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Found 27 results

  1. Hi! I'm doing my EE on biology secondary research and struggled looking for samples or direct guidance at all so I mainly relied on the IB EE guide book. I've summarized the key points they mentioned for Bio and another summary under the actual text because the other summary I originally made was still too long. (yes. it's that wordy.) so there are two summaries, you could say. Most of what they say are a bit repetitive so I will be posting another clearer version of this once im done with my finals on thursday. If you guys want, I can also change it to a checklist format to make it easier. Hope it helps! BIO EE CRITERIA.docx
  2. :))) hellooo, So, we all know that IB is all about the criteria's and stuff. I am currently writing my EE in psych, but I noticed that I don't have any criteria. I looked online but you should pay for them. I asked my school and they are ignoring me for a few weeks already. It is due in two months. Can someone help me? Provide me with criteria in psych, or at least explain what's in it? THANK YOU SOO MUCH GUYS
  3. Hi! I'm new to the website but I'm currently an IB1 doing Visual Arts HL. So far everything's going great but I'm wondering if there is a criteria guide that defines final artworks that one creates? I usually get 7s or 6s on my pieces, but I recently got lower this time and I don't know why. I wouldn't expect there to be such a guide, as art essentially has no limits, but I just want to know if there are certain points that we have to achieve for a good/suitable artwork, unless its all really up to the teacher's opinion with no explanation. Thank you in advance for any help at all! Appreciate it.
  4. Hi, just wondering what the criteria for VIP membership is right now, in terms of a rough post count and/or useful files?
  5. Hi, I am just finishing my extended essay in biology, and I wanted to ask you to comment on where the most marks are deducted at biology EE and what are the most important nuances of a Biology EE. Maybe those who did their EE can tell what are little details due to which marks are lost. Thank you
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Chemistry IA 2016 Analysis criteria
  7. Chemistry IA 2016 Analysis criteria View File Chemistry IA 2016 Analysis criteria Submitter SC2Player Submitted 03/18/2017 Category Chemistry  
  8. Hi guys, I'm writing this because of questionable things happening in my Language A literature class. As you might know, Language A HL and SL has separate criteria. For example, maximum descriptor of SL criteria in paper 1 and 2 is 'very good' while HL's maximum is 'excellent'. My class has HL and SL students altogether, and when we had assessment, my teacher give all of us grade accordingly to HL criteria. I'm in SL, and every time when I take paper 1 or 2, I always get 3 to 4 points deducted from my actual SL score. For example, if my paper is actually a score of 19, my teacher gave me 15. Do your literature teachers also same as like this? Or, do you think there's problem with my teacher and inform to IB coordinator?
  9. Hi IBSurvivors! What is the passing grade for both TOK/EE in May Session 2016? I can't find the actual points matrix. I heard rumors that those are both C now. What you all think? Greetings
  10. Ok guys, so what do you think is a good format for an IOC? Im doing mine on a short story For short stories, we are given only a certain extract, so that kind of limits the scope I can go about them. How often can I go beyond the selected extract of the same short story? Moreover, how often can I relate this short story to other short stories? Is this considered a good format btw: Intro Purpose Mood Tone Characterization 2-3 Themes 3-5 literary devices Relating to other short stories
  11. Hey guys! Since my school's organization is extremely terrible and they've hired a bunch of non- IB qualified teachers who are poorly familiar with the curriculum and the criteria I was wondering if there s a possibility to access the criteria online somewhere? Correct me if I am wrong but I believe that there is one criteria sheet that covers all the 6 subjects and I've received a few of them last year (which I've obviously lost), and since my school is to unorganized to provide us with them I was wondering if you guys could help me out Thanks
  12. For my IA preparation, my teacher told me to evaluate the method on a study. I chose Peterson and Peterson (1959) and I don't know how to evaluate the method. Please help me Peterson_and_Peterson_1959.pdf
  13. So i have to propose a final topic (and its scope) to the teacher, but one of the criteria for the exploration is the ''Personal Engagement'' one (i think it was 0 to 4 points). We went through several samples in the class, and i did see some personal POV in them (e.g. one where there was a guy who was saying how he chose the topic because he was some athlete and was curious about the probability of scoring a goal) I know i'm really interested in biology, especially microbiology, but i'm not sure how can i combine that with mathematics (and keep it ''challenging enough for SL level''). I was also thinking about the topics ''fractals in nature'' and 4D geometry, but i'm struggling with those ideas as well. -Firstly, the teacher said that the Fractal topic is very commonly done as an exploration, so it really has to be good and personal. -Secondly, how do i make 4D geometry personal if it isn't exactly something which you can have in your everyday life. Might as well delete this thread since no one can help and i'm changing my topic..yet again.
  14. Does anyone know where I can find the latest criteria for an extended essay in philosophy?
  15. Version 2.0


    This is a student-friendly and detailed criteria for anyone doing an Extended Essay on History. It has specific checklists for every criteria and can be quite useful for anyone who needs to ensure that they are meeting all the basic requirements.
  16. Hi, Is it neccessary to have more than one graph for the economics IA? Every sample IA online that I've seen has at least two graphs. This isn't explicity mentioned in any IB document. What should I do? Thanks in advance.
  17. Hi, My maths teacher corrected my maths IA and he didn't mark me on the commitment and there is a new one called " Notation and Terminology " and I searched on the internet and it looks like there isn't one like this, I was wondering if someone had it ty
  18. Lol, my EE is due on the 30th, and my supervisor has been saying "it's getting there", but what does it really take to get an A on it? I've been working on it for 2 months so I really don't want it all to go to waste at the last minute. I've looked at 2 sample EEs that got an A, and my wording seems pretty close, but the EE criteria itself is pretty vague, so I'm not sure...
  19. Hello everyone. I am finishing the write up for my first IA in Math HL (I am getting my diploma in May, so I am kind of behind). I am not finding the criteria and I am not sure where to find the latest version. Can you help me?
  20. Hey all, just some ToK essay questions. To start, my tok teacher has told me that he will be giving be 18/19 for my tok presentation on 'should violence in video games be banned?' I would like to get an A in tok, as it would relieve some of the pressure for an A on EE, for which i'm predicted close to the A/B border (pre-redraft, but still.) And just to note, my highers include philosophy and history, which both require analytical essay writing skills, and I am predicted/aiming for 6s/7s so I can understand feedback about writing analytically, and it makes me wonder why my tok essays.. lack somewhat! Firstly, with 18/19 on the presentation I need 30/31+ roughly to achieve the A in tok... how achievable is this? I personally just find this slightly intimidating as the few tok essays I have done so far have been out of 30 as the organisation criteria was removed, and I was getting 17-19/30, so lacking a whole 10+ marks! Obviously this doesn't bode very well..... I know what the criteria are roughly, but some guidance of this sort by some of you tok masters would be very greatly appreciated! Criteria A - how to show understanding of 'knowledge issues' - and not to sound stupid, but I get the rough idea but what EXACTLY is a knowledge issue? I've been told multiple different definitions Criterias B and C - I think I'm okay on criteria B - relevant examples and be personal, right? With good analysis? So kinda like philosophy/history? Criteria D - not being funny, but being given 10 marks for structure and references seems like a lot. How many references are we expected to put in a tok essay?? Also what would be very helpful is if there is a markband breakdown for each criteria? (Eg for 1-2 marks in Criteria A you need this, for 3-5 marks this, for 6-8 marks this, for 9-10 marks this) Many thanks to anyone who can shed some light, as the notion of getting 32+/40 in tok essay seems very distant and challenging currently!
  21. Hello everyone, I'm doing my final Theory of Knowledge (ToK) presentation on conspiracy theories- my school's IB co-ordinator and a ToK teacher told me conspiracy theories are generally a good topic of choice. I'm having a dilemma regarding the structuring of my presentation and what it takes to score a 20/20; my previous presentation got 18/20 which may look nice although it is actually a B, for shame. In speaking with the previously mentioned ToK teacher, The key points were: - to raise many issues - save my opinion for the close - when raising issues, present both possible sides >e.g: The conspiracy theory of the moon landing being fake is very much fueled off the footage of Neil Armstrong rehearsing his lines and his routine on how he will land on the moon. In order to present both sides of this issue, one must say it could indeed be the hoax itself and Neil Armstrong did take part in a conspiracy, faking the moon landing and simply directing it in a warehouse OR he was rehearsing for when he would actually land on the moon in order to be prepared - talk about the ethicality regarding the subject - Incorporate another real life situation (hence, 9/11 as was suggested) What I need help with is this: - Knowing on what exactly to center my presentation about: the ethicality of misleading? conspiracies? basically this means I need help with the STRUCTURE of my presentation and the... - Forming of a strong knowledge issue Help me please! Thanks so so much!
  22. Hey, I have my mock for Japanese B Papers 1 and 2 tomorrow. As far as I'm aware, the Criteria Breakdown is as follows: A/10 = Language/grammar. B/10 = Message. C/5 = Format/Text Type. I can create a grammar mnemonic that will allow me to jot down a lot of grammar structures before my exam, and thus in theory obtain a lot of marks for my criteria A. However, my fatal flaw with Japanese is the darned kanji. Thing is, I remember them vaguely but they shroud themselves in just enough ambiguity that I am unconfident to write them in the paper!! Therefore only kinda simple kanji or regular kanji get written by me. Don't get me wrong, I do use a decent range, but not much, and enough that my teacher often does correct my kanji or write a 'K' on my work where that character could have been a kanji. Do you get marked down in criteria A for this?? Or would good command of vocabulary and grammar structure be enough to get high points for this? It just seems a little unfair that Japanese students have to remember not just the two extra basic alphabets as well as kanji on top of the grammar/vocab that german, french and spanish have to, yet have similarly high grade boundaries. :/ Also I'm fairly sure my marks on paper 1 would be higher without so much kanji!! /Rant Thanks for any help!
  23. Hey guys. So I'm worried because I just did my IOC on Macbeth, Act 4 Scene 1 and I said that it was Act 4 Scene 3 because I had a sudden mind-blank. I don't know if the examiners noticed though. But I'm just wondering how many marks I would have lost by saying that. I think my analysis of the passage was good and I did place it into the context of the play - I talked about previous scenes, how this scene foreshadows what is to come, etc. But I'm just really worried. I did a practice oral last year with the same examiners, and I got 24/30 which was a 7 apparently. I think the level of analysis I did this time was a little bit better, but because I stated the wrong scene... would that automatically mean I wouldn't get a 7?
  24. Hello, Our teacher told us to submit a written task in 2 days and i don't have a topic. I was thinking on doing it on censorship but i can't think of what to include in my written task. Help me with the criteria and suggest a few good topics as well Merci beaucoup
  25. I really need help fast with my IA. My investigation is What is the relationship between the amount of time spent on extracurricular activities with a student’s overall academic performance and successs? if thats even a good topic area. So can someone please assist me in trying to understand what criteria B asks for exactly?
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