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Found 13 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    Biological and Cognitive SAQ.docx
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Studies guides that will get you those full marks on your CLOA exams. Includes all learning outcomes and indepth analysis and supporting studies.
  3. CLOA Full in-depth study guide View File Studies guides that will get you those full marks on your CLOA exams. Includes all learning outcomes and indepth analysis and supporting studies. Submitter lolaq13 Submitted 11/29/2016 Category Cognitive  
  4. yasbabe

    psychology IA

    Hi, i am replicating Bartlett's (1932) study for psychology IA. The aim of this replicating study is investigating how social and cultural factors influence schemas and hence can lead to memory distortions. My hypothesis is the people with familiar to their culture will recall their memory accurately and people with unfamiliar to their culture will have memory distortions and make some errors on reproducing stories. However, i don't understand the differences of experimental hypothesis and null hypothesis. What are the differences?
  5. Do any of you guys know what are the experiments / case studies in psychology that can be used in two or three of the cores of level of analysis? (Biological, Cognitive, Sociocultural) As I know that this could help us to memorize fewer studies / experiments. Thank you and good luck to all of you who are going to be taking the exams next week!
  6. 21 downloads

    This was a psychology hl mock that I did based on the cognitive level of analysis syllabus objectives 8 markers: Explain how one hormone influences human behavior Describe one research study which has investigated schema theory Outline two errors in attribution 22 marker: The effects of social or cultural factors on one cognitive process (this one is a little short for a 22 marker)
  7. I wanna do my EE in Psychology, particularly on marijuana. My only problem is that I have no idea what would be appropriate, and how to focus down enough for it to be a valid research question with supporting academic research. I'm more interested in relationship (sociocultural in general really), developmental and cognitive but I'm fine with doing biological considering that I also do Biology HL, which makes choosing just one question hard. Any suggestions?
  8. Version 1


    This is my level 7 essay for the learning outcome "Evaluate two models of one cognitive process" The cognitive process is memory and the two models are the multi store model by Atkinson and Schiffrin 1968, and the working memory model by Baddeley and Hitch, 1974.
  9. So I'm thinking of doing my IA on the picture superiority effect...but I'm unable to find the original! Does anyone have any idea where I can find the original by Srivastava and Purohit (1979)? If not, any other cognitive suggestions? Please do help me! Thank you!
  10. Version pdf


    Cognitive psychology. This essay is from a paper 1 LAQ psychology exam. I was graded a 20 out of 22 for the answer! Hope it helps
  11. 104 downloads

    Contains the following: Abnormal Behavior Behavioral Perspective Biological Perspective Classical Conditioning Cognitive Empirical Study Worksheet Evolution of Humanism Humanistic Perspective Operant Conditioning
  12. 45 downloads

    includes biological, cognitive, learning, and social perspective notes
  13. Version pdf


    Studies for objectives and brief info on each. Limits amount of studies for easy memorization.
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