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Found 491 results

  1. So my supervisor and I have settled on a topic for my extended essay. I haven't quite formulated a knowledge question yet for this, but I have a rough idea as to where I might want to go. My topic is exploring the societal trend of diverse casting in the entertainment world (Novels, theater, film, etc.). I would be using written books, some scripts, articles, etc. as my evidences and sources for expanding into my topic. But my supervisor and I also want to include visual references, like recordings of plays and musicals or looking at films. My school's IB Coordinator was iffy on this when I asked her for the OK on looking at video, she says it feels too much like IB Film(which my school does not yet have), but she said that she and I should both do research to verify this. So basically I was denied use of video sources until we found something that said it was okay. I have read through the 2015 English essay reports and it said nothing of specific to my issue, then I looked through and so far I have come up empty. Does anyone here know whether or not I can do this for my research? Or should I search for a new topic that doesn't involve film? OR if anyone knows a better source where I could find the answer? Thank you!
  2. Hi! I'm considering looking at The Trial by Kafka and 1984 by Orwell in terms of the nature of authority, the position of the individual in society and the methods the people in authority use to maintain power. Do you think this is a good choice for my EE? I haven't come up with a research question yet but something to do with society vs. the individual? I realize that these books are somewhat overdone in the IB but this is what I'm most interested in doing and I am going to refine my research question into something that hasn't previously been done. Thanks!
  3. Hello guys, I am currently in the EE RQ selection phase and I am still on the fence as to whether I should attempt to do a history EE. I was thinking about an EE RQ which talks about German's failed blitzkrieg against the Soviet Union. My biggest concern is that I am a History SL student and most people warned me to do an EE centered around a HL subject. This leads to my question: is it advisable to do a History EE since I am not a HL student? It would also be great if students (who attempted a History EE) could share their history EE experiences with all of us. I am quite curious and eager to know more about the entire trajectory of your history EE experience. Thanks in advance!
  4. Hello, Recently I got my predicted score from my supervisor for my Extended Essay, and I was wondering if anyone knew how easy it is to get a good grade on one if its based on Design Technology? My topic was Ergonomics. I am satisfied with my predicted score (21), however I don't know how accurate it would be. This is the first year (well, we're the first IB seniors at my school) that my school has had IB, so all of my teachers (except Chemistry) are new to the grading process. They went to training and used a rubric, but I'm not sure how much I should rely on the predicted score.
  5. Hello everyone! In one week I need to give my professor my EE topic, I will do it in History and I have a few ideas but I don't know how to properly formulate a question or even how to get primary sources from that topics. I really need some help. 1. Berlin Wall: How did the wall divide both sides culturally? 2. Which countries participating in the WW2 advanced more in medicine thanks to the human experiments? 3. To what extent did the witch haunt affect women nowadays? Thank you so much.
  6. Hi! my maths ee councilor cant help me find any ideas with my math EE. I like puzzles and riddles, do you have any ideas?
  7. Does World studies with Physics and Economics usually score well? I can't find any examples on the internet :((( If it doesn't, I'm planning to take literature to "play safe" (although I know I never will be) Please help, I'm picking my ee topic now and going through hell :'(((
  8. Hello everyone I am willing to apply for medicine in the UK. I am aware of the competitiveness of this course and thus, I would like to maximize my chances of getting in. I know that medical universities perceive more favourably candidates with an EE in biology as it proves their interest in the area. However, to what extent is it taken into account? My point is, writing an EE in science and getting and A is difficult and definitely more risky in comparison to other subjects. My dilemma is: Is it better to write an EE in biology and risk getting a worse grade but having a science topic as an advantage? OR Would it be more secure for me to do an EE in English B, while in all likelihood putting the same effort (as in bio EE) it would provide a sure A? All in all, which option is more reasonable to choose? Do universities value more following your area of interest or do they firstly consider points? What do you think? Thank you for all your opinions!
  9. Hi everyone! Ok so, my original Extended Essay research question was "How are the common themes of betrayal and love portrayed differently in the Shakespearean comedy “A Midsummer’s Night Dream” when compared to the tragedy “King Lear.” However, my adviser said that it was too narrow for an EE and I should compare two different playwrights instead. I'm not really interested in going outside of Shakespeare, so I have decided to completely change my topic. I'm still sticking to English Literature, but I think I'm leaning towards novels instead. This is where I need help. I really want to do something with "A Thousand Splendid Suns" since it's a beautiful book, relates to me personally, and I haven't seen it used in any Extended Essays so far. Besides that, I don't really know which direction I should go in. A little guidance or some suggestions would be helpful and much appreciated. Also, if my original topic could be somehow be salvaged, I'd be incredibly grateful for that. Thank you so much! Update: I did some research and I'm considering maybe comparing "A Thousand Splendid Suns" with "The Bastard of Istanbul." Lemme know what you think! Thanks!
  10. Hi there, Recently I had a trouble with finding an OK topic to evaluate in my EE. I'm almost 100% sure that I'll be doing it in CS, hovewer, I found my previous topic inacceptable due to some financial matters. I was thinking about a topic in which I am well informed, and I found this interesting. I just don't know if it's viable. Any comments or help on directions of my evaluation would be good to see. Thanks to you all, me
  11. I am just starting out the EE process, and I decided that I want to write about fairy/folk tales and myths across different cultures/countries and maybe across time as well. But I'm having trouble figuring out which subject it could go under. I want to compare and contrast the tales to each other and write about how the changes in them reflect the society (like reflecting gender roles, media/communication) and then track the changes in society in conjunction with it as well. I have a few subjects in mind but problems with each of them. Psychology--there are not a lot of sources and research regarding child development in relation to stories they are told, and the advisor for psych EE's does not give a lot of advice or feedback (I've heard from previous students) History--I feel like if I were to do it in history, I would give too many summaries of what was going on in the time period that the tale was written in rather than analyze (granted, I'm still confused on how to analyze in a research paper, but when I analyze, it would be analyzing the story, which would not be history) English (category 2)--I'm not really interested in analyzing the language and literary techniques in the tales What are your suggestions in the subject it could go under and how I can tailor the aim so that it won't cross over into both history and English? I'm really interested in this topic so I want to make sure that I can still do this topic and not cross into two subjects. Thank you! (This is my first post so sorry if this question does not have enough detail )
  12. I'm aiming for relatively high ranked schools (in the 10s for rankings) for engineering in the US or UK but have come to the dreaded time where we have to pick our EE topics. My HLs are Physics, Maths, and Chemistry, but I'm fully aware of how difficult those are, so I'm considering doing English Literature (which I'm more confident about than phy and chem at EE level grades-wise). But will whether or not my topic is relevant to engineering be the tipping factor for universities to accept me, or should I just do Lit and get an A?
  13. Would it be okay to write my history EE on comic books? like, I want to compare the use of comic books as propaganda in different wars. how could I make a research question out of this?
  14. Hello I need help with narrowing down what to do for my extended essay I got two topics which I am interested in: How did propaganda in Germany for Hitler in the Nazi party differ or resemble to what was used for the coming of power of Fidel Castro in Cuba? and To what extent, did the support of the White army by the United States in the Russian Civil war of 1918 pave the way for the public relations issues post WW2? I want to know how I can make the topics less broad, I was thinking of a certain action which the US did in the CW or a different aspect instead of propaganda. Let me know what you think. Help is appreciated
  15. Hi guys, So we're meant to be researching EE topics, and Ive decided I wanted to focus mine on neurobiology. Ive spent a long time online trying to look for EE's that had to do with neurobiology/neurology, but have had very little success. I wanted to do this so I could get a clearer understanding of what my initial research question may be. Unfortunately, I've had almost no luck so I'm resorting to this. I would ask my supervisor, but we haven't been assigned them yet. Basically, I need opinions on whether neurobiology would be a good enough topic for a 4,000 word essay/40 hour commitment, and furthermore what specifics in neurobiology could I actually do my research on? I am not asking for people to dish out research questions for me, but rather help me formulate one myself. I was thinking maybe something to do with human reflexes (vestibular/vestibulo-ocular) and how they differ with age, or gender? I'm not too sure, and in a bit of a pickle. Our EE proposals are due soon with our desired topic, so any feedback would be much appreciated. Thank you guys in advance
  16. Hey all, I've been stressing about what to do for my EE, as I would really like to get it done in good time, start in the spring and write the first draft during summer holiday etc.. I know that I want to do it in physics, but I haven't been so sure about what topic, exactly. I think I've found a topic of interest, and that is electromagnetism, and I'm particularly interested in building a Tesla coil and developing some research question based on it. However, I don't know if it's a very realistic or appropriate subject? I'm aware of the health and safety risks it can have, but if it is an appropriate subject I'd definitely make sure to keep the experiment within safe proportions. I don't know too much about Tesla coils yet - so I'm not yet sure what exactly would be my variables and what I would measure or what kind of research question I could formulate, especially as we haven't gone through Topic 5: electromagnetism yet - but that's what I want to learn more about, if this idea is worth pursuing. What do y'all think? Please let me know, thanks xx
  17. So I've compiled a modest annotated bibliography of sources I plan to use for the basis of my bio EE and I'm currently starting my first 1000-1200 words on my topic: “To what extent could stem cell therapy be used in repairing brain damage as a result of neurodegenerative components as seen in Alzheimer’s disease?” It's a fairly simple topic, so I'm a bit worried about how to really make an outstanding essay around this research question. I've been trying to find some biology secondary research EE exemplars online, but I can only seem to find primary research exemplars. I'm not exactly sure how to go about starting my EE and how exactly to format my content. Anyone have any tips on how to structure a secondary research science EE or even just how to open the essay?
  18. Hey everyone, I've noticed that there is a lack of Theater Arts students on this website and I struggle to find help and advice for my Theater class. Today I decided to put that behind me considering I have been through a lot during my theater journey and decided it would be easier for me to just create a forum for the new Theater Arts students from 2016 onward. This forum will be a discussion point for everything Theater based from the Nov 2016 session and for the years to come (unless they change the syllabus again). Please feel free to ask me any questions that might concern you about the Theater Arts course as I am graduating this November so I've gone through the ups and the downs of being a Theater student.
  19. Hi! I am just beginning my research on my Extended Essay, but need help coming up with my question. I am interested in writing about mccarthyism and the second red scare but am having trouble narrowing down my question. I was thinking about the following: To what extent did McCarthyism alter the political climate of the United States How did the fear of communism lead the methods of McCarthyism into an area of lawlessness? OR How was the lawlessness of McCarthyism influenced by the fear of communism in the public? How did fear of communism in the Second Red Scare lead to injustices during McCarthyism? I'm having trouble combining these to form good question. Any guidance will help. Thank You
  20. Hey! I have been sort of stressing out about my extended essay a little bit just because of the amount of pressure there is to get a good grade. I have been given the subject Biology (hahah obviously, it's in the name) but I don't really know how I'm supposed to write my own methodology and to actually structure it. Does anyone know how to?? Oh, and my question is: What is the impact of different light intensities and pH levels have on the bioluminescence and growth of Pyrocystis lunula? Any feedback would be 210% appreciated!! Thanks!!
  21. Hi! I have been searching many hours to come up with a chemistry topic for my extended essay but I find it extremly hard to find a topic and a research question. Now I am starting to run out of time as I ideally should have decided my topic by tomorrow. I was wondering if any of you have any recommendations on were to find inspiration or ideas for sutiable investigations (I am doing an experimental based essay). If anyone who has written their extended essay in chemistry could tell me how they came up with their topic and the thought process behind it, it would be extremly helpfull!!
  22. Hi! I have been searching many hours to come up with a chemistry topic for my extended essay but I find it extremly hard to find a topic and a research question. Now I am starting to run out of time as I ideally should have decided my topic by tomorrow. I was wondering if any of you have any recommendations on were to find inspiration or ideas for sutiable investigations (I am doing an experimental based essay). If anyone who has written their extended essay in chemistry could tell me how they came up with their topic and the thought process behind it, it would be extremly helpfull!!
  23. After much thought, I have decided I'm going to try and write an English A language-based essay. Here's hoping it'll be fun! This is my Extended Essay diary- maybe it'll be helpful to someone! If anyone else is writing an English A essay, please do let me know- maybe we can help each other! Creating a Topic I actually came up with a possible idea quite a while ago, but I forgot about it in favour of a tie between a history essay and an English essay. I wanted to write it about music, but after reading the EE guidelines for a Language A essay, my idea sailed right out the window. Oh well- I managed to come up with a new idea after discussing some of the ideas with my friends. For now, I have permission to go ahead with my topic from my supervisor, so I'm working on finding a research question and finding some more sources.
  24. Hello, I am in the process of deciding a topic for my extended essay. The teacher that I want as a mentor has many students already and is only willing to be my mentor if I can come up with a History topic that is non-violent (not war related i guess). I've been thinking about an essay on an ancient/historical civilization but I don't think that it will be a good idea since there may not be much documentation or secondary sources on it. Any ideas for a history topic that is not related to a historical war?
  25. Hello everibodey. I just wanted to check that we aren't allowed abstracts in Chemistry EEs anymore? I briefly remember a retiring teacher mentioning this, but he may have been referring to the acknowledgements section rather. Thank you, a Chem EE student who has survived.