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Found 3 results

  1. SilkOrganic

    What computer do you guys use for school?

    Hey guys, I am in Pre IB right now (I just turned 16 so you guys can do that math what level I am at but it's basically the year before year 1) and I am just very curious about what computer(s) you guys use for daily schoolwork and such. In my school 75% of the kids have a MacBook of some sort and I use an extremely slow-ass Chromebook. My parents let me purchase a new laptop but I figured I should find out what other IB students outside my school use to do their work and i want suggestions on which computer I should buy as well. Thanks! Enjoy your day!
  2. Flow4421

    Can computers think?

    Hey, so today, in ITGS there was a huge debate, I was alone, against two people, arguying whether computers could think or not. So, I think computers cannot think, as thinking is considered as a "mental act" . I gave the argument that they are programmed to obey commands, made by human beings, and this is what can even give Artificial Intelligence for video games, anyways, what do you guys think?
  3. Hello my dear IB comrades, I have come here hoping that i may get myself some inspiration to get my essay started. I want to do my essay on ITGS, and i want to analyze hacking, by doing mathematical calculations of permutations and time and the different types of encrypting, and analyze the contraversies of making money and such electronic, contrasted with the benefits. I really want to take a dive into the activist group Anonymous, and maybe look at some other significant incidences. I am really excited, but for the last 8 days I've been mulling over how to make a topic to focus on that's IB appropriate, and that i can use as the main question. Any sort of suggestion will be helpful; it may get me out of this brain rut i'm in. I can't waste anymore time. Thanks to everyone that takes the time to help me

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