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Found 6 results

  1. What did you all think of the new Doctor who series premiere?!
  2. Wanting to be a doctor in the future, what IB subjects should I choose? As of now, this is what I decided for my schedule. (11th grade) IB Math HL IB English HL IB Chem HL IB Physics HL IB History of Americas IB Spanish 3 Sadly, only English HL is offered at my school. I love math, so I may keep it at HL. So out of IB Physics and IB Chem, should I take out one of these subjects?
  3. Hi! I just need some help with my EE. I do not know which subject I am going to do it in and was wondering if someone could help me. My subjects are: Swedish A SL Psychology SL Maths SL English B HL Biology HL Chemistry HL My IB-coordinator told me that you are supposed to do your extended essay in one of your higher level subjects. She also said that it should be about what you want to study at university. My plan right now is to study medicine in the UK. So my original plan was to do it in biology or chemistry but I read that it is really difficult to get a good grade on your EE in those subjects so I don't know what to do. Any advice/ help?
  4. Hey guys and girls, I need your opinion on whether or not becoming a doctor is worth it.. I want to become a doctor, I am genuinely interested in medicine/sciences, but I don`t know if I want to spend 10+ years (the best years of my life) in school. The other alternative to becoming a doctor is Petroleum Engineering or something Business related, (I would get an MBA). But the problem with this is I am not really interested in any of those 2 fields, I just like being able to live abroad easily, the pay and the short education, so I would like the benefits, but not the actual work. (I think atleast) Also, I want to become an internist or emergency room physician (both have 3 years residency, I think(?), maybe 4) My questions are: -What motivates you to study till you are 30+ years old? -If I were to get admitted to undergrad medicine at an Australian uni (only 6 years, compared to 4 yrs undergrad, 4 yrs grad in the US) I would probably be able to persevere and become a doctor. But how big are my chances as an international student? What IB score would I need? -Even if I did become a doctor, is it worth it? I know the working hours can be long, especially for surgeons, but even a internist/EM physician has to work at least 50hrs/week, while an engineer usually works only 40 hrs/week. Do young doctors have to work longer than old doctors? I know residents and interns have to work upwards of 80 hrs a week but as soon as you finish your residency, do you get normal 50hr weeks? Or do you have to work your way up to more manageable hours? -Should I consider working part time, money certainly would not be a problem? Or would I only end up with ****ty jobs if I worked part-time? -Is med school really as difficult as people make it out to be? How is it compared to engineering, business (i`ve heard business is an easy major), computer science or other sciences like chemistry or biology? Thanks if you take your time to answer this
  5. Hello everyone! My school has IB and this year was the first year students graduated from the school using IB and over half of the students failed Anyhow my point is that i'm willing to work very hard in IB, as I will enter senior school next year to year 10. What are the subject I need to choose to become a doctor, i like to be ready and i want to become good and improve on the subjects that are important. Are they all HL? Do I need Physics? Thank You, any help will be appreciated! btw: I am not very good at Maths, Physics and other stuff.. (ILL TRY MY BEST)
  6. i want to be a doctor. I don't really care about the place where i will study/ Right now i am in DP1 and i have chem HL bio HL eco HL math SL eng lang/lit SL dutch SL Can i drop one of bio or chem? or can i drop it to SL? Because both HL means no life! And i dont care where i will study, so is there any university that will except me if i drop? Please let me know! X
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