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Found 25 results

  1. Title. Science doesn't exactly relate to my intended major (economics) so I'm really just choosing whichever is the easiest one at SL. Also, I'm not considering chemistry to be an option cause I'm learning it right now and absolutely hate it.
  2. Okay so I'm in 10th grade going into JR year after this summer and I'm doing the IB obvi these classes are set - HL - PSYC and SL - Mandarin and Lang & Lit Now I'm deciding between where to place math (ive always been good at math getting A's but last year I didn't pay much attention and barely got an A (also my school doesnt have A-'s so i wouldve gotten a B+)) Then after that I have to decide where to place chem and if i should take bio or physics (still in limbo are chem, bio or physics and math ) - HOW hard are these classes I took AP US history and got a 4 (would've gotten a 5 but messed up the formatting on the test leaving me little time to actually finish to best of my ability) so i guess that means i'm good at memorizing ALSO my science teacher said that I would be better suited for SL chem ALSO which math would be best if I also wish to take the AP Calc test and score a 4 or 5
  3. Just outta cuiorsity What is the easiest ib subject combo u can take?
  4. I need a topic for Math SL IA. I know I want to d something with growth and decay, but I do not know what I should use as an idea or some type of interesting case study/ experiment. Please help!!
  5. HI guys. I'm in Math Studies SL. My math ia is about the correlation between the hours of sleep and a student's grade after taking a test. Is this a good IA topic? Should I improve it somehow?
  6. I really really really don't understand the way the TOK essay should be written. I've seen several examples online but I am still confused about the whole essay. Can someone please explain to me clearly and simply what is expected for the TOK Essay??
  7. Dear all, I am pondering about my EE topic. At first I gravitated towards Physics (pun not intended!) as it is one of my favourite subjects and reflects my career goals, but then I found this website http://www.physics-i...ended-essay.htm which states that getting a high mark is quite difficult. So, my question is, out of the subjects listed in my signature: Which subject is the easiest to write an Extended Essay for? Share your ideas and thoughts, and possible essay titles that you or others have done or thought of! I would like my essay to involve as much personal research as possible, and avoid interaction with the public through surveys, event planning etc. as much as possible. When answering my post, please quote me so I receive a notification. Thank you!
  8. Hey guys! I' doing HL chemistry and year 2 is about to start. We have to give the first draft of the IA in 2 weeks, and I think my topic is too simple and generic. My topic is to compare the effectiveness of 5 brands of antacid in curing an acidic stomach (which will be simulated by HCl). Do you think it looks okay, or is too simple?
  9. hello all, i currently take psychology SL and i have a 7/7 in it (99/100) without scale i also take chemistry HL and i have 5/6 in it (70/100) im a diploma arts student so chemistry is the only science i take. i do really good on all of my subjects except chemistry. i was thinking of switching from psychology SL to HL and lowering the chemistry to SL should i? its mid year now but i read the psychology syllabus and it doesnt seem as hard as chemistry HL at least to me, but the thing is that my school is not experienced in psychology HL id be the first student to take it :/ what do you advise me? thanks
  10. hello all, i currently take psychology SL and i have a 7/7 in it (99/100) without scale i also take chemistry HL and i have 5/6 in it (70/100) im a diploma arts student so chemistry is the only science i take. i do really good on all of my subjects except chemistry. i was thinking of switching from psychology SL to HL and lowering the chemistry to SL should i? its mid year now but i read the psychology syllabus and it doesnt seem as hard as chemistry HL at least to me, but the thing is that my school is not experienced in psychology HL id be the first student to take it :/ what do you advise me? thanks
  11. Hey guys, just wanted to give my presentation idea and see if yall think it is a good one. My real life situation is your brain on video games and the KQ is to what extent to we base our beliefs on things that are not scientifically proven. Im a little hesistant because im not completely sure if this is a strong KQ or even if it is one. If you all could give your opinions or any tips that would be great. Thanks you!
  12. I was struggling with my Econ IA until I found this Video on youtube: http://bit.ly/1DPxzZT Omg, that solves my doubt for the essay.. I am sure u will find it useful as well Enjoy
  13. Hey guys. I'm an ITGS HL student, and i'm planning on doing a CAS website for my school so that students can upload their CAS diaries, and so that the CAS coordinator can manage all the files and check who did and did not submit their diaries. Do you think it is a good IA? Do you have any suggestion? What type of website should i do? Forum,FTP, blog or other?! Thank you very much to anybody who answers 😊
  14. Hey, So I sorta have to pick my subjects for the IB, and have concluded in the following: HL Math PhysicsEconomicsSL English A Lang&LitModern Greek (Compulsory)Environmental Systems and Societies A) What should I expect from each of them? B) I'm thinking of substituting Environmental Systems and Societies with Business Management. As to what regards science - humanitarian subjects orientation, I'd say I'm balanced, but maybe leaning towards science subjects a bit. That's why I picked E.S.S in the first place. I only want either E.S.S or B.M to bug me as less as possible, I want to be able to focus on the rest. Maybe Economics HL and B.M might work together somehow? Thank you!
  15. I need your opinion on whether I should learn Mandarin or French. I want to learn Mandarin more than I want to learn French, because it is way more useful, but French is way easier. The problem with Mandarin is the difficulty, especially the letters/script/characters, when I look at Chinese letters it just looks ridiculously hard, memorizing them is basically like looking into the night sky and trying to memorize specific patterns of stars, and freaking hundreds of them!?!?!? So what do you guys think? Take an easier language, and probably get a better grade, but waste two years that I could have spent learning a more useful language? Or take a harder language, probably get a worse grade, but learn something useful? And another question; do any of you have any idea if people who take chinese/japanese/hindi/korean etc. (hard languages, because of the script, among other reasons) will learn less - cover less material - than people who take easier languages? That would make sense right..? Thanks for any amswers
  16. So, while reading unis' websites I spotted sth like question of "challenging subjects". I'm curious about that. Word "challenge" is sth very relative. For one person doing a SL B language would be a challenge, but for someone else it would be chemistry HL or Math HL. What IB courses are challenging/difficult for you? Which of them do you find easy? And why? For me Economics, Math and Physics couldn't be easier, but I don't like Econ essay work load (the topics are stupid in until this moment). The hardest courses that I took are German B SL and English B HL (it is really hard because of my teacher, not as a course. the teacher tries to make linguists of us). Enjoy the discussion
  17. Realistically im going to get around 35-38 in the I.B. I study the I.B. in Greece, i'm in year 13 gonna finish my exams in May. My HLs are Business, Biology, & Psychology SLs are Math, English AB, Spanish AB initio. & i have an Australian citizenship. I want to apply for the Bachelor of Commerce course. Or something related to biology like bioengineering. I was wondering, based on the competition involved and my target I.B. score, how hard is it get an almost guaranteed entry or just get accepted in?
  18. Hello Everyone, I have started the IB diploma program this September, and so far am coping pretty alright with my subjects that I have choosen. My goal for the future really is to pursue Medicine in the United states/Canada. I am taking the following subjects: -Biology HL -Chemistry HL -Geography HL English (Lang/Lit) SL Maths SL (Phew) French SL Now I understand that these subjects are suitable for the premed program, as instructed by my school counselor, however I am very confused as to how medical works in the United States. If somebody who is interested in science or medicine in particular could lend me a hand by telling me: If my subject choices chosen are alright- should I take something better or 4 hL'S? What are general requirements I would need to complete in IB to enter the program? What is the process, so like how does the pre-med program work- why the extra years compared to other countries? Could you suggest some good extra-curricular activities that will interest a pre-med school? Do you have any good pre-med schools I could apply to later- some which are decent aswell, as a fallback plan Also a really big issue I face is the fact that being an international student, alot of internet sources say that after pre-med, I will find it very hard to enroll into med school because I am not a citizen. This worries me alot and if someone who is doing the program or has done it could help me out on this, because If this is the case I feel it is best to change my field of interest, because there is no point in applying as an international student when the acceptance rate is less than 2% if lucky. Or If I do move to the USA now and manage to get some sort of green card in the next few years before med school, would my chances be higher and would I count as applying as a citizen? I am really confused at the moment. I have tried to talk to my local counselor and friends, however most of them are pretty much clueless about medicine in the USA and Canada, and with the option of subject changing coming to an end, I feel it is best for me to get clear before its too late. Though I am new I enjoy forums alot, so I am going to be a frequent poster on this forum. I'd love if you have any information or could help me out, and perhaps would like to chat or something-please feel free to message me. And vice versa, If I see that you need help I won't hesitate to message you Thanks -Limitless-
  19. Anyone else here sick of other people making fun of those of us who were/are in Maths Studies? Vent here. I personally am tired of people calling me thick because I took Maths Studies instead of Maths SL. (To be honest I was originally in Maths SL but it wouldn't fit in my schedule so Maths Studies it was!) I'm not lazy or thick or generally not as good as those in SL or HL- I'm just simply trying to get my diploma. Heck I'm PROUD to have been in Maths Studies! I got an A which is a lot better compared to those who were struggling to get a C in HL and SL and my teacher was a lot better. So there. Anyone else feel the same? Differently?
  20. Hello IBers, I was wondering if anyone could share their opinion/experiences in using this website as an online IB course. I am currently thinking whether I should take Math HL with this website (since my school doesn't have a class for it). For right now, I would like to know the following things of Pamoja Education: The pros and cons of learning through this websiteThe level of difficulty compared to taking this course in an actual classPamoja's style of teaching; specifically the HL Math courseThanks a bunch!!
  21. Hello IBS. Hoping that you all did well in both Biology exams. Paper 1: I think that in general it was easy, there were some a litte confusing but not too horrible. Paper 2: It was so-so for me, there were some difficult questions. Anyway, I did number 6 in Section B, which was about ecology and genetics. Hope to hear your comments . Lets see how Paper 3 is!
  22. How were the Chemistry exams for you guys? Paper 1 was relatively easy excluding some questions such as the one asking the color of the solution in the universal indicator or the other one asking of the proporties of substances (for example, a metal being dense). Besides that, the exam wasn't too hard. Paper 2 had some confusing questions at the start (i didn't understand when it asked the percentage of iodine and then it practically asked the same result in the following question). The rest of Section A wasn't hard, just some definitions and a bond enthalpy question. Finally, Section B (question 4) was easy compared to question 5 or question 6. I think that the one who did question 5 was really a brave guy (or a reckless one) and i didn't do question 6 because i got bored of doing the Organic Chem question in nearly every mock i had. Hoping that Paper 3 isn't that hard though.
  23. Hello IBS. I hope that all of you are happy that you are done with physics for a while (in my case, i'm completely happy to have ended Physics). Paper 1 was really easy compared to other years. I think that i've only got 1 wrong by misreading the question, but besides that, the questions were only definitions/theory and almost no application of the concepts to different situations. I'm guessing that the grade boundaries will be high for that paper. Paper 2 was so-so. The first part of Section A was easy (calculating the constant), but the one with the magnetic field was very difficult (I did a horribe calculation and got a weird value for the magnetic field). On the other hand, the radioactivity part was very easy. Finally, in Section B, i chose B2, as the other one with the mass in the conveyor belt seemed to be difficult and the other one related to wave power was impossible. The part with waves in B2 was a little bit more complicated than the fusion of the ice island. Hope that the grade boundaries are low for this exam.
  24. Did you guys think that the exams were difficult? I found Paper 1 to be really easy. The essay (the one of sources of energy as far as i can recall), wasn't as hard as compared to the other ones, that were sincerely atrocious. On the other hand, Paper 2 was actually hard. I did Option A, D and F. The Option A question was a bit tricky (the one regarding floodpain management), the Option D was very hard (describing the characteristics of a tornado) but the essay was fine, and Option F was so-so (i invented a case study for the essay, the one regarding the impacts of an infectious disease, i think). Finally, Paper 3 was really weird. A lot of topics weren't assessed in the exam (for example, political outcomes or global interactions at the local level), but the enviromental issues one was straightforward.
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