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Found 48 results

  1. Hi, I'm sort of having a dilemma with my courses for next year. I'm currently in pre-IB (grade 10) and am entering IB next year. We already picked our courses, but there will be a day where changes to our courses can be changed. So currently, my courses for the next two years are: HL English (Lang/Lit) HL Biology HL History SL Chem SL Math SL French But, the thing is, I'm debating on switching HL History to HL Business. I'm going into sciences, so neither will really help me. I pretty much have no interest in either business or history either, but they're the only HL humanities that my school offers. Now, HL History is a hell lot of work. That I know. But the History program at my school is really good, and the class average coming out of exams is usually a 6-7 (97% avg). But I have no interest in history, as it bored me to death this year, and I really have no time or patience for the amount of work that HL history is perceived to have (essays every other week..? No thanks) But I do think that it might be worth it for the 7. HL Business is a different story. It has less work, and I'm slightly (very, very slightly) more interested in business than history. But, the business program at my school is horrible--since the course is new. It's disorganized and the marking system is messed up. The average coming out is usually really low. Really, I just need a placeholder since I have one HL left. And I have no clue which one I should chose because they both have their pros and cons. I know I won't be happy in either, but I have no choice. So which do you think is the better choice? Which option would I benefit most from? Which has less work? Which one did you enjoy more? Thanks!
  2. Hi, I have started the first year of the IB Diploma Programme. I am taking Language A at SL, Language B at HL, philosophy at SL (I have no other choice, but so far all my grades were around 7), Turkey in the Twentieth Century (this is an SL only course only for Turkish students), Physics HL and Maths HL. I think physics HL and maths HL are quite a lot when taken together (It's not like I am bad at them, my score is generally better than most of my classmates, but I do not know how I would fare in an actual, IB style exam, since ,n my school we try to learn both the IB curriculum and the national curriculum.), but they seem to be unnecessary for someone who wants to go into philosophy in the future. I wanted to drop physics HL and take Turkish A HL instead, but I learnt that ability in physics and maths is a strong predictor of philosophical analysis skills. With that in mind, do you think I should switch? I will contact admissions offices of Yale, Stanford, Princeton, Brown, Amherst etc. as well.
  3. Hi, I'm starting the IB diploma next year and I am wondering what courses I should choose if I want to study at universities such as Imperial, UCL, or King's College London. I know it is greatly recommended to take HL Math if wanting to study Computer Science, but I'm really not that great at maths and I don't think I would be able to get very good results in that class. My school does not offer HL Computer Science, but they're allowing me to take an additional AP Computer Science class apart from the IB diploma. The courses that I want to take are HL Physics, HL Economics, HL Math, SL Spanish, SL English, SL Psychology and AP Computer Science, however since I have previously mentioned, I'm not very good at Math and taking four high-level courses might be the end of me. I was wondering what are the chances of me getting into a top university in the UK while taking SL math.
  4. Hi all, could someone give me their opinion on the Environnemental Systems and Societies class? Do you like it and why you’ve chosen this topic?
  5. Hi, I am going into IB for the 2018-2019 school year. I have a general idea of what I want my course to be, HL Chem HL Bio HL Lang/Lit HL Geography SL Math SL Spanish My main concern is SL Math, currently I am in Honors PreCalculus and I hear that a good part of SL Math will be what I learned this year in HPC. I am on the fence for math, I want to do HL, but I also want to double on science and keep geography to raise my grade. For the future, I want to go to Medical School, so I think the double science is important. I wonder what you guys think about my current plan and your plan. Thanks!
  6. Hey! I’m Erika, and I’m a tenth grader which I’m starting IB next year! I know it’s a little too early to start deciding what courses I want to take, but I did it anyway. I just want you to tell me how hard the classes are from your experience. 1. English Lit HL 2. Biology HL 3. Math SL 4. History of America HL 5. Spanish B SL 6. Film SL 7. TOK
  7. I've taken Biology, Chemistry and Business management HL along with English Maths and French (ab) SL. I study IB in India and I would like to know about my options. Medical is the first thing to come to mind but that would require Physics and I do not want to take it up. I am planning to study in India because my dad doesn't want me to study abroad for god knows why and I was wondering what course I could take in Indian colleges I am aware that abroad universities do not require Physics for studying medicine
  8. Hello. Currently under a ton of work, and I have been considering moving from the IB Diploma to courses. Effectively cutting away EE, and TOK. Is it ever too late to do this? Is it recommended? Has anyone done this before? Thank you, hope someone can help!
  9. Hi, I simply want to study at a University which offers good economic Courses, in europé. An University that has low cost tuition or free. Please leave suggestions. Subjects HL-Economics, English, History SL-Swedish, Enviromental studies, Mathematics.
  10. I need help with IB subject selections. I have just finished my second year of Pre-IB, and will be starting my first year of IB in the fall (Grade 11). However, I am worried about my subject selection for a couple of different reasons. HL: Biology, English Language & Literature, History SL: Math, French B, Chemistry Note that my school does not have many options for IB, and I will attach a picture of the courses available at my school. I am studying at St. Thomas Aquinas Secondary School in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. I am most concerned about my language B couse and math. Math: I am taking SL, but I am considering taking the Studies course. I received a 70 in Functions 11 this year, which I was very disappointed with. However, I want to study Biology in university, and most universities require Advanced Functions and/or Calculus & Vectors to be considered. My teacher said she could guarantee me a high 6 or low 7 with the studies course, however with SL she could promise maybe a high 4. Should I switch to Studies for the better grade, or stay is SL to keep my options open for Biology programs? Language B: I am taking French, however I am not very good at the subject. I received a high 70 in Grade 10 Pre-IB french, and I struggled at the subject a lot. My grammar is the worst, along with other basic subjects. Would it be wise to switch into Ab Initio Spanish? I also heard I would then have 5 IB exams in May 2019, which isn't something I would look forward to.
  11. I'm playing on doing law in college, and the subjects I plan on taking are English HL History HL Economics HL French B SL (anticipated) Math Studies Biology SL Are these subject good? Some people told me that it's better to do math SL. I suck at math but I don't want to loose an entry just because I took math studies. Please help me out.
  12. Hi, all! At my school, we're having IB course selections and I would really appreciate some input. English Literature HL (I’m really good at English and really enjoy it!) Psychology HL (I’ve always been interested in psychology) Biology HL - Chemistry HL German ab Initio SL (Excited for this course) Math SL (I’ve always been horrible at math. I don’t want to do math studies.) If not, what can I change? Let me know what you think!
  13. I am currently 16 years old and in my sophomore year and have decided to go with the IB program offered in my school. I have decided to study in the UK. Before I submit my application which is due in a few weeks, I have some questions. I am planning to do either Software Engineering or Electronic Engineering as an undergraduate course and I just wanted to know if the following courses are suitable for it: HL - IB English, IB Physics and IB Economics SL - IB Spanish AB, IB Chemistry and Mathematics SL I have noticed that some schools in the UK and US do pre-IB summer programs, however, there is no such program in the country I live in (Saudi Arabia). I just wanted to know if they are helpful or needed? If yes, are there any online programs of the same? IB English HL - Is this a good choice or should I do another HL, like Mathematics HL instead?
  14. Hey guys! So I have a an issue because I started IB this year and I want to change courses I started doing psychology HL and I liked it but I ended up changing to history HL. I'm not sure if I made the right choice, because maybe I would have liked psychology better. I was indecisive at the moment so I ended up changing... but now I don't know if I regret it! Should I change back to psych? The history teacher is better but I don't know if I should go back to psych! Do you guys like HL psych or HL history better? Or do you take both? I don't know what to do and I don't know if they'll let me change after taking the semester exams! Thank you!!!
  15. I am currently enrolling in the diploma program and I'm taking math hl, physics sl and chem hl. I am wondering should i worry about the universities later and focus on my subjet choices that will get me through ib, or select my subject choices based on my targeted uni? Help
  16. Hello there fellows, I am currently in the beginning of my 2nd year and I was planning to go study in the UK, though I am in a dilemma as to what what degree I should take. On the one hand, Law would be great, on the other hand I would also like to take something related to Literature or Arts, since I want to become a writer. However, english is not my native language, so being a writer in the UK or taking a degree in Literature would be harder for me than for other fellow british students. I have to get in touch with the universities now in September, so I am a little bit anxious with this. What do you think it would be better to study in the UK? Literature/Arts or Law? Would law in the UK still allow me to eventually move, for example, to the US? Do you happen to know very good colleges for each of the two areas mentioned? If so, which ones? Feel free to...
  17. Hi! So I'm choosing between HL Psych and HL History of the Americas for my HL course. (currently taking SL Psych). Which course should I take? Which one do you guys think is more challenging and Why? Thanks!
  18. Hi! I'm an IB student and I'm still struggling on deciding which IB course should I take.These are the classes I'm currently taking: SL English HL Biology SL Math Yr2 SL Psychology SL Chinese Language A HL Chemistry So now I need one more HL course to fulfill my diploma requirements. I'm thinking about either taking HL Psychology or HL History of the Americas (I'm currently taking US History). Can anyone give me some advice on which course should I take? Thank you very much!
  19. Hey guys/girls, im currently in 10th grade and need help with my course selection for the next 2 years. My current course selection looks like this: HL: German A L&L Economics Physiks SL: Business & Management English A L&L Math Here is my issue... I heard that the economics syllabus is very hard and that our Eco teachers aren't that good. Furthermore I heard that B&M is basically a free 7 and US universities (where I prob wanna study) don't really see it as a good course. My idea is to change Eco HL to SL and B&M to CS HL. Could anyone say if that is a good change or if I would kill myself with that 😉🔫 or comment which option would be better. Note: I don't know what to study yet but probably something with either engineering or business. THANKS
  20. Greetings! I am currently in Pre-IB about to select my subject for the real IB program and I plan to study computer science or finance and economics in the United States, UK, or Canada. Here are my possible subject choices: Math HL Physics HL Economics HL French ab initio SL English LangLit SL Chemistry SL or CompSci SL/HL My question is whether I should take chemistry or compsci I plan to take the courses above and if I should replace my economics HL with this group 6 subject? All help is greatly appreciated!
  21. Hi everyone! I'm going to be signing up for my courses in a few days for the Grade 9, Pre-I.B French Immersion Program and I've been debating taking standard level math or advanced. Math is not my best subject, and I'm not very confident with my math skills, but I think with a LOT of time and effort, I can make it through advanced. I do feel advanced might be a big push for me though, considering how math is not one of strongest subjects. I've also heard it's better to start in the advanced program rather then try to jump into it in grade 10 or 11... is this true? I was wondering if someone could help me make my decision by giving me an idea of what each program is like (and maybe a pros and cons list for each one?) Thank you so much!!!!!!! - Girl Online
  22. I'm currently in pre-ib and i choose my courses for IB next week. Choosing which math i want to do (HL or SL) determines what level English i will take. I love math and was planning on taking HL but I've been reading people's different perspectives on math HL and it ranges from being easy if you study to it's like hell. Now i'm torn on which level i should chose. I hate english and i'm horrible at it, everything about it. Reading, analyzing, poetry and everything else. I can never understand/analyze a book/poem without searching about it. And I was willing to take math HL just so I didn't have to take english HL. But the IB coordinator have told me that the only difference between english HL and SL is just a few more essays and books to read. Is that true? I know my IB coordinator will say anything just to get you into IB so she's not a reliable source. People have advised me to take Math HL since i hate english so much. But if math HL is gonna be horrible and really hard than maybe i will take english HL. Like so far, I'm really good at math but i know that could change in math HL. If i had the choice i would take Math, English, History in SL and Bio, Chem, French in HL. But I'm not sure if it's possible to take both english and math at SL. So how different is english HL from SL? I mean HL is a year longer so there must more things than a couple more books and essays. Also, if you took english SL or HL, please tell me how it went for you and what you liked/didn't like about it! Also, I have no idea what I want to be when I'm older nor what i will take in university :/
  23. ctsong

    IB DP Classes!

    Hi everyone! So we're choosing our classes for next school year (I'll be a junior, first year in the IB program) and I'm a little uncertain about what I should take. Right now I've got a tentative schedule planned out: IB EnglishIB HistoryIB Physics SLIB SpanishAP BC CalculusIB Theory of KnowledgeIB EconomicsThis feels like a pretty heavy class load, so I'm wondering if anyone can give me advice/info on any of these classes and whether I should drop a class?? Thanks!
  24. So right now in school, we're choosing our DP courses for next year. However, I am still unsure if I will be taking the full IBDP or just IB courses I know a lot of you will tell me that the IBDP is worth it and stuff, but I'm a pretty competitive swimmer (I swim around 9 times a week) so managing the IB as well as all my co-curriculars just sound absurd to me at this point. On top of that I would be having to do the EE, CAS, and TOK which I'm not particularly interested in, to be honest So my main question is will I still be able to get into a (RELATIVELY) good university by doing partial IB? Please keep in mind that I go to high school in Canada so I will be graduating with an Ontario Diploma (OSSD) as well as my IB Certificates. Is this sufficient? My university options are mostly in the UK, but also a few in US and Canada. My subject choices look somewhat like History HL English Lang/Lit HL Biology SL Math Studies Economics SL Latin SL ******************btw, planning on taking Poli-Sci or International Relations in Uni, maybe even Law in the future******************************************* Are my subjects alright btw? I might even take Biology as an HL Thanks in advance guys!
  25. Hi guys I was wondering what you considered to be grades that taking IB would not change much. I have an average in the mid 80s, but i haven't finished the school year yet. Do you think i should take IB? What grades do you think would be the minimum requirement to get through the diploma. I am very anxious, because i plan on taking IB next year as I am in Grade 10 right now?Also, what courses do you believe to be the most difficult, and unnecessary for someone like me who plans to go into Chemical Engineering and Computer Engineering. At the moment my choices are: HL Biology HL English HL French SL Math SL Chemistry SL Environmental Systems and Societies Sadly my school does not offer HL Chemistry,Math or IB Physics! Please respond, Thank you
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