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Found 7 results

  1. Hi there! So I've been wondering for a while now- should I drop from Math SL to Math Studies? I'm currently averaging a 6 in Math SL, but I feel like with the steady increase of work I might not be able to cope up with it and fear that my grade might drop significantly (I already scored a 4 on a test that we did recently...) . I want to study Politics/International Relations/History/Economics at uni (undecided major- I'll probably end up double majoring) so really, do I need Math SL (I ask this because Econ is one of my major options) ?? Please help!
  2. Hey guys, So i'm gonna have exam in May 2017, and had been going through DP 1 with Math HL, Chem HL, Bio HL, Physics HL, Dutch HL, and English SL. But apparently five HL is not allowed in the IB so i am forced to drop one of my higher levels. In the DP 1 I had 39 points with these subjects so wasn't really planning on dropping any, but now that I have to, which one do you guys think is best to drop? Btw, im planning on studying math and computer science at imperial after IB so dropping math isnt an option. Thanks
  3. Hey guys, Long story short, Math HL is hard. I'm doing terrible and don't know what to do. I study and all but I missed a month of the subject (personal reasons) and don't have time to catch up. To the point, If i drop HL math what other subject do I take as HL? MY SUBJECT CHOICES: -math HL -Physics HL -ITGS HL -Chem SL -English SL -French AB my school offers BM and economics as well. I don;'t want to take Visual arts. Im interested in computer engineering and mechanics but I know I need math HL for those subjects... Any help would be appreciated
  4. I was just called in by the principal to talk about my grades. My semester 1 reports shows that I achieved total points of 31 excluding bonus points, and semester 2 it dropped to 26 points. He recommended that I consider dropping my IB and just get into college with a regular diploma. Im thinking of going to school in Canada. What do you guys think? My teachers think that I can regain my points in the beginning of 12th grade and I think so too and I would hate to be the only one not taking IB while all my friends are.
  5. Okay hi I'm in the preib program and I'm in 10th grade and I've been feeling like I should drop out for awhile but I'm not sure. In 8th grade I started getting really depressed then in 9th I joined the ib program and it hasn't help my depression. I'm in 10th grade right now and my grades suck because I don't have the motivation to do it..I want to but some days I just can't. I haven't told my parents I'm depressed but it's pretty bad (self harm) and I've been thinking maybe I don't have to drop out if I get help. But if I tell my parents I think they will think I'm lying and take it as a joke. Do I just drop out and help my mental health or try and reach out then see.
  6. Hi everyone I'm wondering whether I should drop by Biology HL to a SL (yeah even though half of Semester 2 has gone by...) I currently have 4 HLs and I thought that if I drop my Bio to a SL, I can get a better score. However I've got some issues regarding this... These are my subject I have now: English HL Psychology HL Biology HL Japanese B HL Math SL Chemistry SL As you can see I take double science (Bio and Chem) and I thought that it would be kind of weird if I have double SL science. All of my double-science classmates has at least a HL in one of the sciences they take. In addition, the class pace is really slow so I'm also worried if we can finish the HL syllabus within time. For uni, currentlyI'm thinking of going into a psychology major or something to do with animals from an environmental perspective... But I'm not really sure yet. But if I'm going to continue the way I stated above, I'm not really sure if I should drop my Biology. I'm getting 5~6 in my test now (there are units which I'm good at and the recent one on cell respiration, I sucked at iti) but I think that if I drop my Bio to a SL, I can get a 7. Please give me some advice on whether I should drop my Bio level or not. Thank you
  7. I am currently nearing the end of my first year in IB (last term) and I am having difficulty with maths. For my first test I got a 28% which I was of course not happy about. I wanted to change to Maths Studies after that but decided to stay in SL. My grades did go up to 58% in the first semester exams (still not that great, I know). We recently got a new teacher and I just had another topic test, and my score dropped to 22%. Now I am deciding -again- whether or not it would be a better idea to drop to Maths Studies as I struggle with maths a great deal. I know it would be better for me, however I do not fully know yet what I want to do in uni. What I am currently thinking of doing is a double degree in Arts and Science. The science one would be marine science. I want to study in Australia, preferably Melbourne (Monash or University of Melbourne) and I do not know if Studies will be enough. My other option is Germany, but I'm pretty sure that they do not accept maths studies (still need to check up on that). My other subjects are: Biology HL Art HL Geography HL English SL Spanish Ab nitio Do you think I should change or stay in SL?
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