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Found 39 results

  1. My current subjects are HL Math, Physics, Lang & Lit, ESS, Business, and French ab initio. I have 2 concerns with this: 1. Business and ESS are taught by the same person, and he kind of can't teach 2. Because I take Business, ESS, and ab initio, I'm afraid that it would not be competitive enough when applying to universities As a result, I'm considering one of the following: a) Take Business as a HL (have 4 HLs) b) Change Business to Chemistry c) Change ESS to Economics What do you suggest? I'm leaning towards the first two options, but I really don't know.
  2. Hey. I have to choose my ib subjects sby the end of this month and I can't decide whether to take geography or history sl ?. Some other subjects that im taking are: Chemistry Hl, Biology HL, English A Hl, Spanish B SL, Maths Sl. Im not sure about what I want to do in the future, possibly sth to do with medicine or business. I just wanna keep my options open so which Group 3 subject would you advise me to take?? Also, which one would you say is harder history or geo sl ? Thanks is advance
  3. Hey, everyone, I'm a bit new to the forum so sorry if the post might be a bit complicated/unclear. I have a question supposed to get simple and nice/easy however it gets complicated sadly, about my IB choices... So first of all, I think I'm a really good student this year (I like to think), so my grades are decent (mostly As). The thing is, I'm really not sure of what I would like to do in the future, and this is causing problems in terms of choices for my IB subjects. The topics in which I am the most interested in general (after high school, as a potential degree or something) would be the following: Psychology, Business Management, Biology, Economics, Engineering. For the moment, in terms of my choices for the IB, I still have 9 subject choices open and need to cut down the options to 6!! Here are my options still left/which I think I'll take: French A Lang. & Lit SL English A Lit. SL Physics/Chemistry/Biology HL Economics/Psych/Business HL Mathematics HL Taking an extra subject (probs HL), no arts, so it would be an extra from the choices above. My school told me they would authorize me to take 4 HLs if needed at the beginning of the school year and then drop one if I want to, or not, depending on how I would feel about it. Sorry for the post being so long, but thanks for the help!! thanks for answering!! and thanks for reading!!
  4. Hey future ib colleagues, I’m the next victim of IB! Its that time in my life where I actually have to think about what I want to be in life. I HAVE NO IDEA. Teachers are commanding (I’m over exaggerating a bit) subject choices for IB. I chose subjects that interested me other than actually dying and trying to figure out what career I want. Here it is: Higher level: Chemistry Arabic Psychology Standard level: Math English Physics can people who took these topics give me advice? Also what career can I get out of these choices??? Help!!!!
  5. I recently got my results and I was very dissapointed having 23 points thus the diploma cannot be obtained. I was predicted to have 27 points but now I am sad and cannot go to university of which I wanted to go. This is my last time I can take the IB exam. Here is the breakdown of my subjects: HL: Geography: 4 (1 point away from a 5) Dutch LL: 3 (2 points away from a 4) Biology 4 (5 points away from a 5) SL: Math Standard 3 (6 points away from a 4) English LL: 4 (4 points away from a 5) Economics: 4 (1 point away from a 5) EE and TOK: C and C (both a point away from a B) I have noticed that I have gotten a 4 for Geography HL, having 1 point away from a 5 in Geography hence having 24 points which means I can get the diploma. Do you guys have any suggestions and that should I get it remarked?
  6. I want to study Constructional Engineering or Building Engineering further in university. But I don't know what subjects do I need to take in Diploma Programme. I'm thinking about such combinations: Physics HL Maths HL English B HL Economics SL ITGS SL (another language) SL Some advices? Thanks.
  7. Hi guys/girls, So I am writing because I chose: - Maths HL - Physics HL - Economics HL - Chemistry HL - Spanish B SL - English Lang. & Lit. SL Although I believe I could work through this as I have quite good grades (not trying to be cocky), I think this will be too tiring for me... I was thinking of changing Chemistry for something much easier. I would like your opinion as well as a short summary on the following courses please: Geography SL, Business SL (I don't want to take Econ and Business but it's still an option), Computer Science SL (I have a very basic knowledge of programming). If it interests you, I am not sure what I want to do with my life or in uni but it's probably going to be something to do with engineering, economics or business. My future dreams are to own my own company and be able to run my own business, not to work for major companies on a 9 to 5. Don't know if this helps with your suggestions but thought it was worth mentioning. Thanks in advance.
  8. Does this subject combination sound too rigorous? If possble, please share some thoughts based on your experience with the subject(s). English A2 HL Econ HL Math HL Swedish B SL Physics SL Biology SL Also, do top US uni's require math HL for economics?
  9. Hi guys, I will be entering the IBDP program in a few months and I've been sorting out my subject choices. Do you think this is too ambitious, or is it doable? English Language and Literature HL Spanish Acquisition HL History HL Chemistry SL Mathematics SL Theatre HL I am still doubting Theatre/History HL because I heard that these two subjects are very challenging. Any input is appreciated. Thank you!
  10. Hi, I'm wondering if my choices are fine for someone who wants to be a doctor in the future: HL: English Literature, Chemistry, Biology SL: Math, History, National Language A Is Math SL too low? Also, is this combination considered rigorous enough for top universities (and good enough for merit based scholarships if I score high enough?). Thanks!
  11. dani09

    Math SL to HL

    Im 2 terms into the first year of my IB, okay marks in SL math and,some of my possible university choices perquisite of HL math. Is it a good idea to move from SL to HL now? Has anyone done this ? HELP!
  12. So over the next week, I have to choose my IB subjects and I am having trouble picking my HLs. I plan to study either in the US or in the UK with my main career paths being business and finance or computer science as I am not entirely sure yet. Because of this, my subject choices could look like this: SL English LangLit SL Spanish B H/SL Econ H/SL Compsci or Chem H/SL Math H/SL Physics Now the question is, which combination would leave me open to taking finance or comp. sci./engineering in university and if the workload of taking all 4 at HL would be too much. I am not entirely sure of the specific uni requirements but if someone could help me with this too then that would be great. Thanks!
  13. im starting my IB diploma this august.... HLs: bio, geo, psycho SLs: math, english langlit, chinese langlit (yes both language A) are they too demanding especially with my 3 HLs? (as they are memorisation based subjects) how hard are bio HL and psycho HL? my current igcse subjects are: bio, phy, econ, geo, art, english 1st lang, chinese 1st lang, international math, world lit, global perspectives
  14. So I've got to submit my choices by the 23rd of Feb and I'm STILL unsure of my choices. Which is 'better'? HL: Maths, Bio, Econ SL: Eng lang-lit, Spanish B, Chem OR HL: Maths, Bio, Econ SL: Eng lang-lit, Spanish B, Psychology So SL chem or psychology? Which is easier, less workload, better applicable to later life, etc.... Thanks a lot! (BTW I am looking to go into comp science, something finance related, and yeah I dunno, I'm still not entirely sure. I may even do something medicine related IDK)
  15. I have to choose my Ib subjects soon and i was wondering if any of you had information to help me choose the right math course for studying preferably at one of the top undergraduate business schools in the US. I heard that US schools prefer you having a higher IB score rather than taking harder math courses (SL or HL) which may bump your score down, if not would math studies be the better option? If you do take a harder level of math what type of score would the schools expect?
  16. Hello, I am planning on becoming a psychologist when I go to university. These are the classes I like: ENG LANG LIT Ab initio Spanish Philosophy (HL) Biology (HL) Math Studies Theatre Arts (HL) Are these subjects suitable for the career I want?
  17. Hello everyone! Being an ex-IB student, I am aware of how grueling the course can be, especially when it gets to that stage of the course when one must decide their university majors, and in essence, their careers. My friend and I found that this decision was a very big step at such an early age, not only due to the course pressures we face but also because of how unfamiliar we are with how the 'real world' functions, alongside fears of choosing a course that turns out unfavorable. For this reason, we came up with the concept of having a website that allows high school students to get in touch with volunteering professionals in their fields of interest, prior to joining university. This allows students to become aware of what their potential job may look like and to make a more informed decision about their degree choices. However, before delivering this idea to the public, we wanted to gauge the students' interest in such a service and hence have come up with a quick survey that will help us do so. The survey link is: http://goo.gl/forms/SupyqdHTRH I would request you spare a few moments of your time to fill up the survey and assist us in our endeavor. If you have any questions, please leave them down below as comments and I will be happy to answer them.
  18. Hi guys, so I'm currently conflicted in terms of choosing my IB HL subjects and this is cause I am not entirely sure what I want to study in uni but I've narrowed it down to either comp. sci/comp. engineering or econ/business/finance. I understand that the requirements for these two courses are quite conflicting and I am wondering which combination of HL subjects would give me the most opportunities for the aforementioned courses and whether or not I should take 4 HLs instead. Thanks! IB Subject Choices: English Lit. SL Chinese B SL Econ HL/SL ?? Physics HL/SL ?? Math HL/SL ?? Comp. Sci. HL/SL ??
  19. Hello everyone, I'm writing to post some data I collected up that might help those who pursue the IB Diploma Programe in a future. A long time ago, I decided to do my EE in Maths and I chose to study the academic and personal satisfaction levels of IB Students from 2012 till nowadays. As I said in my survey I would like to post as promised a brief summary of the answers I received. Basically, I will published some basic graphics filled with raw data in percentages. Before that, I want to clarify that what I'm about to upload is not directly related with my EE, let's say I will published the "raw thing". Kind regards, Brian H Q INFORMATION:
  20. Hello. I have quite a big problem with choosing proper subjects. I would like to study something connected with art and design. These are my first choices: English HL (only possible option) Polish SL (my native language) History SL (I'm not the best at it, I need to spend quite a lot of time to learn for this subject, that's why I'm not sure if it is the right subject for me - but the teacher is great/ other possibilities in my school that I'm thinking about from this group is geography SL) Physics SL (I'm also thinking about changing it with biology HL) Mathematics HL ( Maybe better SL? I'm not the master of mathematics but I like it, although I'm afraid that it will be too difficult for me) Visual Arts HL I know I have a lot of doubts about my subjects in Ib. That's why I'm asking for help. I'm afraid that with Maths HL history SL visual arts HL I won't be able to properly manage my time - what I mean by that is if it won't be too overwhelming So: English HL Polish SL History SL Physics SL Mathematics HL Visual Arts HL Or: English HL Polish SL Geography SL Biology HL Mathematics SL Visual Arts HL Thanks for any help
  21. Hello Current Ib choices HL: Biology English A1 Literature Economics SL: Maths Ab Spanish Film Studies I have my heart set on UCL law, is this subject range appealing to universities? Will taking film studies disadvantage me I have heard unis do not really pay attention to Sl subjects? Also, if you don't mind me asking, what were/are your IB subjects if your aspiration is to study law?
  22. Hey I have just finalised my choices: HL: Econ Physics English Lit SL: Maths Ab Spanish Film I was thinking of studying law at uni, will uni's like oxford and UCL look down on me for taking film studies? I have heard uni's don't care about standard levels. Is Economics HL hard if you have never studied Econ before? Also is Physics HL worth it (is it suuuuuper hard), should I swap to Bio???? Sorry for all the questions I don't have anyone else to ask, Ib is fairly new to our school.
  23. Hey all, So my parents are thinking of moving me to another school for my IBDP, but I like my current school. I'd love some of your thoughts on which school is "better". Current School: -IB Average of 30, though this year it's a predicted 35 (predicted). -Alumni have attended NYU, Berkeley, UCLA, Several Russell Group Unis, Parsons, but not Ivies/Oxbridge. -Does not offer English Lit. -Lots of friends, therefore more CV/CAS opportunities. -The CAS teacher wants me to lead a community service event next year, I'll create a program for our students and we'll travel to an island and do some community service in collaboration with a local charity organisation. -Active in Student Council, MUN, School Journal, etc. If I were to stay in this school, I would take: English A Lang/Lit HL, Indonesian A Lit SL, Biology HL, Psychology HL, Math SL, and Theatre SL. Other School: -IB Average of 35 -Alumni have attended Oxbridge, Columbia, Cornell, Russell Group Unis, etc. -The only school in the country who offers an English Lit course. -They don't have a psychology class, it's an online course via Pamoja and I'm taking Psych HL so it will definitely be harder. -My biggest concern is that I will not have a lot of friends. This may seem childish but it's not about being popular, it's about the fact that I may not be able to get positions demonstrating my leadership skills if people don't like me. I know that unis, US unis specifically, want to see a good CV/CAS and I'm afraid that few friends = few leadership opportunities = mediocre CV/CAS. If I were to move to this school, I would take: English A Lit HL, Indonesian A Lit SL, Biology HL, Psychology HL (online course), Math SL, and Theatre SL. I'd love to know what you guys think, and other comments/input are welcome!
  24. I'm choosing classes for IB next year and I am stuck choosing between HL chem and HL bio. Does anyone know which one is better to take if you are planning on being in the medical field? My other classes are: HL- English, Spanish SL- ESS, Math
  25. Hey everyone! In a couple of weeks I need to submit my course choices for the DP programme and I'm still stuck on what to choose as my Group 4 subject. Currently I have: Group 1 - English A HL Group 2 - French B SL Group 3 - History HL Group 4 - Bio or Chem SL Group 5 - Math SL Group 6 - Economics HL I am happy with all of my other choices but I keep switching back and forth between bio and chem. I am planning to study something along the lines of law, politics or international relations at university, thus I don't have a need to take science. When I studied Chemistry in Grade 10, I did very well with a 7/7 for the first semester and am now doing Biology for the second semester where I am slightly lost due to a crappy teacher who teaches general science but is certified in Chemistry, a subject he doesn't teach very well either. He recommends for me to take Chemistry, all of my friends who are currently doing the DP programme say I should take Biology since it's the easiest especially if I don't need science in the future. I am good at cramming for science and study mostly by copying down facts from the textbook onto flashcards and just reading them over and over again before the test. I am very lost and am open to all suggestions!
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