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Found 1,608 results

  1. The EE question I came up with was "To what extent is the market for airplane travel from Lisbon to Porto a contestable market?". Contestable markets is an economic theory invented in the early 1980s, that differs from the classical ones, and suggests that an oligopolistic or monopolistic market will provide at the productively efficient price, not the maximising MC = MR, because of the constant threat of new entrants taking way their market share. Airlines generally are an example, but it depends on the barriers to entry. This topic seems very interesting, and I have a lot of sources, but "Contestable markets" is not a topic in IB economics. Is it still ok to do this topic then? It's weird because my teacher said I can't, but I've found extended essay reports that have research questions that go outside the syllabus, including some about contestable markets. Can anyone tell me what the IB EE policy for this is? Thanks in advance Btw this is a repost
  2. I'm always stressing out on the fact my history IA might be too narrative and not analytical enough, because to be perfectly fair, i'm not sure what that means. what does it mean to be analytical and not narrative in a history assignment? what are some things i should include in my ee to show it is an analysis? thank you!
  3. Hello everyone. I've been trying to come up with a good research question for a philosophy EE and for the moment I just know that I would like to discuss the importance that utilitarianism (if it needs to be more specific I'd like to specifically discuss Mill's utilitarian perspectives) has had in the development of feminism. But I've been having great issues trying to properly structure my research question. Could someone please help me out? I'd appreciate it SO SO MUCH
  4. Nikkos

    EE Film - Assessor

    In my IB highschool, there is no subject such as Film. I know it is recommended not to do your EE on a subject that its not in your school. I have consciously decided to do it this way but I believe that I will get a better score if anyone could help e out. If your school has this subject and your ib teacher is willing to help me just for really little periods of time, just so I properly write the EE it will really help me out. I will be contacting him/her via gmail. If you guys have any advice I could really use it. Thanks, best regards to everybody.
  5. Hey I am from India and I am doing Extended Essay in Hindi and I am stuck up with what topic should I take and how to take a topic and how to go on with it. I have taken help from my teacher but he has just given the broader topic like language, literature and culture-society but I need a more focused topic to frame my research question. So can anyone please guide me through the topics Thank you
  6. Dear associates, I need your help. My Extended Essay subjects & topic are due soon, but I am struggling with the choice. I am determined to study medicine after graduating, and thus I want my EE to be relevant. However, when it comes to related sciences, Biology and Chemistry, teachers in my school strongly advise against them, claiming that students get the lowest grades for these subjects. I am interested in them but not much competent in either Bio or Chem, as I picked them only a month ago (this is another story 😂). Those of you who are experienced in the sciences or anyone willing to help, please give me your advice! Is it true that it is nearly impossible to get a high mark (A or B) in EE in experimental sciences? Do I better choose an interdisciplinary subject? Could you probably share some thoughts about medicine-related topics in EE? I would be genuinely grateful for any reply 😊
  7. Violeta


    I need help in writing a good EE question, so far I have one but of course, I know it's not the best. What is the impact of parenting styles on a child’s behavior, based on the Chinese and American culture? Any opinions?? or help on how to improve it?? :)
  8. Guys, I am planning to do my EE in Radioactivity and Nuclear physics. Are there any experiments that could be done relating to this? And could you suggest where I could find some secondary data of experiments done by authentic labs or organizations as nuclear experiments are not very possible to conduct as a year 1 student. Any other recommendations or tips are also appreciated Thanks! Cheers! All the Best!
  9. Le Chair

    EE topic help

    I told my teacher that I wanted to do my EE in English, using the work of Stephen King. I asked if it was better to talk about one book or to compare two different books, and he told me a comparison would be a more interesting choice. I was reading IT but still had to find the second book and the topic to compare. I wanted to take a completely different genre of book but that would be a lot harder and I don't have much time, so I might end up choosing another one of his books like The Shining or Pet Sematary. Regarless of what book I choose, I still don't know what topic to discuss in my EE. I was thinking about taking two characters or the way each book treats a certain theme, but I'm not sure. My question is: what are interesting topics/things to compare in horror/thriller books?
  10. DawnablesIB

    Finding a good chemistry EE topic

    Hi, guys, I have just come up with an EE topic but I don't if it is any good. Here it is: The effect of sugar-free gum on the pH of saliva in the mouth after meals. What do you think? Thanks.
  11. In my EE for English B, I forgot to add footnotes or in-text citations. However, I have a full bibliography in MLA. Will my work be considered as plagiarism?
  12. Divya41319

    Game of Thrones EE

    Hello! I've decided to do an extended essay on the 1st book in the Song of Ice and Fire series called "A Game of Thrones". My working research question is "How does George R.R. Martin exploit the literary hero archetype to discard binary gender stereotypes in A Game of Thrones". I've found a lot of theses and other academic work related to this but I have yet to find a person that has done a Game of Thrones EE, no one in my school has done one before so none of the school's archives of EE's help. So, if you have done one in the past, please chime in with what your research question was and how well you did.
  13. Hi, For my EE, I am writing on Economics, and I have already completed my first formal reflection session on RPPF. Then, I heard that my Economics teacher, who is my supervisor, will leave school next year when I am in Grade 12 and told me he won't be able to supervise me until the completion of the EE. This means that I have to change the supervisor next year when my economics teacher for Grade 12 is confirmed. But what I am worried about is this: 1) Are we allowed to change our supervisor during the middle of our EE process? 2) Because I have already completed the first reflection form and my original supervisor signed it, does it mean that when I have the new supervisor, I should have him to sign the first reflection using his name instead of my original supervisor or should I leave it just as it is? I am super worried about this, and I really don't know what I should do. I can't make him be my supervisor throughout Grade 12 because he said he can't, even with emails. So, would someone please answer the two questions above that I am really CONCERNED about? Thanksxx
  14. Subjects I am taking HL Chem, Psych, Visual Art Standard English, Math studies, Span Ab intio So I have just started the International Baccalaureate and I am at the stage where I am planning what I am gonna be doing for my EE. I wanted to know if could combine two subjects for my EE. To make sense of what I have said, I would like to look at medicinal marijuana, which would fall under chem, but also want to look at the psychological effects. So o would like to do it in both chem and psych. I have no idea right now... but I hope someone is able to make sense of me and help me out 😅 Thanks!!!
  15. Niji

    EE History

    Hi, I am currently in G10 and G11 is about to start in two months. I haven`t decided whether I`ll do EE in Japanese or History yet. I take both as HL. I actually wanted to do it in History because history is more interesting than Japanese to me. And my history teacher told me that the world average for History EE is C and I think it's pretty bad! Is it true that the average is C? And do you have any ideas about the topic for EE Japanese?
  16. Ok so, I'm writing my EE in English Literature A HL, but I'm really clueless as to what book to analyse. I was thinking to do something with Kurt Vonnegut's Cat's Cradle, because I think it's a good example of a classic that hasn't been completely picked apart and turned inside out by every English student ever (like shakespeare or Emily Brontë). However, I'm finding it really hard to know where to start. If any of you are familiar with Cat's Cradle or Kurt Vonnegut's work, please send me some ideas/things to keep in mind if you have any tips. Are there any other books/authors with in a similar style that you think would work better? I just need all the help that I can get.
  17. Allemande135

    E in TOK or EE

    I read somewhere online that if you get an E in either TOK or EE, you have to get at least 28 points overall in the IB Diploma, instead of 24. Is this true? Is it possible to pass the IB if this happens?
  18. Here is my Chemistry EE Topic and Question that I have developed: Topic: "A comparison of NaOH and CaO as alkaline catalysts in the transesterification reaction of Vegetable Oil to Bio diesel based on Green Chemistry Principles" RQ: “How would NaOH and CaO compare as alkaline based catalysts in a green synthesis of bio diesel from the transesterification of Vegetable Oil?" Independent Variable/s: Type of Catalyst - Homogeneous (NaOH) and Heterogeneous (CaO) [amount and concentration are control] Dependent Variables: Rate of Reaction Yield of bio-diesel Produced (might replace this with something else since yield is not affected by the catalyst; suggestions?) Amount of dissolved catalyst in produced bio-diesel (it affects the performance of the fuel) Thoughts? Questions? Comments? Concerns? I'd appreciate some constructive criticism with anything on this post. I'm trying to get a solid grasp of my topic at this time so anything helps! Please point out the uncertainties and invalidities and I'll be thankful.
  19. I have decided to go partial in order to take the classes that I will need in order to attend university for engineering, as my school's IB program is very limited. Because I am partial, I will not receive a total score out of 45, ergo the essay grade will not count towards anything. The fact that my EE grade would not matter proves to be a double-edged sword; the benefit being that I can freely choose any topic and study it as I please, without the stress of a final grade; the drawback being the fact that all that hard work does not really go towards anything. So really, I would only be doing the EE for the experience. If I do the EE, I still need a subject. My current IB classes are HL English, history and bio; and SL French B, math, and chem. I have six listed because I don't know which ones I will drop, as that depends on the scheduling of the next school year. However, I am certain that I will be completing all the SLs, and at least the first of 3 semesters of each of the HLs. With that said, I would like to write an EE on a topic relating to engineering in some way. That leaves me with math and biology (chem is my least favourite science so that's off my list). I have heard that EEs in STEM don't usually do very well, however, again, since I am partial the grade won't count anyway. Then there's also the possibility of an interdisciplinary essay, if I did that I would choose a "sciencey" topic such as technology, energy security or the environment. So, my questions: Is the experience alone a good enough reason to go through with the EE? Is it worth it to do such an in-depth study "for fun" in math, bio or an interdisciplinary topic? (I'm also just starting math and bio, so I don't know what my IA topics will be) If there is anyone here who has completed the essay, what did you gain from the whole process, that you wouldn't gain from a regular essay? If there are any other partials out there, what did you choose to do?
  20. IBstudent8888

    Very early start to the EE

    I have decided that I will do an English ee, however, I am having difficulty choosing a topic. I have some ideas these being the use of satire in the novels (and I'm not sure which two of these because I haven't read most of them yet) to criticise our society and the government in animal farm/1984 and Gulliver's travel/ Fahrenheit 451. Currently, I'm reading Mrs Dalloway and I would consider writing my essay on it but I don't have a topic or a book to compare it to and the same goes for beloved. The third option I was considering Madame Bovary and the awakening but I haven't read them either. Any ideas or opinions? If you have any suggestions I will add it to my reading list but it is quite long right now.
  21. roseh

    Geography Extended Essay

    I was planning to do something about how globalization has affected social norms in Japan (where I live)? Basically, I think globalization has made social norms more flexible and has changed them... Of course I would have to make the way I gather the data more complex, such as some techniques used in this https://www.unicef.org/protection/files/4_09_30_Whole_What_are_Social_Norms.pdf (I'll think of something, idk) But i dont know how to make it better? One teacher talked about how social norms was a bit too hard to do as you don't know that it's a social norm, but in Japan - I know theyre social norms (social norms are so big in Japan. Its genuinely a fact). I really would like to keep it related to globalization and social norms. Does anyone have any ideas? Kind of struggling. Thanks and sorry for this hard and annoying question.
  22. hey_im_dying_hbu

    My Extended essay

    Whatsup people, I have been thinking about my extended essay question and after a few hours of research this is what I have To what extent does the use and manufacturing of electrical cars benefit the environment in the European Union? I think its too broad and another conflict I have experienced is that I don't do any of the 2 topics this question focuses on. (Geo and physics). I do feel like there is plenty on the internet I can use. If you have a way to turn this into an economics question,(which I do study) or any suggestions please let me know. It would be highly appreciated. I have to submit my EE subject and supervisor choices tomorrow so any answers are welcome. Thanks.
  23. Hello! I am a grade 11 HL History student, and have the task of choosing a topic for both my IA and EE. I am very interested in ancient history, e.g. the Roman Empire, Alexander the Great or the Greek city states - I told my teacher that I would like to write either the HI or EE on one of these (most likely Rome), and she said that the one glaring problem with such topics is the lack of sources and the need to rely on secondary sources, since these events took place thousands of years ago. For those of you who have written either the Historical Investigation or Extended Essay on ancient history, what do you think of this? Is it any more difficult to find good sources than for an event that happened 70 years ago? Did you have enough sources? Thank you!
  24. My extended essay is in English A: Lang and Lit and I am very concerned. The book I chose is To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee. I am worried if it is good enough to only analyze. one book My essay analyzes the effect of the history of Alabama and Harper Lee on symbols and its effect on the audience of the book. I am not sure whether it is a good extended essay idea. I've already completed around 2500 words for the essay and I'm not sure if the outline is good. PLEASE HELP!!
  25. literaturegirl

    Problem with EE subject

    Soon it’s time for the to choose subject for EE. I would like to hear your advice. In the future my goal would be to study Business. However, I’m not doing EE on Economics as I think I have enough studying in it with all the IA’s. Psychology is one possible, like doing topic eg ”psychology in business / negotiation” but I’m not sure whether it will benefit me enough, as it’s mostly about theories and studies in Psychology. English would be the last option. I heard it would be easy to get good grade, am I right? I’m good at analyzing stuff, but the question is about what topic I would choose in English. Eventually, are US/UK universities interested in what my EE topic/subject was? Is there anyone who has done EE in psychology, is it mostly studies/theories based?

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