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Found 39 results

  1. xxchiyoxx

    Cold War Essay

    Hi there! I'll be writing a essay on the Origins of the Cold War, and I'm slightly confused on how exactly I should structure it. I know that the three big conferences were important towards breaking the Grand Alliance, but I'm not too sure what else I can touch upon. Is there a way that you guys could help me a bit? So far, I guess I could talk about the ideological differences, politically?, but I'm not too sure what else I could say... Thank you all so much in advance!!
  2. Hello I need help with narrowing down what to do for my extended essay I got two topics which I am interested in: How did propaganda in Germany for Hitler in the Nazi party differ or resemble to what was used for the coming of power of Fidel Castro in Cuba? and To what extent, did the support of the White army by the United States in the Russian Civil war of 1918 pave the way for the public relations issues post WW2? I want to know how I can make the topics less broad, I was thinking of a certain action which the US did in the CW or a different aspect instead of propaganda. Let me know what you think. Help is appreciated
  3. Hi! I am just beginning my research on my Extended Essay, but need help coming up with my question. I am interested in writing about mccarthyism and the second red scare but am having trouble narrowing down my question. I was thinking about the following: To what extent did McCarthyism alter the political climate of the United States How did the fear of communism lead the methods of McCarthyism into an area of lawlessness? OR How was the lawlessness of McCarthyism influenced by the fear of communism in the public? How did fear of communism in the Second Red Scare lead to injustices during McCarthyism? I'm having trouble combining these to form good question. Any guidance will help. Thank You
  4. If I'am choosing two cold war crisis as Berlin and Cuba, (possibly taiwan to understand and explain us relation and detente for later), which should I study? These are content outline from oxford book: 2. Global spread of the Cold War, 1945-1964 2.1 Emergence of superpower rivalry in Asia, 1945-1949 (about japan after ww2, how they treated by us) 2.2 Communist success in China and its relations with the USSR and the USA, 1946-1949 2.3 North Korean invasion of South Korea, 1950 2.1 Origins of the Non-Aligned Movement 2.1 The Hungarian uprising 2.1 The Suez Crisis 2.1 Cnogo Crisis, 1960-1964 2.8 Berlin Crisis and the Berlin Wall 2.9 Sino-Soviet tensions, the Taiwan Strait and the split 2.10 Cuban Missile Crisis +Any recommendation for the impact of Cold War tension on two countries (excluding US and USSR)? I might choose East Germany and Cuba or China
  5. Hey Everyone, I am new on this site so idk how it works exactly, but basically my history teacher told me that it is time for me to start thinking about my IA topic. Since I have been reading a non-fiction book about Noel Field, a Stalinist American spy, which really grabbed my attention I though maybe I could do my IA on him, or some sort of Soviet espionage. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance Eszter
  6. Need advice on my question for my History IA. I have three that I've chosen. From top to bottom is my preferences. Evaluate how Khrushchev's communism or de-Stalinization led to the escalation of the Hungarian revolts in 1956? Assess how Khrushchev's de-Stalinization resulted in the escalation of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Evaluate how Khrushchev influenced Kennedy's act of Quarantine during the old war. Which one is better, and for the better one, any ideas of evidence to look around for?
  7. I'm sure my title seems really jumbled, but I am a little scattered brained right now. Basically what I want to do is how American support for militant Islamic groups (through Operation Cyclone) during the Soviet-Afghan war has impacted those groups today. My original idea was how President Reagan helped to "end" the Cold War, but it seems sort of boring. Anyway, any ideas, suggestions, criticism, etc is welcomed and appreciated. Thanks.
  8. I'm gathering up primary sources right now and some of them are entirely in Russian with no available translation that I know of. How do I work around this? The information is potentially very useful as it is close to Stalin's death and my EE is on Leadership during the Cold War (not exactly, but that's essentially what it is). I have a Ukrainian friend who speaks Russian, but I don't expect her to translate the whole thing. Also, wouldn't I need to cite a credible translator or something?
  9. ptran

    Cold War Notes

    Version 1.0.0


    Cold War Notes and Review
  10. ptran

    Cold War Notes

    Cold War Notes View File Cold War Notes and Review Submitter ptran Submitted 04/26/2016 Category Cold War
  11. Hi, I have a IA topic in mind, though is it ok to investigate this? To what extent was the invasion of Grenada of 1983 Reagan's Cuban Missile Crisis? / Compare (and contrast) the invasion of Grenada in 1983 to the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962. or To what extent was the invasion of Grenada of 1983 in line with the Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine of 1905? Would any of these work?
  12. I need topic for my history IA so I was looking for something connected with CIA and I thought about this one To what extend CIA's involvement in Cuba in 1961-1962 contributed to development of the cold war ? But I'm not sure if it's good because The Bay of Pigs Invasion (so big failure of CIA ) convinced Fidel Castro to cooperate more with Soviets Union and maybe partially it contributed to the Cuban Missile Crisis but is it enough for internal ? Or did I missed something and it's more connected ? Do you have any ideas how to moderate this topic or find something else connected to CIA and Cold War ? Can you help me, please ? Thanks in advance
  13. Is the Cold War a topic that will come up in paper 2 or 3? Thanks
  14. Version 1.0


    6 main reasons for cold war with summary (in point form). Enjoy!
  15. Hi, I know I'm starting my EE late (rough draft is due this Friday ) (I'm fine not having my draft turned in on time, I write fast and I write research papers pretty well once I know what I'm doing) and I'm having trouble narrowing down a research question. I've always been very interested in the Chilean coup, US involvement, Pinochet's reign (benefits and injuries) and international denial of Pinochet's violation of human rights during his time in power. I feel like if I try to undertake all of those tasks my essay will end up too narrative. Should I pick one and try to find opposing sides: the pluses and minuses of Pinochet, like whether he was "good for Chile"? Should all of our essays present two sides or biases? I could look at the two sides of US involvement: whether it was for individual gain/part of the Red Scare/Containment program or truly looking to "help" another country (I know I'm already biased against the US in this case) Sorry I just threw a lot of words down, I'm actually really scared about this and worried it's going to prevent me from getting my diploma. Thanks! Possible research questions? To what extent was US involved with the coup?Too easy to answer Almost list like [*]To what extent was the Chilean coup a "success" and to whose standards? More analytical Doesn't seem to have a definite answer [*]What effects did Pinochet's policies have on Chile's economy? [*]Was Allende's administration vulnerable to Communism or was it a developing socialist democracy? [*]Which administration was better for the economy of Chile: Allende or Pinochet?
  16. Hello everyone. About a month ago I told my coordinator about how I wanted to write about 1984 and how it can be related to our modern society, but she said that if I were to talk about the similarities with our society then it would not be considered a Literature EE but a political studies EE. Anyway last week I had a crazy idea that I should write on History, a subject which I do NOT take for my program, and I wanted to know how much of politics can be involved in History, because unfortunately my school does not offer the subject and I do not know the criteria involved. For the Cold War part, I wanted to specifically talk about the Space Race between the US and the USSR. Do you guys even think that I should do an EE on a topic I don't study? My other choices are Economics, Literature or Visual Arts. For Literature I've only read 1984, The Great Gatsby, The Stranger and To Kill a Mockingbird. Thank you for your opinions.
  17. Hello! So, I managed to write "Declaration on the Liberation of Europe" when it's supposed to be "Declaration on Liberated Europe" in paper 2. How many points would an examiner take off for that mistake, assuming that's the only inaccurate thing I wrote?
  18. OK so i have this question: How did the absence of American television network with access to a satellite stopped the development of the Cuban Missile Crisis into WWIII?Feel freely to change the question and can you help me choose some resources for it? Background: As Michael Richard Beschloss(American historian) said:"an American television network with access to a private satellite might well have discovered the missiles and announced them to the world only hours after the President had learned about them" so this would lead to panic among the American citizens, and in the public outcry and debate it might be difficult for the president to choose a more moderate option of the naval blockade... Ted Sorensen said later that if the president would choose an air strike than that would bring in response an immediate nuclear assault upon USA by Soviet troops Cuba and i think that that would lead to the Third World War.
  19. Im doign a paper 2 essay about detente (or US and china realtions) during the cold war HELP
  20. Hey Everyone, Did anyone by any chance do a History IA on something to do with the Cold War, WWII or something involving the holocaust? All tips welcome. Research question ideas are welcome as well. I was thinking something along the lines "To what extent were social exclusion and economic persecution of Jewish people between 1941-1945, contributing factors to the rise/establishment of Israel as a Jewish state?" Thankss
  21. CriCri

    Paper 2

    Alright so my exams are coming soon, and I was wondering if any of you have some tips for the History paper 2 essays?? I find it really hard to put dates, answer the question and include historiography, so I usually dont get much higher than a 4. Thanks in advance
  22. 87 downloads

    This is my notes for the Cold War taken during my IB years. Hope it is useful for people who take history!
  23. Hi everyone! We've just started our last topic, The Cold War, only it now turns out that our new teacher isn't helping us much with this at all. So far she claims that we've covered the origins of the Cold War, but the entire class is completely at a loss as to what happened! So, I was wondering if anyone has any notes they may be able to send me? They could be regarding the origins or just the Cold War in general. Or, if you would be able to explain some of the causes to me, that would be massively appreciated! Thank you very much!
  24. Hi everyone! I'm a senior and currently I'm rewriting my historical investigation. I'm trying to write about Ernst Reuter's (mayor of Berlin) role in the Berlin airlift. Our teacher is not very helpful and I don't know if my question is focused our even appropriate at all. This is my current question: In what ways did Ernst Reuter contribute to the success of the Berlin airlift? -> He was really important in convincing the allies to set up the airlift and to rally the West-Berlin citizens during the airlift. Some call him the 'voice of Berlin' I just thought of another question (probably needs a little rewording): How did Ernst Reuter prevent West-Berlin from falling into communist hands, during the second Berlin crisis? It would really help me if you could give me some feedback on my research question! Thanks Carl
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