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Found 30 results

  1. My IA for macroeconomics is about inflation but the solution that the article states is redenomination, which is not in the topic of economics. Is it alright if I evaluate redenomination in a macroeconomics IA?
  2. Please help me with my international economics IA. This is my article. https://www.straitstimes.com/asia/se-asia/philippine-central-bank-says-ready-to-rein-in-peso-volatility I'm not sure what exchange rate system the Philippine government is currently using. And I don't understand this bit "Espenilla said the peso's movements were market-driven, adding that the currency continued to draw support from the country's healthy macroeconomic fundamentals." Please explain the article to me. Thank you, people.
  3. a) Using diagrams, explain how a change in one of the determinants of demand might increase the price of rice and how a change in one of the determinants of supply might decrease the price of rice. This is the part a) question my tutor gave me and I don't get it. Please help xx.
  4. Hello everyone, I am currently in my first year and I am taking IB Economics HL. Four weeks in, I have identified that I would like to work hard and get a 7 in this class. The way my teacher is teaching the class is for us to take notes of what is being explained during class, and then to read the textbook section of the same material, taking notes on that as well. Due to this I have put a line down every page in my notebook, with the left side for class notes and the right side for textbook notes. This leads to one of my questions: Should I compile these two sections of notes on my computer into one piece (in note format [Evernote?]), make them into flashcards, or just leave them in my notebook as is for later revision? Also, do any of you have any other tips/advice for the course? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Hi everyone. I am currently taking Economics HL and I am struggling with the concepts. I get all the calculations right, but I always seem to mess up the writing parts no matter how much I study the definitions. Are there any recommendations on what I could to to learn the definitions better and with a broader understanding of them? or maybe a site that could help me with them? Thank you!
  6. Hey guys, I wanted to know if it is possible to take 5 HLs instead of the 4 I have been taking for the past school year. Keep in mind that mocks are in less than a month. The class I want to bring up to HL is Economics, as I think the Paper 3 will benefit me a lot as I'm a very mathematically-inclined student. So far, Paper 1s have really been giving me trouble and all my classmates say Paper 3s are much easier than Paper 1s. Thoughts? These are my classes currently: HL Math, HL Physics, HL Chem, HL Arabic B SL English LAL, Economics
  7. Which topics do u guys think are most likely to show up on actual May 2017 exam?
  8. Will I be in a disadvantage if i apply for the top universities and want to do business? My subjects are Bio HL, Eng SL, Norwegian B HL , Global politics HL, Math SL and Economics SL. Will I face any difficulties while applying for top universities for business studies ?
  9. In the IB Economics HL paper 1 of last 3 years, I have noticed that in the Micro part one question is from Market Structures (only HL) and the other is from the core. Can one take the risk of studying only Market Structures properly?
  10. Hey! I'm just about to start IB in two weeks. My career inclination is related towards economics and/or business management/administration (probably somewhere related to Investment banking or Finanace). I chose: *UPDATE* Math SL French SL English Language/Literature SL Economics HL Chemistry HL Geo HL Are these subjects ideal? Is this subject combination difficult? I know for econ some universities require HL maths but everybody tells me HL math is too hard. However, I'm good at maths and have been getting 7's throughout the years except for my igcse final where I got a 6 (89-A) but since Hl math is apparently the most difficult subject, I feel like I won't perform well in it (knowing me, I can probably get a 6-7 in HL math if I try hard but while doing this, I'll most likely fail the rest of my subjects because I'll be concentrating too much on math). I would have done Business Hl but my school doesn't provide it as they believe universities have zero/little consideration for that subject.
  11. Hello fellow IB people! In a couple of weeks I will start IB1, and I feel like I should be preparing but I really don't know how and where to start. Are there any online study guides or materials that I should run through before I go to my first class? I forgot to mention that I'm taking A Language SL English B HL Economics HL B&M HL Environmental Studies SL Math Studies I want to be prepared for the first week, especially for Economics, so please, feel free to share tips, websites and experiences. Thank you in advance BTW, I'm thinking of maybe switching environmental studies to Biology SL, because I feel like I understand Biology pretty good. What would you recommend? What are the pros and cons etc.
  12. Hey guys, I am starting my IB DP in a week. My current subject combination is: Economics HL History HL Math HL Chem SL Lang/Lit SL French B SL I really like history and want to make a career out of it, with the research that I've done, I really want to be an archaeologist. My backup option as of now is a lawyer if not an archaeologist. Could anyone give me tips for History HL? I am open to changing my subjects, it would be helpful if any of you guys could suggest some career paths that might interest me.
  13. Hi there, I'm new and I'll be starting my IB next year. I'm super excited, my only problem is that I can't decide on my subjects. I originally planned to take Ma SL, Eng SL, Spa B SL, German HL, Bio HL and History HL. But than everybody I asked told me how terribly hard History HL was going to be. Since then I considered either substituting History HL with Economics HL (although I haven't really done Eco yet it seems very useful to me) or taking Spanish HL and History SL. It's kind of a decision between reason and passion lol So, basically, my questions are: - Is History HL as terrible as everybody says and will it prevent me from scoring at least 39 points (my goal)? - How hard is Spanish B HL? Do I have to be fluent for doing well in the exam? - Would you recommend Economics HL over History HL? Is it actually going to be more useful in the future? Oh and by the way, I've got no clue what I want to study after school... so I can't base it on that either... I am aware that this is probably one of a thousand questions about this topic but I thought I'd have a try anyway. Looking forward to any answers... thanks a lot in advance!!!
  14. Hey guys. So my half yearlies are coming up and i feel I'm well prepared for most my subjects. However, i do not have enough material to assess myself i.e. topic specific IB question banks. (for Eco HL, Chem HL and Bio HL) Past papers are an option, but segregating the questions which are in my syllabus from those papers is tedious. Please suggest an alternative to this, any website preferably. Thanks!! Good luck (you need it cuz its IB)
  15. Hey there, For my higher lever subjects I was thinking of choosing Math and Economics, do you think it's a wise idea to mix between these two subjects in this level even if I was really good at math? Your opinion would really help! Thank you
  16. Hello, I have a Macroeconomics IA to handle in the 5th of June. I have already chose an article. The article is about something that just happened in Israel- the unemployment rate dropped to 4.9%. The problem is that I do not know how to illustrate it, which diagram to draw? how to analyze it? The teacher told me that the article is amazing but I really do not know how to illustrate it... Can you please help? ***Thank you!*** Here is the article: http://www.haaretz.com/business/.premium-1.658075 here is exactly what's written there: Israel's unemployment rate falls below 5% But labor expert says many working at jobs beneath their skills. Israel’s unemployment rate, which has been at its lowest in decades, slipped below the 5% level in April to reach a seasonally adjusted 4.9%, the Central Bureau of Statistics reported on Monday. Not only did the jobless rate for Israelis age 15 and up show a sharp decline, from 6.5% in June 2014, other labor market indicators showed improvement as well. The percentage of the adult population over 15 with a job or actively seeking one — the labor force participation rate — rose to 64% from 63.5%. The CBS said the unemployment rate for the key 25-64 working-age population dropped to 4.2% last month from 4.6% in March, while the group’s labor force participation rate climbed to 76.4% from 75.8%. Nevertheless, Esther Toledano, a labor market expert at the National Insurance Institute, said too many Israelis are employed in jobs not in line with their skills and training and often drift from job to job. “If unemployment benefits were higher and were paid for longer periods ... more unemployed people would be able to look for and find work commensurate with their abilities,†she said.
  17. Hello people. So I finally found a topic to look at for my Economics EE which is comparing alcohol consumption/retail/market in Sweden (where retail is a monopoly) and maybe either Germany or the UK (since it is not as restricted). So I am not sure which aspect should I look at specifically or how to go on about this and I am here for some help. Any suggestions on what to exactly do in order to gather some primary resources? or actually what to do in general now that I got the topic out of the way?
  18. Hey guys! Just wondering if it was possible for anyone to provide me with a link or refferal to a website with updated notes for the May 2016 exams for Economics, would be greatly appreciated as my school only provides us with a couple of economics course books. If anyone knows of any other full notes on any of the other subjects, that would be greatly appreciated as well! From a very stressed fellow Ib student, Aseem
  19. hi guys , ive taken- economics hl itgs hl physics hl english lit sl math sl spanish into but i have no idea what cources i can apply for with these subjects,please help.
  20. 181 downloads

    My Economics HL Portfolio of Internal Assessments. Marks awarded in total: 33/45 resulting in a 6 (yay!).
  21. Hi guys, I've been doing the ib diploma for about 3 months now, and im struggling a lot with economics and computer science how do you revise for those subjects? whats the best way to revise for those subjects? I'm a type of person who can't sit still in front of a book for too long, I get tired of reading too easily and I always end up doing something else when I'm supposed to be revising. I know I need to revise intensely but I just can't do it.. I'm aiming for a 41 - 42 so I can get into uni to study law, i'd love to be a lawyer.. Please give me some friendly tips, i'm a fresh ib student and I could really use some fresh tips =) Thanks everyone!
  22. Version 1


    Contains a section on how to succeed on IB Economics HL/SL Paper 1 and another section with three sample responses to examination questions. All three sample responses have grades at end of each response. Enjoy! Now...random jumping smilies: :sam: :sam:
  23. Hi guys, I was registered with 4 HLs before but then my school changed the policy and I have to move one to SL. Although the others who chose 4 HLs have successfully decided which to move almost at once, I am left with a major headache as all four seem to be really important to me. My 4 HLs are English A Literature, Psychology, Biology and Economics. I am choosing to move either Biology or Economics, because I am very interested in Psychology (even though it's a bit soft to UK uni), and I have a lifelong passion for literature. Hence Biology/Economics. I am a social science person (even though I took all three pure sciences + higher maths at GCSE level and scored well) and I am the memorising + understanding kind. I can still do okay even if I don't understand as long as the questions are straightforward as I can memorise and regurgitate out during exams. I am more interested (and grasp concepts better) in social sciences. I've taken Biology before but not Economics. So far (first few months of IB), I pretty much understand everything about Economics up to elasticity chapter, although it's much harder to answer the test if I start to panic because everything will become confusing. For Biology, it's a piece of cake up until mitosis (core chapter) because I've studied everything already and it's just like a super easy revision (took something the equivalent of O-Levels back then but which had deeper content). I have two degrees in mind: law/experimental psychology. For the latter, unis want a science (not psych) at HL. For law there's no pre-requisite, but I've heard that Economics is a strong subject to take (history isn't available at my school) and also it MIGHT be easier than Bio in terms of content to memorise and such. What do you guys think? Do I take Biology at HL even though it might be harder to get 7 (maybe a 6) but a pre-req for a degree that I have a 50% chance of doing, (my seniors said Bio SL is a sure 7 as we've studied much of SL content before), or do I take Economics HL and have a better chance at a 7 with my ability's inclination toward social science and get maybe an extra mark? Any experience to share from those who take either or both subjects? Thanks for your advice!
  24. Hey, my brother is currently in 10th Grade and he has to decide on his subjects soon. Hence, I would appreciate if you'd share your experiences. About him: He is a very strong student in all his subjects. He is highly interested in business & economics. However, our school does not offer these subjects before IB (so he has never studied it in school). He always scores top marks on Physics and Math exams. He is unaware if he should go into Business and Economics or Engineering (but it seems as he is likely to study Business later). His first choice would be: Economics HL Business & Management HL Physics HL Math SL German A SL English B SL Generally, what do you think of that constellation a) when he defiantly wants to study Business later and b) if he wants to keep his options open for both Business and Economics or Engineering? (I am aware that HL Math would be advisable for Engineering - but SL Math will just be an easy 7 for him without much effort, leaving him more time to focus on his HL's. Also, I am taking HL Math and it is quiet challenging.) Taking HL Economics, HL Business & Management and HL Physics should be the easier option compared to taking HL Physics, HL Math and either HL Economics or HL Business? How much work is HL Economics ? How significant is the difference between Economics SL & HL? If you are taking both, HL Economics and HL Business & Management HL, what is your experience? Would you choose them again? Which of the two do you enjoy more? How much did you study for it? What do you think about taking English B HL, HL Physics and then either HL Economics or HL Business and the other one at SL? For me this sounds like a really easy option. English B should be super easy, right? If you like this option, which should he take at HL and which at SL? Personally, I can only speak for B&M HL. It is a lot of material and in the first year I was on a 5 in the beginning. Now close to the end of the second year we covered all the material and did a lot of practice questions. By now I have a good understanding of the topics and what is required and my teacher says I am currently on a low 7. The IA was also pretty straight forward. My teacher is confident that I will defiantly get a 6 and that I can aim for a 7. Generally, I loved the subject- but I have to admit that I put a lot of work in to it as well. I appreciate your help. Thank you :-)
  25. Version 1


    An Internal Assessment in Economics that is discussing the declining output of Germany. Contains comments from teacher marking the commentary.
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