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Found 30 results

  1. Do you believe in gender equality? do you believe in feminism and what it stands for? If not, Why? This is purely out of curiosity and is not meant to attack anybody.
  2. Hey guys M&m_Fan99 (Thaddeus Peuterschmidt) back with another IB Survival forum post! So, today's QOTD (question of the day) is: "Is my school's uniform policy sexist?", if you couldn't tell from the title of this forum post. In the uniform policy, it is stated that girls are not allowed to have their skirts more than 10cm above their knees, but there are no rules about how high boys can wear their shorts. Many are outraged at this and is calling this inequality. So IB Survival forum viewers, what do you think? Do you think my school is being sexist? :ivan:
  3. What do you guys think of biology paper 1 and paper 2 HL & SL?
  4. Ok so I'm stuck in a really annoying situation in my arts class. Basically over the course of the past year I've been producing pieces (mainly photographs) that include nude models and have encountered a few problems with my school when I expressed that I wanted to include these photographs in my final exhibition. Basically I was told to alter the pieces or I wouldn't be able to submit them. Whilst I understand they probably want to appease everyone (teachers, parents who may see the exhibit etc.) and avoid any sort of social faux pas, frankly, I found the experience to be patronizing both towards myself and the potential audience. Even more so because the images aren't sexual (no genitals are even visible) and they aren't even really "nude" because they are covered in body paint. Further, no other students found any issue with the images. Also the model is of legal age, gave permission to exhibit and all that jazz. Does anyone know if there are any official IBO rules on nudity in exhibition pieces? In general I really want to hear your opinion on the issue, for example do you think it was a different media the response would be different?
  5. Will I be in a disadvantage if i apply for the top universities and want to do business? My subjects are Bio HL, Eng SL, Norwegian B HL , Global politics HL, Math SL and Economics SL. Will I face any difficulties while applying for top universities for business studies ?
  6. May15

    Guys! How was Hindi Paper 1? I'm SL and i found it to be superr easy.. Just hoping paper 2 is equally goood.
  7. "The only way to prepare for peace, is to prepare for war." We discussed this in class recently. What do you guys think? Is war and peace mutually exclusive? Or should a country have an army to be at peace?
  8. Hi guys. I'm doing my psychology IA and I'd like some help with my discussion. What should I write in the four paragraphs and what else should I think of? Thanks
  9. Hello World! So more than 24 hours have passed since all of the IB english paper 1's have taken place. How did all of you do, and how were the papers in each of the Time Zones? I am in TZ2 and chose the poem !
  10. Since it has been 24 hours, how did you HL Lit students do?? I chose question 8 (i think) under the prose fiction section that talked about how characters often are trying to escape something or someone. I personally thought it was pretty easy, I easily wrote 5 and half pages. How did everyone else do?
  11. What is your opinion on having one test grade for the quarter that is worth 70% of the students grade.
  12. 129 downloads

    A comprehensive and quick review of the components required in the IA for highest possible marks for HL
  13. Hi guys - I've been poking around and I haven't been able to find a forum for this but I thought it might be a good idea to have a worldwide discussion about the recently released theory of knowledge titles. Thought this might be a good idea so we can read other people's perspectives and perhaps see other aspects to look at. Let me know if this already exists and I'll take it down :/. “In gaining knowledge, each area of knowledge uses a network of ways of knowing.†Discuss this statement with reference to two areas of Knowledge. “Knowledge within a discipline develops according to the principles of natural selection.†How useful is this metaphor? “The knower’s perspective is essential in the pursuit of knowledge.†To what extent do you agree? “Without application in the world, the value of knowledge is greatly diminished.†Consider this claim with respect to two areas of knowledge. To what extent do the concepts that we use shape the conclusions that we reach? “In knowledge there is always a trade-off between accuracy and simplicity.†Evaluate this statement in relation to two areas of knowledge.So let's organize this a bit, if you want to add to the discussion start the reply off with the title number.
  14. Hello IBS Forums, It doesn't seem like I'm going to pass. My CAS is next to nothing complete and my extended essay is a wreck. I'm actually doing fine in my subjects but we have mocks soon and I won't have enough time to finish CAS. I'm sort of in fear of failure and so are my teachers so I'm wondering what I can do if I fail.
  15. Greetings fellow survivors! (As well as those that are currently trying to survive.) I have below a quote from the renowned poet and novelist, C.S. Lewis, on his take on the subject of Love. I, personally, find it a little dark, since it points to a negative outcome regardless of what path you choose (i.e. to love or not to love). However, he views the act of not loving at all leading to "damnation." Do you agree? If so, please state your reasons (they don't necessarily have to be based on pure logic alone). Speaking from my experiences so far (age 18), I don't understand why love is made out to be such an important factor of life. I mean I understand the role of affection when it comes to family (e.g. parents and siblings), but what I do fail to see is how infatuation with a stranger of the opposite sex (or same sex, no discrimination) is such an important part of life. What about all those individuals that simply don't have any interest in these things. Asexual, the term coined for people that have no sexual feelings or desires. Are they considered 'broken' by the rest of society? Or are they thought of as simply being different? And what if you simply choose NOT to pursue the abstract concept of love? I mean, it's all cool to have feelings and desires, but do you necessarily have to fulfill these desires to live a normal life? I'd like to hear your opinions/views on the subject, so feel free to express yourself. Also, I apologize in advance for any misinterpretation from my side and also if I have unknowingly said something offensive to somebody. Just let me know if that is the case and I'll edit/remove it ASAP. EDIT: The concept of 'Love' which I am trying to refer to is best defined as, "a deep romantic or sexual attachment to (someone)."
  16. Hey guys!!! It's me, M&m_Fan99, back again with another discussion question!!! First of all long time no see/post as I have been busy with *stuff*, anyways lets dive straight in to this one! "Should the Earth be more healthy?" Interpret this question however you want I will read every single reply! Peace fofo.
  17. The banana in question is around 19cms long (7.5 inches), and my friend spent 20 minutes in class eating it. Is he just a slow eater or is something wrong with him? Should I take him to the school sick room or a hospital? What are your thoughts? Leave them in the comment section below this forum post! As always looking forward to reading your responses IBSurvival members! Peace fofo.
  18. Hi guys, I'm curious to know for those of you who decide to write on question 4. That which is accepted as knowledge today is sometimes discarded tomorrow. Which 2 areas of knowlwdge you chose? I'm wondering what are the combinations most people select. I'm planning to do natural science and history. Hope to hear your answers!
  19. Hey guys, we're allowed to discuss P1 now and P2 tomorrow! I loved the questions, they were brilliant, especially the complex numbers one in q.13. Initially, i must admit I didnT' really see how to answer them, but then it just struck me and BAM. Really high hopes on this paper, thinking about 113/120. (Got my stupid graph wrong because I forgot the minus at the second derivative. Jesus.) I found the question abotu the sequences werid, where you had to find r, which was only 6 marks. Because I felt it should have been more than 6 marks. Finding the pattern, simplifying, seeing that (r-1) is a factor of the 3rd degree polynomial, finding the other factor by identification, solving the quadratic, to give r=1, r= -1.67 and r=2/3, then seeingn that only the last is the actual value since it was a sum to infinity, seemed a bit much for a 6 marker. How did it go for you guys? Let's discuss some of the questions!
  20. Hey there, 24 hours definitely passed for paper 1, and I will just wait, but Paper 1 was just pure hell. Agree? I answered 1 and 3. I would have answered 2 cause it was dead easy, but I was not really confident with market failure, just yet.
  21. Hey guys! Well i gave the may 2013 exams, and finished my IB. But ever since i have finished there isn't a single day IB doesn't come out of my mouth, or that i don't get nightmares about how much i score in the end. They get horrifying as the days pass. SOOOOO, i would like to know if i am the only one. So it is true, that it just doesn't let you go. OVERLY ATTACHED IB ....
  22. Hey Guys As some of you may know Biology is tomorrow! Eeek I dont know about you guys but im super nervous about this exam in general. Im in HL Biology and i was wondering if any of you may have some clue to what questions could appear on the exam tomorrow. Obviously these are estimate and may not come true. I really hope a good diagram question will show up on Paper 2 essay part. Good luck
  23. MAY13

    How did everyone find Paper 2? I don't think I'm breaking the 24h rule but please don't start replying until it is for sure..
  24. “That which can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.” (Christopher Hitchens). Do you agree?