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Found 524 results

  1. I'm doing my EE in Latin focusing on Culture and civilisation. But I'm really confused on how to catagorise it. It's not Catagory 1 (language), Catagory 2a (impact of a cultural change on language) or Catagory 3 (literature). It's probably closer to Catagory 2b (general cultural nature based on specific cultural artifacts). However it's no exactly based on specific cultural artifacts. Has anyone done something similar? Any ideas on what I should do? Or is the catagory system different for Classical languages?!
  2. Would it be okay to write my history EE on comic books? like, I want to compare the use of comic books as propaganda in different wars. how could I make a research question out of this?
  3. So I have started to think about what I would like to do for my Extended Essay, we have to give in our ideas in around a weeks time. Just need some help refining my ideas, any tips would be appreciated! How has the Volkswagen Diesel Emission Scandal impacted the brand image of Volkswagen (Related to Business Management) Comparing the speeches of Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump, and how the language impacted the election results (English Language and Literature) How can war be justified (History) Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi, guys! I was wondering if I could do an EE on the persuasive language, literary and rhetoric devices used in Martin Luther King's speech "I Have A Dream"? It's something that really interests me, analyzing speeches, what makes them effective, what doesn't and so on. Thanks ahead of time!
  5. For my Business Management EE, I have about 19 secondary sources and 1 primary source. However, many things my primary source said, weren't corroborated by any secondary sources. My secondary sources were mostly used to justify solutions and whatnot. My teachers told me that I should have a mix of primary and secondary sources that state the same thing, but I can't find any secondary sources talking about the issues I discussed about the company I chose. My EE supervisor told me this wasn't a problem, but here we are. Could this issue cause me to fail the EE?
  6. Want to share the title of your extended essay? Or perhaps need help choosing one? This is the place. Psychology - The Psychology of Road Rage: A discussion of psychological explanations of road rage and policy implications.
  7. Hi everyone, I found an interesting maths IA topic that really interests me but found out that someone is using the same topic for her extended essay. So can I use the same topic for my IA? Thank You!!
  8. Long Post I am in Year 1 taking Mathematics as my subject for the extended essay. Initially i decided to use rotation of conic sections as my topic for my EE but i decided to change my topic again right before my IRS is needed (bc i dont feel motivated anymore on the old topic). Now, i am still trying to think of a new topic so that i can start writing next year. So far i read a Sample EE that garnered 32/36 points. It is about optimizing the distance of the kick of a ball from the conversion point to the try line in rugby considering only the plane parallel to the ground. The EE was easy to understand and as it simply defined the diagram and applied trigonometry, functions, and calculus(derivative) to look for the optimal distance and angle. Along with this method, he also used Circle theorems to achieve the same result. This EE kind of inspired me because it is simple yet his investigation is profound and he had a lot to discuss. Because of this, i thought of switching to the topic of applying maths in sports. One of my considerations is soccer or football as it is closely related to rugby as well as ice hockey since it doesnt deal much with gravity, but alas i dont play soccer, football, or ice hockey so it may not benefit me to look into this (but i am willing to look into these if it is simpler) Another one is table tennis where i thought of looking into the finding the range of angles wherein when hitting the ball, it would land and the maximum location(edges of the table) or near the net. One problem i encountered with this problem is that there are multiple variables regarding defining where the farthest and shortest trajectory of the ball with respect to the racket, how i hit the ball: angles along x and y, position of ball on the table, height where i hit the ball, gravity, spin on the ball, velocity etc. Last problem is how i will pattern this as a math EE as physics concepts are used here as well (projectile motions, angle of incidences etc). in short, id like to ask your insights and possible remedies to my problem on 1. Concepts in sports where i can apply mathematics 2. How to deal with the plethora of variables that can be seen in the topic 3. math concepts i can use to tackle it the table tennis problem 4. how to tackle the physics here mathematically, any advice Hope you guys can help, im sorry for the long backstory and the very demanding questions.
  9. Hello. I am doing my extended essay in English (A1) Language and Literature HL, and chose to write an exploration of "The Scarlet Letter" and "The Handmaid's Tale". Nevertheless, I am worried about my research question, I think it is maybe too simple or not focused enough on the literary analysis that the IB wants? I would really appreciate help or any comments on my research question; "To what extent does the theme of oppression in Margaret Atwood’s “The Handmaid’s Tale” and Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “The Scarlet Letter” allow for the development of autonomous and tenacious female protagonists?"
  10. Hello. I am doing my extended essay in English (A1) Language and Literature HL, and chose to write an exploration of "The Scarlet Letter" and "The Handmaid's Tale". Nevertheless, I am worried about my research question, I think it is maybe too simple or not focused enough on the literary analysis that the IB wants? I would really appreciate help or any comments on my research question; "To what extent does the theme of oppression in Margaret Atwood’s “The Handmaid’s Tale” and Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “The Scarlet Letter” allow for the development of autonomous and tenacious female protagonists?"
  11. Hi all, I'm deciding whether or not I should do my EE on "1984" and "The Handmaid's Tale". My topic will be focusing on the representation of female sexuality in the two books but I'm a bit worried that I won't get a good grade because these books are so overused. Can someone please give me some suggestions?
  12. I am doing a language B EE. I know that we can use a movie as "cultural artifact" for category 2(b). However, I am analyzing it from more of a literature point of view. The EE book says: "Category 3: An analysis of a literary type, based on a specific work of literature exclusively written in the target language?" So, Does a movie fit in category 3? Thanks.
  13. Hey guys! So I was earlier doing a micro economics EE, which had to be discarded because Primary data was becoming a problem. Now My teacher suggested that I do a development economics ee because it'll be quicker. Can someone please help me out with the topic and the structure?
  14. Hi guys! I'm trying to write my EE in history and my research question is due next week. I know I want to write my EE about the Italian Mafia, but I don't know how to word a research question. A research question I was thinking about was: "How did the Italian Mafia influence West Virginia Primary in May 1960, effectively winning JFK the Democratic Primary?" I'm not sure if it's good enough though. How can I improve this RQ? Thanks!
  15. So I need some help with my research question for my EE. I have string of ideas, but I do not know where to focus my essay. Just an quick non-spoiler overview of my EE ideas: Stephen King's The Shining (1977) Movie adaptation of The Shining by Stanley Kubrick (1980) Second-Wave feminist movement was from 1960s to 1980s, so both works were released during a huge feminist movement. Wendy Torrance is not a typical horror genre female victim. She fights for herself and survives in the end. Stephen King expressed his criticism towards the poor portrayal of Wendy in the movie, saying that she is the most "misogynistic" female character on screen. Also, said that he disliked the movie adaptation, since it seemed a little sexist. Any ideas for a research question? By the way, NO one can copy my EE!!!! I am warning you. By posting this I have receipts, that the idea of examining feminist theme portrayed in SK's The Shining was originated by ME.
  16. My research question is What is the significant effect of pH in irrigation solutions in the allometric relationship of growth in Raphanus raphanistrum subsp. Sativus (Radish)? How do I change question so that it is more EE relevant? (deeper, more insightful, original) My teacher thinks that it is like an IA Topic however, it can be changed to make it more significant to analyze, as how EE should be. Please help! Thank you
  17. My EE research question is due in two weeks and this is what I came up so far : "To what extent did the Indian ocean tsunami affect the economy and tourism in Thailand". Do you guys think is good ? If not where could I change it ? Thanks,
  18. Hello everyone, I am doing my ee in physics. I'll get straight into it without wasting anyone's time. So basically in my results after conducting the experiment I have two values for the electron to mass ratio of an electron (e/m ratio). The independent variable was changed in the experiment and it was conducted in two parts therefore leading to two values, one for each part. The values are: 1.96*1011 ±8.63*1010 2.01*1011 ±1.09*1011 Finding the values required using the gradient of the graph results. Therefore to get the errors the uncertainty on the graphs were calculated using the range (largest gradient - smallest gradient) and some propagation of errors was used as well. That was all good. Now, the uncertainty as you can see is very large about 50% for each value. There are reasons for that but that is also ok. First question: To get the discrepancy, I first need an average of the two values. To get the uncertainty on the average I just took the average of the uncertainties (add both and divide by two). Is this correct? Second question: Now that I got the average value I calculated the discrepancy to be 13%. My teacher said that I should check to see if this lies within the %error on my results and if it does then my experiment is accurate. But the problem is I got the %error on the averaged results to be 50%. Does this mean that my results are accurate and not precise? How can it be accurate if the %error is so large, the discrepancy is bound to fall into the range of the error. Hope someone can answer these confusions. I have my ee due in less than two weeks. Sorry for the long post.
  19. Hey everyone! So I'm doing my Extended essay on the treatment of the theme of religion in things fall apart and The River Between(comparative analysis). The guide that the essays should advance an argument by consulting various sources apart from the book but since I'm mainly looking at the style in which various aspects of religion have been presented I don't know how to advance an argument. Any ideas? Ps: I'd love for someone to go through my extended essay and critique it. If interested please message me. Thank you!
  20. Hi, so my essay has for title "An investigation of shear thickening material in military purposes." I am almost at the finish line, but there are still some things that are trying to kill me slowly. So in my essay I have to study the viscosity of shear thickening fluid called cornstarch, as a way to model liquid body armour used in the military. The first "step" of my ee is to first establish the shear thickening property of my liquid. TO do this i dropped a metallic sphere into a cylinder filled with the liquid and measure velocity of fall and velocity through the liquid. This allowed me to use an equation to find the viscosity and I also used this to find the shear stress using the velocity gradient rule that says, shear stress = viscosity * du/dy. (sorry if this looks messy but it's a very specific ee). The ISSUE that I am having is to be able to find literature data to support my own data. And that has proven difficult because while I have the literature data, my ee data does not match it at all. So I am stuck with data that just isn't working the way i want. And this is beyond trying to tweak numbers to get what i want, because the calculation process is legitimately insane. So let's say i have a relationship that says: shear stress = viscosity*shear rate, and that I plotted the viscosity and shear stress that I found, but when I do so, I almost get a constant value for the shear stress, which means that there are points superimposed over each other. This also means that I cannot produce a error bar for it because it would literally take over the whole graph and give me horrible presentation marks. While the shear stress is not even what i am interested in, when I find the shear rate by doing shear stress/viscosity (according to equation above), I get a graph of Viscosity in function of shear rate that is exponentially negative, which is the exact opposite of literature values, which show the viscosity in function of shear rate as positively exponential :/ So what do i do people? I worked countless hours on this and now I'm getting a crappy end result lol I need some outside help rn
  21. Can anyone help me with a suggestion on a good book for category one, and any works that would compare well with it? Please help me.
  22. I can see benefits for each side, in that if it's something people are familiar with they'll have better background knowledge. However, if it's something obscure, I'm less likely to get an expert who knows what a perfect paper about that topic looks like. Any advice?
  23. Hey guys, so my supervisor has told me that large raw data tables in the appendix would detract from communication, and also that I have to include the raw data table int the actual body of my essay. I don't understand how can I do that if it is too long. Also, I mean, if I have 8 treatment groups then of course there will be a lot of data tables, I mean that's my whole research about. Also,I have been told that I cannot just calculate the rate of something to be the only statistical value that I have, but that I need to have more statistical tests. Could you please share your opinion on that, because I'm confused? Thanks in advance.
  24. I plan to do my Extended Essay on Economics, specifically price discrimination. Please share your thoughts on my Research Question and suggest how I can make it better.RQ : To what extent does the price discrimination that exists in the Cafes in Bukit Jelutong affects the consumer’s demand?I’ve noticed that the local Cafes where I live in, has a common practice of price discrimination for either students through student discounts or happy hours where any meals bought at a specific time is offered at a lower price. Being someone who enjoys these price discrimination, it has made me wonder how effective it actually is. Do these cafes actually experience higher customer traffic when such price discrimination is implemented? I plan to test this through analyzing whether the price discrimination leads to higher demand of the good.
  25. I have around 3 weeks until I need to turn in my final draft of my extended essay, and I am just now starting. I know I shouldn't have procrastinated, but I did and now I have to deal with the consequences. Anyways, I know my topic will be on Dirty Realism (a style of writing that depicts the more mundane aspects of ordinary life), and I know that I will include writers like Richard Wright and Tobias Wolff in my essay. Now what I don't know is my research question. I have two in mind: 1. How does Richard Wright and Tobias Wolff use Dirty Realism in their works? 2. What is the role of Dirty Realism in Richard Wright and Tobias Wolff's works? Are either of these any good? And if not, what changes should I make to these questions?