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Found 17 results

  1. My school offers 3 different Language B subjects: Indonesian Acquisition, Chinese Acquisition, and French ab Initio. Out of these 3 languages, I am only fluent in Indonesian since it's my native language, however, due to this, there's some policy restricting me from choosing it, leaving me with Chinese Acq & French ab Initio. With no prior knowledge at all regarding these two languages, I decided to choose French since it's in an Initio. With that in mind, will French ab Initio be difficult and is it a time consuming subject when it comes to revisions?
  2. Discussion for the May 2017 TOK prescribed titles: “It is only knowledge produced with difficulty that we truly value.” To what extent do you agree with this statement?
  3. Hi guys I was wondering what you considered to be grades that taking IB would not change much. I have an average in the mid 80s, but i haven't finished the school year yet. Do you think i should take IB? What grades do you think would be the minimum requirement to get through the diploma. I am very anxious, because i plan on taking IB next year as I am in Grade 10 right now?Also, what courses do you believe to be the most difficult, and unnecessary for someone like me who plans to go into Chemical Engineering and Computer Engineering. At the moment my choices are: HL Biology HL English HL French SL Math SL Chemistry SL Environmental Systems and Societies Sadly my school does not offer HL Chemistry,Math or IB Physics! Please respond, Thank you
  4. Hello, I am doing math HL and i am not really finding it hard. I scored well on the last couple tests (86%,91%,100%,93%), in sequences, complex numbers, differentiation and logs (in this order). As a result, I am thinking about doing further maths. However, the further math examination only occurs in may/june, so I will only have about 6months to learn the entire syllabus. Further on, my school does not teach further math so I will have to teach myself. I have done well at mathematics in the past, and scored well in my math igcse(a*,a*) and i also got a silver medal in a a national math competition/olympiad. So, what do you guys think about doing this? Thank you very much!
  5. Hello! Im starting IB in September 2015, and I've realised I might want to do something in the bio/chem field when I'm older, so I'm thinking of swapping my physics slot for chemistry. However, I didnt take IGCSE chem and have only done the very basics in middle school. Will i find SL chemistry very difficult?
  6. How hard is IB Computer Science at Higher Level (HL) ?
  7. Hello everyone. I am a 16 year old, facing a problem that has been stressing me out, affecting my sleep, and potentially even my current grades which aren't already that good. I have been in this school for 3 years, and have started IB this year, and with teachers spreading things about me quickly this year(and for example the start of this year my business teacher was telling me i never focus, and it was our second lesson, definitely from other opinions) i really feel that it has impacted our grades. I do not think they think that im particularly intelligent, and due to my attitudes at the start of this year(probably from summer), ive gotten emails to my parents etc for me interrupting lessons, or not focusing etc, which to be honest others done but havent gotten into anything, trust me, but i knew i should change for myself and my grades so i started focusing, working really hard and my parents knew this, when weve gotten into parent teacher meetings when they were all okay with my behavior, and a teacher was saying i was doing great with a potential of 7 but my english teacher in particular, which is the head of our grade was telling my mom that i struggle to focus, never work and "pretend to work' at times which i do not. i stay till school 6pm everyday and work as harda s i can, stay up till 1am at times now, and never stop working. Most importantly this has impacted on my grades, which are horrible. im looking for 6s and 4 minimum for just for example a subject, but ive been getting 3s and 2s in some subjects! Plus, weve had this problem of having to move cities, either to new york or london, so i have to look for schools over there too, and im now considering repeating a year. I have alot more to say, but this is my main concern, thank you so much in advance. This has made me really different and affected me in some ways too. Thank you! sorry for bothering.
  8. grace_is_here

    Scared of IB?

    So, I just finished grade 10 pre-IB and am now days away from the real thing... and I'm terrified. Is full IB do-able? (please give me reassurance).
  9. I currently have summer and will start IB next year. We have to submit the subjects to school and I am hesitant about my subjects, especially Math Higher Level, so would you rate the difficulty of the following subjects please, on a scale of 1 to 10! (1-10) Math HL Economics HL Film HL Arabic SL English Literature SL Environmental Studies SL Can you also tell me how difficult Business and Management is? Thanks in advance!
  10. I`m about to finish obligatory 10 yrs of school, and considering either studying abroad for my IB diploma or staying in my country (the school here isn`t as good as private international ones abroad). The subjects I`ll take are: 1.English 2.Spanish or Arabic/Mandarin/Other Asian languages Ab inito - (depending on which school I go to, and what they offer, I prefer the latter) 3.Business Management/Psychology - (Again, depending on which school, I prefer business) 4.Biology 5. Math 6. Some art thingy, or choose something else from the other groups, if the school offers that option. I do well at school now, and I don`t really work hard to achieve such a high score. I have a 5.4 score (Norwegian "GPA", Subjects are scored from 1-6, highest possible "GPA" is 6) The average score is something like 3.5-4ish, 4.5-5 is a great score, lower than 3 is terrible. But I think the reason my score is so high is because the (public) school I go to is so un-rigorous, and most of my peers are retards... haha, so I don`t think my high score neccesarily means I will survive (and certainly not thrive) in the IB program. So my questions are: (You don`t need to answer them all of course) -Is the IB program harder at different schools, and/or countries? (Since I am considering taking the IB diploma abroad, and it would suck to move all the way to another country just to get a lower score than I would at home) I have heard from a friend who lived in Thailand (now in uni) and took the IB program at a private international school that one of his "loser"/low-achieving friend in Pre-IB moved to Australia/US (I believe) for the IB program and graduated at the top of his class. I know it sounds stereotypical, there might be some truth to it, I guess? -I`ve heard that the IB program isn`t neccesarily hard, but has a really heavy workload, is this true? - We can measure this by how frequently do you have tests, and how many pages of information is the curriculum in each test? At my school we go through a chapter of about 30-40 pages of information - (with a big font size, equivalent to about 15 IB-textbook pages, I`ve seen some IB textbooks, they look terrifyingly big) - in 5-6 weeks (2-3 hours a week per class) and have a test after every chapter. I personally think it is ridiciolous how slowly we go through the curriculum. -I`ve read so many different answers to this question, but I`ll ask again; how many hours a day do you spend on homework, and are you assigned homework to the same day as you have a test? Please don`t answer it depends, like everyone else. How many hours do YOU spend a day? And how many hours a day do you think I would need to spend to get a 38+ score? Do you generally get homework-free weekends, as long as you do your work when it is assigned, and not wait to do an essay the sunday before it is due? -If I chose French ab inito, compared to for example Arabic or Mandarin ab inito (the latter ones obviously harder languages to learn, because of different script, and many other reasons) would I learn less Arabic/Mandarin than I would French, I think that would make sense at least? -I want to become an engineer, do I need to choose Physics as an IB subject to get admitted into a university engineering program? -Do you write short stories and such in English, or do you just analyse literature? Thank you so much if you took your time to answer some/all of these questions!!
  11. Hello! My school runs Maths HL Further classes every Sunday for four hours, and they're optional for all Maths HL students. I think maybe 5-6 students in my Maths HL class have signed up for Maths Further as well. I have attended all the classes for Maths HL Further since I started the IB because I've always found it to be interesting. But that's just it, I never took the class super seriously because it was fun for me. But now that we're in Winter Break of IB2, my IB Coordinator seriously asked me if I wanted to sit the Maths HL Further exam anyway since I had attended all the classes and have studied most of the material. If I manage to get at least a 5, I could potentially jump straight into Sophomore-, or maybe even, Junior-year Maths classes at a US university. So my questions is: Should I do this? I'm already prepping for 8 IB subjects, but Theatre and Dance HL don't have final exams like other 'academic' subjects. There are some written (essay) components and some performance components, but overall, I'll be done with Theatre and Dance HL prior to starting my IB exams. So in May, I'd technically have 6 subjects's worth of exams, like everyone else, except if I take Maths Further, it will become 7 subjects. Do you think that's wise or even necessary? All opinions are welcome. Thank you for reading!
  12. Hello, I am going to take English Lang Lit HL, French B HL, Economics HL, Math standard SL (might change to studies), ESS SL, History SL. How challenging is this subject package?>
  13. My friend is planning to take Economics at Higher Level and Math at Standard Level. She would like to know whether the course is too difficult. Any opinions would be highly appreciated.
  14. I'm about to go into my senior year in IB. I've been looking at some colleges I want to go to, and a lot of them say that I have to get 5's on my higher level exams in order to get any credit. Well that freaked me out! How hard would you guys say it is to get 5's. I haven't gotten my standard level scores back yet, so I can't really judge the difficulty based on experience. Thanks! In case this helps, here are my higher level courses: Spanish Literature 20th Century History TOK (is there even an exam for this?)
  15. Hello I'm in IB1 and I have want make my standard level chemistry higher. I already have 3 high levels (physics, math, english B) but I don't think universities in the us/uk value this subject very much and I thought I'd take chemistry HL to compensate for that. My 1st term score was 38/42 and I want to raise it or at least keep it the same. Is that possible if I take HL chemistry?
  16. Just wondering - how different are paper 1 and 2? (Besides the obvious '1 is 15 short questions and 2 is 5 long questions) Hopefully Paper 2 isn't too much more difficult than Paper 1. I'm one point short of my best university requirement and I hoped to pick that up in maths studies (6 to 7) as my uni offer has no chance of making it part of my conditional if I slip up (studies for law? lol) whereas on top of this, my highers are all subjective (therefore reluctant to predict up despite a 7 in my mock) and/or unlikely to improve anyway (a 7 in english seems entirely unlikely for me) My maths teacher told me that if I got a 7 in this mock I would be predicted up, but we got a horrible studies paper 1 today. At the end of the exam I counted up everything I did (Everything I did, I know is right, and yes I was pessimistic and still removed a couple that may be iffy) and I'm about 70-71% in paper 1, but this means that in order to average out a 7 I need 90% in Paper 2 in a couple days - can only drop 9-10 marks... Any clues?
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