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Found 26 results

  1. I am currently in MYP 5 and we must turn in our diploma forms by next week, I have some classes already picked but I am really struggling with picking my HL classes. I know I could just ask my counselor or something (I have) but since they're faculty, they usually don't say which classes are not worth it because of their difficulty. For general context: I'm a great student and have a top 5 grade average in my grade, however I'm worried going into the IB next year. For college, I'd like to study in the US with a major that has something to do with management and a minor in Biology. I am originally from the United States, but fully fluent in Spanish, however I struggle with higher level content. This means that they will force me to take Spanish A unless I take French, which will also lower my average grade just as much. I love writing in English, and I'm talented in Math and all the sciences. Right now I'm mostly considering taking: English A HL, Spanish A SL, Biology HL, Physics SL, and then I'm between Math HL and Business Management HL (The one that I don't choose at HL, I'll do in SL). I love writing and I'm in a writing club of sorts so I am strongly considering English A HL, however I'm worried it'll just be more reading than SL. Then obviously, I want to do Biology HL for my minor (this is my most concrete HL choice). However after that, I don't know whether to do business management HL or Math HL. BM HL obviously pertains more to my college interests, however I've heard that it's somewhat easy and doesn't count for much in college's eyes. The opposite is true for Math HL, since it's much more universal but everyone says it is hell and that it's not worth it. If any of you all have suggestions for what I should take in HL, it would be incredibly appreciated. I don't know almost anyone in IB and I just wish I could have some more insight from people already in it.
  2. I am going into my first year of IB. I had planned to take exercise science and art, but my school just let me know that this is not available. I must choose either bio and art, or psychology and exercise science. (We are on A day B day schedule so I must choose one of theses pairings) Which of these pairs has a higher course load? And which is harder content in general? Also, if there are any opinions not based on these questions I most definitely want to know that too! I am interested in all of these classes pretty equally, and just making sure I choose a pairing that will not be completely overwhelming. Thank you!!
  3. Hello everyone, I am currently in my fifth week of IB Year 1 and I have gotten settled with my new teachers and classes. I have set a goal for myself to get at least 40 points in the IB, but I do know that it will be tough and will require the right mentality (I'm working on it!). So, I wanted to come here and ask if any of you more experienced IB students had some advice or helpful tips for any of my subjects: IB Math HL IB Physics HL IB Economics HL IB Computer Science SL IB German B SL IB English Language and Literature SL Any help (including general IB mentality/work-ethic as well) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  4. Okay so I'm in 10th grade going into JR year after this summer and I'm doing the IB obvi these classes are set - HL - PSYC and SL - Mandarin and Lang & Lit Now I'm deciding between where to place math (ive always been good at math getting A's but last year I didn't pay much attention and barely got an A (also my school doesnt have A-'s so i wouldve gotten a B+)) Then after that I have to decide where to place chem and if i should take bio or physics (still in limbo are chem, bio or physics and math ) - HOW hard are these classes I took AP US history and got a 4 (would've gotten a 5 but messed up the formatting on the test leaving me little time to actually finish to best of my ability) so i guess that means i'm good at memorizing ALSO my science teacher said that I would be better suited for SL chem ALSO which math would be best if I also wish to take the AP Calc test and score a 4 or 5
  5. Hey! I’m Erika, and I’m a tenth grader which I’m starting IB next year! I know it’s a little too early to start deciding what courses I want to take, but I did it anyway. I just want you to tell me how hard the classes are from your experience. 1. English Lit HL 2. Biology HL 3. Math SL 4. History of America HL 5. Spanish B SL 6. Film SL 7. TOK
  6. Hello! As a current tenth grader, I am expected to have my IB class choices in by December/January at the latest. I am very concerned that I might pick the wrong classes, so here are my options: English Lang/Lit HL (mandatory at my school) History HL Biology HL Chemistry SL (HL isn't offered at my school) OR Visual Arts SL Spanish SL Math SL OR Math Studies I won't take any precursor chemistry courses until January, so I don't have any clue what the class is like. I am also not super fond of math, which is why I'm wondering whether or not I can take math studs while doing a double science. If I take Chem SL & Math SL along with the other courses, how hard would it be? Thanks in advance!
  7. I'm playing on doing law in college, and the subjects I plan on taking are English HL History HL Economics HL French B SL (anticipated) Math Studies Biology SL Are these subject good? Some people told me that it's better to do math SL. I suck at math but I don't want to loose an entry just because I took math studies. Please help me out.
  8. Hey guys, I know this question might be a little confusing, since I actually don't have a definite career path I am going for yet, but hear me out please? I think I might have actually joined this site a little early, considering the fact I am starting school in a month or so, meaning I'm technically pre-pre-IB, but if it helps I do need help with planning out my future in this program. I also know all the classes I'll be taking once school starts, and I'll post them if it helps, though I don't know if it well, considering the IB program starts in the third year of high school, right? I don't know if it's possible to take IB classes before you actually take the tests to get into the program- If it is, please tell me. Anyway, back to the main question I was going to ask: Since I am going to be using my next two years to prepare myself for the program that helps prepare me for a good life, I'd like some help beforehand on figuring out what classes within the IB are good for me. I'm sure that not all schools offer the same IB classes, but even if that's the case my school has a lot of classes, so don't be shy to suggest them! I am curious about entering a medical career, except I have needlephobia, so maybe something related to pharmacies...? I really don't know what IB classes would even help me get into a STEM field, but I'd appreciate it if somebody could advise me. Also, what classes should I avoid? I mean, no class is really bad, but certainly having classes that focus more around a different field wouldn't be too smart... At least not too many of them... It's kind of like how you don't want to take a Gender Studies class in College unless that's something you're going into... Anyway, any advice? I put this in general because my question is sort of a mix of what career path I should take, and what IB classes will help me get there. I plan to overcome my needlephobia and I'm not afraid of giving shots to plants or using syringes without needles already, but I don't think I could handle something like a nursing career, where I'd have to insert needles into humans day after day... I like Science and am neither the best nor worst in it. I think I'm pretty bad at Math because memorizing formulas is a challenge for me, but I can do basic math quite well, and I think that as long as the career doesn't rely on Math 100% of the time I'll be fine. Oh, and finally, I am a realist, so money and decent employment opportunities are VERY important to me. So yeah, any suggestions? I've always liked genetics and things revolving around living things, but as I said, needles scare me half to death! What STEM field do you think would be right for me, and what classes in the IB program could help me get into that career?
  9. Hey guys!! I'm currently selecting courses for junior year next year, and I'm wondering if I should take AP Physics or IB Physics. AP Physics is a one year course, and will cover both mechanics and E&M, while IB Physics is a two year course. I want to take AP Physics because I think it'll prepare me better for the AP Physics Mechanics exam as well as the SAT Subject Test (I'm planning on taking both). However, AP Physics is known to be harder than IB Physics so I don't want to burn myself out...my other classes are already very challenging. Any advice on which physics course (IB or AP) I should take???
  10. ctsong

    IB DP Classes!

    Hi everyone! So we're choosing our classes for next school year (I'll be a junior, first year in the IB program) and I'm a little uncertain about what I should take. Right now I've got a tentative schedule planned out: IB EnglishIB HistoryIB Physics SLIB SpanishAP BC CalculusIB Theory of KnowledgeIB EconomicsThis feels like a pretty heavy class load, so I'm wondering if anyone can give me advice/info on any of these classes and whether I should drop a class?? Thanks!
  11. First I will start off by saying that I'm sorry if I am posting in the wrong forum or doing something wrong. I'm new here and just wanted some help with my classes. I'm currently a Sophomore, I want to major in aerospace engineering and want to really do a career in space related fields (aerospace engineering in my opinion is what I am interested in) I plan on taking HL: Physics, History, English (English is mandatory SL: Spanish, Chemistry, Math AP microeconomics semester 1 AP macroeconomic and TOK semester 2 Let me begin by saying that I was unable to take HL Math and that HL english is mandatory. Are these good choices? Am I killing myself with the potential stress. Keep in mind I am in several extracurricular clubs. Are these classes suitable for a potential aerospace engineer and good college. Please don't sugar coat it. Thank you.(Really worried, sorry if I'm doing something wrong this in this post please let me know)
  12. I set up my classes for my first year as a full IB student: HL Literature HL History SL/HL Biology 1, 2 SL Math 1, 2 Spanish 4 TOK I wanted to hear some of your thoughts and comments on my classes? What the work is like, which classes are the hardest/easiest, etc...
  13. I want to study Psychology and Business in the future for university, I'm starting IB next year and I have to choose my classes by next month. I want to study in Netherlands, France or America I can take: Bio HL/SL Chem HL/SL Physics HL/SL ECON HL/SL English A lang lit HL/SL English A literature HL/SL French B HL/SL Math HL/SL Business HL/SL History HL/SL Geo HL/SL I want to study a bit of science/math and a bit of literature
  14. hey, so i just wandered if there a certain amount or percentage of classes that can be missed and if i miss more then i won't have the diploma. Studying in class is harder than working at home so i dont come to all of my classes. thanks
  15. I'm in Grade 11, and have currently started my first year of the IB diploma. When I chose the classes that I'd study, I was not (and still am not) sure about what I want to study when I'm older. I chose the subjects that seemed most interesting to me, and the ones that I knew I would enjoy learning the most. My classes: (I have 4 higher levels because I'm going to switch the one I find most difficult to standard) Computer Science HL English A HL Film HL Psychology HL Math Studies Norwegian Self Taught I'm worried that I'm not going to get into a good college because of the classes I chose. As you can see I don't have any science subjects except for Computer Science, so it would be almost impossible for me to get into a medical school if i suddenly decided to become a doctor in two years. The reason I chose to do Math Studies is because I'm not exactly good at math, and I think I'd be able to get the best grades with that level. I also don't want people to think I'm an idiot because I didn't choose the Standard Level mathematics course. I'm really worried I won't get into a good school because of my chosen subjects, but at the same time I know I'll be able to get good grades with the classes that I have chosen. I'd appreciate it a ton if you gave me some advice, or told me how you think this could work out.. - Eli
  16. Hello fellow IB lads! I'm currently on summer vacation and my IB1 year starts in August. I'm really scared for next year because I'm afraid of not doing well in school because of the increase in difficulty and demand that the IB makes. I have questions about how to do well in my subject choices? Tips and tricks to nailing good scores? And general IB programme tips... My subject choices are: Mathematics HL Physics HL Finnish B HL Psychology HL English A Language and Literature SL Chemistry SL I have four HL classes at the moment; but, whenever school starts I will drop down Finnish B HL or Psychology HL to the SL. So, 1.) is this a good subject selection for a person who wishes to study Engineering and Physics in the university? 2.) And, should I prepare for any of these classes during summer vacation? 3.) Do you guys have any tips for succeeding and nailing awesome marks in any of these classes? 4.) Is it actually true that I will loose my social life and most likely my grades too just because of taking the IB and the amount of studying needed? Or is this just a over-exaggerated lazy man's excuse?
  17. Hey Guys, I got a new final schedule and I want to know what you guys think of the overall rigior and what not... Your input will be much appreciated! Year 1: HL Mathematics HL Biology HL chemistry HL english SL Spanish AP Economics AP Physics C (Calculus based physics) Year 2: HL Mathematics HL Biology HL Chemistry HL English SL Spanish SL Economics SL Physics (; Your input will be much appreciated! -Abhishek Sreekanth
  18. So im a sophomore, and ive decided to take sl chem. But this year I've been doing average in pre-ib chem. Average as in mostly C's and D's on tests and mid B overall class average. Should I keep the decision to take this class? Considering my grades from this year?
  19. Hey Guys, So registration for my classes for junior year has begun and I was wondering what you guys think about this schedule and if you would recommend it. I would also like your opinion on the rigior of the following classes: Junior Year: HL Math 1 HL English 1 HL Biology 1 SL Spanish 1 AP Chemistry AP Economics Senior Year: HL Math 2 HL English 2 HL Biology 2 SL Spanish 2 SL History or SL Comp sci SL Econ (online) AP Physics Thank You, Abhishek Sreekanth
  20. As a student hopeful at becoming a med-student, I've been carefully pondering over my subject choices for the commencement of the IB. English HL Spanish Ab Initio (irrelevant) Pyschology HL Biology HL Chemistry SL Mathematics HL I would appreciate feedback on the draft of my courses and would love to hear what others are intending to study, are currently studying or have studied as to become a medical practitioner. On top of this, what score does your specific university require to gain entry into the program?
  21. How difficult is it to achieve a 7 within a class? Specifics and examples would be most appreciated. Most interested in replies in relation to: HL English HL Mathematics HL Biology HL Pyschology SL Chemistry Ab Initio Spanish Thanks.
  22. Going into the IB next year, I am curious about how it is that the scoring system works. My thoughts are "Why should I do HL Mathematics, if I am likely to get a poor score in it, if I can simply do SL and get a 7?" Is there a cut off for SL, where say, an individual can only get a maximum of 5 for example? I do understand that it is a requirement to study at least 3 classes at a HL, causing the scoring to even out amongst students if that is the case. Even so, if someone could clear this up and provide me and others with some information, that would be fantastic.
  23. So I heard that learning a language(that's not your IB language) can count for CAS hours. If that's true, for which category does it count under and would it still count if it's an online course?
  24. Hi, so my HLs are History, Economics and Maths currently and my SLs are English, Biology and Spanish. At the moment im a junior or in 11th grade/ 1st year of IB. its been planned for me to take my Biology and spanish SL exams this year and finish them off. I have no problem with that. But the problem is that in my math analysis class or honours maths class im doing absolutely terribly meaning im getting 3s in all my tests. Thats completely unacceptable for me. So my question is, if I drop down from HL math to SL math, what will third HL be? I really need help with this as soon as possible. My exams are on May 17-18th so i really need to decide this very early. Thanks. Pallavi
  25. I'm currently signed up for HL English (required) SL Math SL Spanish HL Chemistry HL Psychology (Only offered in HL at my school) I need to choose another, and I was thinking of taking HL Biology (SL is not offered at my school), but am afraid that it'd be too difficult combined with my other courses, and was thinking of doing ESS instead, though I'm afraid I'd be bored of the subject. On the other hand, it might be something that I'd be able to learn to love. I'm basically asking if HL Bio, Chem, and Psych on top of CAS, an EE, and my SL's would be too much, and if I should just take Systems, or, if I were to take Biology, how doable that schedule would be. Any advice is helpful!
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