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Found 33 results

  1. Hello kind humans who have stumbled upon this post: I applaud your effort to find this topic, please allow me to introduce moi, moi-self et moi. I am currently am, at the moment a student attending grade 8 at the York region PUBLIC school board, and I’m attending St. Robert Catholic School in Thornhill, Ontario for the 2020-21 school year, and will graduate at St. Robert (hopefully) in the spring of 2024. I have successfully made it into the predatory IB program at the school and have already submitted that gigantic package that came after the acceptance letter and gave it to the office, accepted with no problem. But, since it is a York Region CATHOLIC school, and I’m transferring from a public school I’m not going to be able to select my courses through the MyBlueprint/MyPathwayPlanner system like everyone else staying in the public school system. I am aware that YRCDSB also has the same system; but I cannot access that system to put in my courses, and all course selection is on that sheet that I gave to the office. Is that enough information to have me get into the required pre-ib classes at St. Robert? Because the high school panic is also staring to set in because I’m seeing everybody choose courses at guidance while I sit and do nothing because I’m “that” kid who’s going to a catholic school. Also, I am also aware of the fact that I need to take a full course load, plus religion. I’m wondering if the religion takes up one elective slot or is there some courseload schedule that has 8 courses instead of the 5 requirements, two electives, plus one religion? Thanks for coming on this topic, hope you can give an answer! Will be looking forward to a reply thanks! Thanks sheeple, Weird 8th grade human being.
  2. I recently received my IB marks a few days ago and I'm not really happy with it at all ( like at all ). My total score is 25 & I missed the upper boundary grade by 1 point in 3 different subjects & both the EE & TOK, meaning that I could have achieved a higher mark. I failed to get into my course by 3 points & am thinking of two options: 1. apply to a different course for now and then transferring to my original course throughout the semester 2. remark some of the subjects where I'm off by 1 point from the upper boundary grade At this point, I don't really know what to do but go with option 1, but I'm afraid my offer for my original course would still be rejected (due to my atar being lower than the selection rank, etc). Do you guys have any recommendations? I'm really worried I won't get into the course I want to because I've been wanting to do it for years now & I really don't feel like I want to do any other course. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi, I have started the first year of the IB Diploma Programme. I am taking Language A at SL, Language B at HL, philosophy at SL (I have no other choice, but so far all my grades were around 7), Turkey in the Twentieth Century (this is an SL only course only for Turkish students), Physics HL and Maths HL. I think physics HL and maths HL are quite a lot when taken together (It's not like I am bad at them, my score is generally better than most of my classmates, but I do not know how I would fare in an actual, IB style exam, since ,n my school we try to learn both the IB curriculum and the national curriculum.), but they seem to be unnecessary for someone who wants to go into philosophy in the future. I wanted to drop physics HL and take Turkish A HL instead, but I learnt that ability in physics and maths is a strong predictor of philosophical analysis skills. With that in mind, do you think I should switch? I will contact admissions offices of Yale, Stanford, Princeton, Brown, Amherst etc. as well.
  4. Hi, I'm on the fence about a few of my IB courses. I want to major in Psychology and attend an Ivy League Law school after I graduate. I wanted to do History but our school, unfortunately, doesn't offer it. I'm currently in grade 10 Chemistry and have an A-plus; moreover, I'll be doing grade 10 Biology next semester. Apart from the fact that I like Biology, I believe that taking that course will make me appear to be a more well-rounded student who is good at both sciences and social sciences. I've never taken Psychology or Business classes before; however, I'm interested in them, especially Psychology. Option 1: HL: English, Psychology, Biology SL: French, Math, Business and Management Option 2: HL: English, Psychology, Business and Management SL: French, Math, Environmental Systems and Societies Option 3: HL: English, Psychology, Business and Management SL: French, Math, Biology
  5. Hi Guys After a miserable grade 11 year I am thinking of dropping from a full diploma to course . I am keen to apply to the UK / Ireland for med school and will only apply in 2019 as my DP1 marks are not great . My EE is done-almost 90%.I want to switch to Business SL from HL ,keep bio and chem HL. A friend of mine could not get into the med school in UK after getting 37 points and thinks he could have improved his chances if he had done Canadian curriculum Any advice would be appreciated
  6. Hello, I have finished Grade 10 and will embark upon my IBDP journey starting this August. Quite a few people seemed to be concerned with the difficulty of my course selection. I have chosen the subjects below: Mathematics HL Physics HL English Language and Literature (A2) HL Chemistry SL Business and Management SL Chinese B SL I want to pursue Computer Science in university, hence is why I think Math HL is a must, and I also think that Physics HL would be useful. I am very fluent in Chinese and B SL would not be a problem. What concerns me is Math HL and Physics HL; I enjoy Math and Physics a lot, but I am not necessarily 'good' at Physics. Could anyone give advice on my choices? Help would be appreciated
  7. Hey Guys, im currently in grade 10 and currently selecting my courses for dp. In the future, I want to study majors like computer science, software, computer or electronic engineering(Possibly). So I am currently planning to take math physics and chemistry for my HL courses. However personally im just not into chem and doesn't really have much passion to study chem in depth. I just wonder if chemistry is HL really required for my desired uni majors? And is taking both physics and chem hl really hard and exhausting? Would switching the chem hl to economics hl put me into disadvantages when applying for those listed university majors? Much appreciated!!!!! ps: Im currently planning to go to uni in possibly UK, US or Canada.
  8. Hey guys, I am on my 2nd year now. My score on the 1st year was around 30 points. Do you know of any creative course? I thought about Marketing, tho my passion would be Creative Writing or something similar. I love writing but as an alternative creative BAs are also to consider as Animation and Gaming, although that would be just a "free time". I don't know I just wanted to base my future job on something related to creating, though I didn't want to enroll on a pony course... Creative Writing would be my number 1 option. Do you know of any college/country where it is a "developed" area (with a successful high rate of employment or something like that? I wanted to write freely, but working for a publisher would be nice too. Advice, please. Richard
  9. Hello. I currently have a really low GPA and I was wondering if it'd be possible to re-take MYP courses from freshman and sophomore year over the summer with the classes I got a C and D in so I can raise my GPA? I'd like to retake 2-3 classes.
  10. Hi all, im currently taking Design Technology and currently being the leading student in our school for the Major Projects / IA's. I tend to collaborate with my teachers about issues with the guidelines and many of the problems that tend to arise. If you have recently heard about the new exemplar that has been released with a grade of 47/54 you may have many questions of which may be similar to mine, and that the issue you may also be talking with other students is the lack of attention that this subject is getting. I wanted to discuss the formats of the MP and all issues involving it as I need to hear other persectives. as well as other issues you are having so we can all come to a consensus and work this out together. Format: I looked at the exemplar format and it was not to MLA, where as I thought we would need MLA to an extent. we all know the format but we are restricted In page numbers not words, therefore I assume that double spacing, and all but font size and style are discounted for as if I double space, I halve the content I can write. Furthermore I evaluated the format of the exemplar and noticed the margins were not to the MLA's inch standard, more like 1cm or a half. After doing some calculations I found it was 180 extra words per page, that being used as words or pictures. while its not a lot for one page, do remember we have 44 pages, so it equates to around an extra 8000 words. That's the difference between 6's and 7's in the major project. I don't want to be at a disadvantage for not using as much of the page as I can when im restricted to the amount I have. therefore i may stretch my margins so i can access the full potential of my pages. otherwise its wasted space. other issues: i speak for my class on this one, ive done GCSE's in the past and did DT, so i have around 7 years of DT practice in my pocket by now, and i do it out side of school as a hobby. I am personally finding this project a stretch to meet everything they ask in the mere 60 hours we have. Many people don't have the technical skill to pull of what needs to be done unless they do it as a hobby. My issue here is, i wanted to know what others had on this perspective as my fellow classmates only have about half to a quarter of my experience and i can see that its no so straightforward for some. does help but were kind of in a country where it takes 5 months or a year to get anything shipped to so =P, or it wont arrive. any thoughts by others. On another note, there haven't been any specimen papers and on the OSC there is no DT revision section, any one have sources, i just feel as though this subject is getting neglected, we don't even have a text book for the new course, where as i take physics and there's tones of stuff to use, DT isn't as strait forward, its a huge field as is heavily based on perspective due to it being somewhat of an art.
  11. First a quick intro of myself, I was raised in China so my mother tongue is Mandarin, also I speak fluent Japanese and English. I came to U.S two years ago, currently in 11th grade, so I didn't take the MYP. I went straight for IBDP from a public school. I was a quick learner, but now I have ADHD and OCD and depression, but I really think I'm getting better under my medicine and I think I'm fine in the program even under these conditions. I really want to stay in this program. I've only had one year of Spanish(Level 1) in 10th grade. School has started a week and I've realized the other kids in the class already took 3 or 4 years or Spanish. I wasn't able to understand 95% of the class, what the teacher was talking about, and didn't know how to write anything. My counselor has sent us an email suggesting that change Spanish SL to MYP Spanish ll. If so, then I wouldn't be receiving an IB Diploma. But I really want the diploma, as I know it makes a huge difference. (Or does it not? How big of a difference will it be? I'm just afraid the colleges won't admit me as a IB student) Also I am currently using Rosetta Stone to catch up as quickly as I can, The concern is that if I don't drop out, I don't know how my grades are going to be. Since my counselor had said, "the IB Diploma Program gives our teachers topics and the depth to which they need to be explored for each diploma course so the pace cannot slow but so much. " According the quote above, I suppose I do not have any chance? Please help me and think of some way to solve this problem. I will be very thankful to you. Any suggestion works. Thank you very much for reading this far.
  12. Hey! I was considering taking philosophy HL. Does anyone know anything about this course? Any help would be appreciated!
  13. I set up my classes for my first year as a full IB student: HL Literature HL History SL/HL Biology 1, 2 SL Math 1, 2 Spanish 4 TOK I wanted to hear some of your thoughts and comments on my classes? What the work is like, which classes are the hardest/easiest, etc...
  14. Hey guys, my IB subject choice forms are due pretty soon, and I am not quite sure about which English course I want to pick yet... I'm probably gonna go with Literature, although I don't really understand the difference between this subject and Language & Literature - can you help me out? Also, is there a tremendous difference in terms of workload between HL and SL? What's your experience? Lastly, I must confess that I have cheated quite a bit in the past english/history assessments (anything to do with essays, really), simply because I couldn't cope with the short time period we have to complete a complex essay. In our school, we usually get 2 periods (50 mins) to complete the test, so I go home on the day which I started my assessment on, finish it at home on the paper I smuggled from class, and bring in the new parts of the essay the next day. I feel awful about it every single time, but I cannot work under pressure and end up panicking every single time. I am a very good English student and write excellent analyses and creative pieces at home, but as soon as I write an assessment in school, my mind goes blank. Do you have some advice on how to organize my time better and more effectively? Thank you so much.
  15. Hello, I decided that I am going to take compsci for my college major and I need help in trying to decide whether I should dual major+minor, dual major or just take a minor. What do you think would be a useful course to take with compsci? I am interested in economics, finance, business, math, and physics. If you are interested in my IB courses, for HL I have Math, compsci and econ and for SL I have mandarin, English, and physics. Thanks a lot in advance! Any suggestions would help a ton!
  16. Hello Dear All, I just wonder if there is a possibility to do some extra economics course during summer holidays. I am now in 2IB and besides writting my EE during holidays, I would like to do some extra course from economics somewhere in UK on the university or somewhere else in Europe. Is it possible? Has anyone done something like that before? If yes, could you please share with us your opinions, obligatory fees and the place where you took the course?
  17. Hey everyone, I am having trouble choosing a sixth subject for my IB course. I plan to study in the United States and my main points of interests are business/economics and computer science. Here are the first five courses: Math Economics Computer Science Mandarin Chinese English Literature I need help choosing a sixth subject and I am wondering which one will complement my other courses or perhaps universities will recognize more. Here are my picks for Group 6 subjects: Physics/Chemistry (Heard that specialty in one of the three big sciences would be good for college) Design Technology (Could complement my comp sci course but heard it is a 'soft' subject) Business and Management (Could complement my economics course but also heard it is a 'soft' subject) Music (Started playing the sax a few months ago and maybe it could be good subject to take) Any advice would be gladly appreciated!
  18. Hey, after some research and gathering opinions, I think I have finally decided on my IB course for next year. Any opinions regarding my course selection or anything I should be aware about and would be gladly appreciated. Advice regarding IB would also be helpful. Thanks! Courses: Math HL Computer Science HL Economics HL Physics SL Mandarin SL English Lang. & Lit. SL
  19. Hey guys, just wondering what our some of your opinions on course selections and perhaps some help regarding mine as well. It would be helpful if you guys could explain the differences between the courses and which courses seem as a better fit. Here is the list of courses I want to take for each group: Group 1: English Literature SL English Language and Literature SL Group 2: Mandarin B SL/HL Group 3: (Hard to decide...) Economics SL/HL Business & Management HL/SL Group 4: Physics SL Chemistry SL Design Technology SL Computer Science HL Group 5: Math HL Group 6: (If not chosen as one of the above) Economics SL/HL Business & Management HL/SL Physics SL Chemistry SL Design Technology SL Computer Science HL Some insight would be helpful and also I am wondering if I should take 4 HLs instead. Thanks!
  20. Hi guys! I was wondering if anyone has been to a IB summer course before. I have won scholarship to a summer course abroad but I still have to pay for the flight, which cost a lot!! It is only 5-days long and I am not sure if it would worth all that time and money. Please help me out, I must respond to the course administrator asap. Thanks! )
  21. HI! I am planning to study psychology in my future. So I have to pick my IB courses, but I am not sure which ones to pick if I want to take psychology in the university. So far I have chosen Math (SL) Chemistry (SL) Biology (HL) History (HL) Spanish (SL) English A (HL) Please Help me choose my IB courses Thanks
  22. hi guys, I really need some advice here! I know nothing about the IB diploma except that you need at least 3 HL courses! So far I have put together the following potential schedule: HL economics HL history HL english lit HL Bio SL Mandarin SL Math Are these courses too rigorous to take at the same time? I know some of the ones I'm considering, like IB mandarin, are pretty big jumps from the courses I'm currently taking... But I have no idea what they're like. Help me out, I'm new! Thanks
  23. Hey guys, Does anyone know where I can find copies of course syllabi for the following courses?: Geography History English LangLit Maths Chem Spanish B My tutor said it would be wise to have copies of these on hand, but I cant find them. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  24. Hello, I really enjoy History, Maths and Economics and I am taking them at higher level and with current grades (6, 6, 7). Can anyone help me find a good uni course please? Because everyone is suggesting me to do Economics in uni, but I want to consider all the options available. Thanks
  25. hey has any of you guys ever attended an osc ib revision course ?? I'm thinking of maybe applying for one but i'm not so sure because they're quite expensive for just a week. If you have been to a course: How was it? How where the teachers and was it worth it ? xx
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