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Found 6 results

  1. 56 downloads

    This lab has been submitted and graded by IBO. It received a perfect score in all categories. Research Question: How does changing the angle of incidence of light affect the power output of a solar panel? Includes calculations, graphs, steps to linearize data, and a conclusion to an inconclusive lab. Good example for when you don't get your predicted results from the lab.
  2. Hi everyone! My Eco HL exam is coming up in the week and a bit eeppp! I'm trying to find real life examples for Micro and Macro and was wondering if anyone could share some of the ones they have and are planning to use? I'm really desperate for examples concerning market failure, monetary policy and supply-side policy :/// Please help!!
  3. Hi, I have posted about my TOK presentation before, but decided to change it and need some help in structuring my actual presentation. I have picked an article on Putin's idea to his own version of Wikipedia: http://time.com/3587656/russia-wikipedia/ And decided to focus my knowledge question on: 'On what grounds can we judge which perspective is the most reliable?' If you guys have any tips on the actual structuring of the TOK presentation I'd love to hear them. Thank you:)
  4. Hi, For my TOK presentation I came up with the knowledge question of 'To what extent is emotion a more dominant factor than ethics regarding disabilities?' however my teacher wants me to switch out the word 'disabilities' to make it more general. Any suggestions? My knowledge issue was derived from the real life situation The Ashley Case were a set of parents stunted their disabled daughter's growth, sterilized her, and removed her breast tissue in order to avoid her being sexually abused by caretakers, and make it easier for her parents to take care of her. Any help is welcome:)
  5. Is the Business & Management IB Syllabus of 2009 STILL APPLICABLE for exams in 2013 ONWARDS? I will have the exam on May 2014. Or are there new/latest syllabus/ subject outline published by IB? If there is new syllabus, can you please kindly share the link? Thank You.
  6. Does anyone have good notes of this part of the syllabus? It would be great if you could upload them. Thanks
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