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Found 16 results

  1. Hey all, So I have my IO this Monday. Individuals in our class work in pairs of two for the IO. We have read Medea by Euripides. My topic is as follows: Consider the ways in which Greek drama is constructed – how are dramatic conventions used and how do these differ from/are alike modern drama? Consider when, how, and where Greek drama was predominantly performed. In relation to this, consider Aristotle’s definition of a tragedy. Now I have found out a little about the structure. There is a prologue and then the chorus enters. Thereafter there is an alternation between episodes (interaction between actors) and choral odes (songs/chants). At first I thought that Shakespearean drama is considered to be modern drama but its actually plays written in the 19th 20th centuries. I also noticed that Greek drama follows freyard's pyramid. I don't really get what dramatic conventions mean though. I have tried googling but its not clear. Could someone please shed some light on this? Also if someone has some general advice for the reflective statement and the IO it would help greatly. Thanks!
  2. Hello! I really need some help! I started I.B last thursday with the following subjects... HL: Theatre Business English B SL: Maths Biology Spanish A Business is a new subject for me and I have had four lessons so far of which I have hated all. The teacher who is doing the business course is new to the school and I really haven't liked her method of teaching at all. Nevertheless, business was such a big class that it was split into two, the one I'm in, with the new teacher, and the other one with a teacher I like and am familiar with. Here is my issue, I am not allowed to switch to the other business class, meaning that if I want to carry on with business I need to continue in my current class which I always dread going to. Of course, I also have the option of doing geography or history, and I'm leaning towards the history option at the moment. I'm just concerned that with the I.B I have I will struggle if I swap to History as its so content heavy! What do you think the best option is, business or history? Bear in mind I'm not sure what I want to study at university yet, but most likely something to do with Law or Psychology. My second question is, should I take French rather than Theatre? I have a true passion for drama, and my teacher sees a lot of potential in me. However, I know I won't end up studying anything theatre related, and a third language may benefit me more in the future...My parents insist that I take french, not only for the many benefits of being trilingual but the french class currently contains two students, three if I were to join, so I feel as though I'd learn a lot these two years... What should I do? Thanks in advance for the help!! I need advice! Ellen xx
  3. Hey guys, the subjects I have chosen so far (I'm starting the DP in August) are: HL German Literature HL Biology HL Economics SL English Language & Literature SL Mathematics Originally, my plan was to take French B SL as my sixth subject, since I am an absolute language person, but this is no longer offered as not enough people have elected it. Now, I am not sure what to pick. The possibilities are: -Drama -Spanish B -Geography -Chemistry I really cannot decide! Right now, I've opted for geography because I've heard from multiple sources that it is fairly easy, although I am not actually interested in it at all. I don't believe that drama would suit me, because, judging from my own experience, it is an immense amount of work and can also be quite tedious. I'm not sure if I would manage Spanish B, as I only had it for years 8 and 9 and I don't know whether I could catch up to the required level, although I do like languages a lot! Lastly, I'm simply scared of chemistry, although from what I've heard there's not a lot of memorising you have to do. What would you guys recommend? And also, what do you think of my subject choices in general? Would you say that it's fairly well-rounded, considering I don't really know what to do yet? Thank you so much!
  4. hello, as the title suggests which is the easiest to write about in paper two since you are given different types of writing. in my opinion poetry is easiest, but my annoying english teacher chose drama for the whole class. can i write on a topic other than the class like choose poetry in the official exam instead of drama?
  5. hello, as the title suggests which is the easiest to write about in paper two since you are given different types of writing. in my opinion poetry is easiest, but my annoying english teacher chose drama for the whole class. can i write on a topic other than the class like choose poetry in the official exam instead of drama?
  6. 51 downloads

    Prompt: "Visual Action can be as important as speech on stage". Discuss with referencing at least two works that you have studied. I chose to write my essay on Beckett's Waiting for Godot, Miller's Death of a Salesman, and Shakespeare's Hamlet. We only got 90 minutes to do this essay, so it's a bit unfinished near the last point/conclusion. Received a 6.
  7. Does anyone know of any plays that have a theme or style similar to that of 'Hedda Gabler' by Ibsen? (NOT translated- originally written in English only!) Thankses.
  8. My Theatre SL class is doing our PPPs this month. As part of my supporting material I have costume designs for my characters. To add some authenticity I want to add fabric swatches to show what the costume would be made from. I was wondering if there is a specific way that IB wants us to attach fabric to the paper or if they would prefer us not to add actual textiles? I have asked my teacher but since this this is her first year teaching IB she is unsure about IB's specific preferences. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.
  9. Hi guys, i am asking for help for the paper 2 genre paper. I am studying the genre of drama, in particular, the plays "The Crucible", "Importance of being Earnest" and "Waiting for Godot". I would like to ask if anyone has any quotes from the books, useful notes, or tips to help me find notes, or even any websites that may have useful notes or information about the plays. One problem is how our teachers have taught it, is that it seems to skate over the text rather than directly tackeling the types of skills of analysing and answering the paper 2 style questions. I have tried finding quotes, but the problem is that I either find too many vague quotes that dont relate well to many subject areas that i could be questioned on, but otherwise i dont find any as i'm looking for ones that can potentially relate to many different areas of questioning. Any help would be apreciated Just to mention, i have my mock paper 2 tomorrow. However i'm not expecting anyone to feel obliged to reply by then because i have left it too late to ask and expect a reply. But i would still like any replies in preparation for the real exams in May. Thanks Tony
  10. Hello! (My name is Elder Price. And I would like to share with you the most amazing book * *) So I just saw the musical The Book of Mormon in the West End and I have to say that when I got out of it... They messed with my mind. I mean I find it great that they point out issues such as in the song Salt Laka Siti and are still hilarious but I feel that some songs were a bit long and some parts too exaggerated. (for eg in the song Hasa Diga Iboai, in the end the song gets old even if it's a few seconds). I'm gonna write about it in the topic of satire. If you've seen/read/studied the show could you give me your feeling about it? What struck you the most (costume, script, acting, set...)? Who is your favourite character? (please precise where you saw it) and if you studied satire, do you think it's a good way of changing things? If you haven't seen it. You must Google it. Now. And book some tickets. (Also I didn't get the joke with starbucks in the Spooky Mormon Hell Dream.. Can anyone explain? Hey Guys would you like to change religion? I got a free book written by JESUS! Guys... I'm Jesus... I am Africa.. I am Africa!--We are Africa. We are Africa! You'll burn in HelllHellloooo! I bet there the warlords are friendly, they help you to cross the road... Wow so the bible is actually a trilogy? and the book of Mormon is return of the Jedi? I'm interested! Jesus just called me a d***. "All American Prophet" Sorry I got carried away. Thanks for sharing!
  11. 154 downloads

    A Paper 2 english literature essay on a past drama topic about stories and their effect in plays. The texts used were A Streetcar Named Desire, Death of a Salesman and very briefly Waiting for Godot. This was marked by an IB examiner and received a 7 (23/25).
  12. Please give me the minimum score. Also, are what if my IGCSE Grades are Okay, and my IB are wayyy better!
  13. 1 download

    Applying Stanislavski's methodology can be really confusing, but this essay breaks down how different objectives can be applied to a monologue to bring out the character. 'Nuff said.
  14. I did A streetcar named desire, death of a salesman and who's afraid of virginia woolf.
  15. I've browsed through many of the sample questions on drama in paper 2, and a term I see repeated often is "dramatic effectiveness." What specifically is this referring to, and how might I approach a question like this?
  16. If you do an EE on a musical, would that be considered music, english, or drama? Or does it depend on your topic? Does anyone have any ideas for an EE about Rent?
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