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Found 11 results

  1. I wonder if you have ever felt like me, but right now I feel like I am dabbling on the floor with life getting sucked out of me. Our teacher chose a collection of particularly symbolist, post-modern stories for detailed study and tasked us with studying it in the summer. It is so symbolic that it takes hours only to read thirty pages, and honestly, I have begun to question all this literary analysis enterprise and its purpose. I wonder if any of you found a way out of creating a totalising system of meaning within a literary text or employ the same methods as me.
  2. Hi everyone, I'm a junior working on my English IOP. Apparently I have non-verbal learning disorder, so English isn't really my strong point. But anyway, I'm working on my The Things They Carried IOP and was wondering if anyone had any ideas for what I should incorporate in my presentation. My topic, (approved by the teacher) is "How does O'Brien explore the ways in which characters deal with death" Any extra ideas or personal insights into this topic would be much much appreciated! Thanks, Nick
  3. Hello everyone who is experienced in IB!!!! I need help. I am currently in grade 10 and choosing my IB subjects, I want to take two science higher level courses and was wondering what is another HL course that could probably help me get an IB diploma. I am also not doing as well as I expected in English I currently have a score ranging from B+ to A- , and our English course is mostly based on analysis of poems and short stories. We had two diary entries that I really enjoyed writing and I really want to score high in English and was wondering whether Lang and lit might be easier than lit. I am also really interested in Psychology but most people tell me that if I do psychology instead of business and management HL it might make me struggle because of the amount of work included. Here is the list of my courses, currently: (I really don't want to struggle because I am taking Bio and Chem HL) Biology HL Chemistry HL Bus&Mgt HL Farsi SL English SL Math SL Can someone please help me!! I plan on majoring in biochemistry in the future and I really want to get into a good university like UCLA. I was wondering if the subjects I chose could probably help me land myself there? Please Help me and someone tell me if what I am taking is too rigorous!!
  4. Hi everyone, can you please do me a huge favor and fill in this survey for my tok presentation. It will only take a few minutes and will mean so much to me as my presentation is tomorrow. https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/9RTPGPF Thank you
  5. Hey everyone, I have been having difficulty in deciding between a few ways to structure my essay regarding the theme/motif of death (and the subsequent denial of death) in European children's fairy tales. I have 4 different ways I am thinking of structuring this and I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me figure out which is the best for creating a well presented and logical essay with easily accessible resources available for research. A: Analyse the effect that a change in era and society has on the way death is portrayed by studying 1 Brothers Grimm, 1 Anderson, 1 19th-20th Century and 1 20th Century work. B: Comparing the different ways Brothers Grimm and Anderson deny death in their children’s fairy tales of the 19th century (with magic and perception of a better afterlife) C: The extent that denial of death is prevalent through the creation of a fantasy world or ending (eg. Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, Magic in both brothers Grimm and Anderson) D: Analysing adaptions of 2 Brothers Grimm and 2 Anderson works (that were originally folklore/mythology and have been made nice by Disney) and how the different adaptions relate to the social setting and expectations/views of children Any help would be appreciated!!!!
  6. I'm having problems with narrowing down my extended essay topic, which I've decided should be linked to 'life after death' For my research, I was told to look at the Ego Trick (book), which talks about the Hindu belief in life after death. I was thinking of having 'to what extent is the argument of life after death true?' I was going to contrast views of different philosophers on life after death, as well as different religions Help would be much appreciated
  7. So, I need to think of a world literature topic that needs to be REALLY specific according to my teacher. It cannot be something very general like "How the death of Santiago Nasar affected the townspeople(before and after his death)." This was disapproved by my teacher saying it was just a plot summary and I needed a thesis. In grade 10 where I had a teacher that rarely made us work, has lowered my level to write. So I'm not quite sure how to do this, (we didn't really write anything this year either). What I was thinking for a topic for my World Lit paper would be either these 3: -Revenge as a proper and improper action -Emotions of Santiago Nasar during his murder -The isolation of Sucre that lead to their rock solid cultural views (girls need to keep their virginity until they marry and all that)(Never had a chance to see other views)
  8. So, I was sort of interested in using "Is euthanasia considered a crime?" or "To what extent is euthanasia considered/justified as a crime?" since there's voluntary and involuntary euthanasia (which is similar to murder) and we plan to use kavorkian (mr.death or the angel of death as a real life issue) I talked to my teachers about this; one said that it's an awesome topic and even helped me (my group). But one said that it's too cliche, that students from previously had probably used this topic. I'm still really interested and into talking about "death," and i've read a few discussions in here that might have helped. These are the topics I've currently thought off: - "To what extent is euthanasia considered as a crime?" - "Why is death considered important to human beings?" - "To what extent is murder considered a crime?" - "To what extent should a murderer be considered not guilty due to mental illness in the court?" So far i think the best candidate is the last one, but I'm not sure. so, advice guys? thanks muchmuch ><
  9. Please tell me some way to remember all of this stuff for my IOP tomorrow
  10. So, at this time of the year, people at my school are contemplating switching classes, etc. for their junior and senior year. So, I thought I was all set: doing IB Diploma, with Math HL, Biology HL, English HL, Spanish HL, History SL, and Latin SL. Then I was presented with a possibility. You see, the people at my school have already made schedules according to every student's initial choice. So, you can only switch classes if it doesn't interfere with another class on your schedule. My friend wanted to take IB Latin instead of IB Art, but they wouldn't let her because IB Latin is at the same time as the IB Physics class she is in. So then, after one of my friends mentioned it, I started thinking, what if I can take two sciences?? I'm sure that at other schools, this is done frequently, but at my school it has NEVER been done before. So, if I switched to Physics HL, my schedule would look like this: Math HL, Biology HL, Physics HL, English HL, Spanish SL, and History SL. SO, now my question: Am I underestimating the difficulty of IB Sciences? I feel like I think that it will just be a breeze but when it comes to it, I may...die. That's what some of my friends are telling me: they all think I'm crazy. Anyone who has done IB, what are your thoughts on the difficulty of IB Sciences? Do you think taking two HL sciences and Math HL would be humanely possible at IB level?
  11. Does the IB compensate for any death experienced to a student?- like if a family member or someone close passes? In Australia, in public schools I know during their schooling (HSC) if someone is effected by death they gain like an extra 4 points on their ATAR (which is out of 100) i was just curious if the IB do anything similar? any information would be helpful, thank you
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