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Found 8 results

  1. Hi everyone, My Biology IA is based on the rate of photosynthesis and I will be discussing about its limiting factors in my background information and their affects on the rate of photosynthesis. Most of my knowledge comes from IGCSE, or from an online teaching/textbook-course thingy called Kognity. Would that be citeable? As you can only access Kognity pages if your school as registered. An example Kognity page is this: https://isb.kognity.com/study/app/biology-sl-fe-2016/molecular-biology/photosynth-core/limiting-core/ Also, is this link citeable? Because its basically a document that outlines everything and there is no clear author/not sure if this is counted as an article/website/manuscript?? http://www.rsc.org/learn-chemistry/content/filerepository/CMP/00/001/068/Rate of photosynthesis limiting factors.pdf Any help is appreciated, thank you so much!
  2. Hi all, I know that journals are the best sources for information in terms of psychology ia's, but would it be bad if i cite sources such as: a slideshare that has concise information about the topic simplypsychology.org psychyogi.org A citation/reference used in a wikipedia article? I am having trouble finding free (clear and concise) sources for the studies I will be talking about in my IA (Pickel 1998, loftus 1987, Yuille & Cutshall 1986)
  3. I use Harvard style referencing in my History Extended Essay and I am unaware on how to cite official government documents/primary sources. Examples of these documents are provided in the links below. I would be really grateful if someone who has knowledge on citing such documents would show me how to do it. http://avalon.law.yale.edu/20th_century/brwh1939.asp http://avalon.law.yale.edu/20th_century/brwh1922.asp https://history.state.gov/milestones/1945-1952/creation-israel Thanks.
  4. Hi everyone, Im really struggling on how to cite and reference my work in my Business IA. I got all of my information from my dad who already has all of the SWOT for the possible expansion locations of a few factories. How do I cite this in my IA? IM REALLY STRUGGLING ANY HELP WOULD BE REALLY REALLY APPRECIATED!!! THANKS GUYS
  5. Hi everyone, I'm getting ready to submit my extended essay next week, and I'm polishing up everything and double checking my sources. I have a doubt in regards to citing quotes from secondary sources: what do I do if there's a quote from a book that I want to use and is cited in the book to be originally said somewhere else? More specifically, my EE is about art and Dalí's work (it's more specific than just that, I promise), but there's a quote that I found in a museum guide that I bought during the summer that I found interesting to use. And in that book, the quote is cited to be first published in one of Dalí's autobiographies. My supervisor told me to create a secondary source, but how exactly do I do that...? Thanks for the help (: Regards, Sofia
  6. Hi, so I'm writing my Extended Essay for English and I found an article that has some really good content, however, when it came to citing the article, i read this written at the top: All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage or retrieval systems, without permission in writing from the publisher. Does this mean I'm not allowed to use this article as a source without contacting the publisher? It's impractical for me to contact them by mail as my essay is due quite soon, do i have any other options? Please help me! Thank you in advance
  7. Brienna

    EE question

    Okay, so my EE is on Human Rights and my topic is To what extent did the U.S. occupation of Iraq affect the treatment of women in Iraq? and I have 5 book sources along with a documentary and a barrage of articles from the web. Here's my book list.. Women and Gender in Islam: Historical Roots of a Modern Debate by Leila Ahmed What Kind of Liberation?: Women and the Occupation of Iraq by Nadje Al-Ali Mayada, Daughter of Iraq: One Woman's Survival Under Saddam Hussein by Jean Sasson ...and some others that I'm not going to bother listing right now. Anyways, these are the big three. My question here is: How many times should I cite each source? Is this too many sources and will I be spread too thin, or should I cite one book many times if need be? How many citations should I have, on average? I know its going to be a lot but will it be a LOT? I need room for analysis... Also, is my topic alright, or is it too general and unfit for a discussion over Human Rights? (Sorry this post is a bit all over the place. I'm a bit lost here .)
  8. Hello! Could someone tell me how to cite historical documents found in websites? For example, George Marshall's speech at Harvard that was found in this site http://www.marshallfoundation.org/library/MarshallPlanSpeechfromRecordedAddress_000.html I've tried with word and citation machine, but there is no specific format for citing these kinds of documents Thanks!!

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