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Found 571 results

  1. Do any of you guys know if we will be able to right our extended essay on global Politics? It'd be really helpful if you could give me some answers, thank you!
  2. hello everybody, in my extended essay I want to talk about a study that has to do with my topic and i wanted to know which would be the best way to insert it in. Like how should i structure the paragraph. e.g. should i write Aim: blaablabla Participants: blabla vbla or just talk a about it thanks
  3. hello everybody, in my extended essay I want to talk about a study that has to do with my topic and i wanted to know which would be the best way to insert it in. Like how should i structure the paragraph. e.g. should i write Aim: blaablabla Participants: blabla vbla or just talk a about it thanks
  4. I am planning to write my ee on film, and my current topic was 'How are filmic/cinematic techniques utilized by Tykwer and his team, in order to portray a sense of smell in his film, 'Perfume: The Story of a Murderer' and how can their efficacy be measured?'. So I was going to analyze just 1 film 'perfume: the story of a murderer', but my supervisor says I need to select at least 2 films to compare. I looked at the Extended essay guidance for film, but it just mentions that 'For primary sources, there must be detailed references to at least one film (or major television work). Primary sources could consist of the film(s), the script, the screenplay, the score, personal contacts, or personal correspondence with individuals involved in making the film.' Do I need at least 2 movies to compare? Thanks
  5. If I have any relevant information that I paraphrased from a source, do I need to cite it iif I have used it in my abstract? What if it is info that I have included in my intro
  6. Want to share the title of your extended essay? Or perhaps need help choosing one? This is the place. Psychology - The Psychology of Road Rage: A discussion of psychological explanations of road rage and policy implications.
  7. Alguien habla español? Alguien que haya tomado Español Literatura? Que libros están leyendo? Alguien haciendo su Extended Essay en español?
  8. Hey! I am currently working on my world studies extended essay concerning economics and geography. My RQ is “To what extent are retirement homes accessible to seniors in British Columbia, but more specifically, Langley, BC?” I'm currently trying to find economic and geographical theories and concepts that I can use. Currently, I have economies of scale and fiscal policy (is this even an "Economic theory"?) Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated Also, I am looking for an online service that edits papers like this? anyone have any prior experience or suggestions on a service to use? Thanks in advance!
  9. So I'm doing my EE in Biology and my research question is "To what extent does constant cold acclimation at the temperatures 18˚, 5˚, and 0˚ degrees centigrade affect the seed germination rate and subsequent total biomass yield produced in Phleum pratense L. (Timothy grass)?". The experiment was supposed to investigate the effects of seeds germinated under cold temperatures and the effect on the biomass produced in seeds after germination among different temperatures. I even had some data with around an 80% germination rate for the seeds at 10˚C. But 10 days in, and 100% of the seeds at 18˚ (my control group!) germinated and 0% of the seeds germinated in both the 5˚ & 0˚ groups. I have no ideas for any other topics in Biology. What do I do? Continue writing the EE with my failed experiment and try to come up with reasons why it failed, and even attempt to state that this could be beneficial to the scientific community? Try to switch research questions within Biology? Or do I all out switch subjects to English and just "type away"? I need answers quick, because I have 9 weeks left until I have to present an EE without a conclusion. Future message to those who reply: Thank you for taking your time to read and answer!
  10. I am doing mathematics for my extended essay and my topic is on Morley's Trisector Theorem, which states that if you trisect the three angles of any triangle, then the resulting intersections of each adjacent pair of trisectors forms an equilateral triangle in the center, deemed the Morley Triangle. My topic is on finding an expression for the area of that triangle depending on the placement of one of the points of the triangle in space, and later find the maximum area of the triangle as the area of the outer triangle extends to infinity. The problem is... I am not sure what to do about my sources. So far, I have one source that gives the proof of the theorem, one that gives the same proof but in a slightly different step-by-step guide, one gives the history of the theorem, and one just introduces the theorem itself. That is four sources, and if I were to include the Calculus Options textbook as a source (which I'm allowed to do but sounds kind of needless) that would be five sources. Is that enough? If that is all I need to do a more or less in depth analysis, is it okay to focus more on my own mathematical skills rather than facts or methods that I see other people doing? If it helps, I have done minor research to see if anyone else has done this topic, and although it has been touched on it has been trivial, so I do not think that those sources would be of much use to me other than stating my justification of my own topic. Please help, because I do not want to get marked down on the "Investigation" category for not having enough sources or not using them effectively.
  11. How good is the topic of mobile payment for itgs extended essay? what primary data can be used and how can social and ethical issues be evaluated. Thank You
  12. Hi, I decide to do my EE in psychology (real bad choice) and I came up with the question 'to what extent do attributional factors affect placebo effect?'. Does anybody know a question similar to this that still deals with Placebo but is easier to answer? Im stressing out because i literally only have 500 words and my 1st draft is due in 2 weeks pleasepleasepleasepleaseeee help me
  13. Hi everyone, my name is Giovanni and currently I am doing my IB. I need some help for my extended essay, i've got some research but its not enough. My question is 'To what extend do fashion bloggers influence customers purchasing habits. Unfortunately my teacher decided this topic and I don't like it and she isn't capable to help me. Can someone help me please, If it possible if you could give me some research or help me start building up this essay, I should talk about meaning and methods of brand development, the importance of companies brand development and brand perception. Thank you very much, If you have any more ideas I could add to the ee please feel free. Thank you all.
  14. Hello my name is Veronica, I'm currently doing the IB and I really need help with my EE. The subject I'm doing it on is Psychology and I chose as a topic the Placebo Effect. The question I came up with is How do attributional factors affect Placebo effect? I started writing it but it's pretty bad and messy. The problem I have is that I have no idea how to structure this essay; subtitles, structure and idk my teacher is pretty crap at EE stuff so I really need you help me, especially since I have no idea how many words each section should be. I really need this so if anybody wants to help I'll be eternally greatful Thanks in advance for your time and help
  15. Hey guys, I decided to chose history for my EE and I'm talking about the extent to which german military attacks on civilians of Poland were deliberate (in 1939) Could i have some feedback on the question and also, how should i structure it? Im not sure if i should begin with cases of deliberate attacks against civilians and then analyse them or something else pls
  16. So I've decided to base my extended essay on Twitter and the rough RQ I have for now is "To what extent has the organizational culture and leadership impacted Twitter's growth? Can this meet the required criterias? Any suggestions?
  17. Hi! I was wondering if one could do an Extended Essay on a subject they are not taking for example: if I wanted to do an EE on Gesualdo's Madrigal "Moro Lasso Al Mio Duolo", even though I am not taking IB Music. Thanks in advance
  18. Hey, for my Extended Essay for History I want to write a comparative essay on Lenin and Stalin and the extent to which they followed Marxist ideology. Is this considered "trivial nature"? Also, how would I frame my question. I also want to utilise case studies from Hitler/Mussolini's reign to demonstrate that a lot of their policies were similar or even the same as Stalin/Lenin's. Some ideas I had were. How successful were both Lenin and Stalin in following Marxist Ideology? To what extent were both Lenin and Stalin implement Marxist ideology after the fall of Tsarist Russia in 1917?
  19. Hi, Does anyone know if the additional points are guaranteed? What grades do i need to score in TOK and EE to obtain the 2 points? And my predicted grades have told me that I have those 2 points, but is that guaranteed?
  20. Hey Guys, So i wanted to write my EE on the effects of segregation in schools in the 1960's do you know any good sources I could use?
  21. I have been throwing around different ideas for my extended essay on bees for a while. At first I wanted to see if they had a significant impact on ecosystems where they were introduced, but realized no one on Earth has kept data on that, so I decided to see what sort of data there is on bees and other pollinators so I can determine which are important. However, there's only articles on that and I can't find any quantitative data. I'm having a hard time figuring out what possible idea I could follow that has data collected already, which I can also conduct a small experiment for. Does anyone have any ideas? I'd really appreciate them.
  22. I'm doing my EE in Biology. My Research Question is "To what extent does constant cold acclimation at the temperatures 18˚, 10˚, 4˚, and 0˚ degrees centigrade affect the seed germination rate and subsequent total biomass yield produced in Phleum pratense L. (Timothy grass)?". I'm growing seeds under different temperatures in growth chambers. I was wondering: what number of seeds to germinate for each temperature range would be significant for my data? Even though I have 35+ sources; none of them state the amount of seeds which they germinated (total or for each temperature range), rather, they simply conducted calculations with the mysterious total percentage of the seeds which germinated, which leads me to think that the total amount of seeds needed aren't significant and rather it's how many of those germinated, but then again, conducting a germination test with 2 seeds doesn't sound so good in practical terms. So what do you think? What number of seeds would be safe to use? My supervisor suggested I used 50. How overkill is that?
  23. Hi I am in Junior and am starting writing my EE. I originally planned to write one on Bio or Chem, but I am not going to do them(too hard lol) Anyway, I want to analyze a text for my ee. Do you think this quetion is too broad? or fine? "How is humanism presented in Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro?" Please leave a comment; Thank you!!
  24. Hi guys, I am in the process of selecting a topic for my extended essay. A bit of background of my school: I study in Denmark, and my school has a moderately equipped lab. So, I will be able to carry out most of the experiments necessary. I could however, potentially, use a virtual lab. So far, I'm interested in doing my extended essay in Biology (I do HL Biology). And I'm aware that I must come up with a research of my own interest. At first, I thought I should just do another plant-based research or something to do with ecology. But, now that I think of it, there are other areas that might be of interest. For example, cell membranes, DNA replication (though that'd be a tough one), or enzymes? Do you think it'll be interesting to do an EE on cell membranes/enzymes? Will the investigation be 4000 word long? Or should I just stick to the doing either plant/ecology based research? I'm aware that I didn't give you a specific investigation I want to perform, but that's because I don't know that quite yet. Any help would be appreciated. *Edit: I just had an idea; investigating on cell membrane permeability (with temperature/different substances)? What do you guys think?
  25. I only have two weeks left to finish the essay, although i haven't finished the book yet. i should in 2 days. i am torn that i won't chose the right topic or write a good work. please advise me on the topic, if it is good, isn't too broad etc. right now i only have several ideas, among them an example of a research question "how does fear influence the surrounding physical and mental reality in "house of leaves"?" It's a work in literature and i wonder if such topics would work since they lead towards different subjects, like psychology in this case. If the essay is based on a book would it still be an obstacle? if someone who is acquainted with essay work and criteria in literature or even the book itself could advise me once or more, durning work, I would highly appreciate it.