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Found 8 results

  1. Do you believe in gender equality? do you believe in feminism and what it stands for? If not, Why? This is purely out of curiosity and is not meant to attack anybody.
  2. Hey guys M&m_Fan99 (Thaddeus Peuterschmidt) back with another IB Survival forum post! So, today's QOTD (question of the day) is: "Is my school's uniform policy sexist?", if you couldn't tell from the title of this forum post. In the uniform policy, it is stated that girls are not allowed to have their skirts more than 10cm above their knees, but there are no rules about how high boys can wear their shorts. Many are outraged at this and is calling this inequality. So IB Survival forum viewers, what do you think? Do you think my school is being sexist? :ivan:
  3. Sorry if there has already been a topic posted that's similar to this, but since I didn't see one, I decided to start one myself. Anyway, the question's pretty self-explanatory: Does one biological gender have it better in the country you live in? (Sorry, but please don't make this about transgender people- that's coming from somebody who is transgender.) Why or why not? I know that, since this is a debate, it can't be helped some people might be offended by what you say, but please just rationally bring up your points and defend them based on logic, not emotion: You can't win a debate by saying your feelings were hurt. It could be argued you can't win a debate at all of course, because there are always new perspectives... Anyway, yeah, what do you guys think? In the US, I don't think one gender really rules over the other, and honestly, gender roles here seem to be almost nonexistent. There might be some pressure on an individual from other individuals, but of course that can't be helped: I don't think anyone is really being forced to take on a certain role in our society here. There are other people from the US on here of course, so they might disagree, and of course I'd like to hear from people not in the US about their home country.
  4. "The only way to prepare for peace, is to prepare for war." We discussed this in class recently. What do you guys think? Is war and peace mutually exclusive? Or should a country have an army to be at peace?
  5. I'm a first year IB student (May 2017 finals), taking HL Math, Physics, Econ, and SL Indonesian, Chemistry and English Lang/Lit. I'm also in the varsity MUN and Debate teams. GPA currently 3.97 on a 4.3 scale (though the B's came from PE which I no longer take.) Based on latest midterms my IB score would be 44 (6 in Math) While choosing my subjects, I didn't have a direct plan of what I wanted to do, so I tried to opens as many options for sciences/humanities related college courses. However, recently I have become very keen on studying law in the UK, but from what I've read online it seems that the main subjects for that would be HL English, History, and Global Politics (where it's available). Would it still be advisable to make that my main course option for university, or should I opt for something along the lines of PPE with a post-grad in law? Thanks for any help
  6. HEY ALL, We had this TOK debate in our school on the topic "CAN HAPPINESS BE MEASURED" ? so i just thought we could have this debate here also ..(cause I find this topic bit interesting )
  7. Alright guys, It's time to hear what you guys all think about one of the most pressing issues today. Should the United States, or any other country cough* (France) cough* intervene in the Syria conflict BECAUSE of the use of Chemical Weapons? My question is not to fix the civil war, my question is specifically related to the use of chemical weapons. Discuss!
  8. Despite having very little media coverage a relatively large demonstration called "March against Monsanto" occurred across the world in 50 countries with protests against monsanto in many cities both large and small. Do you think Monsanto and its work in genetic modification are problematic, dangerous or are perfectly justifiable and in fact beneficial?