can, that would be helpful. Thanks for all the help!
  24. Right now I am taking English B and Self Taught Chinese. However, it seems like many universities require English A. I was in English SL initially, and my English teacher said I would likely to get a 4 or 5 (I got 86% as converted mark on my fall term report card), but it always takes me triple time working on an essay to get the same mark as my Canadian friends. In English B, my teacher said I would probably get a 7. However, I have just heard about how difficult Self Taught Chinese would be even for me who finished grade 9 in China. What should I do? Stay in English B and count on my Chinese? Or switch back to English SL?
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